Japanese Single to release on May 13th


Big Bang to release Japanese single on 13th and to start promotional actovities soon

It is set that Big Bang will release their new Japanese single on 13th, and will hope a press conference on 13th in Japan Tokyo.

Currently, all the Big Bang members are heading to Japan to prepare for their promtional activities to start. This is the first album they will release after signing with Universal music.

The songs in the single will be mainly sang in English, but there will also be songs sang in Japanese in it.  The album will be revealed together with the press conference.

YG Entertainment also added that they will be much more active in Japan as compared to last year.

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~ by Momo on May 12, 2009.

27 Responses to “Japanese Single to release on May 13th”

    MORE ACTIVITIES>!?!?!? :O i thought…they would have a rest..but at the same time i’m excited…ahh its mixed feelings :[
    what ever happened to US plans/vacation? D:
    sighh..so much japanese activities xD

  2. I look forward to the english songs 😀 i think they’re improving!
    And much more activities this time? YAY!

  3. lmao is it pathetic that i already preordered it on yesasia. guys you gotta check out yesasia. apparently they made a BANGS BOARD GAME!!!! http://www.yesasia.com/us/big-bang-bangs-story-board-game/1020212757-0-0-0-en/info.html

  4. I just heard the preview for Heaven (Japanese Version) and I love that there is some english in it. I hope to make a mix of it today and release the song on my youtube.

    Can’t wait for the new english album too for all the new english songs. So much mixing to do……

  5. may 13th? isn’t that the date w-inds’ Rain is Falling is coming out? haha it will be a big day for GD. i’m quite suprised by the swift release date, but i’m not complaining hehe. hopefully they will have time to make their comeback in Korea too. i want new songs!

  6. thats good, i thought they were going to do more japanese songs, but i like their english ones more so thats super

  7. aaaahhhhhhh i cannot wait for this!!!….wait shouldnt it be out already…..

  8. may 13? today??

  9. 1st reaction: omg omg omg thats TODAY!!!
    2nd reaction: arent they ALL meant to be resting
    3rd reaction: someone hurry up and upload stuff for us iVIPs to see already
    haha thanx for telling us that they’re releasing a new single =]

  10. today is may 13th. why isn’t it out anywhere yet? :/ lol im too excited XD

  11. surely it should of been released already?!

  12. They’ve already had the press conference so I’m guessing the single has been released? IDK.

  13. Yay, I want to hear them sing more English. Hearing them sing in Japanese is gonna be cool too. ^^

    And yeah, today’s the 13th! Where’s their single? I want it! >D

  14. whherrreee wheere : DDDDDDDD? LMAAAAAAO IM SOO EXCITEED ! : D
    lmaao , but buut i will be so confuseed if i want to sing theeir japaness songs ! KOREAAN VS JAPANEESS . @___@” WAHAA .

    – SOJANA .

  15. ahhh sooo exciteddd…omg i hope they had a good rest…BB forever..!!!



  17. The japanese is cool but since I speak english Id prefer to hear an english one cuz I can sing along (It is the same song but different language/ basic meaning) or Most definetly I want to hear new stuff too! ah im excited. XP

  18. according to yesasia, the single release date is June 24 and the album release date is July 8. there’s too many versions! lol

  19. ^ oh, nevermind. i think the July 8 date is for a different single. so Big Bang will be releasing 2 singles in 2 months? *confused*

  20. So i guess that means that Big Bang won’t be at 2NE1’s performance T-T

  21. yay ! it’s out today !!!
    but … since they’re going to japan … does that mean bae and seung ri arent coming to the US anymore ?
    man ! they always postpone it =/

  22. So it’s out yet? o_o

  23. Nvm, thanks tabi 🙂

  24. wait.. isnt today the 13th???


  26. I knew it was gonna be ‘Heaven’ B/c it was called ‘My Heaven’
    aha. Ahh* can’t wait till it release! That long?
    “Happiness, Sadness, tears
    Sky, Stars (eh, man?)”

  27. i agree with you

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