Random Life Lesson #1: Healthy BP | Ministry of Justice Spokesmen | the rest of ARENA pix

first, my friend linked me this.

RANDOM LIFE LESSON #1: keep your blood pressure in check!
– although in those rare instances, it PAYS to have high blood pressure HAHA.

credit: ippeiishibashi@youtube

NEXT! our generation’s role models have been appointed spokesmen for the ministry of justice of korea. it’s a great honor to be recognized by your gov’t! big bang is hitting all areas of culture & society. yay them!

just some pix:

^ holding hands!

^ the minister receiving some signed big bang goodies. haha is he a big bang fan? who isn’t!?!?
jiyong’s skin is so immaculate – i’m jealous of you! & i’m totally waiting for this hairstyle to catch on in korea, forreal LOL.

^ TOP’s hair. mmmm >_<

thanks to 큰엄마 @bbvipz

& we’ve seen GD’s & DAE’s SEXY ARENA PIX. now it’s time for the rest of BB to show their hot stuff:
pix under the cut! ————————————>

hehe you’ll like em. i guarantee you. esp SEUNGRI’S LOL


– so this was wat terry richardson was talking about when he meant spitting flowers haha. rose petals must be good for you haha. or he’s love smitten. GRR!
– i love TOP’s fauxhawk. it suits him well.

– YB ~ i was more mesmerized by his shoes. they look very interesting. as for everything else – well we already know he looks good 😛

– this is the one we’ve been waiting for. OMG SR LOL these pants just accent your legs well. i mean… it’s so reflective of your hyung. xD i couldn’t believe my eyes. GD looks a bit trashy, but SR is a lil more sophisticated. haha.

thanks to S @bbvipz

~ by gdluvzmc on May 17, 2009.

64 Responses to “Random Life Lesson #1: Healthy BP | Ministry of Justice Spokesmen | the rest of ARENA pix”

  1. Hahahhahahahahahahahahahahaha xp the video is hilarious! It wudve been disgustg but it turned out really funny =D i thought the dude wud drop dead after all that but instead he had a triumph look like he just saved the world.lol
    Totally worth watching. Thanx for posting it ^^
    I think dae looks the sexiest in the arena picture. Top looks like hes choking on flower petals. Lol. Overall, they all look hot ❤

  2. wooo YoungBae…..Happy Birthday xD X333

  3. totally in love with TOP’s pic!!!!

    never knew a guy eating rose petals would look so DAMN HOT! ^^

    thanks for the pictures!

    mel: sorry i didn’t even get to talk to you much at the concert. wish i had more time in LA to hang out together. maybe next time. are you planning to go to ISA in LA?

  4. i love SR’s arena pic!

    seungri just looks so friggin cute
    im loving Taeyangs pose and pout
    everything bout TOPs is hawt too. eyes, clothes, roses xD
    ahahaa i still love the DaeDae one the mostest
    the guyliner in these pics is friggin amazing with their eyes

    btw im lol at the vid. so weird

  6. oohh~~ love GD’s pic.. same as DARA’s outfit..
    DARA is setting trend in korea these days.. oh well change topic.:DD
    fuf.. i fell for Seungri’s pic.. for..ohh infinty..
    Bang’ the boys..
    looking forward to jiyong’s another..
    controversial. hairstyle. hoho.
    GD is ABSOLUTE. no one DARE to COMPARE.
    ima GRI shipper ❤

  7. WOW BB is dominating different kind of aspects!!!
    Where is Daesung on the spokesman thing??? Recording FO??

    SR is delicious!! OMG I just didnt say tht!!lol
    I am interested on YB shoes too!!!
    The rose petals in TOP’s mouth is so lucky…I will trade anything to be those rose petals!!!lol

  8. BTW GD’s hair is so LUCIOUS!!! haha

  9. Omo…Ahh~ Baby following in JiYong’s footsteps of fashion. Trashy? Mmm…I like GD’s ripped jeans better.<3 But I would love to have both of those sexy pairs of legs in those jeans any day xP

  10. Err.. honestly? I looked at Seungri and though EWWW!! I don’t think he can really pull off that look. And those pants are gross.

    SORRY, SR fans!

  11. LOL @ that video, in most cases it’s not that easy.
    I didn’t even IMAGINE it was a tea ad, tho. XD
    Lol, even gov’t is a big bang fan 😉
    Seriously WHO DOESNT LOVE THEM! <33
    Ahahah, they’re all holding hands! How cuuute!!!
    Omg, Top’s HAIR! Love it 😉
    Whoa, look at those arena pics XD
    Damn, Seungri.
    I agree, TOPS Fauxhawk is awesome!
    And taeyang’s HOT x) hbd hottie =D

  12. oh & LOOK AT TOPS FACE!!! XD

  13. Yeah i think GD suited the pants better.
    Go GD =)

  14. wait, what? ministry of justice? huh?

    oh damn.. top looks damn hot. he can eat my flowers any day. wait…what?

  15. ahhhhhhhhhhhh o.o drool over d pics :p

  16. hahaa ..
    tabi ate the flowers .. xPP .
    the manager should give him another food .
    lol . kidding .
    he looks sooo HOT !
    tae yang too .
    and of course ..
    the strong baby , seung ri-ya~ ..

  17. lol i sense more dirty minds coming along. esp dealing w/ them rose petals.

    @janie haha yea. it’s ok. i was kinda mad cuz i was right outside arena! but u know why i couldn’t go in >_<

    fosho i’m down for isa.
    it depends if james makes it up to me. LOL

  18. hahahah LOL at the video 😀
    gosh BABY shocked me outta the crap!
    i thought he had a good time stealing his hyung’s clothes
    now he’s following his style
    omg..idk what to say anymore hahaha
    tabi eating petals is plain plain sexy and HOT!
    Bae looks fine as usual lol

  19. honestly…
    when they were holding hands…
    my hand shot straight to G-RI!
    and the high blood pressure thingy xD
    gosh what a joke is that!

  20. My man Seung Ri is HOT! Baby is gorgeous ❤

  21. my Baebae looks like he’s stading on high heels

    love is high heels
    the end ( 2% CF)

    Ri in leggings LOL

    i wonder if Bong’s pant are from Baebae ( Prayer – performance ) just be ripped a little more 😀 just kidding

  22. Hawt!
    Top&GD have the same shirts don’t they?
    At least, Gd at the show with w-inds has similar shirt.

  23. dude Korean commercials are the best! and Daesung’s pic is ma favorite!

  24. I love TOP’s best he looks so hot with the flower in his grip!

  25. big bang and the minister holding hands~ that’s cutee.
    i wanna hold tabi’s hand toooo!

    and tabi looking sexay with those petals >__< gosh that’s HOT!

  26. that video was SOOO random!!! XDDD
    oh man.
    those arena pictures are… quite some pictures. =/
    congrats BB for becoming the image of ministry of justice. =) wow, just saying that makes it feel as if their going to be police men or something.

  27. oh my dang!
    those pics…..HOT!!!
    TOP looks seeexay!!! ;P
    TY’s pic his face looks so innocent
    the cute bad oy type
    and now SR….no comment!

    so they’re spokesmen for the ministry of justice eh?!
    that’s so awesome
    the hand-holden is just adorkable!
    LMAO atthe guy getting the BB goodies
    lucky fool 😀

    the vid was so random

  28. ahh, of all Arena photoshoot, i still like Jiyongiee’s the most! muahaha xD

  29. lolzzzz…yup agree…the video so random…lolzzzz…XD
    awwwww~i love those pic~
    tabi being so sexyyyyyyyyy~XD
    bae look good as usual~
    waaaa~omg~baby!!!!~~~~haha~well~fresh for me~XD
    awwwww~love it!!!!~~~
    hehe~but most my favorite still GD<<<<33333

  30. my baybae makes me giggle with his lips<3
    && tops turnin to a vegetarian i see lol.
    but i’m kinda madd they have even MORE make up

  31. holy crap. seungri is really channeling bongie XD He’s cute as hell yet freaking sexy. Sex should not look like that XD Maknae your corrupting me with that pic

  32. omg TOP looks sooo hot! isn’t there a group pic though? i like this photoshoot! but i think the clothes may not be chosen by them. its the concept for the shoot, so even though some of you may think the pants dun look as good on SR, it doesnt mean he will wear it often!!

  33. Bae looksss soo good OMG by the Way happy 21st Birthday!!!! Hope he liked my gift!!!! LOL

  34. Bae, happy burstday!

  35. Happy birthday Taeyang! ^ ^
    Tabi look so freaking cute in his picture, and i don’t usually say cute and top in the same sentence it’s usually smokin lol
    Taeyang’s face is priceless haha
    O.O……<-Flat lined)
    I think just feel in love with Seungri all over again, i mean i’ve been waiting to see his picture and now that i have i just can’t stop staring at it. *Posting as wallpaper*

  36. Woah~ Those Arena pics are HOT!!!

  37. by the way..
    where is DaeSung???

  38. TOP….


  39. seungri is soo cutee ❤

  40. happiee beedayy young baee .>

  41. OMG! *SQUEEE*


    bucket full ‘o sex! xD haha. i never really thought of him as ‘sexy’ until THIS PICTURE! DARN BOYY!!

    YB’s adorable pouty face owns mee (happy birthday babyboyyb!)


  43. where is my dae dae in those pics with the qovernor.?

  44. omg bong’s hair is soo ugly
    he should stop trying to be different man his not even cute
    he look like a rat.
    god i cant stand hiM!!!!!!


    but omfg. TOP.. ARENA.. <33333333333

  46. Puahaha, the video. LMFAO!
    Yay, Big Bang. Where’s Dae Sung?
    Ooh, holding hand. i wouldn’t mind being in the
    middle of Seungri & G-Dragon. Aww i love how
    G-Ri is holding hands though.
    G-Dragon’s hair is catching on….EVERYWHERE!
    Ooh, TOP. I love his fauxhawk. look’s hot!
    Tae Yang. wow, these 3 actually look the same-ish.
    But G-Dragon’s & Dae Sung’s damnn it looks more different.
    Yes i like Seungri’s. Awwww i want flowers, from him =]

  47. where is dae??? awww.. dont tell me me missed this!! how come he did!! that’ sad!!!

  48. wow those areana pics XD
    SR baby trying to look lik GD wif the striped pants :DDD
    top and daedae looking HOT!
    bae still looking same~:)
    counting down for 24june…

  49. @ Jan.. its a Japanese commercial lol.
    & the Arena pics are so juicy. ❤

  50. raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawr my baby is SO HOT LMAAAAO . smeeeeexiiie MAYN RAWR. LMAO. did someone even notice thaat baby has gain weight ? ;o ‘ ❤ rawr it made him MORE AND MORE SEXY !!!!! X] . oooh geeez . he put thoose pantsss so WEELL ARG WHAAAAT a RAWR MAYN LMAO . I WANT HIM !

  51. That’s really cool that Big Bang got that honor. Proud of them yo. <33

    Aww, the holding hands thing is sweet. ^^

    I love Tabi’s hair, just right now. Perfect. Sexy. x]

    And the ARENA photos… Woot, Tabi won in it for me. Loved his sexy hot photo.

    Ya, Bae is always lookin’ good. But he didn’t do anything to me this time. Rofl.

    Now SeungRi. Dayum. Sexy face srsly. 8D

  52. Haha, that commercial is hilarious!
    I ended up showing it to 3 other people =D
    TOP has shiny hair *__*
    And Terry Richardson….. You couldn’t force TOP and Taeyang to show some skin?

  53. OMG OKAY, i do not LIKE BONG’S HAIR! LOL. now its just pushing it! xD
    and BAE’s..LIPS…. LMAO omggggggg<3 SO HOT :OOOOOOOOOOOOO
    TABIIIIIIIII WOAHHHh, i loved his old hair ;D super sexy. it was like. made for him HAHA<3

  54. ahhhhh~~i love TOP’s picture ♥
    hehe SR is funny ^^

  55. wow.!
    love TOP’s picture.
    he looks totally different.

  56. Bong looks so cute with the new hairstyle 😀 it’s weird, ’cause I don’t like the hairstyle it self, so much.. but it just fit Bong, so I think it looks cute xD.. well, everything looks good on Bong, that must be the explanation (i’m so not sure about that word is spelling right!)
    – And OMG, when I saw TOP’s pic. I was like “omg o_o hotty hotty hotty”.. TOP is always hot, BUT THIS PIC? wauw.. i’m in love with that picture d;
    – I don’t lake Bae’s /: it looks a little bit weird? but.. he’s amazing anyways<3
    Haha, I love seungri to death, but this pic is.. lol d;
    BIG BANG FIGHTING<33333333333333

  57. Kay : “omg bong’s hair is soo ugly
    he should stop trying to be different man his not even cute
    he look like a rat.
    god i cant stand hiM!!!!!!”
    Sorry,guys…I couldn’t help not replying to this comment.What’s wrong with him being different? If he’s not cute enough or you can’t stand him…If you can’t say anything nice about him,then don’t say shit about the smexy GD.

  58. ^
    woooh, go theresa!
    waah, she tease my precious Bong! =(

    btw, i just noticed G-Ri!!!!
    *fangirl scream*

  59. aww sr with ripped jeans looks cute but i think gd looks better x). Gd’s hairstyle remember me a pic of Paris Hilton with the same one, anyway gd still hot with any hairstyle ><.

  60. @ Lena : Thanks 😀 Mmmh…Have facebook or hotmail? xDD I JUST FEEL SO LOVED…Wanna be friends? ^_^

  61. […] Random Life Lesson #1: Healthy BP | Ministry of Justice Spokesmen | the rest of ARENA pix first, my friend linked me this. RANDOM LIFE LESSON #1: keep your blood pressure in check! – although in those rare […] […]

  62. LOL that video was so random but funny
    aah their hair is so silky
    i want to run my hand through gd’s hair!

  63. OH MY GAWD. finally tabi’s and the rest of arena pics
    i love u guys (:

  64. wahh GD’s hair is so shiny!~
    I love Taeyang’s smiling face : )

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