For Sale: Big Show Blanket


This will probably be the last time I ask the oh so awesome Melly to post things up for me… until fall anyways XD
To anyone who ordered stuff from me last time, you all should have received it by now (unless if I have yet to receive your payment). Please do let me know if you haven’t & we’ll work something out.

I ONLY SHIP WITHIN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. (excluding Hawaii & Alaska due to many difficulties)

That means, if you live in Canada, Australia, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, or Antarctica, please do not post an order form. Shipping is crazy nowadays, & I also don’t have much experiences with shipping to another country.
ALL of my prices are listed in USD & I only accept well concealed cash or money orders (AT YOUR OWN RISK!)

Please do not send me excess amounts of $1 bills if your total is over $5.
DO NOT WASTE MY TIME. I know it sounds mean, but it gets annoying if I email someone back & forth, providing additional measurements & pictures, but in the end, they back out. Give my fingers a rest, please?
ONLY POST AN ORDER FORM IF YOU ARE SURE ON BUYING & YOU KNOW YOU ARE ABLE TO BUY! Lots of people have exchanged addresses & whatnot with me last time, but when I asked whether or not they’ve sent out their payments, they would say “My parents didn’t let me buy.”
You may also post an order form at my shop (to make things easier for me) here:
& you need a Soompi account to access it. Otherwise, please feel free to post whatever here [:

Big Bang Big Show Pamphlet: $50 Shipped ~negotiable, but please be reasonable

SR Set:

3D Dolls: $5 Shipped Each
Seung Ri 3D Doll:

Please use this form when posting if interested in ONLY THESE ITEMS:
State, Zip Code:
Delivery Confirmation (+$1): Y/N


I’ve opened it before, then put it up right away. Basically it’s in awesome condition/99.99999% new. ALL RULES STILL APPLY.
& sadly, I DO NOT HAVE PAYPAL, so the best thing you could do is get a money order, & put confirmation (delivery/signature/whatever) on your envelope. Sure it costs a few more dollars, but better to be safe then sorry, right?
I’m doing a bid for this item, so if you’re interested, please post your best offer & your email.

Starting bid: $40
Beginning Date: May 5/6
Ending Date: May 13


~ by gdluvzmc on May 9, 2009.

19 Responses to “For Sale: Big Show Blanket”

  1. x_x Awwh…I live in Canada.
    Boohoo.This sucks. ;~;
    Oh well.I really want that big show pamphlet and blanket. :’)

  2. I want that blanket >.< I would like to bid $80.00.


  3. How much was the blanket when you bought it?

  4. oh, and
    how many pics are there in the pamphlet?

  5. I didn’t buy it for all that cheap really…
    & I can’t really remember it’s exact price since I bought for some time now…

    & there are about a bit over I guess….. 150 pages in the pamphlet?
    not too sure…

  6. where did you buy this blanket? did you get it off Yesasia or did you have someone buy it for you from the concert? Cause if you did, it wouldnt’t have been so expensive.

  7. hey,
    im dying to have one can u jux please sell it to meh foe $45 im dying to have one but u also saving foe the dvd please..sell it foe meh…i kant bid higher but if u kant sell it to meh then its alrtie too!!!!!!1

  8. let’s clear a few things up:
    1: this is a bid. if you can’t beat out someone’s offer, you most likely will not win the bid.
    2: this blanket was only sold to ppl who went to the concert & were lucky enough to snatch it at sites that did sell it for a brief time. – that means, this item is a collectible & won’t be found in other places unless ppl want to sell their blankets.

    it’s all about supply & demand; if the demand is high & the supply is low, the smartest thing to do would be to sell @ a high price. that is how you make money in life. so please refrain from posting comments like “i doubt it was that expensive when you first bought it,” ETC. it’s annoying & doesn’t pertain to the post.

    fans who keep up w/ the merch should know the blanket is a limited item & shouldn’t complain about price especially when you can’t buy em anymore. think about what you would do if you had something everyone wanted…

  9. Name:Tiffany Yang
    State, Zip Code:MO, 64866
    Delivery Confirmation (+$1): Y

    “this is a gift for my cousin. so i’ll give u her address
    so u can send it to her wen u e-mail me. Thank you”

  10. i bid $85.00

  11. I want to up my bid to $90.00 for the blanket.


  12. if i only had enough money…*tears* T_T

  13. lol Ive been trying to get a blanket for ages but they all fall from my grasp ;-; I want one so badly that I’m practically using everything ive got to get one, including money ive saved for college. It’s probably one of the things I want the most (excluding going to an actual concert)

  14. I just want to know one thing. Can you lower to price on the show pamplet? I want to give it to my friend bu to me $50 seems a bit expensive but I am definitely into it.

  15. Oh, I forgot to leave my email.


  16. hahah wow loan. why is it that every time u sell stuff, i dont have money. lol. its just so amazing how that works. its like every single time. i have no money at all. we’ll see if people buy stuff. if the seungri doll doesnt get sold, i’ll buy it when i have money. hahaha. need to go to bank…

  17. ok

  18. ok just so it is clear. I’m placing a bid on the Big Bang blanket.
    My bid is 90.00$. Hopefully this time I can win the thing! It’ll be awesome to have it for my dorm along with my other stuff.

    Name: Kayleigh Donovan
    state/zip: NJ 07461
    item(s)/codes: big bang blanket
    delivery confirmation (+$1): Y
    overall price: $91.00

  19. how can seungri’s stuffs hasn’t been sold yet TT_____TT

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