GD’s Europe vacation might end sooner than expected?

지용군, come back home whenever you’re ready!

picture below was posted earlier at Sookyeong’s page.


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G-Dragon Back to Korea This Weekend at the Earliest, Doing Well in Europe

Big Bang’s G-Dragon (Real Name Kwon JiYong), who left to vacation in Europe recently, is enjoying the vacation to the fullest and having a happy time.

YG Entertainment said in a phone call with Newsen on the 7th, “Starting from the UK and going around Europe, G-Dragon is taking a break. We have received word that he is doing very well. We have not set a precise date for him to come back to Korea, but at the earliest, he could come back this weekend.”

G-Dragon left for Europe a while ago. Yang Hyun Seok has recently revealed through the official homepage that G-Dragon had spent day-to-day being busy after Big Bang’s debut, and as a result of that, his mind was worn out, and the solo album which was projected to be in April was postponed. Yang was also worried because G-Dragon had symptoms that were similar to depression indicating that he was in a sort of slump.

However, YG Entertainment said, “He was back to his normal self before he went to Europe,” and “Although he may be somewhat fatigued, his mind and body has gotten better.”

On the internet, a picture of G-Dragon having a joyful time in Europe attracted a lot of attention.

Also, YG Entertainment asserts that “G-Dragon is keeping up his good condition to the point that fans will not have to worry,” and “In the future as well, we ask for lots of encouragement.”

Source: Newsen
Translation: BBJet @
Post taken from: BBJet


~ by Momo on May 6, 2009.

50 Responses to “GD’s Europe vacation might end sooner than expected?”

  1. awww baby
    and wow
    that was fast
    wen did he go to eroupe???
    why bak this weekend??
    the album wont come out till the next 3 months
    let the boy have a longer vacation mr. YG

  2. as long as he’s okay now. :]
    hope he goes back to korea safely.

    kwonjiyong 화이팅<3

  3. there’s pictures of him in europe?

  4. i want him to stay longer and relax(:
    and wheres the pic?
    is it the one with him sniffing his hair? o.O

  5. jiyongi rest well and have fun!!!

    come back whenever youre ready!!!

    I can wait until whenever as long as you’re OK!!!

    HWATING!!! 😀


    PS: I miss BB SOOO MUCH T__T

  6. he needs to rest a lil longer so that when they come back for their Jap album they can really feel like they did their best and wont have to stress themselves!!

    Hwaiting Ji!
    Hwaiting Big Bang!

  7. AWWWW I HOPE JIYONG gets his rest;
    i really do. i hope he won’t be so tired.
    i feel like i’m going thru the same thing w/ him.
    aissh; feel better.
    & yes; i miss BB too.

  8. aw bongie I hope you just sat back and relaxed. It is so much more important that you are well and healthy. Please if you need more time just tell YG. He’ll understand and if he doesnt *cracks knuckles* I’ll make him understand! lol jk. Hope it was fun and cant wait to see you back being your happy dorky self.

    God I miss him so much but i miss all of them so much. They deserve a rest though and im happy they are all just chilling and doing what they want right now. Cant wait till june for their new stuff though.


  10. aWw poor GD! Have FUN at Europe and take care!

  11. love GD MORE AND MORE
    please enjoy your vocation more
    i hope that you get full of energy when you come back
    although i miss you but…
    you have to rest
    Hope to be you soon and other members
    Take care


  13. Just rest & have fun!
    we’ll support you always!
    ooh, i wanna see the pic! XD

  14. it’s good to know that he’s ok now!

  15. i hope the break is enough for him! somehow studying fashion dun seem like resting to me XD but as long as he enjoys it of course. i miss BB and the lack of news and tv appearances. =( but hopefully this mean that they are resting well

  16. OMG! he was in UK!? i live in UK omgg!!!! lol.. 😀

  17. thats good i am happy for GD!
    does anyone have the pic?

  18. OH why so quick?
    he should ahve a longer break!
    he has grown his hair ;D

  19. HE WAS IN UK…




  20. Lols oh, he is hanging out with his NuThang friends.
    Aww, that’s great. He can take as long as he wants.
    yay, i’m glad. But aww i miss him.

  21. Oh yeah, i’m surprise no fans there are taking pictures yet.
    But nahh, then he wouldn’t have his vacation time b/c
    fans are taking pictures of him.

  22. aw i hope that GD is getting good rest & having heaps of fun but i think he deserves to stay longer! The poor boys been working his a$$ off, he deserves a nice relaxing break :)) glad he’s well & hope he’ll be back to his old cute/dorky self again! J’adore GD & Big Bang ❤

  23. Wasn’t he supposed to stay there untill the end of may? Their resting times keep being cancelled and getting shorter. 😦

    The fact that GD had signs of depression just show how they need a vacation. BB fighting, they’ll endure.

  24. I can’t believe he was in England!! Ahh i wish so much that I had known!! I hope he is relaxed and that he liked England. ❤ GD

  25. omg his hairs! extansion fo’sure

  26. wooow!
    i live in Europe! =D
    In which country (in Europe) is he now? =D

  27. …what happened to your hiphop heart? where did that love go kwon ji yong ssi? you formed too much into your nuthang friends…I guess we will never see old kwon ji yong nim again……whatever ji yongnim as long as you’re happy and health that’s all that matters.

  28. kwon leadah! hehe^^ come back whenever you’re ready~~ awww…. his hair’s getting really long already. excited to see what he’s gonna do with it when he comes back.

    anyway…. have a great great rest and ask for longer if you need it. heeee~~ have a happy safe trip bongie baby!! we miss you<33

    kwon jiyong-sshi HWAITING!!

  29. i heard that BB had a performance at at KyungHee University tonight. Yes, they performed three songs without our JiYong,of course ^^. I thought may be Yong would come back sooner to catch up their perf but i was wrong. it’s obviously,rite ^^, our Yong needs much time to recover fully. Now, His health is the very first priority, rite ?
    Although i hoped that Yong would up more his picz on his minihompy but i cannt see anymore. OKie, just know that he ‘s fine and any his depression will be cleared fully… In Europe, hope that he has had free time to do everything he wants without any pressure from his work
    GD, please come back whenever you want, when ur soul ‘s free and all moviation ‘ll have been backed, oke
    We can wait
    Love U

  30. omfg UK???????????????
    omfg i wish i saw him here in london -_-!!!!!
    i wonder where he is now ..

  31. Jiyong ah – Come Back To UK again !
    plz *puppy eyes*

  32. ohaw he is in eu
    he should come visit me in switzerland.
    aww my poor baby, he needs longer holidays and relax.
    i hope he is doin well!!
    <33 love you gd.

  33. G D r a g o n Until Whenever ❤

  34. ohhh bong look at your hair T___T
    hahaha happy that he’s having fun now~
    enjoy the break!!

  35. even though i do miss seeing him and want him to come back to korea already….but i rather have him staying in europe little longer so he can have more rest….that picture of his playing with his hair crack me up lol….he’s just to adorable…

  36. aww our jiyong must take care of himself and we’ll be supporting him in every way we can all the the way through ;D still glad to know he’s better :D!

  37. Awwww Jiyongie~~i hope he’s ok now and he will always have our support ^^v

  38. Just wanted to tell you guys, i thought it was Tae Yang next to GD at the first glance of this picture!

    Silly me! >.<”

    Anyone think the same as me? XD

  39. @lena… I also thought the same!!.. until i saw the hair hahaha !

    Jiyongieeee,,, Hv fun, Stay save !!

  40. awww. I’m so happy that he finally get some rest! 😀
    I was really begin to be worried about him, because in the end you could see that he not were totally okay anymore, so i’m really happy that he’s now having a break ^w^ .
    hopes he’s alright now! ❤

    and @lena.. I also thought it were TaeYang so you are deffinately not the only one who thought so XD

  41. ahh this is make me too happy…i was so depressed too when i hear hes…ahh this is so hard to me but now i feel like im in heaven ♥♥♥

  42. […] GD’s Europe vacation might end sooner than expected? 지용군, come back home whenever you’re ready! picture below was posted earlier at Sookyeong’s […] […]

  43. aww poor GD. he totally deserves this break.
    i totally think he shuld spend alot of time in europe.
    just relax and have fun. the other guys shuld go ovr sometym too. wen GD feels betr nd he wants some company.
    they all need some rest and relaxation

  44. ah darn, I’ve probably missed him in the UK
    wee~! yay lucky him getting to have a rest and travel Europe

  45. hope he always happy , Gd have a nice vacation….
    just relaxe , come back home whenever you ready … ur health is the most important … eat more , sleep more , relax …. ok?
    thanks MR YG cuz ave Gd a vacation , he must to ttired for job…


    IM livin in UK…and i saw a guy just like difference except the was straight and a bit shorter hair than he has wish i could have seen him..i hope he gets better,, friend actually went fot GDRAGON

  47. CD feel free to visit europe anytime! when u visit london u can stay with me!

  48. I was in Paris that week. (Not my first trip.) Went to a Sia concert at La Bataclan and visited Sainte Chapelle. I got to stay longer than GD though. (Ha-ha.) I went on to Spain for another week. Too bad I have tunnel vision.

  49. vieni a roma e milano, is italy part of his european visit? he should come here, he will surely relax and get more fashion ideas, italians are great fashionista..

  50. […] status was posted during his trip in Europe (evident by his default picture) and this article also said that Ji left for Europe on May 6 and came back 10th of May. 2NE1′s debut perf was […]

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