YB TaeYang’s Letter to His Fans: From the Big Show Photo Book


[from georgie]: This is a letter wrote to his fans. It is not long, but as it is often the case, YB cuts right through to what matters without being verbose. Also, the awesome bam_wida (inthothesol) had made a video with it and generously agreed to upload it to YouTube for us international fans (thank you again):

[Video credit: intothesol@YouTube]

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[Picture credit: Hanse/reah3a@naver; (c) YG Entertainment]

“Every now and then, I feel this connection with the audience – that is when I sing with all my heart and I can see that the audience is listening to my singing with the same sincerity with which I sing. And at such a moment, I realize that now I am the one who makes them feel the flutter of excitement I used to feel when I listened to music. Then I feel so touched I get goosebumps. I also feel a heavy sense of responsibility. ^^

“I believe that music has the power to change peoples’ lives. I often renew my resolve to work harder because I know that not everyone gets an opportunity like this.

“I think when I enjoy myself on stage, so will the audience. To my fans, I would like to say, ‘I will work harder,’ rather than to say, ‘I love you,’ because I believe that sincerity has its way of getting across to touch hearts.”

From TaeYang

[Translated by pgeorgie]
Post taken from: http://pgeorgie.blogspot.com/


~ by Momo on May 8, 2009.

29 Responses to “YB TaeYang’s Letter to His Fans: From the Big Show Photo Book”

  1. WTF first…omg love YB

  2. AHHHH YB! You never fail to give your fans such awesome pleasure ;] This touched my heart<33

  3. ah..youngbae..<3
    so touching..

  4. ohh bae ❤
    there’s been a lot on bae’s sincerity and words that touch our hearts ;] haha that was corny xD
    he’s really an amazing person :] ♥ just like all of big bang

  5. aww, taeyang is soo sweet with his words! *sniff* all the things he said is soo true and very touching to the heart. i can feel his love to us fans!! makes me just want to give him a big hug. taeyang fight! ^^

  6. tae yang.. beautiful as always. most genuine artist i’ve ever seen honestly.

  7. awwwwwwwwwwwwww….i love tae!!!!!!!!

  8. love love love
    is all i can think of

  9. so sweeeeett.!

  10. he’s such a beautiful and awesome person <333

  11. omg, i love u, yb <3<3<3

    His words are so sweet ❤
    He’s the most sincere person i know <3<33

    But pls don’t work TOO hard!! Otherwise i will worry bout u =/

    LOVE U YB <3<3

  12. YB, This’s a cause i love u.
    U r the most sweet, beautiful and great guy i’ve ever seen.
    Fighting!! U r always my FAV.

  13. Wauw!!
    have no more words!
    thankyou Dong Youngbea!!


  14. awwwwwww this man is the sweetest thing ever!!
    i love u more then anything
    .. his words nowadays makes me love him more and more and moreeee

  15. love love love

  16. awwwwwwwwwwww Bae <33333 he’s just so WONDERFUL and great…

  17. aww Bae, so sweet ^_^

  18. Awww… Bae’s so awesome. <333 He touches me every time he sings. ^^

  19. TaeYang<333333 He’s so sweet. I just wanna hug him to death. :33333

  20. Am I the only one who noticed his hot jawline? Cherry on top to his talent 🙂

  21. he is the cutest and sweetest member ^^

  22. YB is beyond amazing as an artist and as a human being.

  23. TaeYang is that type of person, who can’t be hated.. seriously,my I feel such a warm feeling inside when I read it. He’s amazing. You can’t describe it with words.
    All his words is so sweet and so right, I specially loves the part with music. Okay, I love it all in his letter xD.

  24. tae yang….i will always look up to u!

  25. Aww Thats SO Beautiful 😀 And Sweet .. I Want You To Work Hard And To Succeed In Life 😀 .. And Always Remember That
    I LOV3 YOU 😉 xx Also I Have This Dream Of Going To Korea And Meet You 😀 I Hope That It Comes True 😀 xx Love YOu xx

  26. His signature looks like a face. >>;;

    srsly. XD

  27. So true it’s not even funny. Their music truly made my dark days turn brighter, there are never enough thank you’s for that…

  28. WoOoOoW WoOoOoOoW These are the feelings of the music move
    Chills My body , Whenever I heard the song I want to cry , Wonderful song , Beautiful voice Tea Yang

  29. YB try your best! we are always beside you! wish you a happy day!

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