05.17.09「Rain Is Fallin’ 」 ft. GDragon on NHK Music Japan

Thanks to hirominchan@youtube

LOL. Bong just stood there and nod his head like he understands what’s going on kaka

Bong performed ‘Rain is Falling’ with w-inds. and it is hot. Maybe it’s the difference of the country/mic/sound system or whatever, but the audio quality is just amazing! I can hear Bong’s rap so clear and clean it’s just AH~ i love hearing his voice without all the vocoder crap. He announciates so well I LOVE IT!! And I also find myself falling for w-inds. especially the vocalist, Keita… he is just fine… with some awesome voice haha Bong rocking his long locks and headband haha such a hippie. Keita and Bong get along so well haha I love it when they do the ‘AND YOU! AND YOU!” move kaka leave it to Bong to run down and scream to the camera haha

Dude… seriously, is it because Japan’s sound system is so much more advanced than Korea?? cuz damn, I am loving this, if only music shows in Korea can be like this, cuz this is amazing, I’m sure they’re singing live and yet it sound JUST LIKE the damn record. HOT! Keita’s voice is melting.

05.17.09 NHK Music Japan
Rain is Falling ft. GDragon
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Thanks to Haruka님

~ by Vicky on May 17, 2009.

30 Responses to “05.17.09「Rain Is Fallin’ 」 ft. GDragon on NHK Music Japan”

  1. OMG!!! I’ve been waiting for this!!!

    I love how GD was all like “what?”..haha..

    I <333 it!!! I miss Bong T_T ..but he’s back!!! ready to roll baby!!!


  2. PS: and yeah I can hear GD’s voice very clear I ❤ it!!!

  3. OMG GD is looking gooood!! w-inds are cool too.love this performance!!

  4. omg, I was just one big smile in the whole video : D
    I love JiYong’s performance! and I really love his screams xD. It’s just so.. GD. And awie I think he’s really cute with that hairstyle? :3
    – and yea, the sound is really good! O_O it’s good, we can hear GD’s voice more clear.. amazing<3

  5. keita is cute ^^

    my favorite bb and w-inds.
    muahah its like a dream come true XD


  8. Gd swooooooooooooon
    I thought they would’ve just kept him hidden and such
    the camera loves him

  9. that was awesome!! i’m starting to love GD’s new hairstyle haha has BB has ever performed on a Japan music program?

  10. Lmao awwww. He said G-Dragon so cute.
    Ahhhhh* OH MY GOSH!!! GDHeaven! GDHeaven!
    Yes Japan is more advance. awww cute.
    Ahaha i love G-Dragon’s voice in the background.

  11. hey, it’s Tae Yang’s Birthday tomorrow =]
    today in korea.

  12. lolz bongie totally stole the show haha, being his crazy hyperactive self. I hope this means he’s feeling better! gD fighting!

  13. Off topic question, but why isn’t anything on the site showcasing for YB’s birthday? 😦

  14. lol there wasn’t much to say, they were only introducing the song & himself.

    also, it seems the show doesn’t have an audience. it’s just a recorded performance.

  15. bong is hot
    even in that new hairstyle T___T
    LOL. gosh i just freaking love his rap in this song
    so so hot
    and keita is looks and sounds hot too
    i find japanese language sexy because of his voice
    is it just me or keita seems to sing the whole song?
    what are the other two doing?

  16. gyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh i freaking loved it!!!! LOVED LOVED LOVED IT!!! BONGIE JUST AMAZING!!! I especially love the part where he says “Say what?” I freaking flailed at that. Awesome awesome awesom. Ah Bongie its perfromances like this that remind me why i love your cuteness so freaking much.

  17. Hehehe I liked the part when GD rapped, “It’s just GD and U and U and U” and did the move with it. =D

    The perf was cool. The W-inds boys & GD looked great in their outfits. ^^

    The cam angles was crazy tho. ARgh. Headachey. D:

  18. Yeah seriously! I am loving what I’m hearing with this sound system!
    I love how happy GD looks when performing with W-inds.
    I love his energy and that he’s acting like it’s BB up
    there with him…lol that’s what made it such an awesome performance!! showing Japan what BB got, great way to represent 😀
    anyway W-inds. is kinda freaking hott!!lol!

  19. i luv gd and his sexy headbands!!!!!
    i love how he introduced himself.
    aah this song is good!

  20. announciates? I guess you mean enunciate.
    Yes, it does sound great!
    GD is ❤

  21. omg! I completely agree with you the sound sistem is so CLEAR!!! i a can hear the awesome rap so clear 😀 W-inds and Bong rockz!!!! i love when GD gets close to the camera and he looks great in that Disco style 😀

  22. LOL @ Keita..he kept pointing at GD saying “Kakoii Desu!Kaokii desu” !Yes Keita,He IS kakoii!HAHA
    I think this is w-inds new style concept or sth,cause they’ve never dress like this before


  23. that was awesome!
    GD is just too adorable ^_^
    Haha, o-m-g i love Keitas voice =D

  24. “Bong just stood there and nod his head like he understands what’s going on kaka”

    totally agree gurl hahahaa
    i was cracking up so badly when i saw him nodding his head LOL
    bong ah~he’s so into it hahaha
    gosh why he sounds so hot?!
    bong ah, i loveee youuu ❤
    now i kinda like his hairstyle..bong’s power T__T

  25. My sexy crazy JiJong’s back.<3
    Hippi style totally rox on him ❤
    LOL at the beginning when he’s just noddong his head xD

  26. OMGSH cool performance x3
    Aah, GD’s so cool x33

    By the way, for those of you who want to know, the sound quality is so good because there’s no audience in the background; Japan pre-records their ‘live’ performances while Korea,,,well, just performs them live XD

  27. awwww~~~GD ar~~~why you so HOT???!!!!~~~XD
    love them perfomance!!!!~~~XD
    love keita voice too~~~^-^

  28. no offence but apart from keita what do the other 2 boys from W-inds do?

  29. keke, i hafta say.. somehow i don’t find anything about that song what it like.. BESIDES GD!! He sounds really great, i love his rap. He’s so cute when he says “and U” or “Say what?”. Really love that. In my opinion he makes that track kinda good.

    But I don’t like Keita’s voice.. I dunno why.

    but GD was AWESOME ❤

  30. Yah I saw thisss I was screaming
    the whole time XD
    and mum wuold be like
    Why u just like koreans??
    actually is the 2nd time alredy I screamed
    when i saw dbsk 2….
    but okaasan, duuuh!! >.<………. GD is AWESOME!!

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