YG Family mobilised for 2NE1’s debut stage


2NE1 will have their friends YG Family under the YG Entertainment company mobilised for their debut stage.

They will have their debut stage on SBS Inkigayo on 17th May after successfully releasing their MVs and digital single last 6th May.

There are plans for other YG artistes to appear and support their debute stage that day. Also their producer Teddy of 1TYM is said to be also appearing for their debut stage.

Already, their MVs revealed on the 6th have caused such a topic and raisedon  interests on the internet. The MV attracted more than 2 million views in just 1 day into its release. And the song ‘Fire’ is currently the hot track up #1 on various music charts like Dosirak, CyWorld, SoriBadi and Bugs.

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~ by Momo on May 9, 2009.

13 Responses to “YG Family mobilised for 2NE1’s debut stage”

  1. woww~~~i can’t wait for their stage debut >.< i was feeling the great Teddy will be there 😀 i hope so 😀

  2. hey thier their producer is not GD ??!

  3. how can a debut stage not go well if teddy’s with you?

  4. WOW!! Cant wait!!! GO YG Family!!! 2NE1 Hwaiting!!!
    But i bet all the antis gonna say that they use someone else’s popularity…

  5. i have linked your site…can you please link me?

  6. oh wow, awesome! YG family rocks ;]

  7. oo Teddy! i wish the whole 1TYM will be there. i miss them! the debut stage will definitely pull in the ratings. i’m not an anti of 2ne1, but i can’t help but think that all the hype is also due to the big names behind them. oh well i hope they can pull it off on their own in the long run too!

  8. Yay, go YG FAMILY!

  9. omgg >xDD

  10. whoooo it’ll be hot like fire~

    @ melly
    this is not related to this post, but whered you get the pics for the new banner?? i want them! they weren’t included in the ones vicky posted.. can you possibly post them?

  11. didnt they said they were gonna have a special debut for 2NE1?

  12. weeeee.. im so excited ive been waiting for decaedes for this..!!

  13. waa ~ it’s tommorow
    omo .. im excited !!

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