W-inds Ryohei Chiba’s Blog + News Updates


Blog Entry May 13th 2009:
“NHK MUSIC JAPAN’s recording was yesterday. BigBang’s member G-Dragon-kun, with whom we’ve made our first collaboration, came to Japan and we performed together. To tell you the truth, we were all hyped up. It was fan! [The performance] It came out with a new feeling! It airs on May 17th.”

News Article Sponichi:
According to Susifg, “On July 8th they will hold a debut event at Yoyogi Park, and in autumn it’s already been decided that they’ll have a concert at Nihon Budoukan. To have already decided a performance at Nihon Budoukan even before their debut is extremely rare, so it looks like they are gonna cause a BIG BANG (explosion) in Japan too.”

  • Translated by: susifg@soompi

 BB wish to appear on NHK Red & White Songfest
Big Bang revealed that they wish to appear on the annual NHK Red&White Songfest. They were at their press conference in Japan Tokyo Grand Hyatt Hotel on 13th May when they said, “Seonbae (senior) group Dong Bang Shin Ki had appeared on NHK Red & White Songfest. We will also work hard so that we can participate in it too.”


~ by Momo on May 13, 2009.

7 Responses to “W-inds Ryohei Chiba’s Blog + News Updates”

  1. w-inds have really taken a liking to Big Bang xD i hope BB’s Japan debut is really successful!!!

  2. This is cool, this is cool. I was hoping for a performance of this song with GD. Or, should I say, G-Dragon-kun (that’s just too cute!).

  3. OHOHOH they performed together!! i wanna see~~
    yeah its really cool that w-inds is so supportive and helpful to gd and big bang!

  4. G-dragon-kun! XD

  5. OMGGGG!!! Finally i will get the chance to see them on my TV lucky i have NHK here it airs on 16th ^^

  6. w-inds single is doing so well! they debut at #2 and they moved up to #1 today!! hopefully more people will be exposed to Big Bang! this is so exciting!!

  7. Oh wow. Budokan. 😀 Good luck to them.

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