“My Heaven” Japanese Single

check out the FULL MV HERE: https://bigbangkorean.wordpress.com/2009/05/25/my-heaven-mv/

Source: E-Daily
Translated by: gdluvzmc @ VIP Translators

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Big Bang held a press conference at noon on May 13th in Japan’s Tokyo Hyatt Grand Hotel to celebrate the release of their new single, ‘My Heaven’ at Japan’s Hyatt Grand Hotel, near Tokyo.

Big Bang signed a contract with UNIVERSAL MUSIC to release a major debut single in Japan. At the press conference: “Thank you very much to the fans for the wait. We will work hard as always.” They also expressed interest in performing in Japan’s NHK Red & White Songfest, where DBSK, BoA, etc. had appeared in & said, “We will also work hard in hopes of participating in it too.”

Big Bang was greeted by 500 local fans at the airport, some of them crying.

Big Bang’s Japan major debut single will be released June 24th.


Check out BB’s Japan site:

1. My Heaven
2. Emotion
3. Candle Remix


~ by gdluvzmc on May 13, 2009.

32 Responses to ““My Heaven” Japanese Single”

  1. top’s ‘happiness, sadness, tears’ is just not doing it for me =\
    i’m kinda sick of all the english versions of perfectly good songs..
    but.. i hope it does well in japan anyway ^^;

  2. Gah >..< *fangirls madly*

  3. cut off my comment >..< It sounds so different yet i like it. Putting it in japanese doesnt really make it as awkward as i thought it was going to sound.

  4. I heard they just left to go back to Korea today? Or they still in Japan?

  5. Oh gosh look at jiyong XD

  6. uhmmm well it’s gonna get time to get used to Jap. Version of Heaven ^^’

  7. lol GD’s hair i hope i will get used to it soon… they are so amazing… good luck!!!!1

  8. wasnt this meant to be released yesterday? :S

  9. OMO!!! what happen to Yongie’s hair!!!
    waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! 😥

  10. wait.. so the 13th was the 45 second single release? and in june will be the actual release? i dont get it

  11. On the 13th, they just released the ringtone in Japan (yea, you have to pay to download it I think). The single itself is in june!

    Hey, at least I can sing along now haha:D

  12. I like Jiyong’s HAIR!!! LOL
    All of them look ridiculously AWESOME!!!

  13. i cant wait anymore :((

  14. uh. gd’s hair. o___________o
    and er, crying? :/ ain’t that a bit much…?

    one more thing:~
    OMG! how many candle remixes do they neeed?!?!?!?!?!
    T___T i hope for new fresh songs soon. i’m willing to wait.

  15. wauw.. It sounds so different in japanese o_O it was i bit confuesing, cause I sang all the time in korean XD *stupid*
    – but it sounds good I think, I love Japan with all my heart, so that they sing in japanese is okay by me. But, I will deffinately always love when they sing korean most, big time..
    .. Can’t wait to the single comes out!!

    – and awe, jiYong’s hair is seriously cute in that pic xD.
    I love Bae’s “pose” d;

  16. WOWWW!! When Tabi says ‘Happpiness, Sadness’ I was like: his Sadness sounds veryyyy sad!!

    I really look forward for the whole song^^

  17. AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH *fangirlheaven*…….cant wait cant wait *1trillion%anticipation*….^^

  18. woaaaaa

    u know where i can download the album????

  19. Web Hosting

  20. oooo i’m so excited! hopefully there be more videos of their performances and all. i miss them so freaking much! they look happy being back together as a group. =D

  21. DAMNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!! SOUNDS SOO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. i kinda wish theyd make a new song instead of making a jap version of a song they already made.. but it sounds gd and i love that song anyway ^^ cant wait till its released woo

  23. yesterday was a preview.
    their japan release is only a single. which means the full song w/ 2 other tracks.
    hence, a single, not an album.

  24. Mmh…I like the original better. But,I’m sure after this one is released I will enjoy it just as much! ❤ Surprise me Big Bang!

  25. OHMY!
    I’m so effin loving this (:
    { jumping off seat }

  26. top looks so stiff in the pic :[
    lmfaooooo !

  27. finally get to see them!
    top was lik a wooden block XD
    Bae look lik he strike lottery looking so happi ^^
    GD hair….try to accept**
    SR and daedae looking normal but HOT!
    waiting for their japan album so long :DDD

  28. lol..

    i find the whole “happiness, sadness, tears…” stuff reaaalllyyy funnnnnyyyyy T_T *gets bricked* lol ! i guess i will always be prefer-the-original-version kind of girl xD

  29. Ooh yay~~~~ I like their Japanese version fine. I just want them to release brand new songs. ❤

    So excited for BB tho! <

    rene // LMAO. Top does look a bit stiff.. XD

  30. OMG! Emotion..? NEWW!
    i can’t wait for it!!! AHHH*
    yeahh, i’m trying to get over GD’s hair too.
    Lmao yeahh “happiness, sadness, tears…
    sky, star” yeah kinda funny.

  31. ops! broken video… plz take a look ^^

  32. i love all big bang song’s………..!!!!!!!

    ganbatte big bang……..!!! ^o^

    i will waiting their new song..!!!

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