Big Bang doing ARENA | Big Bang 2% CFs | TOP’s kiss scene in 19????

Yup. Big Bang will be on the June issue of ARENA

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Thanks to 큰엄마

[DOWNLOADS] All the 2% CFs

Big Bang is endorsing 2% water, and they’re doing a CF base on the concept of bloodtype. Tabi is bloodtype B, and is the playa, he gets close to the girl… about to kiss her? no… smudge her lips hahaha then pushed Baby out of the way kakak he said “Love is a game”. Bong and Baby are both bloodtype A, so they’re in this together, with Bong being all sexily depressed while Baby is being cute, so I think it’s about Bong loving his friend’s girl. aww…Bae is bloodtype B, the cold hearted one, leave the girl just like that. Dae bloodtype O (MINE too!) and he’s the cute one, awww…. he look so cute, then he start to cry, probably first time ever I saw Dae do that.
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TOP: Type B 2% CF (15s)

GD & SeungRi: Type A 2% CF (15s)

TaeYang: Type AB 2% CF (15s)

DaeSung: Type O 2% CF (15s)

Thanks to rin_G

TOP’s Kiss Scene in ’19’???

It was a almost kiss in the 2% CF, but what about the upcoming film Tabi and Baby will starred in, “19” we don’t know if there will BE a kiss scene, but these previews………… take a look, steamy.

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Thanks to 글로붤리더님 / 울영배 and bigbangpop


~ by Vicky on May 14, 2009.

54 Responses to “Big Bang doing ARENA | Big Bang 2% CFs | TOP’s kiss scene in 19????”

  1. tops cf is mad hott ;]

  2. OH NO! my TOP all on other girls being a playa ahahahaha XP

    does anyone know when 19 is coming out?

  3. hmmm… yum!! yeah sexily depressed. i like that. ok maybe not. but my yong yongie is sexy all the time so it doesn’t matter! haha^^

    tabi a playa?? nuuuu~~ hehe^^ he’s really convincing though. he’s like such an awesome actor. ekeke^^ remember YB’s naman barabwa mv?? damn. tabi’s always playing the sexy playa. or the sexy guy being cheated on. or the sexy sad devastated gf-left-him-cuz-she’s-ill guy. haha!!

    i love dae’s one the most. how pure. it touched me. and of course my yong yongie appearing for a few seconds don’t hurt. hehe^^

  4. This came out a while back.
    Ahhh~ But,It never fails to melt my heart ❤

  5. YB scaring me. are all ab blood type like that….?
    i’m ab like him….

  6. the CFs are hot.. and ridiculous for water commercial LOL.
    TOP & GD are so hot in theirs.
    taeyang… wow seeing him evil like that is hot too.
    seungri seems like he looks like a kid again.
    DAESUNG’S. LMFAO. its so awkward as he goes from smiling to crying.

    omfg. kissing scene. asldjflaskjfls

  7. Dude, the shots from 19 look super cool. I love the lighting.

  8. I GDragon’s! super cool and artsy and I love that…so touching…..and has a sexy GDragon.

  9. ahh… at 1st i thought seungri isnt doing d cf… so he does d cf with gd? woohoo. all looking hot n this is d 1st time i see yb being evil? hotness!

  10. Ahhh… I love the cf…
    I love Bong&Baby’s one…
    Although, i can’t deny that my hubby Tabi looks HOT in the CF, it almost gave me a HEART ATTACK XD
    Bae’s one is… definetely rare…
    Dae… DON’t Cry!!! *sniff

    19 NOO… I can’t take another kiss of my Tabi with other girl. XD
    well… i need to accept it, hope there’s NO kiss scene, just a seducing scene PLEASEE!!!

    I can’t wait to see Baby&Tabi in this dramaaa!!!

  11. hey isnt that SHIM MIN HEE form tae yang MV “look only at meh” or did u got the wrong gril lols!!!!!

  12. what a very good gift for me..hehehehe! seeing the cf makes me wnna go crazy..ah!! my taeyang and TOP were really bad ass! but i really like daesung’s CF and GD reminds me of LEI in Meteor Garden.

    OMG…YB…so HOT being the evil bae….

  14. Ahh~~~~~ I’m dying coz of Tabi CF!!!
    I know he plays a playa but somehow he looks too cool!!!
    Look at that adorable eyes XD
    Even if he do this to me I don’t know if I could angry to him

    Bong CF~ aw~ looks so heartbreaking.
    Poor Bong.
    But he REALLY looks cool in that. I rarely say other cool that tabi. Hehehe
    Bong deserved this COOL.
    Baby part, ah~ somehow that make me feel like it’s not his CF, it’s Bong CF alone.

    Bae ah~ so coldhearted, though he’s not like that in his real life,
    But Bae portray it fit enough.

    LOL for Dae’s CF.
    When the camera zoom on his eyes, what I see is the eyes are smiling.
    Not exactly crying.
    I just can’t get the idea of our smiling angel crying. Feels weird.

    But! Above all, this for a mineral water commercial.
    The idea sure is rare, or should I say crazy? Hahaa
    It feels like they force to make the water into the commercial. Feel ridiculus somehow.

    Hah~ there’s no use worrying him. hahaha
    Vi, hubby already do so many kissing scene,
    It feels like I’m not worrying over him again for this. Haha
    He is ‘the playa’ kekeke…

    Bong hair look so Bong-ish. His hair is… sigh…

  15. TOP is too ridiulously sexy for me right now, I can’t handle it!

  16. In the first picture, GD and Tabi look weird…Maybe the hairstyles?

  17. What. The. Hell. Is. With. Our. Jiyongie’s. Hair.

  18. omfgomfg. woah woahhhhhh iwowiaoh sfjd dyingggggg<3

  19. omg.. what’s with gd’s hair??? he’s kinda weird this days… -.-

    19? i haven’t heard of that yet.. it is a movie?

    my man is definitely trying to kill me
    I had completely forgotten about 19
    gosh I caaaan’t wait to see him in action even if it means him cheating on me I don’t care!
    I just miss him so much ;____;

    man that cf is sexay!!!
    I had already seen Bong’s but dang the others have me drooling too!

    Bong’s hair looks pretty unique nowadays really I’m amazed
    I still like the way he looks
    it was hard on my eyes at first but I’m startin to love it!

  21. my goodness! they are so hot in the CFs. 😛

  22. *faints*

  23. YB and Ji/Ri CF’s were sooo dark whereas Dae’s one seemed really bright :OOOO explains him well Top was just smexy explains VERY well :DDDDD
    cant wait for TabiRi episode 😀

  24. hahaha. T.O.P and YB’s CF almost killed me.LOL
    is it me or the girl on the first picture with T.O.P looks like YB’s girlfriend from Only Look at me. amp

  25. in the arena pic is it me or it seems they put WAY too much make up on the boys?

  26. I love the cfs! especially Tabi and Baebae’s… I’m a type B so I’m liking Tabi’s playa type B cf. hihi. But damn Baebae was too damn sexy leaving that poor girl on the road…to come home to me?haha!just kidding. ^^
    But the way Baebae drank that mineral water…and how Tabi smudged her lips…daaaaaaannnnnngggggg. =P

    I don’t like their make up in that arena photo, they all looked so girlish with that lipstick. Hope they PSed it nicely. hihi.

  27. I can’t wait to see the arena shoot!

  28. the 2% CF is the sexiest and most dramatic CF for water i hve ever seen

  29. omg the ARENA picture…
    i didnt recognize GD.
    and i dont want to say what i thought about it x__x

  30. the woman in the CF with TOP, is it hyori? 0.0

  31. oh gad bong is so emo in the cf!
    ahhh..but still..he looks so effing fine
    so as baby..he’s so cute
    wow bae being the cold hearted one? no way kekeke
    but it’s cool
    is it just me or all the CFs sound so sad??
    so as dae’s CF..gosh dae is ubber cute too
    gosh why is everyone cute??
    except tabi..i’m type B as well hahaha
    but i’m not a I??
    tell me i’m not lol

  32. I love the Cfs!! TOP’s one was just HOT!!
    Ok GD in the arena pic [and other pics recently], really needs to get rid of that centre parting! Its horrible! I do like the long hair but having it in a centre parting is a no no!!

  33. i’m the same blood type as jiyong & seung ri … lol.
    But, nice CF’s dude x)
    Ahh, GD’s hairr!

  34. omgggg kiss scene O.O

    they look great in the CF’s ♥

    Bong’s hair on Arena U.U *geting used to…*

  35. awwww~~~i love GD cf!!!!~~~emotional~~~XD
    signnn…but pic in arena?!…omg…siggnn…
    well well well…it’s GD!!!!~~~

  36. Jiyongie’s hair looks good when he’s hanging upside down. xD
    I replayed thrice for dae’s because gd was there.. xDxD hahaha

  37. omg I will die seeing TOP kiss a girl.

    Those lips are sooo inviting!!

  38. When i saw those two pictures i didn’t know the grape one was Daesung at first then i took a double take and was like “DANGGGG!!”
    Also the CFs were great!!! My favorite was Taeyang’s, cause it was just so dang gangsta lol.

  39. whoa. definitely not the bigbang i thought you were talking about

  40. TOP, wow PLAYAAA! HOTT! aww sad, he pushed Seungri.
    Hey, that girl. She was in With U & Strong Baby.
    Aww G-Ri. AWWWWWW G-Dragon’s crying! Seungri!!
    Wow Young Bae. that was pretty hot too. acting all
    cool and hard. G-Dragon’s in Dae’s! AWWWW he’s crying!
    makes me sad. i’ve never seen Dae cry, other then
    being happy that they won. Wait, what’s up with the
    Bloodtype and all?
    –OMG, ’19’ seems…I WANNA WATCH!

  41. OMG TOP ; gasp. hot.
    omg i really wanna see this movie !!

  42. tai,,tabi,,tabi,,tabi!!!!!!!!!
    he make me crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. ooohh! this was good O:
    and i wanna see the movie so badly! both Tabi AND SeungRi<3 it could just be better if all from big bang was in it ;D.

  44. when is this coming out?!

    dude the teasers, there better not be a
    real kiss scenee

  46. Young Bae oppa looks so sexy sleek gotta yum yum the glasses boy is the smex!!! Ji Yong oppa wow loved the moodiness fits his new style. Victor LOL Baby’s new nickname from me LOL looks cute like always well hot too!!! DaeSung oppa aww the flower in his hair is wow cute aww and the tears. Seunghyn oppa wow playa can play me anytime, place, whateva oppa do your thing!!!

  47. Ohhh GD looked so hot in the middle of the city, drinking his water. 8D But he looked so sad too. ; ___ ;

    OMG, my man Bae was yummy. Looking so fierce and cold. Loved hearing his voice too. <333

  48. 19s gonna come out later in the year.
    aarrrgh i CANT WAIT!!!!
    sooooooooooooooooooo excited!!!
    seunghyun hwaitingg <33333

  49. omg i saw those vids wen they were uploaded on utube. damn they ALL look friggin hawt!
    hmm mayb my second korean drama to watch will be ’19’ haha just to see TOP. the plot seems good

  50. she looks very different!
    or is that a different girl. that’s not heo yi jae is it?

  51. waaaaaaaaaa.TOP..
    how did u do this to us.
    i can’t wait to watch 19.

  52. noooooooooooooooo top why why why ???????????!!!!
    she is soooooo lucky
    i can’t wait to watch it

  53. omgosh he reminds me so much of GU JUNPYO!! lol

  54. What the matter with GD????????

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