Feedback on Your Comments


Melly and I did a non-indepth discussion about the comments via tweeting.

Refer to the original post: Leave Comments for BBFansite

[feedback from momo]: i had to print and proof read everything. Even though there are 76 comments but still that’s like more than two thousand words in total. Anyway, I am only gonna touch on the editorial/operation where as on the technical/management side, i leave that part to Melly.

[feedback from melly]: my comments will be in green. i went through all your concerns on the previous post & will try to address it all as best i can.

NOTE: i would like to express a few things so you all can see this: thanks for your concerns & opinions. a forewarning: i am writing this at 4AM & re-reading some of the comments honestly annoyed the crap out of me, so you might sense some hostility in my tone, but it’s more “a-matter-of-fact” than hostile. ^_^

you should keep in mind that what we do at bbfansite – we do this out of the goodness of our hearts, to share with you the things we enjoy, & to give you something to enjoy. to ask, & to some extent, aggressively suggest that we do this & that doesn’t make me want to do them for you. we are people with lives outside of the fansite & have school/work to do. so please be respectful to the staff & give thanks whenever you come by & check out our posts. i personally read every comment made on my posts & it makes me happy when you like what i post.

Big Bang’s Solo Updates:

Let me be clear on this, there is no BIAS here. And when i said there isnt, means there isnt. I know its a BigBang Fansite and the content BigBang related of course. However when i post something, i usually leave a comment, a reason why it was posted at the first place.

Yes i noticed that TaeYang has been in the centre of attention lately because he’s the only one who has been very active and articulate with the fans. Because of lacking BigBang news, i feel that the site should not be left empty with the unnecessary posts. So if it means posting non stop on one particular member, just to keep you in the loop, yeah will continue to do so. Either its GD, Seungri, Top Or DaeSung, i would still post them as i did with TaeYang.

— there’s a few things to clarify. pointing fingers isn’t the right way to go. first of all, many of you tend to confuse me for vicky. she & i have different styles when creating posts. this is for another section, but to accuse me of being the one giving attention to gd & sr – the gd part might be true, but vicky is mrs. lee, not i.

5 individuals make up BB. there is no bias whatsoever on our site. we post whatever we can, whenever we can. some members tend to have more things going on for them at different times, not necessarily all at once. if it was like that, then there wouldn’t be time for BB as a group to be active. so to end your requests of “i want more top” – that in itself entails bias. you want more of a specific member, then that has some hypocrisy tied to it. you cannot ask more of a certain person w/o upsetting others. so my advice: stop asking for more of a specific person. if you can’t accept that, i suggest you googling fansites for individuals & have a nice day.


News /Pictures Updates:

It’s a given that news circulate from one forum to another. So what we do here, is we help to compile everything related to BigBang/YG and post it under one roof to make it easier for you to go through without jumping here and there.

Redundant as it sound, its not a simple job. Its time consuming and for me, when i post, i go throught the articles and decide whether i should place it here or not. Doesnt mean its BigBang related, everything will be park here. No, thats not how i work.  If i think its a good story, only then i’ll post. And sometimes, out of habit, i’ll do follow up with KVIPz for more details.

Some requested for more pictures to be updated here. Ok honestly, i wont be doing that at all. Reason? Because, as some of you are aware, we BBFansite did face a few problems with BBVIPz. Problems like providing download links and stuff. That was in fact our second case with them. The first one involved pictures.

Question here is that permission wasnt not being asked or granted for anyone to upload the vid as your own or post pictures elsewhere. To make long story short, i have dealt with it and both parties are fine as of now. As an International Correspondent, people will definitely be looking for me for some answers if anything goes wrong especially when it involves BBFansite. Hence why, some updates are being updated elsewhere and not here.  And doesnt mean its not here, we are not aware of it because we do. Just trying to be safe. Can be very tedious when problem arise.

Uploading pics/vids, i leave that part to others especially Vicky. And i’ll inform Vicky about the zip file instead of rar. (Vicky, please take note)

Sometimes when we post news that are 2 to 3 days old, we compiled it into one post. Its easier that way so that you wont confuse it as a new update. Less hassle that way than posting it individually.

— we are starting a new policy of reducing the number of items we take from a source per day as it is starting to annoy me. we appreciate the info that other sites provide, but i believe that if we have the ability to do things on our own, then we should place importance on that over other things. it’s no good to keep making posts on brief updates when it can all be combined into 1. that would help keep things organized & less cluttered in all honesty.

momo (& i previously) works for ygworld which explains the posts coming from there. but i can assure you now that it will be cut down.

sure you have seen things on other sites that you don’t see here. it’s not because we are not aware of it. we are aware of lots of things that you don’t know about. we just don’t find many things worth posting. we are vipz – fans. we are not stalkers. it’s enough to have pic spam that shows them every time they blink. we don’t need to dig up pix of their ex’s & whatever problems they have in life.

let’s be respectable fans & human beings, AND GIVE THEM SOME SPACE.

posting non-bb stuff:
– it’s true we are a fansite, but this is technically set up as a blog. so we as writers tend to leave you with parting wisdom that is very informative & entertaining. it will never be anything redundant.
– many of the non-bb stuff we post pertains to YG Artists. this is essential to nourishing your bb thirst as the origins of bb come from ygfamily. a true fan knows this & will never complain about it.

pic/news spam:
– it’s not easy making a post. many things go into making a post. there’s organization – making your post attractive w/ colors & sorts. also, pix are a tough cookie b/c you have to reupload & relink them onto the post & make sure they are sized correctly so you can see them clearly. i am not a pic spammer, i leave that to ppl who actually have time to save every picture & re-up them for you to enjoy.
– also take into consideration the origins of the source we are taking these from. we have been in a tough pickle w/ korean sites b/c they were not aware their info has been passed on to others. just as so, we must respect others’ wishes & credit whenever necessary.

other updates:
– many of you talked  about project meet & greet & desired to be kept updated about this. there is no updating on anything if it doesn’t exist yet. i get emails letting me know about potential meets, then i make a post letting you know when it is. THEN, i make another post that tells you how it went. it’s a simple thing. & you can see the finished product on the sidebar. without that, you wouldn’t know much more about projects (my annoyance is directed to the “organization” section).


Just so you know that i work at ygworld. hence why some of the updates are posted here as well. As to other sources. Not to complaint and all, i do often see my posts get posted elsewhere without mentioning the origin. Especially when i personally did the research and confirmed it with my source. Even though it doesn’t bother me that much,  so long that i know its me, thats that. However, we will work out on our personal touch for each news posted. Therefore, there’s going to be a change soon.

— if you notice, there are many big bang forums/fansites out there. i’m almost 95% certain that a lot of the updates they have originally came from our site, yet we receive no credit whatsoever. if not taken directly from us, they figure out the original source b/c we are decent enough to tell you the original source. i often come across many sites & see our info recycled. this annoys me b/c the integrity of this inner system is lost.

there is honestly no point in making so many fansites. you only need a few. seeing all these new ones formed saddens me b/c the intergrity of our site is lost; we’ve been stripped of the exclusivity & have been indirectly mocked b/c of this.

i welcome you to pass on the word, but crediting is essential. it is all we have in this “business.” this is how our work gets appreciated. it’s fine if you want to take our info, but all we ask is for you to leave a comment saying thanks & where you will be posting the info @ & to PROPERLY CREDIT. even if it came from somewhere else, we took the time to post it for YOU to enjoy. all it takes is an extra line of words to link back to our site & the original poster.

Site Promotion:

If i say that we are pretty humble fansite, is that too much? Lol. Well, we dont do promotion and all. Our main goal is that if you like what we post, then you’ll stay with us and eventually you’ll pass around some notes about the fansite. But if you dont like what we do here, there’s always other places to visit.  The thing is we enjoy everything we do here and having so much fun doing it. Hence, we careless about the promotion stuff.

Promoting Big Bang to other latecomers is pretty generic for me. If you like music in any case u will love Korean music and subsequently will lead to other groups like TVXQ, BIgBang etc. So if you want to promote something, promote music. Liking music as it is and not because of the genre itself. No Genre, Just Music.

— i appreciate everyone believing in what we do & our potential to reach many. the fact is, we truly have, & this is honestly done without the help of affiliation of other sites. we’ve been in existence for 2 1/2 yrs on our own. we get more readers by word of mouth & google. just as momo says, we are a very humble fansite in this sense.

to reiterate what momo said: if you don’t like what we do here, you can keep your negativity to yourself & move on to another site. we’ve gotten along just fine doing things how we’ve done since we’ve been in existing & i don’t intend on changing things.

Youtube Videos:

Ok i understand your predicament. It can be a pain when your computer slows down cause of YT. With this,  we will post the video links if required for you to view them later.

For vids with subs, we’ll post them when its available. So for the time being, we’ll be posting the non sub vids just for your viewing pleasure only. Sometimes, will include translation script as and when.

— if you blame youtubes for slowing down the page load, i would direct this attention to the bandwith of your internet connection. in fact, blame youtube users for uploading so many useless videos & clouding up the internet bandwith.

asking, or more like demanding for more subs is really not a good solution to your problems. because you frequently visit our site means that you most likely can’t understand them, just like we don’t readily do. but we get along just fine, & if we can, then so should you.

so my advice: take up some korean lessons & learn on your own, cuz that’s how i’m surviving, & i’m just as content as any korean out there. we have no obligation to provide you with subbed videos, but only just to enjoy the media as best as you can, for the frontal value it pertains, as well as embracing the culture.

Staff Updates:

Melly did make a page about the Staff at the side bar. So everything you need to know about us is all there. Maybe we can do something about it later to improve it. I dunno. But will have a tweet with Melly about this when i see her.

On the other hand, i would just like to say that I am a straight forward person who doesnt spazz as much as others. When i like something, i’ll be blunt about it. No shakespeare scripts from me. Also, some may not fancy my posts cause i post way too many on other YG Artists and with that i should stop posting it. Its BBFansite for crying out loud as what they said. I know that but then i wont stop. You see, its good to know and i feel its fun to educate you guys about other YG Family members especially the “last minute fans’ who just got to know about BB and YG. I dont post all the time. Only when i see its fit to do so. Again, each post has its own reason. So does mine. My signature post for this Fansite would definitely be ” No Genre Just Music”. So i’ll be making sure of myself to post more of that in the future.

And yes i agree that Vicky’s very meticulous in her work. Seeing the impossible things only a professional can detect. Thats Vicky and we are proud to have her on board. And when comes to spazzing, you can always count on her. She’s a storyteller. For a kid to have that kind of imagination and to be eloquent in everything she writes, i am impressed.

Melly, she’s a great BOSS to work with and she’s been doing quite well with the VIPTranslator along with Jess and others.

— we do have a staff page where we have a lil bit on each staffer, as well as contact info. that resolves many of your redundant “opinions.”

i’ll try to revamp our bbchat & come up w/ other gimicks to introduce our staff.
as for now, i like the idea of a 3-MAN TEAM (as momo puts it)
the 3-MAN TEAM consists of momo, vicky, & myself. i’ll give you a brief description of the team.

MOMO is our int’l correspondent. gave her that nickname & she’s used it since. she’s from malaysia & currently working. momo handles a lot of the news updates, as well as regular doses of yg artists. she used to be a gd follower, but is currently creeping over to TEAM YB’s tent.

VICKY is responsible for bringing out the kid/fangirl in you & providing you w/ the videos & pix, as well as the colorful spazz that compares to no other. she’s from florida & still in high school. don’t get her confused with me. she’s mrs. lee.

as for me, i’m MELLY. i’m mrs. kwon jiyong lol. i am responsible for the management of this site & handle all technicalities that encompasses our growing empire. i do my best to answer the questions you have, & utilize all my contacts to stay on top of the game. i’m from california & i go to ucla. so yea, i’m in college & i’m working my butt off balancing the school act w/ trying to get sleep, stay fit, & run this fansite. your welcome.


many express concerns about the organization/layout of our site. i’ll explain to you why we have things the way they are now.
the dark layout:
-if you are not familiar with wordpress, then you really have no idea about what you’re asking. wordpress is a free blog, which leaves a very limited amount of choices when it comes to layouts & themes. if you want to change any aspect to a theme, you must pay for subscription. otherwise, you choose a new theme.
– i chose to keep this dark layout because we get to have variety in our banners. i think this is wat makes our layout refreshing. dark is always better than light backgrounds. changing the layout would mean all our previous posts would be altered b/c every layout has different settings.

the sidebar:
– a lot of you talk about the “clutterness” & lack of organization of our sidebar…
– if you want to search for previous posts, you can find the archives/categories section & even SEARCH to SEARCH for past articles. that’s kinda common sense, don’t you think? so i really don’t get what ppl were complaining about when they “can’t find previous posts.” it’s the simplest thing in the world. keep in mind we have almost 3,000 posts since our existence.

– the projects are organized very cleverly with an accompanying thumbnail so you know what the project pertains to. you can’t ask for a better system that also makes our “site” colorful because we have set the settings to show 20 posts per page. that’s 20 LONG posts, which stretches our site lengthwise. so the long sidebar makes sense b/c it follows the site lengthwise.
– & whoever suggests that we make posts similarly to that of LJ sites. well – LJ is NOT ORGANIZED WHATSOEVER. making a single post for one thing does not shout ORGANIZED to me. as an admin that ticks me off. we had this problem a while back of making too many posts in ONE DAY. that backs up on important info to previous pages which is TOTALLY UNNECESSARY. so if you are one of these people, you should revert to using LJ instead of visiting our site. thanks.


the merchandise section on the sidebar has been updated. i decided to link you directly to the listings. this is as accurate as it gets, otherwise take it up w/ the merchandise sites themselves, & not us.

we are not a forum where you can ask other people to buy things for you, but from time to time there will be sellers who ask me to make a post to help them sell their merchandise. otherwise, you can check out our FAQ PAGE for more info on merch.


A Big Thank You to everyone who have been such great readers and your support meant a lot to us. At least we know that we did something right to make you stay with us till now. Much appreciated.

Twitter me @

—- thanks for taking your time to read this. that means you actually care. i know i can sound mean sometimes, but you should consider things from my perspective. like i said earlier, we do this because we enjoy it. don’t give us reason to NOT enjoy it anymore. that would just leave me w/ so much more time to do other things. i believe in this site & what we do. i hope to continue to make this the “best site out there” & hopefully more of you will keep making this your “home page.” i’m honestly not a mean person once you get to know me. you know that thru my TWITTER. i’m real nice 🙂 but if you happen to get ahold of me, it’s not that i’m ignoring you, i’m just real busy. thanks again.


~ by Momo on May 19, 2009.

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  1. oh~ first. lol.

    BBfansite.. kumowo for all your hardwork! 😀

  2. Thank you. Since, I’ve been a new fan of BB. This site is so helpful to me in everything about the boys. thanks again for all the hard work! This site rocks yo!

  3. GOOOD JOB (:

  4. Honestly, I don’t have a problem with you guys at all!
    You’ve been my only source for BB goodness ever since I got addicted a few months ago, and I thank thank THANKYOU for all your hardwork.
    For those who are complaining about member bias and whatnot; calm down. Seriously, if the members are active, they’re active. We should be supporting ALL five of the boys, so don’t go harping on about how not enough is posted about EACH member. As far as I’m concerned, BBFansite does this best. We get news on GD (e.g. Europe, collabs etc.), TOP (Iris, collabs), Dae (Chicken CF, FO), SRi (solo) and TY (solo). So please, appreciate what everyone at BBFansite do to cater our BB needs! ^^

  5. lol..long article but yet i managed to read it all

    regarding to the last part, seriously i don’t find anything wrong posting about YG Family. i’m considered quite a late fan of the boys, and i’m so interested in getting to know more about the family after i fell for BB’s music. The music they make is amazing, honestly i never knew i’d love hip hop for the rest of my life lol..but now i’m totally digging it! because of YG (:

    And the solo updates thing. Yup you did post alot about bae but it is just because bae is more active..i get it. and i practically..kinda became a YB lover lol. luckily i managed to hold myself back and went back to GD xD

    Good job to all the staff here! BB fansite is awesome!

  6. About posting YG info:
    I think those posts are soooo helpful to the new vip’s. I started my BB craze May 2008 and i knew absolutely nothing of the boys or even YG but all your posts about the YG family and BB have helped me figure out where the boys come from and how YG ent. works.

    I am really thankful to all the staff here :]
    This site really made a big impact on my life.
    It’s my homepage for crying out loud LOL
    Of course i also go to other BB forums and website but honestly none of them compare to this site. It gives off such a warm family feeling and i like that.
    So to sum it all up thanks you very much for all the hard work and i hope this site will last a very long time~! ^^ ❤

  7. Thank you for reading all our comments and feedback and responding to them. You guys rock!

  8. Kamsamnida Momo, Melly & Vicky(:
    & BBFansite ;D

  9. wow i dont have a problem at all
    its not your fault that the other members arent having any news and PLUS i love youngbae!…haha
    thank all of you guys for the news if it wasnt for yall i wouldnt know about big bang at all

  10. OMMMAAAAA !!!!

  11. thank you so much for this site. i really appreciate all your hard work and time you put into this. through your site i fell in love with the guys^^
    i looove love this site! the whole staff is awesome and is doing a great work! i just wanted to let you know =]

  12. I reckon you guys do a GREAT job and should be thanked for all the effort and time you put into posting updates, so A BIG THANK YOU!^^ I always visit this site for updates on BB, ever since i came across their music by chance and totally fell in love with their music..i reckon this site is one of the best ever, i find it very informative and updated, keep up the good job *thumbs up*
    i reckon it’s really organised actually and pretty easy to navigate and find stuff, and i like the dark bg too 😀
    THANK YOU once again!

  13. Oh and one more thing, i reckon it’s good that you post stuff not only on BB but on other YG artist’s as well because when you think about it, a lot of the other YG artists have a great influence on BB
    and once again, THANK YOU!!

  14. Guys, you are really great!
    I appriciate all your hard work and problems you put through making this site.
    All I want to say is: THANK YOU!

  15. I like that you post other things besides BB because i always like to read about other YG artists. ^ ^
    Thank you for all your hard work
    BBFansite Hwaiting!!!

  16. I don’t have a problem with you nguys and if I did I wouldn’t get updates on Big Bang, haha.
    Anyways, don’t let the picky people put pressure on you cause ‘beggars can’t be choosers!’

  17. eishhh i don’t believe people actually criticised about the organisation of the side bar and the theme of the page. Personally i think the fact that Melly Momo and Vicky actually bother to run this site along with their lives, studies and work, with no gain whatsoever apart from spreading the BB love should be praised.

    And i think the fact that this BB Fansite dosen’t post stalker pics of BB’s every blink (ok maybe some) is good, because we arn’t some extremist arrgoant fan group who think that Big Bang is superior to everyone else.

    Anyways thanks guys for all your hard work, i really appreciate it!
    FAN QQQ BBFansite Fighting!

  18. BB Fansite…Fighting!^_^…i always love this site^^…woot!^^

    vicky unni..melly unni..momo unni^^

    to tell you the first i was kinda confuse on who’s momo then who’s melly..but now..haha! finally! i figured out who’s who^^..weee!!

    love bbfansite! love big bang! love iVIPs.! woot!^_^

    more power! God bless!
    LOVE YOU GUYZ!^^..


    from philippines^^



  19. wow vicky thanx for answering questions….
    LOL jk I stilld on’t get why people confuse you guys so much…;P

    Melly ur so awesome
    answering qustions at 4am and you still worry about not sounding mean
    seriously I bet some of the girls who were criticizing the site
    are not even gonna dare to make a comment here LOL

  20. I appreciate everything you do !! Without this fansite, i wouldnt know that much about BB! This fansite was the first i knew when i got to know Big Bang !! Since I’m not able to read Korean, I’m so THANKFUL(!!!) that u guyz give your best to let us know all hot new stuff about BB !!!

    I never had anything to complean about this site, i think it’s awesome!!! (Which the 5million clicks say as well)

    Keep on goin like that n don’t let sum dumb(sry.) ppl get on ur nerves !!


    Love u guyz!

  21. When you said “please don’t give us reason not to enjoy it anymore” It scared me. Please don’t do that. This and HQBB has been my favorite site. I don’t let a day pass without checking your site. Screw those people who complain a lot, they’re just a bunch of idiots who can’t even run their own site. Please promise us that you won’t give up because we won’t get tired giving our support. Please do this… for our boys… kkk

    You guys are the best! No doubt about that!

  22. you guys really deserve more credit then what you get! It has to be unbelievably difficult to handle this site and real life. So I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart because this site helps me calm down learning about the boys a bit more. You do so much and get nothing in return! You are all amazing! Kccptkun ka~!

  23. wow… this site exist for 2 1/2 years…
    im really proud of u girls…
    u girls make a lots of effort to update bb stuff so that we know what r they doing currently…
    because of u girls too, i feel like im 1 step closer to bb… ^^
    keep on updating bb stuff.. bbfansite hwaiting! VIP hwaiting!!!!

  24. thanks thanks thanks for the hard work i love this site…and i salute you guys are the best!!pls ignore the ‘people’ that always complain…and to the ‘people’ IF U ALWAYS COMPLAIN PLS GO TO ANOTHER SITE TQ..they work hard okay..

  25. my eyes kinda hurt after reading ur neon green text hehehe but i read every single word…
    tnx for all of ur hardwork
    I also dont have a prob. w/ yoo guyz posting news about other YG artists b/c im interested in them as well…=D
    i used to hate watchin vids w/o subs but now that ive watched so many korean variety shows and wat not, im used to it and watching it raw is already funny so subs is just an extra bonus…
    also, there are a lotta sites that recycles many news article from other sources like yoo mentioned, i think that is like snatching other ppl’s hw n. just put ur name on it. =/
    lastly, i hope yoo guyz will stay for A LONGGGGGGGG LONGGGGG time to keep us VIPz updated w/ MANY BB’s news as well as other YG artists
    thank yoo!

  26. 1. THANKS
    i onli visit this site NOW as im working n i find it tiring to go thru long forums to fish 4 BB’s updates. Ur organisation n easy to read updates keeps me gg. No doubt abt it! i sumtimes read ur site in the office n it juz makes my day. THANKS!

    2. THANKS
    i love ur sig ‘NO GENRE JUST MUSIC’. its wad im trying to achieve, thou i tend to fall bck on my comfortable genres…which is why im amazed n inspired by BB, esp GD. they juz wanna make music…n from the ple they wanna wrk with, im amazed agn. i muz say i didnt love the wrong much to learn from them!! including U~
    so thats another reason for me to stick to this site..realli THANKS!

    i kinda forget what im gonna write..old ahjumma u hv here..anyways, i dunno where i can turn to w/o u guys, so pls kp it going! thumbs up for u guys…HWAITING~

  27. YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST. Really this site is amazing and takes a lot of work so i cant believe that there are people who take this site for granted and complain.. 😦
    Thanks so much for informing us about big bang members, other yg artists, and other info that you guys see fit. I love your styles of writing, your passion for big bang, and how you guys arent cocky or selfish about information at all.

  28. It’s true, everything you’ve said. When people start to rely on something, they begin to take it for granted – I know, I’ve certainly had those instances myself). The amount of work you guys put into updating and maintaining this website is awesome – I can’t even begin to express! I find myself with barely enough time to write in a journal when i’m studying in university, much less do enough research to write a well-informed article frequently.

    Earlier, I didn’t post what I thought you guys should be updating with the website because I’m not very creative in that area, and I didn’t really think it needed improvements – not to say I wouldn’t be open to any changes. However, I did forget to comment my gratitude for you guys for upholding this site. So here it is :

    Thank you for all your hard work. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all that you’ve done in providing me (and countless others) with news about Big Bang. I like this site because it doesn’t provide me with only tabloid rumours and random picspams of them walking down a street. I’d like to think that they are entertainers who I idolize, and at the end of the day have a private life to return to. Fighting!

  29. well melly! i think you have every right to be annoyed i mean it’s a bb fansite..but it doesn’t just mean you have to talk about bb its true if you are a real vip you would like to know what is going on in yg industry! i respect everything you have mention in this post!!i don’t get why people can be so crude sometimes! i love the work that you guys do so keep up the great work and can’t wait to see more exciting information from you all!

  30. Guys u rock my world I dunno what I would do without you!
    I thank u for all your hard work but seriously I’m not sure I can thank u enough. But please accept my humble thank you.
    Keep up the amazing work of bringing us awesome BB news I would be so lost without you.
    BBFansite FIGHTING!!!

  31. okay so reread some thing! sorry if wrote down wrong person! when i was reading it said me so i just thought it was melly sorry if i misunderstood!

  32. i said this before in the comments post, but i’ll say it again. i love BBFansite! it’s a little piece of heaven for any VIP, and YG fan. thank you Melly, Momo, and Vicky for all the hard work you guys do for us fans. i really appreciate it!!<3

  33. you guys are awesome. I come here everyday to check the site out. Keep up the good work.!!

  34. Thank you Big Bang Fansite xD
    I swear i like check this site EVERYDAY (and i want to :P)
    G D r a g o n Until Whenever ❤

  35. i can’t even begin to express my thanks to you guys because this site has been so great and i really appreciate every little single thing you guys do, no matter who it’s by or what the post is about…i hope you guys will continue this site and thanks again for all your time and effort for your fellow VIPs!

    ps. i’ve had this site as my homepage for about a year now! so i obviously check it out everyday :D..and yes, i did read the whole thing

    pps. people should credit you…..this is outrageous.

    THANKS YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!

  36. my daily google check: *types: “Big Bang wordpress”

    🙂 thank you thank you thank you, the 3 Wonderful Musketeers

  37. Everyone who helped make this fansite successful,
    thank you so damn much.
    This site has really good info and I like how it’s not super duper formal, and it has the staffs’ opinions and thoughts and everything 😀
    And I know it’s hard to research, get the info, and blog EVERY SINGLE DAY … and that’s all ON TOP of your school work and life.

    So thank you very much,
    your hard work is much appreciated ;
    KEEP IT UP! 🙂

  38. I REALLY, sincerely appreciate all of the work you guys do on this site!!

    However, I think that there should be more input from the visitors, like graphic contests, banner submissions, fan fiction entries, and things like that. I understand that this is a blog for you guys to spazz on BB, but the visitors have a lot to spazz about as well! 😀

  39. i did mention about 2ne1 and said i liked that you posted it because i would have missed it otherwise, and i asked if you were going to continue doing so just out of curiosity. so i hope the sentence under the “non-bb” posts wasn’t directed toward me. because i definitely don’t mind of course. but at the same time i don’t think being a “true” bb fan means liking 2ne1 or any other yg artists, though this doesn’t pertain to me since i do like almost all of the yg artists. but overall you’re doing a great job. i mean, once a site gets popular it’s inevitable to get complaints, etc. that just comes with the territory. you guys actually update quite a lot which i couldn’t do at all. of course your guys’ real life comes first. and i get you on the whole limited wordpress layouts. been there, and done that. it sucks they make you pay for the better layouts, which is why i have blogs on instead of wordpress. you guys should definitely think about asking for donations (maybe?) so you could get a domain if you guys are even thinking about that. and just to let you guys know, this is the only bb fansite place i visit. keep up the good work!

  40. @ C
    i didn’t say that you have to like yg artists.
    many ppl complain about the fact we post YG artist info on a bbfansite.
    we only post it b/c they are part of yg, & it is for that reason only, to know what bb is a part of.
    never did we say you had to like the artists we introduce to you.

    @ char
    have you checked out the sidebar pages?


    have we learned nothing after all that reading?

  41. 2 words: THANK YOU 😀 I know it musn’t be easy for you guys to keep this site going, so i just want to congratulate you! KEEP IT UP!! ^^

  42. Thanks to everyone for the hard work you all do on this site, I HONESTLY appreciate it.

    This fansite has been a great way to make me feel more close to the boys. Ever since i was a new fan, everyday i would check on the updates.

    Thanks so much for sharing infos with us! Good luck and Keep working hard to make this site more successful!


  43. i just wanted to say thanks as well. this site is realllyyy helpful in being up-to-date with Big Bang =) i really do not understand those people that are asking you guys for so many things because you guys already provide so much. i know that its hard for us to know what you guys do and how much work it takes, but we should all appreciate it. thanks again =)

  44. Don’t worry, this is the only BBFansite I visit.. EVER.

  45. Thanks to the BBfansite staff SO MUCH! I would be lost without you guys and you’re all truly amazing to take the time out to update us. ^_^ .
    I think it’s Good to know other YG artists because some BB news might pertain to those artists, then we’d be like “wait, who’s that? why’s he important”? But you guys update us on that sometimes so we’re not lost. Thanks!
    Oh and I like how you get the different “BB FAN aspects”, lol, from each staffer like the synopsis MELLY gave.
    I couldnt really find any negative things to say about this site because I just thought it was great already and thankful that I found an awesome site with lots of cool/caring peeps. ^_^
    OK I swear Im not “kissing ass”, haha, “it’s da troof, PEACE!”

  46. nah, i like that your “a-matter-of-fact” because it gets
    the rules set and stuff. Yes i understand. Haha true,
    we don’t need to know what they are doing every second.
    It’s kinda of creepy/stalker. Thank You for having
    such a wonderful site and keeping everything in shape.
    And yeah of course, Thanks to ALL of the BBFanstie Staff members

  47. Umm, what’s the point of making a post asking for opinions (stating that it’s to IMPROVE the site) when you’re just going to end up getting pissed off & defending yourselves? Most, if not, all the comments in the previous post were written with a lot of respect while suggesting ideas. The way you flamed back at us is not fair at all. Especially since we continuously praise your site.

    I’m just saying.

  48. I’m sorry if I ever requested for more posts for a certain member. I understand that some members are more active.

    In the end though, we’re all BIG BANG fans, not GDRAGON or TOP fans.

    At the same time, thank you for all your hard work. :]

  49. wow… that was long… but i think readers needed that, a view from your perspective to keep us from taking you guys and this site for granted

    and lol, you guys are so tank. i’ve always wondered how the hell you took care of this site with school/work and your lives… and you guys do a hell of a good job with this site.

    so THANK YOU!! ^^

  50. Momo, Melly, Vicky: Really, thank you for all the hard work you guys do.

    I love this site. Period. <33

  51. Lmao ;]]
    You guys are qreat. ii kinda was too lazy to read the whole thing..sorry
    but with whhat I read so was great && ii really do appreciate everything you do to give us the latest news on bb && every one of its members.

  52. I love this Big Bang Fansite & it will forever be number 1! THANK YOU FOR KEEPING US VIPz UPDATED!!!!FIGHTING!!!

  53. Thank you the hardwork you guyssss! and you are very articulate. =)

  54. I love this site. I mean I come and check it at least 20 times a day, just to make sure I didn’t miss a new update. This has to be one of the most organized and well maintained fansites I visit. I greatly appreciate all the hard work that goes into the work here, and am very thankful. I’ve visited a few other sites that are BB related and find them not as forthcoming to my satisfaction. I also find it amusing when I read the same info on various sites because I check all the sites that the story links back from.

    Thank you so much again for creating a wonderful place for fans of Big Bang to congregate and bask in the glory that is BB.

  55. @ -__- AKA AKA

    it’s people like you that make me want to private this site so we don’t have a leeching problem.

    pissed, maybe. defensive? for a reason. i’m answering to all the complainers & beggars, not to the ones who give us praise & thanks for what we do.

    don’t complain about something you don’t know anything about.
    don’t come here & front a fake name & act like we don’t know who you are.

    apparently, you are one of those people i’m answering to.

  56. you guys are the best! =)
    my first BB site to actually get me into the game of things.
    thanks for all your hard work, and i certainly don’t mind updates on other YG factions (especially 2NE1) ❤

  57. Momo, Melly, Vicky and all the other staff here:

    Thanks for making this site. If it wasn’t for this my love for Big Bang would be less to almost nothing by now. Because of you guys continuously updating us with BB news we’re not left out from others who goes to forums and sites like that (I’m one of those who don’t have enough time or patience to always visit forums hehe). And because of this site I get to see other YG artists too (I love Sean and his adorable family and 2NE1).
    Plus unlike the others who says this should be written professionally, I love the way you have your own BB favorites and you insert your opinions because I feel you’re more connected to us fans rather than being a strict journalist or what. And this is a BLOG SITE. I guess the other reason why others feel you’re biased with some of the members (aside from who’s more active than the other members) is because you don’t have active staff writers who is in Team Dae or Team TOP (I think you momo are really going to Team Taeyang with us hihi) but really, overalll I don’t see any bias (in a negative way) to your writing. In fact, I can see love given to all the members.
    Besides we all love BIG BANG. ^^
    Thank you for keeping the fangirl in me alive. Hope you would never get tired or be let down by others who feel this site is insufficient and lacking because many people (like me) loves all of you. A BIG THANKS TO ALL OF YOU! ^^

  58. I really appreciate how you guys also update on natural disasters around the world. Not just because other VIPs out there might be affected but just because it’s the right thing to do.

  59. thanks for all your hard work guys!! this is the first BB fansite i found since i fell in love with BB and the only one i’ve ever needed :] love the staff’s personalities in their posts and doing ur best to provide us with the best info. thanks!!
    yeah, im all for revamping bb chat! idk what happened to it.. :[

  60. that was one of the longest reads ever on this site. a read though, backed up with excellent writing, facts, and details. i have told MOMO before that i really enjoy her scripts despite being short and blunt (no disrespect whatsoever) and that i hope she continues to blog about something she is passionate about, while disregarding all the unnecessary hate comments (if any). and i believe melly and vicky with all three together creates a very diverse fansite with a bit of fangirl, media, facts, and unlimited potential.

    ive been a longtime reader even though i dont have this site marked my homepage 😡 and i am truly amazed at the consistency of this fansite over the years. i was just at UCLA the other week btw (: .oh, with the issue concerning other fansites stealing material, it cannot be helped. i understand your concerns about not giving proper credit where credit is due, but that is one of many faults the world wide web has – its that people everywhere do not completely respect the hard work that stays hidden in such projects like a fansite.

    hey, keep up the good work and as long as BBfansite doesnt become a burden for you, i’ll greatly vouch for your work and efforts to keep this site going on strong

  61. to be honest, this is so long i dont even wanna read all of it. but i just want to say that u guys are all doing a great job in keep this site up. aja aja fighting! so what if some people are saying stuff? let them be. just know many of us really appreciate u guys.

  62. I am a member of other yg forums and sites but what I love obout this site is its uncluttered yet fun and colorful design/motif. and I love the each one of your writing styles for different reasons. Thank you guys for ecverything yuo do.

    PS as far as I am concerned not one single thing needs to be changed about the bbfansite. It is the epitome of a perfect fan blog.

  63. I agree with all that you say ^^ i have much love for this site, it was my first BBSITE 😀 ♥ and stills my fav ^^ i always respect the staff never being rude.
    Thanks for this site and the time you take 😀 <333

  64. jst ignore da -ve comments…
    u guys did a great job on spreading da lurvs 4 da boys…
    i luv dis site n i come n visit whenever i can…
    i’m vry grateful dat i found dis site when i was getting 2 know BB…
    momo, melly n vicky, thank u very much 4 all ur hardwork…

  65. you guys are awesome we appreciate you for all your work
    without you we’d be lost in the BB world :DDDD so kamsahamnida~!!!

  66. MOMO, MELLY & VICKY, you guys rock!
    komowo and Hwaiting! =D

  67. Well I’m a frequent visitor like everyday and nothing really stands out except for one thing like to find old articles the organization is kinda hard to maneuver.Thats all you do such a good job keeping us IVIPs up to date thanks.:)

    well thats what i said in the original post i mean it is kinda hard to find stuff expecially when it has multiple tags like BANGS oh well im sorry if i got you upset..I really do appreciate the fact that you take time out to do this. 🙂

  68. thanks for reading our comments and answering them , tanx for all dhe hardwork u had put in and by updating us on Big Bang . i visit this site everidae to check on the latest news on Big Bang . i really appreciate you spending your time doing this and updating it . i will continue to support this site and this is the only fansite there is !
    BB fansite HWAITING ! Big Bang HWAITING !:D

  69. wow. such a long post, but very rich ideas. && honestly, melly i do not think you’re mean whatsoever. i thought you were just tellin how it is. momo i never actually heard of the quote “no genre just music” and i reallly believe in it. it shows that there is a variety. and anyone can like what they like. then, vicky her fangirlingness is crazy. haha. i had to make up that work just for her.

    but all in all, i think the site is very easy to navigate. all the staff members did a fantastic job :]

  70. This is the best BBfansite ever !!
    Its been 2 years since visiting this site and you guys never fails to diasppoint. [feels like family] xD
    Thank you so so much for all your Hard Works.
    Much appreciate

  71. […] Feedback on Your Comments momo Melly and I did a non-indepth discussion about the comments via tweeting. Refer to the original post: Leave […] […]

  72. I’m agree with all people here, I do respect, appreciate, and thank you so much to all of you, Melly, Momo and Vicky *very big
    I know so many things about Big Bang thru this site, this is the best BB’s fansite for me ^^
    thank you so much for your love toward Big Bang and kindly share with us, thank you so much for all your dedication,,
    I’m so proud being VIP, I hope Big Bang knew about you guys, I’m sure they will be much proud to have dedicated VIP like you ^^

    Words couldn’t express how I feel right now,,,
    THANK YOU SO MUCH ^^ *thousand bows*

  73. i hav no idea wat ive commented before but if ive evr insulted u guys itd b a total accident and i didnt mean it.

    i am extremely appreciative of this site. it keeps me up to date with all things Big Bang in a simple and organised way. yes i like the organisation. its easy to navigate.

    thankyou for wat pictures vids and news u do upload regardless of hu it is. any YGfamily news is interesting to me.

    i hope u guys keep up da hard work

  74. Dear all the staff,

    All I can say to you guys about this, is only : THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

    You guys are so great to keep this site feels so alive. And I know it’s not easy to manage related to some rules and the ethics. It’s been almost 2 years since I knew you guys with this fan site , and it shows a very good improvement thanks to your hard work. I really appreciate you guys.

    So keep your good work on this site! Fighting!!!!

  75. Being a fairly new BB fan myself, I’m really glad that I found this site, I come on here every single day. I really appreciate all the hardwork you guys put into this site. Keep it up ^_^

  76. thanks for explaining

  77. Wow, I finally got the chance to read everything and kinda get updated with the site and whatnot, my personal life has been crazy for this past month, and with my friend’s death this week, I have to be honest I didn’t get a chance to read any comments at all, my inbox is like.. WHOA~ only been updating as much as I could.

    Well since I’m sick in bed today I got a chance to read, and even though my eyes are aching, I really appreciate Momo and Melly for doing this, sometimes I feel like hubby, the maknae of the group that all the big unnies dotes on, cause I didn’t have to do all this haha

    I really didn’t know we were having an issue with ppl mistaken Melly for me… what? That’s just… how? I thought we made it pretty clear already. And also the thing with people always think I’m like 4043098345 years old, when I’m in fact is just a teenager who still can’t drive without a guardian in the vehicle haha.

    And I agree with Melly about the whole “like it or not” thing cuz we’re doing this because we want to, not because we HAVE to, or forced to, we don’t get paid… that’s for sure, and we do it out of goodness of our heart and really appreciate anyone who visits and shows the boys the support and love, as long as Big Bang gain more iVIPs for them everyday, I think we’re satisfied. Don’t be acting like we own everyone here, and we’re suppose to be perfect in everyway. Melly and Momo might not get pissed because of little things because they are much more mature than that, but I’m not, I’ll say it, I’m a immature little kid who can go off on you any effin second. Seeing negative things do make a person not wanting to do anything anymore. I don’t know if I’m making sense or not cause I can only breath through one nostril right now, but just to make everything short, all the suggestion that people gave, and the one that was particularly to me, I did follow them, .rar is now .zip :]

    and please don’t think I don’t care about you guys cuz I don’t do the ‘comment spazz’ with you guys anymore, because my personal life is just too crazy right now, I try to do everything I could, I update BBFansite once in a while but I know it’s in good hand because Momo unnie is back and Melly and her and can take care of things here fine, I’ll update HQBB as often as I can, Big Bang is on a break so there’s not much going on anyway. I also have HQ21 to manage, so …. I don’t know how long I can continue to do everything, but I’ll try.

    Good night………. why did I say good night? hm… I’m sick and tire, so… good night 😀 haha

  78. thank you very much vicky, melly, momo, and all the staff. i;m sorry you guys had to go through some not so yum yum comments, but please know that all your work and dedication has been greatly, bigbangin to the max appreciated. thanks for everything! i hope you guys the best, and vicky, please feeel better! a yum yum bowl of soup, some yum yum bigbang music, and a comfy bed will do you wonders :j

  79. personally I find that you guys did a great job
    and I love the fact that you include other YG artist
    because I am part of what you call a last minute fan
    I only became ‘extra’ interested in BB recently
    and it’s really great to find a fansite like this
    I mean you guys go straight to business
    and that’s awesome
    so what I can say is
    thank you very much for all the hard work that you guys have put into this site

  80. Dear BBFansite staff (Momo, Melly & Vicky)

    You are the most AMAZING people on the planet!!! (and there are SO amny people. but none of them are amazimg as your are!)
    I mean it with all my heart!

    I’m a Big Bang fan for already a year now (I know ut’s not that long compare to others) and everything, and I mean EVERYTHONG, I know about Big Bang, YG, K-pop, all form YOU!

    I read every article no metter how long it si (‘causr they’re always SO interesting) ,no matter if it’s late at night or early in the morning, I save evert picture (official, spam) on my computer.
    I ALWAYS mention you on my blog!
    If it weren’t for you, I would be jumping from this site to that site just to know what Big Bang did in one day!

    Thank you for all your patience, time and thought you’ve put to run this fansite the best you can (and it’s definitely THE BEST!)
    Please continue to run it the way you do it now!
    I don’t have any complains (’cause who am I to complain about these amazing efforts of 3-men-team?)

    Love you (mean it) and appreciate you (seriously mean it),
    Your’s truly FOREVER (mean it form the depths of my heart),

  81. Thanks for all of your hard work.. really appreciate loads and i had fun reading all of the entries in this site.. even this ! 😀 Continue the good work -claps- ^^ this site nodoubt is my number 1 bookmark station 😀 {sry 4 bad english =x}

  82. Read the post, and I personally have no complaints at all about BBFansite. It’s one of my main sources of BB/YG goodness, and I love it! (:

    I understand how hard it is to be a moderator and owner of a website, and many many kudos and kowtows to you 3 for all the hard work, sweat, 345642140 minutes spent on the net, and great handling of everything else, from design to nasty comments, just so that fans like us can go on with our fangirling lives in peace knowing that we’re not missing anything important in our boys’ lives!

    Pay no heed to those who are ungrateful, because you know you’ll always have love from fans like me! ^^

    BBFansite Hwaiting! (:

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