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[momo]: will deliberate amongst ourselves based on the comments given and will give feedbacks. Thanks!


Ok, i am interested to know your thoughts on BBFansite in terms of what do you like to see more or less from us and the site. Please leave your comments here and the Staff will look into it.

We should have done this like a quarterly thing to improve the site, but it didnt occur to me until now.

Do share. We not only take the sweet but the bitter taste as well.ย If you know what i mean.

Shoot away!


~ by Momo on May 12, 2009.

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  1. well i love how you guys are always updated on the latest bb stuff. but when coming along with the VIPz fan meet update, its pretty hard to contact with you guys. other things… i guess it wouldn’t hurt to actually have written articles by these host, this way we can also feel closer to the ones who are hosting this site. i also think you guys should keep on promoting this site, cause really in america, you guys are the best fansite around. it would be a dream come ture if you guys actually have BB to visit this site. AND THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT: you guys have too much youtube on one page (the front page) and really slows the computer down.

  2. Hi! VIP~=~ I’m a Thai VIP. I think BBfansite is a best website for me. When I want to know something about BB, I can find form here such as PV ,Live, Music and Many kinds of Event. It’s just not BB, but including YGFAMILY. I like YG family so much , especially BIGBANG. So I want to say THanks BBfansite to give me a chance to exchange with the other fans and also Make me love BB and VIP more.It means to me. ……Thank you so much^_^” (Thanks for your tiring to make this website. Cheer up you forever!! Fighting!!!!!I love BBfansite Ya!!!!)

  3. I can’t really think about anything…I just want to thank you guys a looot, again, you’re the best.

    If I think about some sugestion later, I’ll come here again.

    bye โค

  4. Hi yah!
    haha woow I’m a mexican VIP~
    and gosh! this is the best site ๐Ÿ™‚
    i really like it, when i wanna know about my boys (BB)
    i know…I’ll visit this blog!

  5. I’d appreciate if you featured us.
    13ig13ang0 youtube channel, as we have english-dubbed perfomances and music videos.
    All videos are subbed and either High Quality or High Definition.

  6. Natalyyy hahha! im mexican toO! hahah!
    heyy u guys i just love urR! sitE!
    u r in my favorites hahah! i come here
    everyday is like a ritual to me!
    amm… so thanks for u hard work!

  7. Well I’m a frequent visitor like everyday and nothing really stands out except for one thing like to find old articles the organization is kinda hard to maneuver.Thats all you do such a good job keeping us IVIPs up to date thanks.:)

  8. I come here all the time because its always up to date!
    Omgosh i dont no how i could live without knowing how my jiyongie nd the rest of the boys are doing.
    i luv it!!
    thanks you guys!!

  9. I love this website
    i loveeeeeeeeee big banggggggggg
    this website has lot of news that i want to hear fron big bang
    thank you for create this webpage
    you are the best
    well thia webpage is heaven for me

  10. You guys should know that this is basically our/my homepage.
    I rarely go on checking my E-mail, but when it comes to this site; it’s fast as lightning when I come and check for updates.
    && some people like me aren’t really up to go for the forums; or rather stay active there. SO having this kind of website really helps A LOT.
    I love the Meet & Greet. Locations meet-ups should happen, like, monthly. XD Since I missed the Bay Area meet. >.<;
    The projects are awesome, so that should keep going !
    Really, when I started to become a fan; I tried to look for a steady website that are fast on updates; not forums; and I was lucky enough to find this site RIGHT AWAY on Google. xD
    *Vicky is a pretty awesome author! I love her comments when she posts up news. She notices the things I don’t notice! xD And it’s fun to read it!
    umm… Just keep going; I just have to agree on too many YouTube videos in the main page. It DOES slow down the connection. And I usually check quick updates on the Wii, so it slows it down when there are too many videos posted up.
    Anyway, BBFansite fighting! You guys are the best<3

  11. @Lisa: the merchandise listings is on the right hand corner. Not that hard to spot. (;
    YesAsia would probably be the most reliable. (for me at least)

  12. more tae yang >.<

  13. โค Thanks SO much for the updates and having downloads for us because I dont know where else I could find them! Kinda Sad the meets have been sort of lacking though. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    Just wanna say I enjoy being able to connect with other VIPs! Like having meets and having a Post for special live events for VIPs to interact. Those are really FUN. ๐Ÿ™‚ Cant think of more right now but just know you guys do an awesome job and have much love and respect.

  14. hey vips.
    i love this site.
    my sisters love this site and
    we love bigbang so much and where else we could find new news about them but here =D
    bbfansite =D

    just keep it up guys.
    you all doing a good job ;D and thank u for that =D

  15. I love visiting this site. ^^ When I first became a fan, this was the best place for me to find out about the boys and now I love checking here daily for news updates.

    I like the colorful posts and various comments from the staff esp Vicky. x] โค She def notices things that I don’t so that makes me rewatch things and appreciate what she notes down. ^^

    I haven’t been a part of the Meet & Greet or other BBFansite projects [ since I recently became a fan ] but I def want to try. ^^

    LOL@gaga’s comment. I love me some Bae too. 8D I think the staff has posted a lot of his news tho. ^^ Esp recently. :]

    I don’t have anything negative to say.

    Keep up the good work~ Thank you!

  16. >Oh to mention any authors, I guess Id wanna say Melly cuz she also appreciates the sexiness of JiYong<

  17. I must say that this site is the number one site for Big Bang fans. I’m also following DBSK, and their site doesn’t have as many updates/information.
    So, thank you.

    The only request I make: I know some of the admins/contributors are big fans of certain members. I myself am a big fan of TOP, and it sometimes seems like the site focuses on the other members. Maybe spread the love around??? (Note: I realize that TOP might just not be as active as other members…)

    But other than that, thank you for your dedication. You’re allowing a non-Korean (I’m Chinese) to support Big Bang. :]

  18. momo this isn’t a good idea at all! haha.
    i’m curious to see what they say.

    noticed so far a lot of comments about the meet&greet project – there really aren’t any updates you guys would like except mostly 2 posts per meet: 1 to tell ppl when a meet is coming, 1 to tell ppl how the meet went.

  19. This site has been a godsend for me. I’m only learning japanese right now (korean next) so all the other sites i really cant follow because i dont know the language. I found this site and couldnt believe how fast the updates were, how respectful all the VIP’s are on here, and how many of us there actually are. Thank you guys for doing what you do.


  20. Maybe put something on about the authors, because i have no idea who they are.

  21. if it weren’t for this site i wouldn’t know so much about big bang! honestly, the first thing i do on the computer to come here.. ^^ you guys are aaaaawsome. :$ hehe, keep up the great work! โค

  22. heyheyhey there:) well let’s see… this site is practically perfecto and i’m trying to think of what i would like to see more. hmmm… OHH! i would totally love if you guys could re-post up the ‘inside melly’s room’. i didn’t get to see it! it would be cool if a bunch of other VIPz showed off their BB merchandise/room or whatnot. we should have a corner for that–to show our BB dedication for our boys <333 But overall without chuu guys i would be stressed out. seriously. how could i spazz over BB without the latest info [and without VIPz to share it with!!] so THANKS. you guys are BANGING^^

    I visit this fansite everyday every hour every min every sec!
    Your updates are so fast! AND AWSOME!
    Continue wat you guys do!!!

  24. I like this site a LOT! this is my net-home^^

    I cant think of anything right now..I’ll comeback when I come up with something^^


  25. I just really wish some of the posts would be a little more organized? I noticed all the updates in like 2-3 days will be jam-packed in one post and sometimes it’s very confusing to keep up with. @_@ It would definitely be better to split the posts as often as possible and limit the amount of videos/pictures/articles that are in one entry. (Maybe with every new update having a post of it’s own? Kind of like Livejournal.) I hope I’m making sense here. ^^;;

    Other than that, I love BBFansite and it is definitely my favourite place to get caught up with the band I love most. <333

  26. Well I cant think of any complaints(This site is my HOMEPAGE!!)

    You guys are just good enough for me!! Keep up the good work!!

    You shut be proud of yourself for making all the VIP’s in the world happy!!

  27. This is the best BB fansite!

    The only thing is that there is definitley some TY bias around here (haha ^^),, more TOP TOP TOP!

  28. i like the interviews, get a better perspectives and understanding of big bang
    they’re good people
    and so are you guys!

  29. BBFANSITE ID D BEST BIGBANG SITE.. (aside from their official site! lol)

  30. i love this site coz it is always updated, my day won’t pass with out checking here, i hope to read more translations from BB interviews, messages and the like..*____*

  31. Coming here is like a regular daily routine for me. It is my most favourite website to go. Keep up the good work!!! You guys totally rock and this is by far the best BIG BANG Fan site!! โค Much appreciated! The great thing that makes this site unique is that there are many projects for us International VIPs to participate in, so we don’t feel as left out. I’ve pretty said or wanted to say what everyone else said above. But, nonetheless, every single person that have participated in this website is awesome beyond words! Thanks for putting your time and effort into keeping us VIPs updated daily!!!!!!

    I haven’t thought of any improvements yet but everything you do is much appreciated! โค

  32. I know there are already “Recent Posts” on the side bar.. But I was wondering if there was a button or rather section for VIPS to go back to even earlier posts like say a couple months ago? Instead of clicking previous entries over and over again. Because I know some new VIPs that have just joined this site and they want to check updates from months ago.. I was just wondering if there was something like that. Sorry if this didn’t make sense.

  33. Must be me since I love to do Big Bang mixes but I was wondering if their could be more fan stuff posted. Not stuff like custom MV’s since anyone can do that but have some of the more impressive stuff.

    I was thinking more post for remixes, mashups, edits to songs, HD concert footage, and even some of the fanfics could be posted.

    Other than that the site is doing a great job with Big Bang news!! Keep up the great work.

  34. i just LOVE bbfansite…and thankz A LOT guys…!!

  35. wooo im an AUSTRALIA VIP ๐Ÿ™‚

    nahh no change.. i check this site everyday ! and if i don’t mhmm who noes haha
    you guys are really awesome when it comes to updating and stuff … soo all i could say i guess is

    KEEP IT UP ๐Ÿ™‚
    and thanks for all the updates ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. this site is the best! its always up-to-date with our boys news ๐Ÿ™‚
    i always open this side each day.. please keep on posting every news about our boys ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. i want more news bout gd.. pictures, wat he’s been up to and yeaahhh all that stuff.. and top too

  38. i mean site


    i wanna thank all the admins for keeping up all the updates for us VIPs. i check this site every day and never got to comment on anything(i thought that only wordpress users were aloud to comment). personally, i dont think that the site has any flaws at all. thanks for every post and every update. i truely apriciate it !

  40. hye!!!
    i really want BIG BANG stuff…
    but in malaysia people didnt sell big bang stuff
    i really want BIG BANG STUFF>>>

  41. WOW!!! OMG U GUYS ROCK!! GO BIG BANG KOREAN!!!i also love it how u update everyday!!

  42. Hi
    me and my sister are INDONESIA VIP
    we keep ourselves updated with all things related to Big Bang but it really hard in Indonesia
    We actually wish that one day we can see BIG BANG live
    but by listening to their songs and keep updating from websites has keep our energy pump up!!
    Big Bang keep do your good work and we’ll keep on fighting together with you
    but don’t forget to take a rest too ^ ^

    yeahhhh, they should! and i think they will make it big and i mean BIGGG than dbsk and snsd plus super junior.. it really annoyed me when my friends who love korean music didnt know bout BIG BANG! grrrrr.. anyway, i want more gd and top

  44. i love this site since the first time i found it.
    but, it would be great if u guyz can drag BB to this site.
    and and and i hope u can promote ur site to MALAYSIAN VIP as well.
    last but not least, i really really appreciate ur hardwork on updating BB’s activities.
    luv u guyz!!!!

  45. i just wanna thanks to you guys and all VIPs..this site is awesome..
    thanks to BB to make my life even happier…yaa..it’s really hard to find BB stuffs in KL..hopefully we can meet BB in person someday..I pray to GOD…please!!!

  46. this site is awesome as it is. its a simple way for me [a non korean speaking ivip fan from aus] to be relatively up to date with big bang. i myt just turn this into a daily thing if u guys keep this site as good as it is. =]

    id be cool if u culd let us download pictures another way as my computer doesnt let me read rar files for example. this is where i get my dose of pictures. the more the better.

    keep up the videos as much as possible as i hear BB are comin out with a new jap single [thank you once again]

    keep us up to date with ALL the guys as well. you know mixture of stuff bout each person wen available. [which u guys do so im forever greatful anyways]

    tell us who u guys are every now and then. id be nice to noe so we can thank you by name properly

    other then that everythings awesome. i cant ask for more. thanx so much. u guys are the best

  47. As a UK VIP, word cant’s express how elated I felt when I first came across this site during December 2007. Not only did it save me time, but it allowed me to spazz with fellow VIPs.

    To the admins:

    Firstly thank you.

    I love how the articles are different and so well-rounded. You all present us with the latest |BB news at such a fast pace.

    >Vicky’s in-depth comments that always accompany her videos are a delight to read. As someone already mentioned previously, its amazing how acute her eyes are to detail, picking up stuff I most definitely would have missed.
    I think you’re doing a fab job hon. (Even with the bloody youtube folks hunting you down like a prey, you still never give up. A True VIP, it’s a pleasure to know you’re onboard this fansite.)
    *Thumbs up*

    >>Momo, I love how u always present us with wide ranging articles and not only articles that are entirely centred around big bang – but u also post articles that you feel are significant to share.
    Moreover, I’m a fan of the various projects you hold for IVIPs, giving us the opportunity to actively engage in activities that we wouldn’t have dreamed of otherwise. (Especially seeing as though we’re foreign fans)

    & lastly, I cant stress this enough, but I think that its amazing how u go about trying to arrange potential meets with IVIPs who are able to go to BB concerts in Korea, so as to mingle and get to know each other. This may not be a big matter, but yeah, I think itโ€™s awesome.

    >>>GDLUVZMC – ‘meet and greet’ – simply fantastic. lol, although I’ve not directly participated in one of the meets, I nevertheless think its wonderful having fans meet up and interact with one another. The idea itself is fabulous.

    To keep it short, I think what TRULY makes this site remarkable is the familial bond it advertises. You only have to look at past posts such as the ones posted during the MKMF or Gayo Daejun festival, to see what I mean. (Amazing result not to mention the sporadic sharing of thoughts)

    I can confidently say itโ€™s a real pleasure to be able to turn to this site that is so beautifully governed by dedicated admins, and having the chance to rant on non-stop with fans from across the globe.


  48. This is the best BB fansite ever!!!
    I really love it!!!

    Thank you for updating everything about BB!!!
    Love it!!! =D
    And I don’t have any comments on what you should improve bcuz everything seems fine and great!!!!


  49. I honestly can’t think of a bad thing, but I like getting Big Bang updates almost every day.

  50. Hi ^^
    I cant say nothing more than the others ..
    you always put the newest things about BB and I really adore that ..
    I just wanna have more friends which are BB’s fans .. Wanna know more about you … If there is a way to chat online .. it’ll be great ..

    Thanks for the SITE … It’s The BEST EVER ^^
    Love you โค

    Big Bang is V.I.P [!]
    SeungRi is my Number 1 [!]

    <<<<<333333333 ^^

  51. Hi!!!
    All I have to say is keep the work because all you are doing is great for all Big Bang fans especially for us fans who are not Korean. ๐Ÿ™‚

  52. i think it’s safe to say you guys are like the best site around! i mean, there are plenty forums for bb on the net, but i mainly stay away from forums (to say i hate the forums would be kind of exaggerating and harsh but yeah… it’s partial truth) with forums you have to go through such a process as registering and validating and whatnot, although that’s really not the biggest of problems that i have with them. but it’s really hard to navigate through forums. like there’s a chat app. and other things that’s really distracting and disorganized. and it’s hard to stay active when there are a lot of other things that turn me off with these forums.

    but you guys are really great cuz of many a few awesome things:

    1- the admins are super cool and really snappy whith their posts. they’re really funny and they way they write makes me feel like the’re really talking to me. so my suggestion would be to make a section for the admins bios. like a profile page for them. so we know who to thank and give lots of love to after we read their posts.

    2- you guys are so generous with pic spams i swear it’s crazy. and most of the time they’re HQ and huge! so thanks a gajillion for that cuz i admit, i’m such a pic leech i lurk and snatch without even leaving a comment sometimes. and that’s also one of the things i don’t really like about the forums. hard to score some pics. haha!!^^ i feel so evil saying this. [p/s: someone commented that their comp can’t read .rar files??? i wonder what the problem is. though i think everyone knows you need a winrar or winzip application to unzip a .rar file to get the stuff that’s inside it… i hope that’s the solution. because trust me there’s no other way to get loads of files of pics downloaded than to zip it up to a .rar file. trust me. just get the winrar application and you’ll be fine.]

    3- organized. i love it! it’s pretty easy for me to look up previous posts from you guys. though at first i was a bit lost until i found the archives and the categories drop down menu at the side there. so i think what would help is that you guys change that drop down menu to a normal menu whare we can actually see what’s in the categories and stuff. and um… get rid of the recent post section on the side menu. i don’t think anyone’s gonna miss it. that’s all i think… i mean, you guys are pretty awesome with being organized and clutter-free… but navigating is abit confusing. tl;dr?? revamp the side menu. MAKE IT EASIER FOR US TO NAVIGATE!!^^

    4- the sleek theme of the site. it makes it easy to read stuff. i do like to read light words on a dark background. and i’m not sure whether it’s a new theme or what because i’m fairly new here…. but it might be good to change themes from time to time. i mean, like i said, i love light on dark but sometimes it gets drab and boring. i’m sure there are VIPs out there who are awesome with coding themes for blogs so maybe you guys can call out to them and ask them to help out?? haha^^ also, thumbs up with the header art you guys!!! i love how awesome they look each time. like i loved the lollipop one… and dae’s b’day one (*winkwink*LOL) and this new lotte duty free one is especially hot cuz my yong yongie is just smokin! heeeee~~

    5- the VIPs!!!!! i love you guys from wherever you are. there are a few regulars that i’ve noticed but never got the chance to interact in a friendly manner. i’m not sure how one would fix this without making it extremely complicated. but maybe like an “introduce yourself” section like you guys did with showing pics of our desktops….. that was fun! (yep, i dug that post up. i was bored and had time to kill. teehee^^) yeah. VIPs can post their introductions and we get to comment and interact a little. meets are really cool! keep it up. but not all of us live in the same country or get to attend sometimes. so, yeah putting up a section where we can introduce ourselves could probably help the situation a bit.

    and………… that’s it! it was a lot, i know. but i hope you guys would take your time to read it and really consider the stuff i suggested. i love this site! i love you guys!!<3 and most of all i love BIG BANG!!

    ^^ <333

  53. I really love how we have something new almost every day, but their are pages that never seem to be updated for AGES.

    I would love to see the Fan Fiction, download section and ringtone pages updated more.

    My favorite part is that I type Korean Big Bang into google and this is the first site that pops up.

    Best thing EVER.

  54. um yeah…
    y’allz are just some awesome-ass people (:
    thanks for taking your time[s] and posting here.
    haha (: for me, everything’s going fine here!

  55. british born chinese VIP here ^ ^
    not much i wanna say…..
    erm, 1 thing;
    when you guys are selling, can you ship to UK?
    b’cos i don’t liv in the US
    or even pay with pounds?
    i haven’t got dollars, except HKD which wont work but,
    yeh, thats about it.
    just ship to UK — if possible —
    pay in pounds –it’s easier for me —

  56. i love your site!! i hope you never stop lol
    no but really. i truly appreciate all your hard work. it must be so hard for you guys to keep posting new updates and stuff but i and probably everyone else too are really thankful that this site exists to keep us more connected with big bang.
    i hope you will keep updating and perhaps more often? haha
    thanks so much for listening… ๐Ÿ™‚

  57. well….love the site~
    but looking at the black background and reading the white hurts my eyes >.<

  58. alrite first of all i love this site and no doubt bout it, it’s the only site tha ti can communicate with ma friends…it’s sad to say that sometime i have a feeling taht it can be bias. i mean after all the site ie known as “BIGBANG FANSITE” and i thought of it as talking bout all members, it’s just a feeling so don’t take it to heart, i do care boout all the members and which staff lks which member but i would lk to see more of a varity of talk on each person and a bit less on talking bout featuring on lk ONE or TWO or even favortie people. i kinda of expected lk an unpdate on each person but i do know that one of the staff lks seung ri and GD but i think it’s too much on them….sry please don’t take it to heart,,,,

  59. Overall, I think this site has done a wonderful job. I love all the contests and activities the fans can all participate in. The site keeps us all updated on our lovely boys, and I visit it everyday. People always ask me how I know all this about Big Bang, and I would always refer back to this site ๐Ÿ™‚ In general, there really isn’t anything to improve o_o I mean, the organization/design/graphics are all good. So yeah ๐Ÿ™‚

  60. Quote devil: “i kinda of expected lk an unpdate on each person but i do know that one of the staff lks seung ri and GD but i think itโ€™s too much on themโ€ฆ.sry please donโ€™t take it to heart,,,,”

    I am not being biased either, but I think you are wrong on that part. I think the people managing this website mostly do it based on how much available information is for that particular member. For example, you say GD & SR are always on the site, however I’ve been seeing TY a lot lately. GD is on a trip to Europe, so there wasn’t much info on him, but they had a lot of updates on TY. TOP also has had updates for his IRIS appearance, so I’d have to disagree with you on that ^__^

  61. i like that your site is simple but a photo gallery would be nice. quick look for pictures of the boys is always a plus:0)

  62. Aw, now I feel bad about the only person who’s only gonna criticize ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    I used to be a very avid reader of this site. However, as it grew bigger and bigger, it also became messier and messier, and I’m usually not that fond of messy sites. Maybe, when you guys have enough time/motivation, the sidebar could get cleaned up a bit. I think that creating a “Completed Projects” page would be a good idea since the more projects you guys are going to have, the longer the sidebar is going to get.

    I agree with everyone that you guys give really up-to-date info about BB. But, I’ve noticed that a lot of it is taken from ygworld.wordpress.com, and now I go there more often since I know that they’ll be even faster and it’s the same exact article. I understand that it’ll be more work, but maybe could you guys do something to personalize/distinguish the articles you post here?

    Despite all the criticism I’ve said, I really do admire you guys for all the devotion you guys have put into this site– that’s what truly makes it a hardcore fan site ๐Ÿ™‚

  63. @ loveeannnaa: what i mean is not currently, more lk before a while ago, i notice taht at melly she wrote more details on GD and seungri cuz they were her favorites, that has alot of benifts to it but i felt as being another fan of TOP i didn’t see much of going on, i found info and pics on other sites that i have not seen before, maybe the staff is busy, but i am still proud to what they had done for this site

  64. i think it’s about time i leave a reply soon.
    momo, let me unleash! lol

    p.s.: i love how it’s now that when ppl complain about some g-ri bias, they blame me, when i don’t really love sr like that.
    i loves my jiyong, but the g-ri comes from vicky.

    no worries, i’ve been reading all your critiques & when we have the chance, i’ll explain to you exactly why we can’t do some things.

  65. well.. thats why its a fan site. all this authors gather whatever they find about BB and post it up here in this site. so u guys dont gotta look around diff. site to seach for news.

    i personaly love this site and its been very useful to me. appriciate u guys. appriciate and be thankful for this people who takes a time a day to post stuff. for other VIP’s

    remember. then dont gotta do all this.. but they do it anyways. =)

    Hi Melly. =p

  66. HAHA hello katrina.

    & touche on your last note. i’m gonna use that for later x]

  67. hmmmmmm…. actually i really like this site…. you guys always keep it fresh and new…. but sometimes some videos need to have more eng subs i mean some of the videos doesn’t have any subs… can you update a lil more about GD trip in Europe thanks… and i really like the way you guys describe everything i mean add a lil bit “spice” in it… thanks keep it up… goooood luck!!!!

  68. Hi! I’m a Danish VIP.
    Hmm, I think you do a great job with this side, so I really don’t know what you could get more off.. You always have the newest stuff with them, and also tells us i little about YG and so on, so everything is pretty fine I think :3 . . Maybe, you could find pages where people can buy stuff with BB, you know like YesAsia, DvdHeaven, vip-club (worldwide shipping) and sites like that.. so if there’s someone who don’t know where to buy things they could just check here, and then find a bunds of pages? :3
    I don’t know what else.. This site is really great. And I’m so thankfull that you have made this site, cause for a fan like me, from small Denmark, it would be impossible to find stuff about BB, and that would just be sad.. So thank you so much for always updating this site, and tell us about anything ๐Ÿ˜€

  69. Oh, I just read @godivaluvzgd’s comment, and I’m agree with that, the videos need english subs, so that would be just fine if you would post more videos with english subs ;D

  70. i became a fan of bb just last yearrr(-sigh- i knoww, a bit late isnt it?… but then again its never too late haha(; )& this is my most visited site, i check it basically every dayy, its amazing! very organized. i love itt. BIGBANG ftw!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  71. i personally do not have any problems with BBFansite. i come here multiple times a day for my BB news and i absolutely love it! ^_^ i guess the only suggestion i have would be a lighter background, but the layout doesn’t bother me really.

  72. i like it~
    the dark background got me at first,
    but i’m okay with it :]

  73. I think you should make this post sticky..

  74. i really love and appreciate this site (the way it is) and am soo grateful to all of the hard work and dedication put into it (also vip translators!) ๐Ÿ™‚ thank you!

  75. Hii :]
    Thanks for creating this website.
    i love this website alot!
    and i love you guys[in a friend way o-o] hehe. You guys are fun and friendly! :].
    I looove big bang too.
    at bbfansite i get to receive a lot(daily) of news about BigBang.
    & yeh, everything looks great here :]].
    THANKS! โค

  76. Vip Hwaiting*!

  77. […] Melly and I did a non-indepth discussion about the comments via tweeting. Refer to the original post: Leave Comments for BBFansite […]

  78. Hello; i’m a v.i.p from singapore,

    firstly i would like to thank bbfansite for all the information about not only our beloved bigbang but other yg family members like the new & on fire: 2NE1[: i’ve been a v.i.p for like at least a year? and have been a ‘stalker’ of this wordpress for quite some time xD i think this is the best fansite out there cause it’s really interesting & well updated. i understand sometimes a certain member is being posted here more often cause of their solo activities & etc. just hope there’s more updates on T.O.P & DaeSung since they are a lil ‘quiet’ in this fansite? well, this is just my opinions, no hard feelings alright^^

    everyone are v.i.p \m/

  79. i think that’s enough for feedback comments. you can check this out:

    before you type something here. it might have answers to some of your concerns.

  80. hi..im majel from phil..
    i love BB so much..especially Tae yang..
    are they coming to Philippines soon? hope so..
    love BB..

  81. im selling a drawing of taeyang on ebay can u plz help me sell this drawing?

  82. I like that you guys change up the font colors. โค

    And there are a LOT of stuff on the sidebar. Props for keeping it (more than) relatively organized. =)

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