090514 Mezamashi TV ft. Big Bang & W-inds | BB Arena Shoot + Goodies

credit: elaisvipp@youtube

this is so hilarious. i told you girls were crying in japan when they saw them haha.
you get to see a lil bit of BB performing “My Heaven” during their press conference.

then it shows GD & W-inds going shopping at a store.
like a tourist, jiyong bought gifts for each member haha.
i thought it was cute how it sorta matched their personalities. came in w/ a shopping bag like santa claus LOL
DAE got these SANDAL SLIPPERS. loved how he cracked up seeing em.
TOP got a SAW IV figurine. maybe to invoke TOP to have more nightmares LOL
YB got a MICHAEL JACKSON figurine. lol he just had to bust a thriller pose.
SR got so excited when it was his turn to reveal his gift. then when he realized he got a BIB, he naturally made it cute. somehow. HAHA. “cuz he’s the baby of the group.” LOL



Big Bang “It was sensual so we were surprised…” Debut as a Model at Fashion Magazine with a Shocking Style

Source: Newsen
Translated by: jeska + gdluvzmc @ VIP Translators
*do not add to or remove credit lines*

Big Bang challenged themselves with shocking style for their debut as fashion magazine models.

Big Bang who recently released new single album ‘My Heaven’ in Japan, had a photoshoot for a men’s fashion magazine ‘Arena’ with world famous photographer Terry Richardson.

Big Bang members first introduced themselves with brief English before a photoshoot began at a studio located at Kangnam, Seoul. When Terry turned on a Michael Jackson song, Taeyang responded with a Michael Jackson dance. While TOP was doing an action of spitting out flower petals , Terry kept saying “good, good,” and went on with the harmonious atmosphere throughout the photoshoot.

Terry Richardson added ‘freedom’ and ’sexiness’ on top of each member’s natural ‘color’ for their styles during s shoot, then he appeared as a model for a June cover of ‘Arena’ to capture a memory they made and shared during a shoot.

After photoshoot, Daesung said, “The photo concept was sensual so I was a bit surprised, but I finished it well. I think I can be sexier if I get another chance.” G-Dragon said, “I really wanted to be in front of his camera because I really like Terry’s photos. My wish finally came true today,” and smiled happily.

Terry Richardson quoted, “I will never forget about Big Bang’s pureness. I don’t like typical and fixed things. They looked more like playful boys rather than superstars,” during an interview with ‘Arena.’

‘Arena’ with Big Bang’s cover and their photos will be released on the 20th.


if you guys have seen my TWITTER, i was freaking out over the first pic. FOR MANY REASONS! omgosh. first of all, those ripped pants just show off babe’s sexy legs… i’m so jealous but at the same time, i just gotta “smack them bedroom thighs.” haha quoted FM! XD (ignore my perv cravings) & like… the NIPPLES HAHA. omg i’m drooling over his body. that about sums it up. DAESUNG IS SUCH A TEASE! feed me grapes kiddo. xD

& i was tweeting about caffe latte goodies as well, & ….. well. just look under the cut. —————>

you know i don’t disappoint haha. P.S.: THERE’S BIGGER PIX OF GRAPES & NIPPLES under too! >__<


^ it’s the caffe latte shoot. notice the bg. there’s like a billion poses per person. coffee never looked sweeter.

thanks to 워아이GD @ bbvipz

^ GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH xD i’m sensing this pic is gonna bring out the perv in all of us haha. jiyong dear, wait til those pants fail you & the rip just goes all around altogether. haha then you’ll be wearing ripped shorts.

^ not really digging the eyeliner thing. =[

thanks to rin_G @ bbvipz

NOTE: i’m starting to get annoyed by people who come of politically incorrect.
let’s get the facts straight. at least 5 ppl have said: “gd’s ripped pants were like sandara’s ripped pants.”
on the contrary – it’s the opposite: “sandara’s pants resemble gd’s ripped pants.”
there is a distinct difference in the way the statement is said. BECAUSE GD wore these first. a long time ago. sandara wore these only recently.
there’s no bias/hate toward the 2 in question, it’s just when ppl make false statements, it really annoys me.
glad that is cleared up now.


~ by gdluvzmc on May 15, 2009.

77 Responses to “090514 Mezamashi TV ft. Big Bang & W-inds | BB Arena Shoot + Goodies”

  1. yeah!!!~~~first…XD…(lolzz)
    waaa~~~GD!!!!~~~it’s just!!!~~~sexy and….haha…lolzzzz
    dae look sexy too~~~~
    but im not really prefer 4th pic…a bit weird…not suite them actually…t.t

  2. lolzzz…and GD look like a gurl at there…t.t

  3. one word HOT!!

  4. wow~~they take me by surprise o.O Dae and GD :O

    i wonder when they’re going to release the other members solo pics ^^ i’m curious about the others too ~lol

    uhmmm the eyeliner =/ not so good

  5. OMGd O_O I likes what I see *sighs* they should have ripped GD pant’s even shorter lol I have this as my background on my laptop my mom saw it and was like wtf but anyways GD looks sexy 😉
    and Deasung looks cut nice muscles but I’m not feeling the eyeliner ughhhhhhhh why cant BB be here in america 😦

  6. ….
    😀 Jiyong baby oh my lanta I dont even know what to say *gulps*
    I really really really like this pic of u GD nipples, cut up pants, neted shirt yea Im really !!!HAPPY!!! right now LOL =]

  7. *nose bleed*

    hahahahahahehehehehehhe kekekeke

  8. Omo…I literally pissed in my pants when I saw my sexy GD ❤
    Daaaamn…I missed those ripped jeans of his…And those sexy nipples ❤

  9. love this photoshoot
    hahaha…big bang have made the photographer as a model too…bigbang power!!!

  10. oH~~
    sexay GD!
    why anyone didnt realise it yet?!
    that pants and fur….
    Its DARA’s attire in fire MV xD

  11. OMG!!my eyes are burning looking at GD’s picture..he’s so sexy~
    why GD?!why?!!you are turning me into a perv..LOL
    I can’t control myself from looking at his picture with details >.< especially when you provide us with the large picture..
    and the caffe latte shoot-i definitely love it too!!
    Thank you very much for posting this!! =)

  12. WOW!!! I really like the concept of the photoshoot!!

    Do you guys noticed that GD’s ripped jeans look really similar to Sandy/Dara’s when she was in the 2NE1 ‘Fire’ Space version video?????? Gotta love them!!!!

  13. ^ correction: sandara’s ripped pants look like jiyong’s ripped pants.
    he wore these more than a few times long before she did.

  14. GD! Revealing much?
    BUT I LOVE IT 😉 😉

  15. OMG! @ afiqah…. I didnt mean to copy your comment.lol when i post mine there was already 2 comments posted above.I guess you noticed too!!! 🙂

  16. Is it just me or did Dae all of a sudden get hotter? I mean damn man talk about sexual imagery here. I wouldn’t mind his juicy lips suckin on my…ahm. He knows where to get his mama’s milk at. lolol

  17. ^ TMI TMI TMI wowww that was intense imagery.
    stop the madness this INSTANT! HAHA

  18. lol lol lol
    GD and his ‘exposed’ nipples 😀
    and Dae Sung with the grapes….
    im left speechless. so HOT!!!

  19. daesung looks absolutely SMEXY in these photos!!!! its like he really is teasing you *ku ku* GD……no so mush no(sorry) he’s no really work’in it for me in that photo!!! and they could have shown the otheres too!!! =(

  20. GD’s so sexy omg, and Daesung, damn! I can’t wait to see the others.

  21. waaah…those are dara’s ripped pants?! i wonder who robbed who…hahaha

  22. I’m definitely anticipating the other member’s photos. I like the photoshoot =) Very sexxxxxxxxxxxxy!

  23. DaeSung and Jiyong are look FINE!!! When i first saw those pictures i didn’t know the grape one was Daesung O.O
    But i’m not liking the eyeliner in the group pictures U.U

  24. ok that may not be Dara’s pants in the MV….
    …but that was definitely the black coat!! in her other outfit? right?
    I really think Bong was the stylist…Dara’s in particular. hehe.
    Those pix are to DIE for. hihi. sexy as hell.
    …so where are the others? I hope to see it real soon.

  25. omg terry, he is such a perverted yet talented photographer….who sleeps with most of his american apparel models.
    but i would like to thank him for bringing us sexy photos of GD! haha

  26. GAAAAHHHHH!!!! is definitely the perfect description to that what we worship as jiyong… melly, srsly those pants better be skin tight and not fail to hold or so help me god i will personally rip em off those sexy legs of his and just do some illegal stuff to him that’s probably gonna get me a restraining order. or a permanent residence in a mental care facility…

    i probably freaked some ppl out by that. em…… haha^^ yeah. he’s hot. and daedae too! i just wanna kiss em pouty lips of his. damn! didn’t know he could be so smokin. can’t wait for the rest.

    and i hope those pics for cafe latte will be released. cuz i wanna get my grubby fat hands on those bg pics. cuz they’re hot! eeeeeee~~


  27. i was cracking up infront of my pc..LOL!!

    i can;t stop laugh on momo unni’s sidenotes..haha!! cause me as well can’t take away the perv imagery that is existing while i’m looking on gd’s photo…haha!!!

    i love it though…so hot!…haha! should a 15 year old lad saying these things?? haha!….^_^

  28. OMG, Daesung…!

  29. oh dear god O.O why do you taunt me so? Bongie, just… *drools* those pants are godly lol. They practically show us everything >..< Driving me insane with the pure sex that just oozes from the picture. and that shirt. Why even call it a shirt?!?! JUST TAKE IT OFF AND POSE LIKE THAT!!!!!!! But the fishnet….and the nipples….and the skin…and the…I sense a hell of alot of fanfics happening right now as we speak XD

  30. omg ahhh so little cover on GDragon ahhahaha so many holes!!!! hahahahah sexy though! so hot im melting! yummyyummy!!!!

  31. OMG, he is almost naked. OMG. OMGOMGOMG.

  32. smexy G-Dragon! But for me….DaeSung beats him. Can you say “drooooool”! lol, I love his lips…and muscles. >:)

  33. OMG HOT HOT HOT. but i dun like the group pic though. and GD! i always love your wacky hairstyles but this centre-parting type just got to go!!

  34. Does anybody else notice that YB is holding a banana in the pic with the photographer? xD What’s up with the fruit? LOL GD! ❤ So hoooooot. I love Dae’s pic.^^ Top looks hot in eye liner no matter what. xD

  35. hmm… those arena shots are kind of……. HEY, isn’t GD’s pants Sandara’s from Fire.. or is it just me??….. i like the caffe latte picture 😀

  36. -_- ^ like i said. it’s the other way around.
    sandara’s pants look like gd’s pants. don’t get it twisted.

    @shandi LOL i didn’t catch the banana thing.
    what YB doesn’t know is that bananas don’t really help you grow? – but it gets rid of cramps ROFL

  37. ripped jeans…………mmm(;
    sorry, but what else can i say apart from………
    Ji Yong-sshi is HALF NAKED!!!
    haha. thats the perverted side of me…….
    GD is HOT ISSUE(:

  38. […] 090514 Mezamashi TV ft. Big Bang & W-inds | BB Arena Shoot + Goodies credit: elaisvipp@youtube this is so hilarious. i told you girls were crying in japan when they saw them haha. you get […] […]

  39. GD’s hair in the picture with the ripped pants sorta reminds me of CL of 2NE1

  40. Yo` G-Dragon. the time of the year has come again for those
    ripped pants huh? Damnnnnn i’m checking him out.
    Puahahaha oh yeah, i think Dae could be more sexier too.
    At first i thought GD said that and i was laughing and saying
    ‘oh yeah, GD would say something like that’
    But aww G-Dragon. my wish didn’t come true yettt. you guys didn’t
    come to USA. Whoaaa, i think i’m too young for this. but
    i can manage it. Damnn i want some grapes now Dae.

  41. Um wow (: funkayyyyy style (:
    teehee; love the pictures (:

  42. ROFL, G-Dragon looks like a girl in that group picture. I seriously thought it was a featured female in their shoot.

    He should stick with his hair in the Cafe pic, IMO.

  43. lol seungri was choking on the bib. XD

  44. daesung, HE LOOKS SO HOT THERE! *drool
    daesung so droolworthy ! This time, Daesung wins against GD in this photoshoot. His lips, eyes and muscles are just soooo hot ;D

  45. omg melly this is the funniest post ever. i was dying over smack them bedroom thighs and nipples hahahaha
    i am really digging daesung’s photos, he is getting hotter!

  46. ahh gd♥
    he is so nice.
    yah gotta luv him
    and wah his photo
    so sexayyyy


  48. lemme guess, those were sandara’s pants for the 2ne1 shoot wasnt it =p

    the pants are like
    whoaa xD

  50. I love it anyway

  51. TOP! ):

  52. where’s TOP.

  53. where’s TOP.
    btw, did DAE eat all that GRAPE.

  54. lol at G-Dragon’s nipples!! ya had to say that word!! NIPPLE!!!

  55. hehehehe
    im getting pervy over the pic 😛

    but the eyeliner does suit TOP and DAE coz
    they sometimes wear it as well

  56. awwww!!!sexyyyyyyyy<<<3333
    GD u making me…..’drools’…..XD

  57. GD is so freakin’ sexy!! it’s craaaazyyy ❤
    And wauw, I love Dae’s pic! o_o
    Wish we also could see Top, Bae and SR’s pictures, they must also be REALLY great!

  58. oh my shit. is it me or was baby the MOST SEXIEST CUTEST DAMN THING IN THE WHOLE WORLD IN THAT LOTTE PIC ?! LOLL<333333333
    RAHHHR, im like..dying xDDD
    and bong’s picture. my reaction was totally.. WOAH xD

  59. I translated a bit of the clips if anyone’s interested in knowing what’s being said ^^


  60. omg the BIB was so cute! hahaha.
    i LOVE the pictures! they’re SO hot! omg <333 blood coming out of my nose 0_0

  61. danggggggggggggggggggggg
    THAT got my dirty side’s attention HAHAHAHA
    JIYONG. oof corse he be the one with the REAVEALING sexy clothes xD
    but DAE’S GRAPE POSE… thats hot. like, really

  62. god..faints at bong’s ripped pants
    ahhhhhh and his nipples!!!
    hahahah omg omg i’m starting to be pervy right now
    but what is the concept??
    well..normal people like me wouldn’t understand hahaha
    gosh dae looks hot with the grapes!!
    his guns!! so sexy
    same here..not really digging the eyeliner
    but tabi looks good in eyeliner though

  63. WOW… thank you for the huge pix!! XDD And for the caffe pix. Haven’t seen that one.

    Aww, Terry Richardson’s comment about them was cool. ^^

    I want to see what the other boys look like in their photoshoots… Esp Bae. 8DDD

    Dae looks so sexy in his pic. GD’s pic definitely shocked me. Very awesome of him. :]

    Not feeling GD in the group pic tho. >w<

    LMAO@“smack them bedroom thighs” HAHAHA

  64. hm… :/

  65. I like this photoshoot!

    Daedae with grapes is just… hawt oO!!

  66. oww damn…. xDD

  67. SQUEAL!!!!!!! daesung looks so hawt. *faint*
    yea im kinda more of a daedae fan than gd [dnt kill me] but man they look hawt. GDs got so much skin showing and dae has the hottest tan, guyliner and the nicest hair!
    u noe GD sorta reminds me of a vampire… hawt one

  68. hahaha….sooo cute and funny…

  69. OMG. G-Dragon look so frickennn hot & sexy ♥

  70. OH SHIT.
    the eyeliner and clothes are so not working for me in the AREANA pictures. This photoshoot has left Big Bang being anything but sexy or hot 😦

  71. lol GD looks like he got raped why Daesung is eating grapes

  72. *while


    sexysexySEXY BOY

    am i the ONLY one who is convinced he just keeps getting hotter and hotter?!

    SO SEXY i mean mmmmm *licks lips*

    he rox eye liner

    *fantasizes *_* * ohhh yeah daesung i love you XDDDD


  74. Daesung’s lips are soooo full and amazingly sexy and fangasm inducing XDD

    i mean GOD

    what those lips could dooo XDD

    and then he says he could be SEXIER?!?!

    omg is he TRYING to kill me?!


  75. haha and Bong looks sexy 2. im loving the expression and the ripped pants

    i LOVE eyeliner on the both of them ❤


    (this is my third and last comment i promise XD)

  76. GD so sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. sigh…i’m too tired due to hyperventilation and nose-bleeding..if both my fav guys (Ji Yong & DaeDae) keep posing like that, i’m gonna be warded, fosho..

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