No Genre: Big Bang, Artists Collaboration Wish List!


Another one of my No Genre, Just Music post!

This is written based on my previous post of Big Bang’s What’s Up?! Interview in Pati Pati, Japanese Magazine: Question on “The Artist that they want to collaborate with”

So, here are  some bits and pieces of information in case ur interested to know about the artist mentioned by each members.

First, TaeYang: Ryan Leslie and The Dream
* will have a different taste and style should he/YG decide to have one. great music in the making.

Ryan Leslie aka Anthony Ryan Leslie

The Dream aka Terius Youngdell Nash

Verdict: After listening to both artists, you’ll definitely be getting the TaeYang chills and imagining all of them dancing, shirtless, simply mind-blowing!

TOP: Damien Rice, Sam Sparro and Kris Van Assche (fashion designer)
* Yeah, when i read the comments, i was abit twisted as well when TOP mentioned Damien Rice. Firstly, Damien Rice isnt a rapper and secondly his genre is mostly folk -indie rock kinda thing. With that, you do the math!

Damien Rice

Sam Sparro aka Sam Falson

  • An Australian born of Portuguese descent is a Grammy nominated singer-songwriter.
  • Officially debuted in the music scene in March 2008 with his single “Black and Gold” and subsequently his self-titled album released on the following month.
  • The second album is due to release in August this year.
  • Genre: House, R&B, Electropop
  • Myspace:
  • M/V: 

Kris Van Assche

  • A Belgian Fashion Designer who heads his own label, KRIS VAN ASSCH.
  • Graduated from Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Belgium.
  • Working Experience: Hedi Slimane at Yves Saint Laurent.
  • A Creative Director of Dior Homme since 2007
  • Official website:

Verdict: This is interesting coz each music portrays a different side of the story. Damien with his less cognitive music interpretation and Sam for having the Goldfrapp feel to it. And adding TOP gives us the whole new meaning to the equation. As for Kris, i would love to see Top model for Kris’s label. He’ll definitely rock the fashion world.

DaeSung: J.Holiday
*well, its hard to find the “americanized trot” for his taste but to pick J.Holiday as his future collabo is simply music to my ears.

J.Holiday aka Nahum Grymes

Verdict: i love J.Holiday and i love DaeSung. They have got to do this. Or even considering doing it, its good enough for

GDragon: Justice
* i have been expecting him to mention other artists but saying Justice, i’ll keep my mouth shut then. I like how GD does his homework. Just so you know there are 2 artists with the same name: Justice from German and Justice from France. For this, it’s the amazing duo from France.


  • A French electronic music duo consisting of Gaspard Augé and Xavier de Rosnay.
  • Known for incorporating a strong rock influence into their music and image.
  • Genre: Eletro House, Dance House, Dance Punk
  • Music style : a bit of heavy metal influence with a combination of a cut-up bass lines with a compressed and distorted synth sound.
  • Myspace:
  • M/V:

Verdict: nothing much i can say about Justice. Thats for you to decide and to come out with your own explanation. Another genre i would just love to see in the making. Just to clear the air, i love Justice. Why i didnt say much about them coz i prefer to keep my thoughts to myself. Some might say i’m bias coz i love music and my definition of liking music is somewhat different from others.  But i was damn impressed as hell he did his homework.

Lastly, Seungri: Timbaland

A man who doesnt need any introduction in the music industry. You know him and i know him. His reputation precedes him. Thats all i can say.

Verdict: So Timothy Zachery Mosley, make Seungri a tune that he can dance to coz the man sure loves to dance!!

Source: Wikipedia


~ by Momo on May 11, 2009.

28 Responses to “No Genre: Big Bang, Artists Collaboration Wish List!”

  1. sooooooo unexpected! i thought i would know these ppl, but i only know timbaland. i need to be more cultured. i love top

  2. FIRST!
    Lol thanks alot Momo~! 😉

  3. we’re tied!

  4. ahhh… they really have quite a range there don’t they?? these boys keep surprising us and yet we’re not that surprised. and JUSTICE is quite an acquired taste. but i personally love them!! but of course great minds think alike. me and my yong yongie ❤ we can get together and talk about music alllll daaaaaayyyy loooooonnngg…… but momo, you’re giving an off vibe about justice i just can’t place my finger on. anyway…. thanks for the post!


  5. arrrgggghhh…i think i’ve finally fallin’ in love with TOP…

    desperately in love…

  6. @naninoona: lol off vibe? haha..i love music. i love Justice. hence why i didnt say much about them as i prefer to keep an open thots as to others on theirs.

    My definition of liking music is somewhat different from others.

    But then i wasnt expecting GD to even mention Justice. Impressed that he did his homework.

    nevertheless, they’re good!

  7. lol. shiii… i see, then that clears it up^^ thanks again momo!! you know we love you.

  8. AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH omgomgomg Kris Van Assche is BELGIAN?!?! ME TOO! scorescore!!! Choi Seung Hyn and I were meant to be. I’m applying to Antwerp this summer! (for jewellery design) scoooore. I’ll keep my eyes peeled. *winkwink* hihi! yeeesssssssssss

  9. @hana:
    LOOL i know right. it makes my ‘first’ look stupid >.<“

  10. thanks Momo ^^ some choices i was expecting ^^ and Top’s choices really surprise me ^^ excellent music i would love to hear that collab. I also like Justice that’s another interesting choice 😛

  11. “Radio Killa~”

  12. This is definitely Hot

  13. not that i don’t like justice… but personally i prefer daft punk and boys noize… that’s just me though…

  14. Young Bae The Dream rockin that, DaeSung J-Holiday I’m yours and Seung-Ri timbaland hotness!! Great music OMG!!! Sexii

  15. TaeYang + The Dream= Sexy Alert.

  16. i’m really loving Ryan Leslie’s music..thanks to Bae, i have another fav artist to add to my list =)

  17. OMG Bae Ryan Leslie he found Cassie…if Bae and Cassie did a song that would be sweet.

  18. Really like this post! Is there a listing of all your “No Genre, Just Music” posts? Would love to read all of them.

  19. omg i love justice too!! :]
    If Ji did a collaboration with them i would FREAK OUT!
    They should totally consider it.

  20. i totally love all the artist that they picked! ( especially tae yang) and it’ll be cool if top modeled for Kris Van Assche, top has the looks ^_^

  21. Whoa, didn’t expect TOP to be listening to Damien Rice or Sam Sparro (did anyone go to his free show in LA? it was great.). I don’t know why, but when I read Damien Rice, I got extremely giddy. I’m just happy that he’s not stuck to just one or two genres of music. I’d expect GD’s collab with Justice to be something like daft punk’s collab with kanye west or teriyaki boyz (which I love both. haha).

  22. Yeah I love Justice i want big bang in france (i’m french) Yeahhh GD with justice in FRANCE I WANT BIG BANG 😀

  23. Wahh nice (:
    It’d be really cool if they REALLY collaberated (:

  24. TOP’s was really interesting.
    it was a variation but yet odd and interesting.
    hahaha i love that boy ❤

  25. @ollly_goldfish: thanks. i love writing about it too. growing up listening all sorts of music from various genre, its a good learning.

    I did a few posts before this, i wrote a post about Silverroom , daishi dance and No Brain.

    Basically, i am trying to tell people about the people behind the scene of BB’s music. so besides BB, there are also others who are music genious and talented as well. it might open up some doors for the artists to gain more fans. thats how i see it.

  26. haha shame i only noe timbaland and sam sparro [u noe being aussie and all].
    i totally wanna hear these collabs just to see wat they can all come up with. some of the collabs sounds really interesting lyk TOPs. btw i agree TOP modelling anything is hawt

  27. I love JUSTICE! and i can’t believe that GD listens to justice too!

  28. I love how the people who they wanna colarborate with
    is in America. and they were suppose to be in America this
    year…too! Yeah i’m amazed that G-Dragon didn’t list out
    alotta artist. Ahaha wow G-Dragon. I kinda understand why
    he chose Justice. And Seungri. ahaha. Of course =]

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