Store Displays for Rain is Fallin single!


[from chychaai]: The shinseido blog made two new updates today about the new single. There are also a ton of shots of their ever-cute store displays:

<Tea for Two Records立川店>


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~ by Momo on May 13, 2009.

13 Responses to “Store Displays for Rain is Fallin single!”

  1. that tv looks really old…? CD better come with 3d glasses.

  2. cool!! w-inds. is pretty big in japan so this is great for gd and big bang!

  3. haha does anyone feel as satisfied as i do when I see the big ‘X G-DRAGON’ in nice big capital letters?
    happy 1000th BB day btw! XD

  4. what does the “X” mean?
    is it just like featuring?

  5. @tabi: yes. “x” means featuring basically….

  6. wow- the singles being advertised alot with is a good thing since itll spread GDs and Big Bangs name in japan

  7. great collab!!! GD FTW!!! BB FTW!!!

  8. colourful.huhu

  9. Great Job GD oppa and Wind lol it’s their song!!! BB taken over!!

  10. #1 on the oricon daily chart today!! go w-inds and GD!!

    G D r a g o n Until Whenever ❤

  12. frs time knowing winds is so HOT in japan!
    happy to see X GDRAGON name so BIG at the post XD

  13. Aww WOW! that is so cool.
    aha how come they didn’t give out 3-D glasses with?
    I love how G-Dragon’s name is big/ everywhere!
    i want to buy it but damnn i’m broke! Lmao yeahh
    i wanna see G-Dragon in 3-D

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