Piano Rendition: Lollipop

wasnt sure if we ever posted this on this site^^


There is a Korean musician who has verstaile potential and built his own area as a composer and pianist in the music industry. His name is Yoonha Hwang from Seoul, South Korea.

With strong passion, 23-year old Korean guy has prepared so many things on his own to be an artist of great capabilities for Semi-Classic and Crossover music part. Actually his original major was engineering, but he changed it to music not to give up the Playing by Ear talent and entered the Yonsei University with composition major in 2005.

Yoonha performed at Pohang international fireworks festival closing ceremony in front of 800,000 citizens last Aug. He also had a performance at Designer Jongchul Parks Fashion show last Dec.

Without Official Debut by releasing his own album, he already got almost 10,000 online fans from piano cover of many songs in Korea. And He is gradually extending the range of his musical passion to the world by Youtube.

Yoonha used to not have scores for the music of his videos. He usually just listens to songs and picks the melodies and harmonies up from the sound directly then makes his own improvisation performance.

Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/yoonha85


~ by Momo on May 5, 2009.

7 Responses to “Piano Rendition: Lollipop”

  1. wow… he’s amazing. o_o
    I wonder if he makes sheet music?

  2. It sounds a sorta ballad-y/pop-ish XD
    it’s good though~
    but there’s soo many Lollipop remakes & stuff lately, it’s making my head go all loopy >__<


  3. oulala ~

  4. WOW! he’s really great!!!
    i wish i could do that

  5. OMG, PEOPLE WITH TALENT ARE SO AMAZING T_____________T; I SOOO WISH I HAD TALENT LOL. to me, musical related talents are probably one of the best “kinds” of talent. he’s so good he makes me feel like i suck at everything LMAO. ugh xD
    i LOVE THIS =_________=;;

  6. lolli~lolli~lollipop oooh lolli pop-pop!

    hes AWESOME!

  7. his cover of haru haru is awesome!!

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