Info on BigBang Japanese Single Album: My Heaven


[from gypsy_sonata]:

  • On May 13th Big Bang’s single for their Japanese album will be released.
  • On June 24th the single album will come out. The name of the single album is ‘My Heaven”. There will be three versions of the album released.
  • The Korean site where this was posted says that ‘My Heaven’ is the Japanese, yes Japanese not English, version of ‘Heaven’, as you might’ve already guessed.

Version #1 CD
Track info:
1. My Heaven
2. Emotion
3. My Heaven(Remix)

Version #2 CD
Track info:
1. My Heaven
2. Emotion
3. Candle(remix)

Version #3 CD+DVD
Track info:
1. My Heaven
2. Emotion
3. My Heaven(Remix)
DVD with making of My Heaven music video

Credit info: 구름둥둥@bb-flow
Post taken from: gypsy_sonata @


~ by Momo on May 8, 2009.

26 Responses to “Info on BigBang Japanese Single Album: My Heaven”

  1. wow~1st?

    i cant wait!!!!!

  2. i love the song heaven a lot~~~ 😀

  3. is emotion a new song of theirs?? or is it a remake of one of their old songs?? like i know candle is the japanese version for a fool’s only tears. and my heaven is obviously heaven. but emotion = new song?? or what??

  4. 24/7 heaven ~ BIG BANG! XD

  5. ooo exciting! might buy if they sell on yesasia ^^

  6. ahh~~~ i can’t wait.
    heaven is one of my favo song ^^

  7. awwww 24/7 ma heaven!~~ lol that’s one of my fav too ^^ i’ll be waiting

  8. @naninoona
    i was wondering the same thing
    emotion a new song?
    im getting excited ~

  9. *dances* single coming out for my birthday ~

  10. happy birthday ST
    OMG i can’t wait for it to come out
    my heaven should have been in english but japanese is good too!
    emotion is a new song i hope
    BIG BANG hwaiting!

  11. Homg… May 13th? Yay… wasn’t expecting it so soon! o:

    I hope Emotion is a new song!

  12. AHHH! May 13? so soon! omfg i am going to freak!

  13. Aw I thought there would be more songs. And I was hoping there would be English.:(

  14. My Heaven is a full Japanese song? GD and TOP are going to rap in Japanese? excited! i want to see the music video.

  15. thats in like *counts*…..
    4 DAYS! WOO can’t wait

  16. i know advancing into a foreign country is a great step…but there’s one reason why i hate it…cause they end up only remixing old songs that were made in their native language…and nothing ever beats the original.

  17. I hope Emotion isn’t a remake >w<

  18. there’s only three songs? D:

  19. OMG im dying

    already a new album

    these boys are amazing

  20. I think from what I read on a Japanese site, the Japanese “chaku-uta” or downloadable ringtone comes out on the 13th…

    I’m sooooo stoked:D

    sweet.. I love Heaven so much, I’m really looking forward to it comes out. I will deffinately buy one of the singles!
    – And yea, I wounder also if Emotion is a new song?

  22. ohh 3 days!! so excited! MV coming out on May 13th too??

  23. is “my heaven” the same thing as “heaven”? and wow theyre getting back on track already. even tho i want more music from them, i still want them to rest more. i wish they had more time resting.

  24. oh sorry about the question. i didnt read this careful enough before. now i get it. japanese version. i love that song! :]

  25. why so many versions?

  26. but only 3 songs ?

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