Big Bang ARENA June Issue Scans | TOP & SeungRi: Shooting ’19’ | Bong with no pants??

Special: Bong with no pants??

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The June issue of ARENA has been released, and yes…. more juicy pictures, I am LOVING Tabi’s pictures okay, I really need to realize how perfectly hot this guy is, seriously, he can turn on a person by eating flowers…. now that’s ridiculous. Everybody had their little emo thing going on, I love Baby’s pictures too, not gonna lie, his sexy stare is DEADLY, BUT!.. those pants are NO NO for me, I’m sorry, I just can’t accept it. LOL at how there’s bananas included here…. ehm……. yea. I like how all of them had flowers instead of Dae, Dae is too cool for flowers, no… he gets the grapes. yup. haha

TOP & SeungRi: Shooting ’19’

AND AHH!! For all the Tabi and Baby lovers, this is awesome, they showed pictures on the set of ’19’ and we get to see Baby and Tabi act. Like they are seriously acting haha. It kinda doesn’t look real cause it look kinda like they’re overreacting at stuff, but it is hilarious, seeing Baby being mad over paper and Tabi has this sassy chongalicious look on his face it’s awesome!! I know you’ll love it, they look both delicious and funny at the same time. haha

There’s TONS of pictures, so I know you don’t have the time and strength to save each one of them so I zipped it all up for you to download, ENJOY!!





 Thanks to 한숨+보니

TOP & SeungRi: Shooting ’19’

Thanks to StarNews, Osen, MyDaily and 큰엄마님

Bong with no pants???

… yea you wish… ( me too ) but no, he’s just wearing shorts, and them socks hahahah sexai….
just a picture of them chilling out after finishing up their REMEMBER jacket album photoshoot, looking so cute!!


~ by Vicky on May 20, 2009.

68 Responses to “Big Bang ARENA June Issue Scans | TOP & SeungRi: Shooting ’19’ | Bong with no pants??”

  1. whoa…. i like these pictures

  2. DUDE VICKY. SR’s ARMS ARE GETTING SUPER HUGE, it’s not even funny >_<
    i'm just enjoying jiyong's tan.

    i love top's hair. always.

    so does that mean you like jiyong in them pants, but not sr?

    & btw, if you have things to add to the feedback, email it to me or comment.

    also, i suggest you check out the staff contact page & see the last few comments.

    maybe you'd have something to say to that.

    yes, it's about time to get politically correct.


  3. O_O the two seung hyun’s are looking MADD sexy.
    they always do but.. DAMN. xD

  4. O M G !!!!!!
    And I thought the scans we had already seen were hot
    The other ones are even more deadly
    Just a little hard to digest in Bong’s side
    His pics are just random….

    My man is looking tooooooooo sexyyyy!
    Is Japan doing him some good or what?!
    I just love all the stares sexy,cute,sexy ;P

    Baby is looking hot too
    dang he’s getting buff!
    And of course some backview never hurts

    OH GOD!
    for a second there I seriously thought he had no pants
    not that I wish it was true of course
    Vi you shouldn’t be doing this to us

  5. Nice pics!! ❤ Seungri haha.

  6. Daesungie with grapes owns my everytime

    YB is a sexy mofo XD

    and so is bong



    (and yeah, SR’s been lifting weights XD)

  7. HAHA DAMN. Got me all excited for nothin’ 😦

    And TOP really has HUGE rings lmao.

  8. sexayy pictures x33
    aww damn, was wishin jiyong had no pants (hahah jkjk)
    hes so cute in the photo.
    seungri been workin out lately huh?
    seungri tryna go daesung or taeyang sized arms?
    hahah. or even abs. 😛

    thanx for the zipped up files vicky

  9. SeungRi = So Buff.. O_o
    Still super aweosme. ^ ^
    TOP. Whoaa xDD

  10. WHOAAA~BONG!!!! ❤

  11. Whoaaa G-Dragon WHATT?! Ahahahaha oh yeahhh those ripped pants.
    Awwwww Seungri & TOP acting together. I remember when TOP
    still did ‘I am sam’ and he would say that Seungri would
    practice with him. ahaha Now they actually acting together!!!
    Whoaa Seungri looks cute getting mad a paper. ahahaha
    i love them shoes. Awwwww you cannot deny that he is cute!
    Lmaoo TOP. he looks like he posing while he raps.
    Yeahhh, i got kinda fangirly-ish when i read that.
    But aww just shorts. Yes i wish. Puahaha. Awwww cute!
    I love them when they are with their normal hair =]
    Seungri looks like a mini-GDragon in that picture.
    Awwww Big Bang =]

  12. Im Sorry but DaeSung’s pics are my favorite! He’s SO hot and I love his lips! ^_^
    The grapes aren’t the only Delicious thing in that photo.

  13. Thx for the zip files, Vicky! ^^

    Hahaha…. they had bananas … XDD

    Omg.. Tabi looks so dang sexy in the movie pix. 8D SeungRi looks cute in that shirt and is his arms getting more muscles or what? ;D But Tabi wins me over in these pix. ;P

    LMAO. I was wondering if GD was really pantless. Didn’t kill me to find out he wasn’t. LOL. I like Dae’s hair in that Remember photo. Cute and short. ^^

  14. yea TOP looks like he’s shooting for an mv and he’s rapping lol. did anyone else notice the pimple on our TOP but nevertheless he still manages to look as sexy as hell hahahaha

  15. ring ring ring ring ring ring ring, banana phone ~

    i want to know what’s going on here xD

  16. woah who new SRi could kick so HIGH?
    lol i had no idea he was so flexible ^^
    haha i agree with pretty much everyone else… Baby looks hilarious getting angry over some paper… Got an F in maths or something? haha jk

    but man on man, Tabi just keeps looking better and BETTER. dammit, if i dont fly over to seoul at the end of the year to capture some of that sexiness, i’m going to be so so deprived. as hot as these photos are, i think id die from hotness-overload if i saw it person. (haha dont we all agree?)

    woo! iris AND 19 to look forward to! 😀

    thanks for the pics… yumm now i can think about them all day during class haha XD

  17. OMG, HOT .
    baby looks like he’s gotten muscular !

  18. ahahaa thanks for the pictures (:

    What’s the photoshoot for..? :/

    i geeked over GD’s geekiness.
    i miss them<3


  21. luv the last pic
    gd is so cute!!
    he looks a doll in the arena pics.
    his skin is oh so smooth and shiny

  22. Ri is getting sexier by the day.jeez

  23. Daesung is HOT!!!! haha banana’s!
    OOOOHHH Tabi B’z UP =P why he flashing the bloods sign for? xDD
    the drama looks interesting
    TabiRi HWAITING!!!!

  24. you know I kinda don’t like the Arena pictures because of their overly done make up, damn it’s the first time my eyebrows raised (and not in a good way) when I see Big Bang’s pictures.
    But Dae’s grape pix are so sexy… woohoo he gets to be the only ONE biting those grapes hehehe.
    Then Tabi has to bite his flowers too….yeah…he’s getting sexier and sexier…I’ve been having “Tabi fever” for a long time now…
    Those lips of Baebae….oh yeah…hahaha…I don’t wanna say much anymore…except how he can pout it out and control it as much as he can. hehehehe
    Sorry Bong and Baby Ri, don’t like it that much. And I blame it on the make up and their pants. huhu.

    But Baby’s arms…whoa…look at those “19” pictures…it’s getting bigger. Wow.

    BTW haven’t you noticed? Remember when Big Bang made a Hana Yori Dango Parody? It was Dae who played Makino. And he’s the one who gets the fruit here. The rest (all who played F4) gets the flowers. hehehe.

  25. oooo top looks so freaking hot in those 19pix @_<
    ahaha oh bong… ❤ such a sexy dork

  26. love the pics all members look hot and i am for sure gonna watch 19 and did i mention that TOP is lookin hot in the 19 pics sorry tae yang for not being very loyal TOP has seduced me lol XD dont worry tae yang u are my one and only love

  27. TOP hubby lookin fineee (;
    is it me or is baby getting pretty BUFF?
    his arms are like totally…getting guns LOL xD no really.
    and that GD ARENA SCAN is like a reminder of ohmyfriend mv LOL 😛

  28. lol for some reason i can’t take seung-ri’s “anger” seriously. XD

    i love you choi seung hyun :]

    seungri is seriously getting buff.
    buff or not as skinny anymore.

  30. hay i know this is random but help support my friend!

  31. omg TOP is so hot! ur right. his stare is like :3

  32. i see pimples on top’s face but who cares. even his pimple looks hot damn!

  33. awwwwwwwwww TOP IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO DAMN HOTTTTT!!!!!! lol!! his rings are HUGE!!! lol I LOVE U TOP!

  34. hahaha i agree with you Vicky xD about the petals ♥ Tabi ahhhhh~~~~ and i notice SR guns O.O wow~~ i love the last pic ^^ they all so cute ^^v thanks 4 the zipfiles

  35. woah ! seungri’s arms are getting more muscular and top as usual he looks hot .(:
    g dragon is like not wearing any shorts , lol . so sexy ! hehe .(:

  36. Yeah! More Arena piccys ;D
    ahhh ~ can’t wait for 19 😀
    and i thought GD ACTUALLY had no pants >..<"

  37. thank heavens im home alone cause SQUEAL!!!!
    hawt cute sexy adorable pics *heating up* lol damn they can cause us fangirls to spazz so much.
    daes r still my fav pics.
    dae/tae/top hav the hottest suits on woot!
    is it just me or GD reminds me of a vampire…
    adorable last pic. such a change of mood

    u noe seungri must b workin out wit his hyungs so much more cause damn his arms r looking fine! TOP looks friggin hawt wit dat hair

    thnx so much for the pictures.

  38. Bong no pants? is that for real?

  39. lol . i think he is wearing shorts ,(:

  40. OMG my SeungRi
    My love
    My life
    My .. Husban =))

  41. um heyy.
    what are the nicknames of the members?
    i’m confused ._.

    & i so love bigbang!
    g-dragon, t.o.p., seung ri & taeyang ❤ (:

  42. SEXYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. what else can I say?
    I CAN’T WAIT, to see “19” with TOP and SeungRi, it can just be good!
    And ooh, the Arena pics, I love them!
    – and the last pic, where they are chillin’ oooorh :’3 I love these kind of photos of them. They all so cute!
    BB are just perfect. end of fangirl comment xD.

  43. @ sarang hae; ♥ bb,

    GD = bong, TOP = tabi, Taeyang = Bae, Daesung = dae and seungri = baby only mentioned four of them, don’t you love dae as well? keke
    i reckon u’re a new fan..welcome here! =)

  44. gosh, baby’s is getting much more buff-er!!
    idk what to think
    i’m amazed by our little baby
    but at the same time feeling weird,
    an adorable face and hair with big guns! T___T lol
    the boys look hella hot!!
    but i’m not really digging the eyeliner
    it’s so much more than haru haru days
    but i know it’s a modeling it has to be exaggerated
    like how the boys are holding bananas
    and are like ‘hello hello? anybody home?’ lol
    tabi is like the hottest piece ever!!
    gosh i died after i saw the him eating petals picture
    he’s so holy crappy HOT!
    argh let me rape his eyes please lol
    he is the only one who looks really good in eyeliner!
    and dae looks smexy with grapes..and i love his guns!!
    lol..gotta love bong’s ripped pants..and the holy NIPPLES lol
    the last bongie looks so so so so cute!!
    gosh i think i never seen him wearing shorts and socks like that!
    so so adorable ❤

  45. Why so angry baby? lol
    and theres no point GD teasing us with those holey clothing. he might as well be naked already….

  46. Jiyngiee arr, when are you going for a hair cut? I’m really starting to miss those previous hairstyles!

  47. baby’s all grown up and tabi’s still hot as ever ❤
    loorrrd <333
    my two seunghyuns are loved!

  48. Thank you very much and the boys look awesome as usual, but the .zip download for the ARENA scans doesn’t seem to work for me… MF says it’s an invalid file?

    Could you please please please re-up? *hands cupcake*

    Thanks in advance (:

  49. Top’s so hot.
    And what’s that about the make up? Okay, I like it on TOP, but on the others it’s waaay too much!
    Still, hot pix!

  50. ahah, as soon as i saw the title about bong with no pants, i scrolled past everything to see for myself ;P

  51. […] Big Bang ARENA June Issue Scans | TOP & SeungRi: Shooting ‘19′ | Bong with no pants… Special: Bong with no pants?? The June issue of ARENA has been released, and yes…. more juicy pictures, I am […] […]

  52. awwww,i’m missing them sooo muccchh..
    good to see this…
    love those pict^^


  54. Waa i dont really like this haircut baby its using
    but I still love him *—–*
    XD gd without pant LOL
    we wish =X
    come 2 japan soon so I can see ya guys x.x
    ………loved the pics ^^

  55. Woah … I like their smile…. hehehehe….^_^

  56. ita not just bigger bang, its biggest bang 🙂
    all lookin hot.. lovin d pics

  57. i just LOVE BIG BANG!!
    they’re totally amaze me with dis pic…:)

  58. Love those pics!
    Funny face pulling XD

    i really wanna see that movie asap (:
    AHHHHH funny! I love the last picture!

  60. SR & TOP SOOOOO SEXY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. haha..Ji Yong looks damn adorable on the last pic (assuming him, with no pants on..kekeke)…i felt like hugging him for being so…auwww…’pinch his cheeks’..=D

  62. aigoo~~
    i can’t download the ARENA pics.
    what am i going to do.
    can somebody help me.

  63. hi i dont know if u guys know but TOP has a new mv for the movie 9 comeing out so i just waned to let u guys know here the link a4 it

  64. Uhhh ~ Is it me or is it Seungri’s arm is so HUGE NOW?
    LOL…did he get help from TaeYang to get his arm more buff? oh boy..LOL…I’m liking the muscle, but it really doesn’t match him…HAHAHAHA…oh well, BB is still HOT!

  65. HOOOOOOLY CRRRRRRRAP TOP IS LOOKING HELLA SEXY ON HIS PHOTOSHOOT! I love love love him with spiky hair. Why can’t he just leave it like that? lol. And as always, TAEYANG IS BOMB<3



  68. shit! hate dara becuz she is ………likely not but …hate dara..buda

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