Big Bang’s What’s Up?!: The Pati Pati Magazine, June 2009 Vol. 4

[from momo]: I have written a post about the artists mentioned by each members. Please refer to No Genre: Big Bang, Artists Collaboration Wish List post!


[from georgie]: This is Big Bang’s interview with a Japanese magazine called “Pati Pati.” I chose to translate this because I figured this was the most recent YB interview but I kinda liked TOP’s answers and ended up translating the answers of all five members:

[Picture credit: N & O@JVIPZ; PatiPati]

Big Bang’s What’s Up?!
This Month’s Mission: Think About Collaborations!

SOL (YB TaeYang)

1. Artists You Want to Collaborate With:
Ryan Leslie and The Dream – two of the hottest artists today.

2. Collaborations You’ve Done So Far:
I’ve collaborated with a few artists on their albums, and I think I did a collaboration in a true sense with my producer Teddy while I was making my solo album. Together, we could create great music through discussions about what Teddy as a producer thought the artist “Sol” should be like and what I wanted from Teddy the producer when we were making such songs as “Prayer” and “Look Only at Me.”

3. About “Collaboration”:
According to the recent definition of the word, it doesn’t mean simply singing a few verses of somebody else’s song – I think it means working together while sharing honest opinions and sticking to their individual styles. If you can work with a full understanding of what the other likes and wants, you could have tremendous synergy.


1. Artists You Want to Collaborate With:
Damien Rice, Sam Sparro and Kris Van Assche, the fashion designer. We could share our ideas to make clothes and shoes! Wouldn’t that be great? And just imagining myself doing raps to Damien Rice or Sam Sparro’s singing makes me want to work harder and become a better rapper.

2. Collaborations You’ve Done So Far:
I’ve worked with Um JeongHwa, Gummy and Red Rock.

3. About “Collaboration”:
I don’t think there can be one correct answer in the field of arts (including “entertainment” to which we belong). Culture and arts make progress and grow into different shapes when different genres mix together and affect one another. It could be music, cinema or fine arts. There are many different genres in arts but they share so much in common. I think they complement their shortcomings, amplify their strengths and eventually make progress through sharing and exchanging.

D-Lite (DaeSung)

1. Artists You Want to Collaborate With:
J. Holiday

2. Collaborations You’ve Done So Far:
I sang on an album by a female artist named Nemo.

3. About “Collaboration”:
This may sound too obvious but I think the best thing about collaborations is that you get different experiences as well as different results. For example, I have released a trot single, which was quite a departure from the usual Big Bang style. In a broader sense, I think you can call it a collaboration because I’ve worked on the song with some trot experts. I talked to them a lot and accommodated their opinions and as a result I could develop my own trot style.

G-Dragon1. Artists You Want to Collaborate With:
Justice – I always enjoy listening to their energetic sound and new attempts.


2. Collaborations You’ve Done So Far:
I think I’ve worked together pretty much all YG Family artists. Recently I’ve also worked with Japanese artists like Daishi Dance and w-inds.

3. About “Collaboration”:
When you work with artists from different worlds, different genres, I think you can find new passion in you or get different results. When I worked with Daishi Dance, it was my first collaboration with a non-YG artist and I could find new passion in me and learn different styles. Also many people found the result satisfactory. I hope people will enjoy my collaboration with w-inds also. I also appear in their music video of the song. I hope my collaboration will open up a door for lots more collaborations among young artists of Korea and Japan.

V. I. (SeungRi)

1. Artists You Want to Collaborate With:
Timbaland – the best producer there is. I’m sure I’m not the only one who wants to dance to the beats he creates.

2. Collaborations You’ve Done So Far:
None so far.

3. About “Collaboration”:
I think it’s a very good thing. The purpose is to get better results through exchanges, right? I, too, would like to be friends with many people in the music industry through collaborations and make a CD. In short, “I want to do it!!!!”

[Translated by pgeorgie]
[Text source: 그놈@VIPZ; The PatiPati Magazine of Japan]
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~ by Momo on May 11, 2009.

34 Responses to “Big Bang’s What’s Up?!: The Pati Pati Magazine, June 2009 Vol. 4”

  1. FIRST!

  2. TOP is so cuteeee! but huh, I need someone to explain: why does he want to do raps to Damien Rice… isn’t Damien Rice doing cute and nice songs, which, if I recall, don’t have any rap or hip hop in the style… anyways^^ theyr are all cute:p

  3. Awwh…Haha Baby didn’t do a collaboration yet.
    😥 It’s okay~ Ahh JiYong ❤ Justice…Eh? Then,I think I will give them a shot.

  4. AH! SeungRi wants to collabo with Timbaland! I want them all to collaborate with him 😀 I also wish Dae would get to sing together with J. Holiday!! wow that would be super hot~~ and Bae & The Dream~ oh damn
    lol I didnt expect TOP to give an answer like that, but I would love to sport a design by him!

  5. awww..poor baby! teddy hyung needs to write him a song and have some one colab with our baby!

  6. Wow. I think Daemon Rice and TOP would make a great team. Such an interesting blend of two different sounds. He really seems to be thinking outside the box. I’d love to hear a collab. Rapping doesn’t always have to be hip hoppish you know.

    Think Stan -Eminem with Dido

  7. AWW (:
    I love their answers!

  8. Damien Rice doesn’t do happy songs, more so sad songs with a nastalgic feeling. Lots of times accoustic or rough sounding. Damien Rice’s music almost sounds like TOP’s voice, if that makes sense. So I think it could be a pretty decent collab. I’m sort of pleasantly syrprise with music he likes. It’s so different from the role he plays in BB. I love the fact hat many of them want to branch out.

  9. i like YB’s answer to what artist he wants to collaborate with!!! The Dream has crazy beats that i luv and i think they could do it!!!! and all their answers sound so wise and well worded!!!! you would think they were older than they really are…LOL^^

  10. AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH TOP SO HOT hes makin da sun jealous!! 😛

  11. JUSTICE!

  12. Damien Rice. DAMIEN RICE?! Okay, I cannot love TOP anymore than I do now. Damien Rice is <333. I also love that he wants to make clothes and shoes, haha.
    Okay, and WTF? I don’t know anyone else that knows who Justice is but GD listens to them? I love these guys.

    Of course, Seung Ri wants to collab with JT’s BFF.

  13. awww poor seungri lols..dont worry he’s bound to a appear in collaboration with some huge superstar. i dont know who but i know its bound to happen soon lol

  14. man!! all their collab wishlists are so awesome! and JUSTICE!!! effin awesomest duo in FOREVER! figures yong yongie would love em… they’re music is like everywhere from happy to angry to sad and confused… i mean everywhere!! they can do a 180 flip with their songs and still be awesome!! check them out pplz… their beats are the sheeez…. haha^^ if you wanna start, i’d say start with their song “d.a.n.c.e” and move on from there. they might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s pretty safe to start with “d.a.n.c.e” to warm y’all up…

    and tabi just further validated my beliefs that he’s a real rough softie inside… i mean, damien rice?? my god! it’d be cool if he got to collab with him. they’re both so raw sounding i think it’d work beautifully. he’s so unique. and i wouldn’t mind wearing something by TOP! haha^^ just make sure you remember to make them in huge sizes tabi… help out your chubby fans here why dontcha??? you know how it’s like right?? haha^^

    and dae and yb really don’t surprise me there… the dream and jay holiday?? very soulful and r&b. i like that they’re really true to what they are. and of course seung ri wants a collab with timbaland!! if it gets him a free ticket to collab with JT as well then why wouldn’t he?? ekeke^^ this boy ahhh~~

    omo!! they’re all really growing up… these boys sound way more mature than they really are. ahhh~~ if it’s for what they love then we should have no worries. it’s still gonna be BIG BANG even with whatever they do.


  15. aha seungri’s cute. wants to make more friends in the music industry lol. aw he doesnt have any collabs! he shud definitely do some :]

    top.. please be my bff.. we can share our massive collection (and enormous range) of musics. y/y? =D

  17. I don’t know any of the people TOP mentioned but it seems like he’s really thinking out of the box which is always a good thing. I just checked out Justice and they sound pretty good. Taeyang and Daesung have really soulful and R&Bish vocals so I’m not surprised by their choices. And hopefully Seungri will get to collaborate with someone soon!

  18. Can someone tell me who’s Justice? Is it a FRENCH band? Kos thats what google said. XD

  19. @Lena: I think he’s refering to the DJ Justice, he does a lot of remixes (really really REALLY awesome remixes) – I may be wrong though!

    Is anyone else as impressed with Tabi’s answers as I am? Damn, he’s hot, sexy, and really insightful on music (unexpectedly, I admit). Woah Tabi, Tabi, Tabi! SAM SPARRO? This just further validates my love for him haha, he’s chosen one of the BEST artists ever! It’s really great to hear that he’s listening to a broad range of music, I mean from Damien Rice (who is great, btw) to Sam Sparro is quite a big change. I think it’s really important for artistes to challenge themselves by pushing their boundaries into other ‘genres’ of music, than the ones they usually foray into.

    TABI FTW. ^^

  20. WOO! they want o collab with artists outside their culture! scorescorescore!! (i was worried they would all be korean artists) ->SAM SPARROOOO!!!! omg i LOVE Black & Gold! amazingg. Damien rice sounds cool! i agree with other peoples answers about the raw sounds and emotions they share, even though I’d never really listened to his (damien’s) stuff before. JUSTICE amazing. they’re SUPER popular over here. (europe) oh and Timbaland! score! that would be SUPER cool.
    Big Bang FOREVERhwaiting

  21. fantastic and impressive

  22. wow.
    they r all amazing.
    especially TOP.

  23. awwww~~~JUSTICE!!!~~~XD
    he juz AMAZING…waaaa~~~it’s great to hear that jiyongie wan collab with him!!!~~~~XD

  24. awww


    no collabs yet.

    Hopefully one day JT!

  25. aww

    they’re cute answers ^ ^
    they answerd very gd, so……..
    the artists BB appreciate shud read nd make an offer to collab with them. 😛

  26. TOP is already a great rapper.
    It’s so sweet he wants to become better.


  27. AWW
    my little maknae didn’t do any collaborations 😦
    he’s so cutee ❤ saranghae
    seung ri hwaiting

  28. ahhhh makes me love Bae even moreee ^o^

  29. […] Big Bang’s What’s Up?!: The Pati Pati Magazine, June 2009 Vol. 4 [from momo]: I have written a post about the artists mentioned by each members. Please refer to No Genre: Big Bang, […] […]

  30. awww…seung ri hasn’t collab yet

  31. i like Bb.they answer very well

  32. Thank You for translating. Aha i’m glad you translated
    ALL of thems. AHAHAHA i do love TOP’s answers esp. the first one.
    Wow i like all of their “Collaboration” answers. niceee.
    Yeah, of course G-Dragon. We LOVEE your music. No matterr what.
    Ahaha yeah Seungri would say Timbaland or just with JustinT.
    Lmao Seungri. I love how he wants to be friends with EVERYONE!
    he can be my friend =]

    how cool would that be??? then he can come to australiaaaaaaaa. nyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

  34. AWHH.

    YB wants to work with The Dream & Ryan Leslie XD

    DaeDae wants to work with J.Holiday


    so kyuut!

    i want those to happenn!

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