05.14.09 News about Big Bang in Japan


Credit: 대​충​ (sps1)
Youtube Channel: elaisvipp
Post taken from: chychaai@

[from chychaai]: GD decided to surprise the rest of the group when they visited japan by buying them presents in japan. of course, he bought them with the w-inds. boys. lots of cute ensued! and by cute, i swear that they’re really good pals now. LOL.


~ by Momo on May 13, 2009.

28 Responses to “05.14.09 News about Big Bang in Japan”

  1. hahaha so funny:]
    Very nice of GD to buy them gifts; haha
    Seungri’s was hilarious:]

  2. ahaha. 😛 Daesung hitting the slippers together. [is that how you call it?] Seung Ri and his. uhm. I don’t know how to call it O_O
    XD they look cute and funny

  3. I live the japanese fans soo happy to see them i would cry toooo..lol…AHHH gds gifts too funny Bae Michael Jackson..lol and Getas for Dae

  4. LMAO at first i thought gd had given seung ri underwear!

  5. Awwww. No wonder i didn’t see G-Dragon. BUT AHHHHH*
    I SEE HIMM! Awwwwww Kwon Leader is amazing! i’m so glad he’s
    felling better. MY HEAVEN! Why can’t it release now?
    Lols his hair. Ewwwww. ooh w-inds. I wonder if Ji Yong can
    understand. AHAHAHA AWWWW CUTEE! i love G-Dragon.
    Hehehehe Dae Sung. TOP. Puahahaha.
    Hahahaha Tae Yang. SEUNGRI!!!! Awwwww AHAHAHAHAHA LMAO
    sadd, he gets a bib. CUTEE! GD would!
    sorry, fangirl freaking out because i miss thems.
    I’m glad they are all happy and GD is back.

  6. baby’s present is so hilarious

  7. LOL! the bib was just too much. And seungri’s reaction iss just priceless. i saw this and i was like hmm gri is showing its face again. lol all we need is gdyb to happen and life is good.

  8. -> Tabi looks…ummmm sad??? Or is he tired or something? =(
    -> I’m so happy for GD! He looks refreshed! ^_^ I also love his hair hahaha LOL..
    -> Seungri seungri…you’re so cute haha!
    -> Daesung’s reaction is so funny. Taeyang is cool too! ^_^

    Love ’em. Big Bang fighting! ^_^

  9. ahh this video is love, cuz theyre all together and happy and goofing around. haha dae playing with the shoes. love seungri’s cute dance!

  10. GD, that headband is gawd awful. but i do like the long hair without the curls

  11. NO WAAAAAAY TOP’s into the SAW series?!?! he could totally pass for jigsaw tho like a totally hot version XD

  12. its so thoughtful of Kwon leader to buy presents for the other members. wonder if he bought me anything?? lol 😀

  13. LMAO!!! Seung Ri at the end so cute baby! xD and Tabi with the Jigsaw doll xD

  14. lolmao that was soo funny even though i didn’t understand at all… he is so thoughtful and funny… why i still can’t get used to GD’s hair? 0_o….


  16. tabi likes the saw series??? aawww my baby and i are into the same psychotic thing!! XD

  17. hahaah, I love this video xD. And I LOVE seungri’s gift.
    Jiyong is such a sweetheart to buy them gifts ;D.

  18. ooomg hahah gd is sooo cute !!! <3333

    missed big bang..<3

  19. ohhh they all look so happy and refreshed! and seungri has gotten chubbier too er? haha so cute. i hope they have a great time in Japan! and i’m not really digging GD’s hair yet XD

  20. i think GD is super ugly he looks like a rat!

  21. OMG the gifts! XDXD
    daesung’s laugh at his gift<3
    why did TOP get a creepy gift D:
    what the heck was taeyang’s gift o_o

  22. The baby bib was too funny! ^__^


  24. how thoughtful of GD giving them presents ^^
    but hw come the present lik….dolls? slippers? and even baby ???
    lols i tink GD giv SR tat becuz on the plastic there gt write “baby” this word XD
    DS slipper sure look good on him if he wear to family outing..village boi!


  25. Aww GD’s so sweet getting them gifts.

    LMAO @ SRI’s gift tho. XDD He was so excited before getting it too. XD

    Gahhh didn’t like Tabi’s gift tho. That movie is scary. T____T

    At first I didn’t know what Bae’s gift was… but I listened again and heard Michael Jackson in the video. XD I guess I see the resemblance… :>

    Dae’s gift was the best. I wanna see him wear those slippers on FO! XD <333

  26. that was so nice of GD!
    lol @ the gifts! especially seung ri’s! XD

  27. “Akachan desu” xDDD

  28. the video is not working!!!!! i really want to watch it.. can you please tell me where else can i find it!!!

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