TaeYang UFO Radio Messages


#9: Big Bang & Foreign Languages – The Inside Story

[Picture source: VIP Japan]

“As Big Bang expands to outside of Korea, language has emerged as an important issue. You get to meet people who don’t speak Korean and should at least be able to communicate basic stuff. Although all the songs on our international album are in English but you need to say hello and make remarks between songs when you perform in front of an audience. We study and study but cannot avoid the inevitable worries. I used to like my Japanese lessons because they were fun and easy to follow but it’s gotten so much more difficult. The Chinese characters, for one thing. Mm…Our activities overseas taught me what struggling with a language barrier was really like. Consequently, we found out about two helpful tips for language learning. One, study everyday regularly if only for 30 minutes. Two, grab every chance to use what you’ve learned in everyday conversations. They work pretty well. We talked about how we should stop speaking in Korean altogether and try communicating only in foreign languages we were studying. But most of the time, we just tried to catch one another speaking Korean instead of honing our own language skills. And eventually, the whole thing turned into a bet and we just had to call it a quit – a sad incident indeed. Of course, we were all so impressively good at using basic expressions we knew by heart. Sawadikap, kapkunkap and, TOP-hyung said “yakisoba” a lot because that was his favorite dish. And “muzukashi” too. This is also a Japanese word. We didn’t have any trouble communicating when we used these easy words. Do you know the meaning of all the foreign words I said so far? Well, take a guess!” [Translated by pgeorgie]

#4: A Boy No More

[Picture credit: 내맘속태양@YBEffect]

“Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations on TaeYang’s Adulthood Day! JiYong and I became adults this year. We have celebrated our Adulthood Day and become legal adults, which actually made me pause and think. They say that you get three kinds of gifts on Adulthood Day – perfume, roses and a kiss. Well, that’s a bit embarrassing to say. I have received perfume and roses but unfortunately no kiss yet. Wait, does that mean I am not an adult yet? Hmm…Well, I’ve celebrated my Adulthood Day and it’s time for me to act like a grownup. Mm…when I turned 20 (Korean age!), I was just so happy, thinking, “Wow, I’m no longer a minor!” I guess I felt proud and liberated in a way. However, on my Adulthood Day, I felt a sense of responsibility and burden, if you will. Maybe because I’m one year older but mm…I have matured I guess. I don’t want to be an adult just because I’m old enough – I want to be a mature adult who deserves some measure of respect. Time never stops and always keeps going but I’m not really sure what it is to be a real adult. I am legally an adult but don’t feel like an adult very often. Of course, I always sort of want to be a better, respectable person. Hmm…What is it to be a real grownup? Does that mean being mature? Tell me if you know.” [Translated by pgeorgie]

Post taken from: http://pgeorgie.blogspot.com/


~ by Momo on May 12, 2009.

26 Responses to “TaeYang UFO Radio Messages”

  1. yes! i’m first! lol thanks for the translation!

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  3. PS: sorry TY I couldn’t help you, we’re on the same boat^^

  4. awww! so cute of tae yang! I think being an adult doesn’t always have to do with age. I’m an adult now too but I also don’t know what is it really like to be an adult. I think being mature is part of being an adult. ^^

  5. meh maturity has something to do with it but i think its just your decisions and how you live your life. I’m in the same boat with you and bongie (yey 1988! especially august!) So i dunno.

  6. waaaah! his answers are always so impressive. and totally LOL about not speaking korean, and then it turned into a bet. cuz my friends and i do that too!

    siiighs my bae is grown up now! ^_^
    ::happy, happy, joy, joy::
    noona doesn’t have to feel so old.

  7. OMG 21…jeez i remember watching him when he was 18… half of my teenage life revolved around Big Bang they got me through rough times lol …I always will wish them happiness and success

  8. @ Lyem
    aw thats sweet :] yeah bb makes life good!

    taeyang i’ll give you a kiss! kkk

  9. any1 realise tat taeyang lik to hmm…hmmm alotz?
    hahas such a cutie!

  10. Bahh, looks like Taeyang hates kanji too. Traditional characters are so annoying. >.<

    “Well, that’s a bit embarrassing to say. I have received perfume and roses but unfortunately no kiss yet.”
    LOL, poor guy. Pleanty of girls want to kiss him.

  11. “TOP-hyung said “yakisoba” a lot because that was his favorite dish”
    i lol’d so hard.

    tae yang is so sweet and humble.. as usual ❤

  12. haha the cutest thing bout tae wuld be how humble he can be wen talking. he’s def one of the hottest most talented guys ever and he’s so unusually humble and cute.

    lol i did recognise some of those words. lol.

    yakisoba. baka TOP XD

    thnx for trans

  13. tae yang oppa i will give u a kiss….haha i wish..and haha TOP is so funny

  14. i want to hear them speak english, just once, so i could get an idea of what they sound like not speaking Korean^^

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  16. I wanna cry my baby’s complete man Young Bae gosh!!!!

  17. LOL but his birthday hasn’t came yet I have a couple of days LOL I hope he gets my gift I sent him!!! LOL

  18. tae yannngg! COME TO ME!! I will give u ur birthday kiss hahaha :DD

    He doesn’t feel like he’s an adult? aww, I think he’s really mature n u earn all respect i can give!!

    Young Bae hwaiting!!

  19. Thank You for thee` advice.
    Aww Tae Yang. Ahahaha. but you are! he’s matured.
    OH, he matured. `Cept for Ji Yong. aha. but they
    are funner when they act goofy.
    thanks for the translate & for posting.

  20. HONEY don’t worry a lot of us here VIPS will give you the kiss that you need, hahahaha! but maybe you will think that you are very old after the kiss. kkkk! OH my very innocent YB stop being innocent cause you are becoming more irresistable and i am not sure if i can still control myself when i see you in person..
    when would that be?!! i can’t wait. cONGRATS my love and to GD.

  21. ^LOL. Yup, plenty of williing VIPs here. ;D

    … They made a bet on who spoke Korean first when they should have been studying/speaking Japanese?! Hahaha.. I wonder who lost the most. =P

    Gosh, studying other languages can be tough. You really do gotta use it regularly.

    Bae has matured, has grown into a even more handsome and good person. Kind and thoughtful. Always thinking of others and respecting his elders. ^^

    Thanks for all the translations! ^^

  22. This helped a lot! Especially his giving tips about learning a new language as I’m trying to learn both Korean and Spanish. Haha, listening to Big Bang (especially Tae Yang) helps a lot though.

    OMG! Yakisoba! I guess you work with what you got right?

  23. Taeyang Come here!! Concert here!! please! x( Turks loves you!!! come here… xD ı love you… ❤ ❤ ❤ and seung ri and GD and T.O.P and daesung xD I LOVE YOU!!! ❤

  24. Annyong Haseyo Oppa,i hope you guys could come here in Winnipeg Canada..or i hope i could come and visit korea too..lol,
    ohh by the way,i love your songs..whenever i listen to them,it made me smile,:D,jal issuseyo,take care of your self oppas

    bigbang always,best regards to Oppa GD,Daesung,TOP and Seungri

    till here Oppa Taeyang,saranghae 😀

  25. hello my name is Bolor..i love you guys :P…especially Taeyang he is soo hot ooh shit:P uuf love him so much please come here to MONGOLIA please please please please please we loves u!! ooh Taeyang ur really super guy love ur style love ur voice love ur dancing moves…ooh nd more more..thnx for nice songs ur the best guys! i know that someday we will meet hehe:D nd i have only 1 request please come here!!TO MONGOLIA:D ookey guys goodluck love u ❤

  26. Hello my name is Bobbi and I love you gugs especially you Taeyang your music and dancing is awsome but I know this is probly a little to late to replay but it’s because I wasn’t shure witch website to go on to talk to you but eneyways I think being an adult or grown up is bieng responsibel,mature and respectful and not being too childish at lest that’s what I think a grown up shuld be but I hope some day we can meet at San Jose Californa,Japan or maybe at South Korean I live in san jose right now and I want to some day go to japan and south korean so hopefuly when I do go to japan or south korean I can see bigbang 🙂

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