05.07.09 Fancams @ Kyung Hee University



TOP Fancam: Sunset Glow + Talking Session

credit: 다음카페 DTNK ADUM 님
Youtube Channel: angelikutz
Post taken from: Angy_Angel@soompi

TaeYang Fancam: Lie

Credits: 날자영배 + YBEffect
Youtube Channel: ehdgog
Post taken from: Stardaisy212@soompi

~ by Momo on May 7, 2009.

17 Responses to “05.07.09 Fancams @ Kyung Hee University”

  1. They all look kind of bored. Like… ‘oh, it’s another college performance again………..” lol I do give proprs for Seungri stealing a bit of taeyang’s fame in his fancam though. lol haha

  2. hahaha. now that fan noes what i want 🙂

  3. I miss BIG BANG so much T___T

  4. TOP look so special

  5. omg TABI IS SO HOT LOL.
    i secretly wish there was one for Baby ;D haha. it would be better actually if there’s one for all<333333 lolll :}
    omgg bae is soo hott =O=
    i love hearing Baby just TALK<3 his voice is so pretty LOL

  6. awww Tabi!!! lol~~the girl screaming on the Lies Fancam

  7. i miss GD so badly….
    hope he’s doing fine ❤
    TOP cool like used to be….but funny though

  8. Kyung Hee…is that the college dae and bong goes to?

  9. haha its funny watching top and then YB right after, cuz theyre so different. theyre both sexy!

  10. Sunset Glow and Lie without Bong is just WRONG!!

  11. I missed JiYong!!!!! 😦

  12. ahh~~~~~~ this made my day!
    thank u momo 😀

    i love that big M on hubby’s jacket. hehe

  13. aahhh, Tabi is so freaking hot! and his smile always just kills me.. I love in the fancam when there where talking, when tabi began to talk to dae xD.
    But oh, yijong-babe is missed /; the performance really missed something without him even though the other 4 did it great, but yeah.. what can I say, it’s better he’s in europe and relaxing, then on stage and get stressed 😀 ❤

  14. It feels so weird watching these knowing that GD’s not here :s
    But weren’t they supposed to be resting in May? I remember that YG said that they wouldn’t give any performances.

  15. lol couldnt really hear. too much screaming. but it was good :] kinda weird how they played gd singing but gd wasnt there. but good that they did another perf :]

  16. Hehehe Tabi looks so good. 8D Aww he smiled at one point! ❤

    Dae looks older or something… Buffer too? XD His hair’s gotten so long. o: Aww ToDae moment!

    omgomg Bae looks hot in the Lies perf. Dayum.. so sexy doing the choreo. 8DD

    The fan screams was crazyyyy loud! XD Dangit watching these fancams got me so hyped! But yeah, they’re suppose to be on a break? ; 3;

  17. TOP looks so cuuuute!

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