05.06.09 Translated UFO Messages to/from Big Bang


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~ by Momo on May 8, 2009.

23 Responses to “05.06.09 Translated UFO Messages to/from Big Bang”

  1. lol TaeYang singing lollpop!
    hehe, jiyong cute as always.
    I wish i could send UFO messages >.<“

  2. Bae is so cute singing Lollipop!!
    Daesung reply is so mature!!
    LOL T.O.P!- Cha Cha Chann~~~ LOL
    GD n SR is so adorable!!

  3. LOL~~TOP! xD!
    an YB so sweet singing Lollipop xP

  4. waaaa~~~GD such a sweetie!!!~~~XD
    haha…lolzzzz bae~~~…

  5. awwww, they’r so sweet ❤

    Bae singin Lollipop hahah~

    How does it work to send UFO messages??
    I wanna send, too !!

  6. lol what does cha cha chann mean?

  7. ^
    It means Umbalah =)

  8. Whats Umbalah? O_O

  9. ahhhh, i want to write them messages in UFO tooo… sadly we can’t -_- not fair…

  10. aww their replies are so sweet and cute ^ ^
    i wish i could read and write korean, so i could send Ji Yong Oppa a message too ^ ^
    Cha Cha Chann!!

  11. omggg..this is so awesome. is there any way that we can send an english version or somethign? or like write them in english? cuase i wish i knew korean ): im so sadd hahahah i want to learn korean. this is so awesome cuase they catually replied! thats adorable.

  12. Thanks for the translation! Just to be a little bit clearer (don’t mean to be rude, sorry! ^^), on G Dragon’s comment the exact response was, ” Of course you can, friend ^^ “

  13. LOL! i can so hear TOP doing that “Cha Cha CChan~!” HAHAHAHA.

  14. Hahahaha, omg Bae’s response. So cute. <3333

    LOL Dae’s ‘calm down dear’. XD

    Haha, Tabi’s reponse. Wth. XDDD

  15. LOLL i don’t really understand the first 3 AHAA.
    but bae’s and dae’s are soooo cute 😀

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  17. thats why i loooove him!!!

  18. so cute :]

  19. awww their replies are so cute! 😀

  20. Nhi?From BIGBANGVN.^^wow!i like her^^

  21. 😉
    aww, top was so cute!!!
    top oppa saranghae;)

  22. Please come to turkey!!! We love you too. We always listen to your songs.Everyday we do our dance.I LOVE KOREAN ABOUT!!!Korean Drama,Music,Dance,Meal etc ^^ 제발 와서 터키 제발 제발 제발 제발 제발 I LOVE SEUNGRİ ❤ ❤ ❤

  23. Big bang..!!! Please come to turkey..!!!

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