Music Japan TV Countdown


Music Japan TV Countdown aired on May 9th.
Rain is fallin is at #1 spot this week!

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~ by Momo on May 12, 2009.

8 Responses to “Music Japan TV Countdown”

  1. grats to w-inds. for first place 😀

  2. Oh yeah

    cuz o GD’s sexyness and rapness XD

  3. ah. YG must be so proud of bigbang, ji yong 😀

  4. skdjnvls
    lol, yay, for w-inds and GD.

  5. yayy

  6. damn happy seeing this chart!

  7. They earned first place because of GD’s sexy rap ❤
    ;P Jokes.But it was sexy.Congrats to them!

  8. WHOOO Yay, congrats.
    W-inds & G-Dragon (:

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