GDragon, Mentioned on Keita’s Blog and Music Jack!


A shorter version of Rain is Fallin performed for the first time on TV and GD’s rap were pre-recorded:

Youtube Channel: nanasakura921510

Keita mentioned GD on his blog dated May 8th 2009:

This time round, we have collaborated with BIGBANG’S G-DRAGON.
for the rap part.
He’s a really great artist, and i feel honored to be able to work with him
Being able to work with people that we respect, is indeed a boost of stimulation
that’s a lot of people who has full of potential in JAPAN
I would really want to work with them
But before that, i have to work hard in singing and dancing
become someone who cannot be replace/copied ( i think replace will be a better word)

Translation by: esined_xoxo@
Post taken from: 

On Music Jack (May 8th 2009), Keita talks about their colaboration with GDragon (from 4:15):

Youtube Channel: Shoonmylove

OFF: W-inds long awaited new single is a dance track in which Korean band Big Bang’s leader G-Dragon has collaborated with a rap part. You can’t miss listening to this joint collaboration between two top bands.

TK: G-Dragon, the leader of Big Bang, which is not exaggerated to call Korea’s number one group, collaborated in the song doing a rap. I thought that the song would end up really cool if he could rap in it, so I asked him the favour and he accepted enthusiastically.

MC: That’s really incredible. It’s like a tie between two countries. And the result is an awesome song and a great performance. Are you more or less the same age?

TK: He’s is younger than the three of us. He’s really young, but he’s a person who gives such a [great] performance that you don’t think that he can be that young.

Translation by: susifq
Post taken from: susifq@soompi

~ by Momo on May 10, 2009.

19 Responses to “GDragon, Mentioned on Keita’s Blog and Music Jack!”

  1. GD iz the coolest!!!! hands down ^^

  2. I agree. 😀 I’ll be waiting for you JiYong ❤
    G-Dragon fighting!

  3. i agree with all what keita said about GD
    GD is jjang!!!!!

  4. jjang jjang !!!!!!!

  5. I just wish that all the haters and ignorant people realize how awesome our leadah is… ~sigh~
    On the bright, whoo hooh to Winds. I hope you guys do really well on the charts.

  6. I agree with what they said about GD…Jiyongy :]

    Kwon Leadah <33

  8. LOL, I am trying to imagine GD listening to w-inds. Can’t imagine it. xD

  9. GD loveyou!!!<3

  10. yayy G-Dragon!! young but so talented ^^

  11. omgg, bongie is amazingg :DD lol praise from everybody huh? XD

  12. GD ftw!

  13. GD is da BEST!:)

  14. […] GDragon, Mentioned on Keita’s Blog and Music Jack! momo A shorter version of Rain is Fallin performed for the first time on TV and GD’s rap were […] […]

  15. Awww Keita. He always says nice stuff about G-Dragon =]
    Once again, i love listening to G-Dragon’s rap.
    can’t wait for them to perform this song TOGETHERRR!
    B/c rain is falling over you & me.

  16. the best of the best = GD.

  17. your music is just too perfect i cant mix

  18. its unmixable ^^ but im still learning i will find a way yay go young people im only a 14 year old but im still a Dj 🙂

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