2NE1: Intro & Debut Stage on Inkigayo

The golden question, “Do you think 2NE1 lived up the expectations?”



Thanks to 유농님


~ by Vicky on May 17, 2009.

75 Responses to “2NE1: Intro & Debut Stage on Inkigayo”

  1. Yes, 2NE1 lived up to my expectations.
    FIreee ❤

  2. is this in youtube. i couldn’t open youtube. i want to see it! huhuhuhu! i’ll just wait after my work and head home cause youtube here in the office is blocked. huhuhuhu!
    thanks for sharing anyway. i’ll just wait for the hq and download

  3. i can’t open youtube..it’s blocked.
    but thanks for sharing anyway. i’ll just wait for your
    hq download link..hehehehehe!

    tell me how was it? i’m dying to know.

  4. It was DEFINITELY HAWWWT!!! MY GOD I loved their intro!! And I guess the fanchants and the screaming made the atmosphere more OOMPH and it got me super psyched up!!! SO HELL YEAH they lived up to my expectations! It was like BOOM in your FACE!

    Though I wanted to hear more of their live voices. Couldnt really hear. Aside from that, THEY ROCKED. <333 CL!

  5. the performance part isn’t in sync ):

  6. this version is more in sync for the performance part

  7. Whoops that was just meant to be the website link, it just embed itself… sorry if that’s not allowed on here, I don’t know how to edit posts

  8. I REALLY liked it!! 😀 They certainly lived up to my expectations. Firstly, I thought the set was a great idea, and though I’m never too keen on repetitive music, I did appreciate the whole going from floor to floor and each girl getting her own dance break.
    I wasn’t too impressed with Dara, though I thought she did well overall, and her energy was DEF there ❤
    Poor Bom lol… she just needs some more experience… She’s very pretty and her voice really sounds great, but I feel like she should work on bringing more personality onto the stage and into the camera. Especially when Minzy and CL have SO much fiercness onstage, she really has to bring it up. I liked her dancing in the second chorus of the song. She seemed to be enjoying herself, though, and it seems to me a step up from the PVs, so that’s great!
    CL and Minzy…. gah I LOVE them. They are undoubtedly the leading half of 2NE1, with CL being the hot mamma on top, ready to out-dance and out-rap anyone who dares get in 2NE1’s way xD
    I really wish they could have performed more than one song, but that’s not Inkigayo and Fire is technically their only single, so… nothing much that can be done about that =\

    Overall, I felt their routine was tight, the Intro was a strong concept, and they gave an awesome performance full of energy, letting everyone know that 2NE1 was a long time comin’, but THEY’RE HERE NOW!!!

    And they’re here to STAY ;D

  9. WOW!!! DAMN!!! Totally up 2 my expectations!!!!!!!
    The crowd response was like so amazing for a newcomer!!!!!
    It was like a comeback! not a debut!!!
    Maybe the voice is a bit shaky for Dara n Bom but hope they’ll improve!!! I got more than what i bargain for on dara n bom(they improved in charisma)

    LOVE the intro!!!!! CL n Minzy was AWESOME!!!!!
    Gosh i got goosebumps watching them!!!

    2NE1 hwaiting!!!

  10. I certainly thought it was a good debut but I can understand some of the opinions that are floating round. I think I was most let down by the stage which seemed a bit plain for my tastes.

  11. answer to the golden question
    well..yes..and no at the same time
    minji totally lived up to my expectation
    she looks so fierce and gangsta as a 94-er
    and well, i do not need to mention CL anymore
    i guess every GD lover will dig CL just as much as i do
    i can so tell that bom was nervous
    her vocals didn’t sound good, and this is what disappoints me
    she can be so much better
    and dara..i can’t even hear her singing
    i just heard her part still being digitalized, which i dislike
    i hope she improves on her singing soon
    but overall, they totally rocked the stage!
    i finally see something different in kpop girl groups ^^
    and i’m getting used to their outfits as well
    hahaha just gotta admit that they’re gonna be special ❤

  12. maybe i jst have too high expectation on them.. so it’s not really up to my expectation..
    but they really AMAZING.. i LOVE their INTRO..

  13. Pretty good for a first live performance. ::cough cough:: not like those other girl groups…who can only sing..”gegegegegege”

  14. I agree with jiyanz! 🙂

  15. i really liked their intro… as for the main performance.. it was ok. i still don’t care for the song much, but im sure it’ll grow on me soon (ive caught myself humming to it and bobbing my head to it >_<)

  16. not impressed but not bad for debut stage and inkigayo. I hate inkigayo’s accoustics, they always have tracks too loud and mics too quiet. music core will be better

  17. Wow, I didn’t realize they debuted already. They did great! And I’m definitely glad you posted this, or otherwise I would have missed it, but will you be posting stuff about 2NE1 from now on? Cos I always thought this was solely a BIG BANG site. Just curious. 🙂

  18. it was alright, to be honest i think the song is a bit repititive however they made up for that with stage presence. It wasnt a bad performance overall, at least they aint relying on some stupid sexy or cute image. i think it will take a bit of time before 2NE1 get really succesful like big bang. i think just give em a bit of patience

    2NE1 hwaiting!

  19. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s so cooooooool can’t believe it! There are soooooooooooooo cute

  20. the intro was so much awesomeness it bled out from my screen!! haha^^

    for now i have to say, i’m totally pickin minji as my fav. she’s like the fierce sister that i don’t have. WANTS!!! her voice is totally gruff and sexy. which is like totally respectable for her age! i mean how many 15 year olds do you see out there with her hype?? hot damn! hehe^^

    and i so wanna love CL. i mean, i love CL but i don’t. y’know?? i’m not sure why yet. just can’t put my finger on it. like she’s the girl you wanna hate but can’t cuz she’s too fantastic for words… haha^^ i’ll get back when i can find out if i love her or not so much. weeeeee~~ CL fans don’t bash me. i love CL i do!

    dara is really cute. personally i don’t get why everyone’s not digging her so much. like everyone sees her and goes, “meh, not impressed….. next!” i mean, YG wouldn’t pick her up if she can’t do nothin. and from what i can hear, she’s got some nice pipes. the fact that she got digitalized in FIRE isn’t much to go off of because i can still hear her really nice tone of voice… which i totally love, btw. to me, it’s not that she can’t sing, it’s that her voice sounds cooler digitalized probably. and that it fits their concept more. because i can get a gist that her natural voice is high pitched and a bit soft compared to the others, so that’s why they digitalized it. and you can’t bring up lollipop into this because in that song, minji’s part was also digitalized. i guess, we’ll have to wait for a 2ne1 ballad and find out then if she can really do it. but for me… i don’t need much convincing. i love her already. and her dancing is really energetic. in the performance, and in both of the fire mv’s.

    awwww, bommie >w< she’s sooo shy…! hehe^^ she’s like a shy kitten out there. so cute. despite being the unnie, she’s not as outgoing as her maknaes… haha^^ oh, but boy can she belt out a line!!! her voice is like… BAM!! such a big voice coming out from a demure girl. she’s so endearing. maybe with time she won’t be as shy.

    all in all?? they MOST DEFINITELY lived up to the hype. can’t wait to see what they’re gonna bring us next. lets just hope YG don’t bring em to exhaustion like he did with BIG BANG.

    2NE1 HWAITING!!!

  21. lol^^ i had too much to say about dara, i forgot to toss this in. what i mean by dara’s natural voice being high pitch and soft is probably that it’s too cutesy for 2ne1’s concept and that’s why they digitalized it. since fire is a fierce song, dara’s cutesy voice would be out of place wouldn’t it??

  22. ^^ I totally agree with you naninoona 😀
    봄미 화이팅!
    CL 화이팅!
    민지 화이팅!
    다라 화이팅!
    2NE1 화이팅!!!!

    I’m also wondering if this is going to become a BigBang/2NE1 blog, if they’ll get their own blog, or if this is the last we’ll hear of them~ D:

  23. the vids are not showing for me >.<”
    maybe i just have to wait
    i can’t wait!!!!! ^___^

  24. yeah they did, but i wish i could hear sandara’s voice more. i’ve never really heard her sing since yg digitalize the crap out of her voice in the song. but they totally did. i didn’t really expect perfection since they are new. 2EN1 fighting!

  25. wowww~~that was pretty impressive :O i love the concept of the INTRO they end up on 21st floor then the stage performance was good i think Bommie needs to work more on face expressions and i would like to hear more Dara singing ^^ MinJi surprise me more :O really and she’s only 14…CL has great stage presence after all it was great for a 1st Debut Stage

  26. It was freakin aweeeesomeee!

  27. that was awesome xD but~ their voices are still so digitalized even on live performance >_< wanna hear more of their voices! specially dara. and bommie needs to get more…aggresive? haha, 2NE1 hwaiting!!

  28. CL and minzy all lived up to my expectation but bom a little bit disappointed me. her singing was good but not her best. when i saw a clip which showed her singing to Mr.yang. it’s really really great! and dara, i always wondered why she was chosen for 2NE1.never mind , i think they will do their best. anyway, they are different from all kpop groups. This is what i like them much. CL fighting! 2NE1 fighting:x

  29. maan, i’m stunned !!
    The intro was sooo hot!! I love Minzy’s Expressions in the elevator, her eyes are amazing !! She really knows how to give the perfect expression thru her eyes !!
    CL reminds me so much of GD, especially her glasses in the elevator !! I thought, if the INTRO is hot, their perfomance will be even hotter !!

    I guess i didn’t blink once haha I just didn*t wanna miss anything !!

    CL’s n Minzi’s charisma on stage is stunning !! They danced so well!! I agree with jupitermaiden. CL, Minzy n Darra seem to bring more personality to the stage !! But Bom will work hard to give more! fightinng !!!

    I loved it how the fans were welcoming them !! I felt it was such a warm welcome !!

    I wish I could have been there =//

    2NE1 HWAITINNNGG!!!! <3<3<3 I love u <3<3<3

  30. yes la. =D

  31. …It was alright…I’m just disappointed in Bom.She can do alot beter! And I love CL’s chair dance.How she spun it around.Minji’s intro was awesome! 😀

  32. the girls are pretty good for rookies, but i’m suprised by the stage. i was expecting a whole lot more haha. sure the elevator thing was cool but that’s about it. and it be better if they have dancers to back them up coz the stage seems empty. and i thought YG family or at least Teddy wil be there to support them??

    so overall, they did not disappoint not lived up to my expectations. i guessed the hype was too much that makes me overly anticipative. hopefully it will be better!

  33. @universe what more were you expecting for them to actually catch on FIRE….they dont have bavk up dancers cuz of the debut u dont hide amog dancers when u r trying to be known..

    .they lived up to mine Bom lol she had the crowd yelling(PARK BOM) minji looks soo pretty..dara actually sang cl can dance wow..cant wait for the others

  34. If they were seniors at this like big bang then I would be dissapointed but since it’s their debut I think they Did wonderful! Cl had great stage presence along with minzy. I know bommie is a great singer because she has sing with big bang before and it was amazing..unless there’s a other park bom I don’t know haha. She just needs more confidence..dara too..dancing was weak but they probably kept it simple for the first single..overall I give it a 9/10 2ne1hwaiting!!

  35. well, yes and no.. the no part,
    the girls didnt sing well, at all..
    and no matter how much, ppl keep saying its hard to sing while dancing like that.. im not impressed..
    their voices are still digitalised.. and they lack of confident..

    the yes part,
    u can definitely see, the girls have more than what they’re showing.. and that bom, minji, CL have great voices..
    i dont know bout dara..

    well, since they’re new, i think we can expect more from them in the future.. good luck 2NE1..

    besides you’re the first girl group that i can match names and faces!! i give up on trying with wonder girls n snsd.. haha..

  36. i loved it!!! including the intro! it was hot. they can dance hiphop unlike other girl groups including the music. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAE YANG!!!!!

  37. i lovd the intro. it was cool how they all went into elevator onto the 21st floor. the girls were so HOT. they totally flaunt it 😀
    As usually Park Bom is SIZZLING HOT! OMG i love her 😀
    they did really well since it was their first ever live perf

  38. it was a really good perf but i couldnt really tell if sandara was singing or if it was the MR the whole time…but otherwise cool perf…just watched gd perform on mtv japan with w-inds…very hot!

  39. i really liked the intro !
    i had no idea where it was going until it finally reached 21 and i was like “that was pretty clever.”
    um … the stage performance was pretty good. i can’t say it was AMAZING but i know it wasn’t lip singing. you could hear their voices. it was just dara’s that threw me off. the digitizer was way too loud.
    CL was awesome and minji was too. blew my mind !
    bom still needs to get more confidence . once that’s done, she’ll be awesome too . we need to hear more of dara ! i want listen to her real voice (:
    i agree with what someone said earlier. that if they perform on music core, we could hear their voices more.
    love 2NE1 though and can’t wait for more (:

  40. OMONA! that was amazing! it lived up to everything and all the expectations!

    my favorite has got to be minji [cuz she is my age and she is awesome!], she has an amazing rapping voice and im in love with that. next is definitely cl, as the leader she has got it going on! i love her in shades, she can totally rock them!
    then i like bom, even though i dont like her that much, her voice is amazing and as the main vocalist, she rocks it!
    last but not least is dara! she is def. the prettiest but i feel like the weakest, but not in a bad way. i can def. see her improving in the future and becoming amazing!
    overall, i loved it!

    2ne1 ❤
    T.O.P x]

    ps. keep posting on 2ne1, it really helps! 😀

  41. YES YES YES!!!
    they totally rocked it XDDD.
    and i can honestly say i have the BIGGEST CRUSH on minji n CL.

  42. no, they didn’t lived up to my expectations. maybe i expected too much, but i thought they were going to debut differently? bb did their own solo dances when they debut so why would yg do the same thing? another thing is, i’m disappointed with their intro dances. i wouldve thought that minji wouldve done some popping but all she did was attempt to krump. dara and bom, i’ll give them the benefit of the doubt because they’re not strong dancers, but why are they trying to look sexy? it’s really not looking good on bom and cl’s chair dance reminds me of britney spears. and why the heck was minji glaring so much in the clip?
    however, they did rock their performance. you can actually hears cl’s real voice, which sounds better than the song. but for some reason i feel like the stage is lacking something.

    they totally did(:
    damn theyre good 😀

  44. danggg, they are gewd !
    : D im soo happy, that
    made my dayy . oh yeahh,
    also made my dayyyy !!
    ; )

  45. Í didn’t really have som special expectations, I just looked forward to see their performance, and I think they were really good! I love it, and I love this song SO MUCH.
    And I loooove the intro, I got goosebombs for some reason.
    And there is just something I love about Dara, I really don’t know what, but just something.. like them all, but there is something special over Dara?

  46. considering my level of expectation it didn’t hit the 100% mark, but I do feel that when they grow as artists they will be able to be amazing(or more amazing)

  47. @BigBangDependent:
    you and i are probably the only ones who can actually see that dara has that special something that makes her deserving to be a part of 2ne1. haha^^ i kinda feel bad for her. but, i can see why they’re saying that though.

    omo!! it’s young bae oppa’s BIRTHDAY!! (only 3 days after my birthday…!^^) SAENGIL CHUKHA HAMNIDA!!!<3 lots of love from MALAYSIA!!! best wishes and i hope young bae oppa gets a good rest and lots of love~~ saranghamnida oppa^^ hwaiting!!


  48. that was a great performance! their outfits was great. i loved the way they came out and went into the elevator and met at the 21st floor. they are soooo much different than other groups wearing sneakers instead of high heels and wearing modern clothing instead of fru fru sugar plum princess outfits. ummm good job 2ne1 and good luck with the rest of ur debut! 😀

  49. Damnnn, YEAHHHHHH i think they did.
    I love this performence. Sooo YG =]
    Niceeeee, i love their shoes! Puahaha i even
    love Sandara’s hair. the palm tree.
    wow, fans know the words already.

  50. OHMY :]
    I LOVED IT (:
    Totally up to my expectations!
    2NE1 is hereee :]


    Sandara wasn’t good! You can blame it on the backing track on the mic what ever you wish but she wasn’t good! If she was going to lip sync she should have have lip sync the whole thing and not sing bits and pieces! It sounds really patchy!

    CL held the group together [she was GREAT]. Minji was good but could have done better. Park Bom was disappointing because I know she can do a lot better! I think all of them need to work on breathing a bit more.

    They need to change the backing, theres too much vocal on it.

    So in the end no they did not live up to the hype and I really do hope they sort out whatever it is for the next stage performane!

  52. i know YG chooses someone based mainly on their talents
    that’s why i always have hope and expectation on sandara
    i hope she’s not just what i saw from this debut stage
    anyway this is just their debut stage
    i know they’ll get better
    and i hope i can see dara getting better and better as well
    on the other hand, i think i dig minji more than CL now
    the maknae rocks xD

  53. Park Bom kinda upset me a little with her vocals. they really werent that strong which suprised me a little. Shes been with YG for a while and even participated in Big Bangs songs.

    CL… CL i freaking adore you >.< She is just freaking awesome. She gives off that fierceness that is just like WHOA. I can see why she was picked as leader.

  54. […] 2NE1: Intro & Debut Stage on Inkigayo The golden question, “Do you think 2NE1 lived up the expectations?” Download UPDATED WITH HQ […]

  55. I don’t know if it’s totally true, but i read in soompi someone posted a comment saying that they performed 6 times that day and the performance that was actually aired was the last performance they did…
    it’s post #4 in this page at soompi…
    my internet is a little bit slow so i couldn’t load the page of the link provided…

  56. i posted the wrong link…sorry…but anyways, it’s the 4th post (post #6224) in page 312

  57. def. yes!! i hv officially shortlisted cl and bom as .y fav!

    cl presence on stage was really strong. she cld carry off the image of a leader of the uprising girls and also she,s like a representative of the 21st century girls! ^^;;

    2ne1 fighting!!

  58. i love CL, she reminds me of GD a lot, look at her style, her necklace.. haha.. minji is cool too.. the leader and the maknae. they rock the stage!! bommie and dara was just too cute.. hehe!!

  59. Hot performance and I thought they did good for their debut and I loved the individual dances and the elevator CL and Minji were awesome my favs

  60. I loved their first stage! When Bommie first came out in the INTRO I was like “uh oh, damn, get ’em BOM” lol. I felt she was kinda jipped in the song though, cant really showcase her amazing voice. This isnt the first time she’s been on stage.
    AND for God’s sake can someone take that shit off of Dara’s head! She’s a freakin DR Suess character.
    BTW, I love CL’s hair! Too bad I couldnt pull that off. 😦
    But Bommie and CL are my favorites. 🙂

  61. OH and I thought they could of turned the track down a bit and let their mic’s be louder so I could hear them better.

  62. intro was very cool !
    and agreed with the comment above !
    shudve let their mic’s be louder
    but overall !

    i love the intro 😀 haha
    and CL and minji are so cool 😀

  63. About the golden question.
    They do lived up my expectation.

    Hey we can’t expect that much for their first time right?
    Come on, even Big Bang doesn’t BOOM on their first time.
    Slowly but Surely, 2ne1 will bring us to the new era of Kpop.
    They are so different from others all-girls group.
    I’m so proud of them. seriously.

    *CL is just too awesome*

  64. OHH MAN<3 i so love 2ne1 now 😀

  65. wow they were great. i love the intro. hellu sick. at first i was like what? 17th floor? for what? and then i realized. awesome 😀 i wouldnt call this debut “special”, but it surely is good :] and CL’s tape thing reminds me of GD’s phone. ahhaha 😀

  66. lemme just say, hooray to 2NE1.
    Finally debuted xD
    i liked it when the fans sing along
    hmm, hard to answer
    yes & no.
    because at times i just wasn’t feeling it.
    but they areee new, i guess it will take getting used to.
    Man, i LOVED the intro 😉
    That was awesome-fulls 😉
    And the debut was fab too,
    they were all good! (Y)
    Can’t wait for more! Go 2NE1
    WOOOOOOOOOOT *fangirl scream*

  67. @singhi26 I read about the ‘6 times’ thing on soompi as well, but I really don’t know if its true because its like were they that bad they had to record it 6 six times? if that wasn’t the case why did they chose the last performance to air?

  68. i totally love the song and i really like all 4 girls – and park bom & cl definitely have the attention from the audience ^^ i am so looking forward to their next songs 🙂

    as for the performace:
    well, the intro was really cool – i like it alot.
    sometimes i felt the recording was louder then their live voices. i mean, it’s live and you can hear that, but at some parts it was like the voice was cracking so they tuned up the recording.
    i also felt that bom’s voice was a little weak, which surprised me. cl was good in shape, minji was better than i thought and dara will get better next time.

    they will definitely improve, i mean it was their first time on stage. see where our beloved big bang is today! ❤

  69. @aboundlesslimit

    they also noted on the soompi forums how there could have been a vast array of reasons why they had to rerecord the show- camera malfunctions, mic malfunctions, etc. maybe dara’s palm tree got too heavy and she toppled over lol who knows

    i don’t really think it was because they suck like hell and the performance they aired was the best.

  70. I think they did a good job,
    sometimes it did feel kinda dead
    but that might be because there wasn’t the constant fangirl screaming I’m used to hearing in the background.
    And I dunno but did they get a new cameraman or something the shooting seemed kinda off.

    Is it just me or does Minji look like she could pass for DaeSung’s LiL sister. I like her fierce attitude though she’s a total savage.

    Bom is just too cute. I know they gave her a sexy dance to do but I always found myself thinking “aww how cute” Seriously I think I want her as my little sister even though she’s older than me.

    CL seems a little crazy but awesome. And I’m so loving her hair.

    Dara… Hmm she gives off a different vibe from the rest.
    Yeah I can’t pin it either but she does seem cool in her own way.
    And can someone do this girl a favor and change her hairstyle.
    Go with the braids and hat frome the Fire MV.

    I’m looking foward to their next stage cause this one just seemed off for some reason that I can’t pinpoint.

  71. R3N@:
    i totally second you on the Daesung’s little sister comment. my friend pointed out to me that she looked like daesung. and then i looked again, and HAHAHAA yea she does look like him.

  72. i’m not impressed. I expected alot more from these girls. their style is vey YG and I like that but i’m still not really impressed.
    2NE1 HWAITING!! ❤

  73. i’m not impressed. YG must think very hard before debuting Dara in 2NE1 in the first place.. why? because you will see why Sandara Park (Dara) faded in the Philippines. THe reason why, simple she’s not that talented. Her spotlight fades when new artists was introduced. She cannot compete with them due to her lack of voice skills and her dancing is not that good.Maybe in the future you will realized that she will be lip sync the whole time, to cover her bad voice.

    I know a lot of dara because I saw her many times performing in the Philippines. And it was not good.

    I hate some articles comparing Dara to BoA. BoA is a star, dara is not.

    That’s my opinion.

  74. were they lip syncing?

  75. even an ass could tell they weren’t lipsyncing. . .wat kind of idiot are you to even ask this question?

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