yep. it’s that time again. i remember i did this last yr. now i’m doing it again!

nice banner made by kim aka kaykaynwhybee | she left some subliminal messages in it πŸ˜›

sorry we didn’t do this sooner, since the 17th here is technically the 18th over in korea. we’re a tad-bit late, but that was cuz i was too tired from the EPIK MOVEMENT CONCERT, which BTW WAS AMAZING!!!!
omg. luckily i bumped into jess & yvonne from LA MEET&GREET08, otherwise me & KAT woulda been all the way in the back of the line (we came late). anyways, that’s a whole different post! will update later.

but this is to dedicate YB entering LEGAL STATUS. gosh that’s quite scary. he can do so much more now that he’s a year older lol. one of those times in your life that you take a giant leap. anyway ~
to celebrate this, i created the following to commemorate all that is dong youngbae:

happy birthday love. thanks for taking care of my baby. you are too good of a friend to lose, & i wish i have a friend like you (that was as hot as you too!) the strip says all about what i think of you (LOL) jk.


haha. had to do it.


~ by gdluvzmc on May 17, 2009.

138 Responses to “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAEYANG!”

  1. don’t forget to mention the personality trait of a humble wise man<3
    strength of a tiger, endurance of an athelete

  2. ^ HEYYY i know, you can’t capture that in pictures lameO lol. which is why i didn’t want to use that gif of him humping the floor lol cuz it woulda destroyed my quality. that would cover the pornstar bit. & endurance. & strength. o.O

    lol personality ……… ok u find me a pic there lol!

  3. hm i wonder if they have a picture of him saving that one dog from dying of chocolate LOL

  4. Awwww.This is so damn cute.It really fast that Tae Yang’s bday has arrived.Can’t wait for G-dragon!:D

  5. LOL how does that work? give the dog CPR right? gets the chocolate out of his mouth. LOL
    dunno wat caption i’d write for that!

  6. ohh melly i frigging dig the picture u made!
    and the 21 reasons..gosh..well done! =)
    and you compiled almost all the pictures that i love
    especially the GDYB one ❀
    happy birthday bae
    i seriously couldn’t thank you enough for being there for my baby as well
    you’re his moral support..and his sun
    thanks..for always being a sweetheart
    thanks..for being so sexy and hot on stage
    thanks..for always stimulating me *pervy pervy thoughts* xD
    happy birthday again my dear bae
    I wish you’d shine even brighter than the sun
    continue to pursue music that you love and inspire us πŸ™‚
    i love you…but kwon jiyong more haha!

  7. OMO!!
    I totally forgot about his birthday!! WTHeck!!?!?
    Oh my goodness.. So many things have been going on. & I totally lost my mind..
    When I saw this, I started to cry.. Literally.
    I feel so horrible. I feel like such a bad fan.. 😦
    Mianhe Oppa!!
    Looking at those pictures & reading the reasons just made me fall in love with him all over again.
    Happy 21st Birthday Lover. TeeHee. πŸ˜›
    God, he’s getting old. X|

  8. happy birthday taeyang we love taeyang i love g dragon

  9. saengil chukha hamnida taeyang oppa………….

    i hope you’ll continue to inspire people around you……
    and won’t get tired of touching vip’s heart……

    i wsh you good health and super great carreer for the whole group…….

    thank you so much for being a best bud to my jiyong……

  10. Omg Happy Birthday Bae~~~~! <333

    Wish I had make a bday banner for him or something. ; 3; <333 But I’m glad there’s one up in the header! D

  11. [ got cut D: ]

    Aww, I like the reasons. Except I don’t ever think his face looks constipated when he poses in pix. Hahaha, nah, no way.

    LMAO@#12 though. I SO was not thinking of his hands. >D

  12. 생일 μΆ•ν•˜ν•œλ‹€!
    Happy 21st Birthday, Bae!

    Acrostic poem – YOUNG BAE
    Ya, Dong Young Bae ah~! Do you have any idea the kind of affect you have

    On me? My Heart is crazy beatin’, my smile is never fadin’. Makes me turn to you “Day by Day.” Do you know the kind of spell you have me

    Under? My eyes are fixed starin’, my body slowly movin’, matching the beat of the song you singin’

    “Naman Barabwa…” Yes, Only Look at me! Do you have a clue how much love I got for you? The talent you showcasin’, the way you always

    Grinnin’. Oh, boy, can’t get enough of that smile you forever rockin’ that makes me want to stay “Forever With You.”

    Bebe, this is what you do to me, that’s why I’m gonna be by your side cheerin’ you on and lovin you

    “Always.” I take this time to wish you a Happy Birthday, and pray that you will always be healthy and happy. I-VIPs will be here ’til the

    End, through thick and thin. Love. Support. Encouragement. We Got Your Back. ALWAYS DOUBLE “B.” ALWAYS VIP. ALWAYS 1.4.3.

    Verna noona

    for video tribute go to iluvmybae@LJ or hiimverna@youtube

  13. HAPPY BDAY TAEYANG~~~β™₯ =]

    btw i LOVE the pics+captions πŸ˜€

  14. Haaaappy Birthday YoungBae!!!!
    hope you are havong the most awesome day!!!
    thank you for bringing joy to our lives
    will love and support ya for ever!!!
    YB fighting!!!!

    the pics are so cute
    I ❀ the GDYB action ;P
    #1,4 & 12…..will not comment
    loved the commentary
    had me laughing a lot ;D


    i hope you had a
    wonderful birthdayyy !
    stay modest, and take
    care ! πŸ™‚ GOD BLESS !

    I’m so sorry. I didn’t even know that it was your birthday today until I checked it here. thanks to BIG BANG FANSITE.lol
    I don’t really have a specific favorite in BIG BANG ( I LOVE you all)
    but since your the one that I stalk most of the time and always brings joy to my heart,
    I would say that I probably chose you over them, (If I’m forced to).
    I kid. I would chose you anyday.
    You don’t know how much you make me smile
    I admire your personality towards your fans, co-workers, and especially music.
    You always work hard to enlighten every BIG BANG performances.
    I cant thank you enough for inspiring me, and continually supporting your co-members.
    I will always think of you, and be a fan of yours forever.
    I hope that you’ll achieve all your dreams because you deserve it.
    Please always take care of yourself and always remember that I and all VIP’s around the world will continually support and love BIG BANG!

    λ‹€μ‹œ 생일 μΆ•ν•˜
    λΉ…λ±… Hwaiting!

    항상 그리고 μ˜μ›νžˆ

  17. HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOUNGBAEβ™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯
    i love you
    i hope your having the best birthday of your lifeee πŸ˜€
    lol at the pics xD
    the last one.


  19. happy birthday taeyang we love taeyang

  20. oppa happy birthday!!


  22. Dong Young Bae!
    Dong Young Bae!
    Dong Young Bae!

    WOOHOO! 21! Twen-ty-one!! man, oh, man
    I am so excited for you Tae Yang!

    Saengil Chukha hapnida!!

    Have the best one by YB<3:D

  23. happy birthday bebe! hope that you can become the best you can be because i know you can do it:}
    take care and know that you have a LOT of fans around the world like me! keep on smiling, dancing, singing cuz you brighten my day, u are my tae yang^_^

    ps. i dont speak korean but i love your music.(bb and urs)

  24. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BAE!!!!!!!!
    hope you have a wonderful birthday
    and have a great time celebrating it with your
    members and close friends and families
    we will forever support you no matter what happen <3333

    i totally love the 21 reasons why we love youngbae you put together lol…love all the picture you use…but i must say the one of GDYB have to be my total FAVORITE since i’m a total GDYB fans hehe…

  25. OMFG!!! I can’t believe my man is legal…well hey hey, I’m legal in the states. Hehe. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO MY HONEYBUNCHESOFLOVE DONG YOUNGBAE!!!! Anyway…OMG!!! You went to the Epik High Concert!? The SF one!? CAUSE I WENT TOOO!!! IT WAS AAAAAMMMMMAAAAAZZZZZZZIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNGGGGGGGG!

  26. ahhh; the 21 reasons are VERY truee. BAEby<3 (;

  27. Happy Awesome Birthday YongBae/Tae Yang! I hope you’re happily celebrating this wonderful day and I hope get everything you want! Enjoy it and have a great one this year ❀

  28. to the hottest sun…happy BIRTHDAY!!!!!

  29. HAPPY BDAY 2 youngbae aka taeyang πŸ™‚ wooohhooo…he is d hottest sun πŸ™‚ saengil chukkahamnida taeyang oppa πŸ˜‰ may u have a great 21st bday

    you are truly an inspiration.
    your words, your smile, your voice, the amount of dedication you put into everything you do, your kind heart, your talent, and just everything about you makes you an amazing person ❀
    i hope you have a wonderful birthday.
    youngbae fighting!
    wishing you only the best…saranghae! <33

    My facebook status x]
    Now he’s way to old for me and legal!
    I even wore my Taeyang socks today :]

    Happy birthday to you!
    Everything about you makes your unique!
    You’re so adorable and I hope you have a fantabulous birfffday..

  32. omg i am soo happy he reached 21 all his dreams are comming through ..i hope to meet u some day YB
    4 and 9 hahahaha 11 oh yes he will ..12 hahaha those handsss

  33. hahahaha omg! this was amazing!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAEYANG!! love you! and hopefully one day i will get to meet you and see you in a concert with your boys!!


  35. omg, happy birthday tae yang! dong youngbae!
    you are the epitome of a real man
    your my inspiration and i wish you the best

  36. Happy Birthday Love:)

  37. HAHA I love this, gave me a good laugh πŸ™‚
    Happy 21st to our YB, and thanks to him for taking care of our other BB members πŸ™‚


  38. Happy birthday YoungBae!
    Thank you for your wonderful, sunny smile! Continue to inspire us with your music. Enjoy life! I know you’re happy today. If you’re not, then count your blessings and there’s no reason not to be happy ryt? Please thank your parents for giving us a wonderful person to look up to! Be safe always! We love you!

    TaeYang, you are the center of my universe!

  39. omgd its not even his birthday in the time zone im in…
    oh well!

  40. Happy Birthday Youngbae ! wish u all dhe best for dhe future ! hope u will continue to become a great singer !((:

  41. awwww happy birthday youngbae! i mean taeyang! we love u!

  42. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, YoungBae!?!?
    Love you lots. Have a wonderful year. πŸ™‚

  43. с Π΄Π½Π΅ΠΌ роТдСния tae yang!
    hopefully this day is filled with lots of booze.
    lotsa hugs and kisses

  44. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY B-DAY TAE YANG!!! <333 always~

  45. Happy Birthday YoungBae/Tae Yang!! Love him and I love the 21 reasons they are so true

  46. happy bday!!

  47. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAEYANG!!<3 may this year be as great as all of your other wonderful years, and if not, better! and may all your wishes come true^^ you don’t know how much you brighten up my day everytime i listen to your music or see your smiling face. saranghaeβ™₯

    btw melly, i couldn’t agree more with the 21 reasons!

  48. Happy Birthday BAE! i LOVEs you lots! MUAHX! * 21+


  50. Happy Birthday Taeyang!!β™‘β™‘β™‘

  51. Happy Happy Birthday Sol! I just adore this guy for his talents, sexiness, appeal but most of all his down to earth and sweet persona.

  52. Happy Birthday Tae Yang =DDD
    Hope you will always be happy, be positive and keep on smiling! We love you =DD

  53. homg happYBirthday, YB! πŸ™‚ love this! πŸ™‚

    oh, i made a vid for him too…. enjoy!! πŸ™‚

    we love you taeyang!!

  54. HappyBirthday TaeYangOppa !! (:
    Havee a good 21stbirthdayy πŸ˜€

  55. Happy Birthday Dong Young Bae!!! You’re such a decent person a great man a great friend i will love to have a friend like you! i wish the best in your life <333 GO Tae Yang!!!!!!

  56. What I thought was a dream
    Make a wish
    Was as real as it seemed
    happy birthday
    What I thought was a dream
    make a wish

    And from the Heavens to the womb to the Heavens again.
    From the ending to the ending, never got to begin.
    Maybe one day we can meet face to face,
    in a place without time and space.
    Happy birthday.

  57. OMG! crap i forgot it was his birthday today,
    since im so busy,
    SOrry TAE TAE!
    well anywas haooy birthday&&congrats on being 21 bby!
    Cool well i hope you have a good birthday with Big BAng.
    HAppy BIrthday! (:

  58. Happy Birthday Youngbae-oppa!
    Thank you for being such an inspiring person. I truly look up to and respect you because of who you are. Through all the hard times and good times you keep things down to Earth. You keep our Bongie company (love you Ji) and help him when he needs it. You make us laugh with your little “wah!” and the youngbae “rar” moment. You make us cry when we see you cry (the award night) and you drive us all crazy with that drop dead sexy body of yours (hot concert).
    I wish you all the best. The best days of your life, the best music you can make, the best friends you can have. I hope that this year as you continue to evolve and inspire us with more music that you stay the cute, ever playful, shy young man that weve all come to love.

    stay hot&sexy
    and ur very inspiring

    love youuuuuuuuuu πŸ™‚

  60. youngbae!!!!!!!
    i hope you continue to strive to do your best, and keep singing those beautiful songs with your honeyed voice

  61. LOL i love the 21 reasons.

    happy birthday! (saegachuka hamnida!)


  63. aaaahhhhhhhhh..
    happy birthday..
    over here is a day late soo …
    it’s a late biethday..

  64. hepi birthday yb oppa…..!!!!sraanghae…!!! gud luck on ur career…!!! luv u…t8 care…! t8 care of others memebers for me too k…!!! hehe…bb hwaiting….!

  65. HBB TAE YANG ❀

  66. happy birthday taeyang
    saranghayo ❀

  67. Happy Birthday Baebae!!! Can’t believe I almost forgot about it!
    Damn you’re already on legal age anywhere!!!
    You can hit the clubs right now and be an adult!
    But then… I love your innocence and inner strength and determination.
    Keep rocking that HOT BODY and your SMILING EYES!
    Thanks for being a very good friend too with Jiyong and the rest of BB!
    Damn I wanna say more but I have to cut this short…
    …I love you dear!!! Cheers to a new year! ^^

  68. btw melly i love your 21 reasons why we love Taeyang. #11 gives me chills, because I know he’ll make a great dad someday. =)
    and now exactly 3 months from today Jiyong will be an adult too! ^^

  69. Happy Birthday Tae Yang oppa! Love you!

  70. again. saeng il chukahae.. the SUN of BIG BANG.
    i’m sad.T__T we didn’t finish our collab for our Bae Baertday Project.
    no one really participated. i just manged to get the lyrics done.
    the shy boyl.. that totally changes when performing on stage..!!!!
    keep that humble personality of yours BAE..fufu
    we love you. you make us fangirls.. ohhh~~ CRAZY~~~
    there are many VIPS here in the Philippines.
    haha. we have a text group.
    09156158813.. join us.. pinoy vips..~__~

  71. Happy B-Day Tae Yang you are so hot

  72. Happy Birthday Bae – our Sunny Star
    May u have a marvellous day.
    Wish you all the best.

  73. i like the 21 loves addition thing, creative..
    happy birthday taeyang too, because you are determined hope you always reach your dreams and remember to have fun and enjoy the time..happpyyy birrthhdayy

  74. happie birthday taeyang!!!

    ❀ u

    hope ur having fun!

  75. @kenley omgosh don’t even remind me lol. babe being legal? he’ll probably go to strip clubs all the damn time (not like he’s never been…) >__<

  76. happy bday bae .. πŸ™‚
    wish u’ll get all luck in the world ..
    become more and MORE successful .
    and i hope you’ll BANG USA soon !
    your america debut !! yayy !!

    HAPPY BDAY !!! :))

  77. HappyBirthday TaeYang
    Saranghae Yo….Go..out my Heart To..You
    Real.arabi..comeing.From.:.U.A.E…say…Saranghae:See You Soon.

  78. Happy Bday to taeyang!!
    All the best to you~
    and still LOVE you! haha <33
    True 21 reasons..you wrote a great post LOL ^^

  79. HBD Tae yang
    You is the best.

  80. Happy birthday Tae Yang!
    may all your wishes be fulfilled!
    dont think too much of becoming a year older either!

  81. Happe Birthday!!!!!!!!!I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. Happy Birthday,Tae Yang!!!!!!!!!I hope you will achieve all your aims.You are the BEST,remember it!!



    SARANGHAE <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  84. Happy Birthay bro!
    I wish you that everything in your life goes well and that you keep that sexy daning of yours up!
    Love you, bro!

  85. Happy Birthday Love!!!
    I am so happy that you entered a new phase of your life and I wish you all the love and luck!!!

    ❀ Love you

    <33ILY Have a greatt one!


  88. Happy Birtday Tae Yang =) ❀

  89. Happy 21st Birthday Dong Young Bae!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
    Hope you have a great one. ❀

  90. Happy 21st Birthday Dong Young Bae oppa I hope you like my gift!!! LOL and have many many more!!!!! I love You SOOOOO MUCH!! LOL Your an amazing person from your enchanting musical skills to your self preservating demenor. i will always continue to be your fan I wear sunglasses for all your performances because oppa to HOT HOT!!!! LOL it always sunny with you TaeYang oppa!!!!

  91. Happy Birthday Taeyang ❀

  92. LOL I cant stay off this i mark the date on all my calendars my phone rings at 12am LOL Look Only at me of course by TaeYangshi!!! LOL i’m sooo excited today like something special is going to happen but LOL I hope something special happens to Young Bae oppa because he’s sooo amazing!! Happy Birthday again LOL!!!!

  93. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAEYANG!!!!! <333333333333333333

    you were the first BB member i fell in love with and you will forever be in my heart ❀

    LOVE YOU BAE! <33333

  94. Happy birthday Taeyang! <33
    Frome a fan from Sweden ^^


  95. hey,
    wat a great idea hehe…u did a great job…happpy birthday tae yang!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  96. HAPYY BIRTHDAY TAEYANGGG! I LOVE YOUUU a billion times!! Keep up the great work; ill alaways be here to supportt you and all of ur fans also <3333333

  97. Hahaha melly no.4 u dirty girl.

    Happy Birthday Young Bae!!!! We love you and are proud of you whatever you do, cos you always work your hardest and try your best. I hope you continue to make people smile with your crescent eyes, touch peoples hearts with you voice, and your dance moves…lool no comment. Hope you have an amazing day !!


  98. my youngbae“ahhh~ ❀ (u sexy hunk.)
    happy birthday!
    we (i.) love you so much, and u never fail to put a smile on my face!

  99. ahhhhhhhhhh! its oppa yb birthday! how can i got forget it!
    lol well yeh i luv u so freakin much oppa yb! ur the best! lol
    well i wish u n ur mate succes to more to come! lol and i wsih u a very very happy b-day and make all ur wishes come true! ahhhhhh! im so happy! lol yeh..happy birthday oppa yb! saranhehae!!

  100. hahah….HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAE YANG!!! I LOVE YOU!!…i love how when tae yang smiles…his eyes dissapears…



  103. Happy Birthday Taeyang πŸ˜€ keep shininggg lolz thats probably overused πŸ˜› ADD OIL! XD

  104. Happy Birthday Tae Yang.
    Yeah i know. usually for Birthdays, you guys usually
    would of updated yesterday. Ahh man i wanted to go
    the the Concert. ughh. But yeah Happy Birthday Dong Young Bae.
    Ahhh* he’s finally 21…over here!

  105. Ohhh, Taeyanggg. ❀
    I adore you to death.
    Your smile is so gorgeous.
    Your voice is beautiful.
    Your dancing is hot.
    You care so much about everything & everyone.
    You love everything & everyone & you deserve to be loved back.
    Happy Birthday!

  106. Happy Belated BDay to my hubby!
    I luv u with all my life!
    U will never be torn away from my heart..
    forever mine!

  107. OMG ! He’s so cute !
    Happy Birthday Tae yang !
    Best wishes!
    i hope one day im gonna meet you and big bang too (yn)
    i also wish that big bang will come to make a concert in Canada…
    But i know that’S impossible 8( but i always wish that 8(
    Happy B-day again Dong Young Bae

  108. HAPPY BIRTHDAY YONG BAE !!!!!!!!!!!

    LOVE YOUR SMILE !!!!!!!!!!

    LOVE YOUR VOICE !!!!!!!!!!!

    LOVE YOUR DANCE !!!!!!!!!

    LOVE YOUR BODY 55555!!!!!!!!!


    TAKE CARE ^__^ HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!

  109. @melly haha he probably have been to one but not only because of the girls. hehe. Jiyong would probably hit every place that he feels he has to see because of 1)music or 2)fashion.

  110. happy belated bday TAEYANG!
    sry that i 4get ur bday! :((
    but i wont 4get u XDDD

  111. aww young bae !!
    happy birthday (:
    lovee the 21 reasons πŸ˜€
    well … hope you had a good one … since your birthday was technically yesterday and ..
    well … you all know what i mean . haha
    happy birthday bae ! … again !

  112. Or Happy Late Birthday, Taeyang! Lol.

  113. Happy Birthday, Taeyang!

  114. Whats the subliminal message?!

  115. Happy Belated B’day Dong Young Bae; Tae Yang! May all your dreams come true and continue your hardwork of capturing your fans heart.

  116. @kenley ahhh thanks.
    makes me feel better when you put it that way. i’m disregarding the tranny girls forsureee.

  117. I’m a little bit late.. but whatever.
    hope you had a good day, you deserve the best<3.
    I love you from the bottom of my heart :3 Fighting.

  118. wow this is ridiculously late =__=
    but anyhoo,
    i hope you had a great day yesterday, and were able to have some chill time during your busy schedule!
    thanks for all your hardwork and effort that you put into your performances and everything, you’re friggin’ awesome dude.
    also thanks goes to your caring and supportive role with the boys, i can’t imagine how lucky they are to have a friend like you πŸ™‚

  119. hapy birth day yo~
    i hope u can find 1/2 ur life on ur birth day

  120. i can’t get enough of you,Youngbaeah.
    keep yourself healthy.
    happy b-day.

  121. happy belated b day YB!!!
    even though you are 21 now you’ll still be
    the young awkward taeyang :p lol
    ~LOVE YOU!!!~

  122. Happy Late Birthday, Tae Yang !
    Hope you had a great birthday with everyone(;

  123. Happy Birthday Tae! Well, I’m late…but still, I wish you all the happines!

    Cute and sexy YB!


  124. Happy Belated Taeyang–ahh. You’re six days younger than me!!! xD

    I wish you the best this year!(And me too. xD)

    Shine brighter and hotter every year, mmkay? I expect more great things from you–you’ve come so far!!!!! And it’s amazing witnessing your success and determination-even though from far away–your music is a little inspiration to me–even though small—I appreciate them!! Also, all your fans too, I bet!!!

  125. I’m so sorry for being late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUNG BAE!!!!

  126. what sublimial message?

  127. Omg he has the same dog as me *__*
    boston terrier ❀

  128. http://www.concept59fifty.com/home
    On the Top right corner, Cap ID# is 3447
    RATE IT!! if you love Bebe

  129. aww that little girl;l in that picture is so lucky! she got to touch taeyang!!!!! i ❀ TaeYang!

  130. ..advance happy birthday SOL..wish you all the best..many projects to come:

    =your fan
    mZ. .TOP21

  131. happy birthday to you! i love you so much!

  132. happy birthday taeyangs
    hope you would have a lovely time

  133. HappyBirthday TaeYang ❀
    You Got Lovee All the Way From NewYork <33333

  134. happie birthdaii i’m a bit late but like … I’M A FAN

  135. oh now it taeyang bithday i like u very much and i like ur style very much.i wish u are healty and good luck…:)

  136. no fence but ur dog is so uglyyyyy

  137. Yesterday,taeyang oppa birthday.happy birthday …………..oppa happy kabyar happy too.I love your smile,your eyes ,your voice is very cute.your performances are very good,i like it very much.i remember you every day.i like your all songs.Whenever you do,i always love you.i hope your dream and your wishes will come true.i am always your fan.i love young bae oppa…………………….love …..love……….love……….happy birthday………………………..

  138. you are my dream.i love you……………….

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