Big Bang: MY HEAVEN (Teaser)

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Oh my god, you have no idea how happy I am to know that they will release a decent Japanese MV with plot lines, dance videos are cool and everything, but touching story lines and seeing Bong running with his scrawny legs will always be better.

Driving in a green car, remind me of the ‘We Belong Together’ days. GRI shot makes me happy. This give me a ‘Haru Haru’ vibe, I love ‘Heaven’ and I bet the Japanese version will be cool too. Looks like Bong decide to keep the ‘push-back-pony-tail’ look for this MV, gives a Japanese feel too, cool.

Can’t wait.


~ by Vicky on May 16, 2009.

48 Responses to “Big Bang: MY HEAVEN (Teaser)”

  1. Can’t wait till the album come out!!

  2. Oh..and look at my husband’s hot self!

  3. >.< omg I cant wait. The song actually sounds really good when switched to Japanese. I personally was having my doubts because many things have gone wrong when switching from language to language. Bongie I freaking adore you. Running around on them skinny legs. I like the look he has with the pulled back ponytail. I actually like all their looks for this. Bae you gotta stop wearing sunglasses. I wanna see your eyes when you sing.

  4. waaaa~i love the mv!!!~~~
    even juz few second but i already love it!!!~~~XD
    awwww~look at GD poly tail look~fresh~love it<<.<
    anyway~~can’t wait for it!!!~~~

  5. it’s only the first 15 sec. of the MV and i’m already loving the MV..can’t wait for the MV to fully come out…im loving how the MV is looking…it’s different

  6. *melt*…jiyong oppa being so HOT in there!..~


    LOVE IT SO MUCH!!! cant wait… 😀

    GRI gahhhh….


  8. While I will never prefer the Japanese version, I agree with everything you said about the MV.

  9. what is this half a second shot of top.. i demand more top. MOAR
    lol i’ll shut up now. they look good.

  10. omg
    this is soooo good!
    love ji yong’s hair in here :]
    love the scene and the plot line too
    the beach is gorgeous.
    is ji yong the main character in this MV?
    saw him running along the beach (though the way he runs seems so funny hehe)
    but comeone
    june 24th?? that is SOOO LONG
    though that is right before my bday . hmmm.

  11. yay
    I’m so excited for this!!!

    gd looks really hot too… I love his running.. like in haru haru 😉
    can’t wait!

    and thanks for posting 🙂

  12. coolcool looks nice! fits the more japanese market i think :] cant wait!

  13. waaaa~vicky~^-^
    if u know that 2% cf already updated to 30’s~XD
    it’s great if u post in here too~~~XD
    awwww~i love it!!!!~~~XD

  14. omg! i missed bigbang so much! i’ve been busy in japan lately (janese boys rather.. lol.) seungri… ❤

  15. even thou i’m busy with nishikido ryo lately. i stil love seungri evrytime i see him. haha…

  16. YB looks so HOT! i’m getting more and more excited for this new single. anyone know if TOP and GD’s raps are in English or Japanese?

  17. oh mah geeeedeee IMMA SOO EXCITED! 😀 yaaaaaaaaaa!

  18. Awwww, OH MY GOSH. cuttee!
    i love G-Dragon’s hair tied back!
    AWWWW I CANNOT WAIT. whoo, what
    a good way to end the night…Sleep.
    Yeahh, i like it. Puahaha yes it’s good seeing
    G-Dragon run. i feel the summer vibe watching it.

  19. oh gosh i bet i’m just happy as you
    the MV seems awesome from the teaser gosh
    bong..looks good in that hair
    okay idk why but whenever he changed hairstyle
    i’ll hate it first and eventually love it T___T
    that’s the power of bong on me
    baby looks fine too awww
    and it sounds different than the original version
    i can’t wait gosh
    and now i know why our boys are so tired
    they have like how many CFs and here comes a new mv again

  20. wow~~~ the mv full of hotness…
    and they will release the heaven single on my dad’s bday?
    thats cool.. ^_^

  21. its so funny how by changing the language and MV, the song can have a completely different feel!
    looking forward to it though! haha i love plot line MV’s ^^
    they need more single shots of Tabi though – he’s always the one driving the damn car! XD

  22. aaaaah~
    yay i luv this song
    can’t wait
    ♥ !

  23. feel like it’s always bong who have to run in their MV

  24. I love the teaser! Are we going to wait that long to see the whole video? Hope not…
    Yeah I loved how Bong toned down for this vid. I really liked his hair on a ponytail, it gives him a laid back, I-just-chilling feeling. ^^
    Baebae on the other hand though, he pumped it up with black. Black shades and black clothes gave him a powerful presence in the vid.
    Aaah that car scene…it is so my dream to do that some time…and it would be a big plus if I’m riding with them…*sigh* =)
    Can’t wait to see the vid. ^^

  25. Pearllovestop

    no, look carefully, at 0:15 the one driveing is Dae, Tabi sit beside baby ^^

  26. Kenley

    gurl, they forgot to put my hubby’s face on close up in that teaser. 😦

  27. nya

    I know. They should have. I love Tabi’s hair on that MV.
    Dae is the one driving because he’s the one with the license.
    Tabi should really learn how to drive now. ^^

  28. I like how Tabi look like such a badass driving a car, sticking his head out and shooting a gun in IRIS, when in reality, it’s illegal for him to drive HAHAHAHAH

  29. cannot wait for the MV.
    aaaah, jiyong looks so HOT in here 😉

  30. OH MY GOSH!
    Big Bang cruising…
    GD on the beach, running…
    AAHHH!!!! I am super super excited..WOO!

  31. Omooo~~ Daesung driving a car xD

    Can’t wait too 🙂

  32. kenley & vi

    kekeke… tabi is illegal to drive.
    this hyung he better cacth up with his dongseng now.
    i still remember when he drive in the number 1 MV.
    damn, that’s hella hot

  33. i like GD’s hair here =) it looks good
    aiyaaa why they tease us so early!! i can’t wait anymore!!

  34. WOW didnt know this song could get any better buh they’ve done it again. Totally loving the added Bae vocals his voice is just sooo ❤ DAMMMM I WANT BAE 2ND ALBUM please my YG!!

  35. Top oppa& JiJong oppa are freakin’ hot!
    I love this song. ❤

  36. can’t wait for the MV 😀 it gives some HaruHaru feeling 😀 plus they all look great ^^

  37. JIyongs hair is LOVE!!!

    BIGBANG <33

  38. nya and lil sis in law

    And don’t forget the bus he drove in Sunset Glow.
    I think that’s really him. crazy and dorky as hell. Cute too. ^^
    Why didn’t the 3 hyungs get a driver’s license anyway?

  39. OMG! I’m so looking foward to it!!! >_<

    I’m so happy!

    Thanks! ❤

  40. And btw, JIyongs hair is LOVE!!! [2]

  41. omg! i got such a weird feeling in my stomach, and a clump in my throat. I CAN’T WAIT TO THIS COMES OUT!!!! heaven, orh main<3 can’t wait to see it, I really think it gonna be good!
    Big Bang forever<3 FIGHTING!

  42. OMFG!@#$%$#!
    I CAN’t WAIT!

  43. Jiyongie looks cute but I still just prefer his shorter hair.

  44. OMO OMO OMO OMGOMGOMGOMG 😀 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    baby looked so freaking amazing<3 xDD

  45. OMG Im soooo excited!!!!

  46. aahhhhh.. i so excited…
    can’t wait ..can’t wait..
    man they all look so HOT~….

  47. OH MY LORD this is gonne be huge! I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THEM TO MAKE AN MV LIKE THIS!!!!!! i agree that it’s cool to see dance mvs and all but i prefer kinds like this!! CANNOT WAIT!! WHY ARE THEY MAKING US WAIT FOR LIKE A MONTH? damn!!!! g-ri’s so hot! the improvisations are great! damn!

  48. OMG big bang watashi anatatachi ni aitaiyoooooo
    x.x i ve been learning jap just bcuz of you guys xD
    anyways thanx 4 this preview this is gonna be awesome!!
    im tlly gonna buy this =D
    btw im new here but I already felt in love w/ this fansite ^^

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