YG, Unaware of GD’s Cameo Appearance in 2NE1’s MV


YG, “We didn’t know of GDragon’s short cameo act in ‘Fire’ MV until fans pointed out”

With the release 2NE1’s ‘Fire’ MV, many fans pointed out the cameo appearance of Big Bang member GDragon.

There were 2 versions to the MV revealed on 6th May – space and street version, which got 1.5 and 1 million views on GomTV as of 9th May. While on other portal sites, the MVs were said to have attracted more than 2.5 milion views.

With that many netizens and fans caught the 2 seconds cameo apperance of Big Bang GDragon for the street version of the MV, doing his comical act behind member Gong MinJi.

But YG Entertainment said, “We did not know of GDragon’s cameo comic act behind member Gong MinJi for the street version of the MV as pointed out by Big Bang fans. It was because he was behind Gong MinJi and his appearance was so short.”

“But with the release of the MV online, Big Bang fans were fast to spot him in the MV. And it quickly became a topic amongst netizens and fans on the internet.”

The YG representative said, “GDragon went to the filming spot for the MV filming to give support to the 2NE1 members whom he is close to. And with no earlier plans for it, he went directly for a cameo appearance to show support to 2NE1.”.

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~ by Momo on May 9, 2009.

26 Responses to “YG, Unaware of GD’s Cameo Appearance in 2NE1’s MV”

    I bet the footage where he was being comical behind Minzy was just a play. Then the director made it in the MV!!! LOL
    Well it makes 2NE1 have more fans!!!

  2. lol!!!! i agree with Melody xD! how can they not know? lol~~that’s very funny xD i bet GD was goofing around the set 😉

  3. haha~~~lolzzzzz…yup yup…how can they not know???!!!!~~~lolzzzz…

  4. i LOVE that small appearance
    it was SO CUTE and funny 🙂

  5. I wish GD was in it longer tho ..

  6. lol i was just listening to it and i saw him as soon as i read this.

    such a funny cutie

  7. hahahaa it’s funny
    but you can see that it wasn’t planned earlier
    just by the way bong dressed
    a kinda baggy jeans….
    and just some sweater with a singlet in it
    omg i just love the way he was in the mv!
    when i was enjoying the mv..his appearance cracked me up kekeke

  8. I knew it!!! I was thinking GD probably just jump-in in the set because YG didn’t say anything about cameo of GD and suddenly he was there. YG only said, GD VISITED 2ne1’s MV.

    LOL GD,,you’re sOOO cute!!!

    I didn’t notice him AT ALL either when I first saw the MV until Vicky pointed out!

  9. lol what… GD so crazy

  10. HAHA that is so him..just popping in..but i do wish it was a little longer =]

  11. :] Jiyong, always so caring.
    He’s so adorable (:
    I LOVED that 2 SECONDS scene. lol.

  12. aww my hubby is such a dorky 😉
    shuda stayd in the MV longer.

    and to Mr.YG
    how could you not see GD!?!

  13. LOL i didnt notice him either! then when i found out, i watched the MV again. when the MV was done, i was thinking, “oh shoot. i didnt see it!”
    lmfao. so i had to watch it a third time XD

  14. @xblackchristmas
    LOL same. I had to watch it again but except on my 2nd time

  15. LOL
    freakin Ji Is such a dorksterrr xD
    ahhh, i love him. :]
    I think thhat was my favorite part of the whole MV!
    LOL i’m kidding~~But it was so hilarious. It should have been longer :[
    Well i’m glad that he’s giving 2NE1 suport. Can’t wait till the debut C:
    Big Bang&2NE1 FIGHTING!!

  16. im guessing he didnt know because it wasnt planned, like he said he went their for support, that was just probably an NG of him fooling around and the director decided to put it in. lol

  17. Aha……I guess when Jiyongie comes back from Europe, he’s gonna get into trouble with YG…. xD

  18. omg LOL SNeaky MOFO!!!

    LOL Nice G!

  19. omg hahahaha i didnt notice this until a friend pointed it out to me today. i was having a cr*ppy day and it totally made my day. i was cracking up for the longest time. ehehe gdragon such a cutie <33333

  20. oooooo somebody’s in trouble….LOL

  21. LMAO, how could YG not know?
    Hehehe i love G-Dragon for that. Thank You for
    appearing G-Dragon. Made me love the MV more &
    made me smile and laugh.

  22. lol they didn’t know… he is such a sweetie to support them…

  23. haha he’s so sneaky, just decided to jump in there and do that dance lol ❤

  24. lol wow. how cute :] i wish he was in it longer, tho.

  25. I was cracking up when I first saw him XD
    I luv his dance XD

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