Big Bang’s Manager wants to be born as??


Big Bang’s manager talks about TaeYang!

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MC: If you could be born again, who would you want to be born as among the five members of Big Bang?
Manager: I’d..uh, TaeYang.
MC: TaeYang? Why is that?
Manager: Uh…TaeYang is such a nice guy, charming…Of course he’s very cooperative and easy to work with but more importantly, he’s such a decent human being, very pure. And he’s very good to me. (Everyone laughs).

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~ by Momo on May 7, 2009.

10 Responses to “Big Bang’s Manager wants to be born as??”

  1. I guess it’s safe to say TAEYANG IS AMAZINGGGGGGG !
    I must meet him one day.

  2. Oh my husband is so amazing!
    Yay BEBE!
    I love my bebe..<3

  3. Ji Yong is better. ><;; Just kidding.But,I really like Taeyang because he is pure.And very supportive towards GD ❤

  4. LOL “he’s very good to me”
    i guess that doesnt imply to jiyong
    haha he probably teases him too much xD

  5. aww is the manager a dude or a girl? just wondering.. sigh i dreamt about tae and he gave me an autograph in my dream lol and i wanted to tell him he is handsome but i forgot how to say that in korean lol(i am not korean, thats why)..i would love to meet him someday umm maybe ill go study abroad to korea and hopefully see him or attend one of BB concerts:}

  6. LOLL awwww xDD of courseee ;D bae is PUREE<3 LOL

  7. awwww no need to say that 😉 we know he’s a very decent person and pureee =] Tae Yang lol~~

  8. I ❤ Taeyang.

  9. Lol.. Aw, Bae is wonderful. I definitely see all those traits in him. ^^

  10. he is adorable!!

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