Activities in Japan to kick off soon


GDragon ends Europe vacation, and will start on activities in Japan

Big Bang GDragon, who has been on an Europe trip recently, has ended the trip on 10th May.

After he ended the vacation, he headed straight for Japan to start on promotional activities like going on broadcast programmes etc.

YG Entertainment said on the 12th, “GDragon will go straight from Europe to Japan. He is currently in Japan and preparing to start promotional activities. When he will return to Korea, we have not decided yet.”

GDragon was on the Europe trip both as a getaway and also to study fashion for his upcoming album postponed to August.

K Bites:


~ by Momo on May 11, 2009.

14 Responses to “Activities in Japan to kick off soon”

  1. Oh so it ended aye?
    Can’t wait to see BB Again
    BB HWAITING ^____^

  2. ooh he studied fashion! thats sexy!

  3. Can’t wait for his solo album!!!!! =D

  4. omggg they’re already in Japan 😀 can’t wait

  5. omg i’m at the edge of my seat. practically already flying off! excited!


  6. In Japan already?!
    Which part of Japan?!?

  7. Jiyong’s always so busy! Hope he’s doin ver well (:
    I can’t wait! BigBang<3

  8. WTF!? Whatever happened to having a FULL month of May off????? >_< Jiyongie…please don’t overwork yourself!

  9. aw well i hope he had fun and a good rest!
    and good luck to BB in japan!

  10. geez i hope it was his decision to come back to working immediately. ehw as on a break to have a break.
    oh well. good luck wit da japan promotions GD and Big Bang.
    so lookin forward to it

  11. Wait so does that mean that Big Bang won’t be at 2NE1’s debut?
    Since YG said that YG Family is going to perform with them?

  12. Wow already. They are pretty busy this year.
    Good Luck G-Dragon & Big Bang, FIGHTING!. & Ji Yong, please
    don’t get anymore depress & i thought Seungri
    would help reduce the stress-ness b/c of his lame jokes. aha.
    Can’t wait for the next music Big Bang is bringing up =]
    Aww still can’t believe it got pushed ALL the way to
    August. [sigh] it’s worth it though.

  13. they are so busy hope he had fun in Europe… fighting….

  14. Oh, and then back to work right after vacation O_O
    they’re so bussy.. but hope he had a nice trip to Europe, and he god study a lot of fashion ;D I can’t wait for his solo I think, no.. i KNOW it gonna be so great! 😀 but, take care Bong, don’t be stressed so much again ❤

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