KBS ‘Entertainment Weekly’ apologized to GDragon!


KBS ‘Entertainment Weekly’ official apology to GDragon, “Error in our captions”  

KBS show ‘Entertainment Weekly’, which has recently angered Big Bang fans with mistaking the composer to Big Bang song ‘Lies’ as the Brave Brothers instead of GDragon, has made an official apology.

They wrote an article on their viewers noticeboard on 11th May with the title ”To inform”. In the post it was written, “There is an error in the caption on our show on 9th May where we put up a caption saying ‘Lies (Big Bang) – Braves Brothers composition’.”

The production group said, “The song ‘Lies’ is composed by Big Bang member GDragon which it is arranged by the Brave Brothers. Our production group will be more prudent and pay more attention to such details in the future.”

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~ by Momo on May 11, 2009.

12 Responses to “KBS ‘Entertainment Weekly’ apologized to GDragon!”

  1. GD
    hwaiting! ❤

  2. Yes, glad they replied!
    Or VIPs would have been maddd.
    Glad they gave GD the credit he deserves.

  3. I was pretty upset as well.
    GD deserves credit for his brilliant work of art ❤

  4. ughh my fav song cant be mistaken for being written by anyone else…

  5. lol at Dori
    yeyah our jiyong is awesome :]

  6. its a good thing they apologized isn’t it ? i mean.. usually.. i dont care for things like this… since i know gdragon wrote all those songs… and what other people say doesnt matter to me (: but it was a bit offensive because it happened right after yg went through all the trouble to clean up all the rumors …… kwon ji yong… ❤ AWESOMENEESS !

  7. damn right. its about time kbs got off their high horse after all the bull they pull on artists. and then to give someone credit to something they didnt do? bah! Bongie hwaiting!!

  8. hmm… i have to say from reading comments around here and on youtube and some other places, KBS sure don’t have much of a good rep with fans. i wonder why that is?? i mean, i wouldn’t know how awesome other korean channels are since all i get in my country is KBS WORLD… but yeah, not a lot of good things coming from fans about KBS.

    i’d kill to get MNET on my cable though. or whatever other music channels there is over there in korea. i’m just getting too much of US music and i don’t have a lot of local music that i love either so it’s about time BIG BANG went international, no?? that way i can hear them on the radio and see them on TV no problem! who’s with me on this??


  9. ^
    agree, but it’s true.
    Whoo, go GD~!

  10. so proud of him… he is the best…

  11. Yeah, that’s what i thought. Just kidding.
    Yeah when i first saw it i was just like ‘whattt?’
    No, G-Dragon produced it. But nah it’s alright b/c
    ppls makes mistakes. Mister GD is Awesome! =]

  12. awww… thank god hey apologized!!!

    GD is soo good in everything he does.. he deserved to get accredited for this song!!

    luv pri

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