[Interview] Big Bang leader GDragon, “As compared to my solo album, Big Bang is more important”

I felt somewhat relieve to read this interview, it’s true that we all want to see Bong’s solo album like now, but we also don’t want him to stress himself out so much. No matter how long it is, I think I can wait, as long as he’s healthy and hyper like he’s always do, even 10 solo albums can’t compare to that. And I also love how he said Big Bang is more important to him, the true Kwon Leadah.

Thanks to Sookyeong for the translation

Group Big Bang leader GDragon talks about the responsibilities he has as a leader to the group.

He met up with some reporters recently and talked about his solo album, “I am very sorry to fans about postponing the release date of my solo album. But as compared to my solo album, Big Bang is more important.”

GDragon’s solo album was initially set to be released in April or May. But a while back, YG Yang Hyun Seok wrote a note on YG Entertainment’s official website saying the album will be postponed till August instead.

He explained about GDragon had a little slump/depression symtoms from work and stress. And he had told GDragon to do his solo album at his own pace instead.

GDragon who has been back from his fashion vacation in Europe said laughing, “Since debut I have been working non stop, and I was tired. Furthermore it was much pressure on my side about my solo album. And my head went a bit complicated, but I assure it is not like the depression that everyone is worrying about.”

The pressure he had about his solo album was to show his individual style that is different from Big Bang. He said, “Currently the recording and working for the album has almost completed. But until the moment the album is released, I’ll have to work on brining out my own style. Because of that, I’ll keep the concept of the album secret for now.”

About his vacation to Europe recently, “If I had more time, I have more places I wanted to see but I went to London and Paris, and flew to Japan after that. Personally I like bustling and crowded London more. Going on a vacation like this without having to worry about anything, I think I cleared up my head a lot.”

GDragon will fly Japan on the 28th. Then he would attend MTV Video Music Award Japan 2009 on 30th with Big Bang, and the group will continue with the Japanese activites. GDragon will then release his solo album after that.

He said, “This time we are going to advance into the Japan major market. Because this plan is more important, we don’t know if my solo album release will have to be postponed further or not. But like I said, to me, Big Bang always come first.” Image and video hosting by TinyPic


~ by Vicky on May 21, 2009.

73 Responses to “[Interview] Big Bang leader GDragon, “As compared to my solo album, Big Bang is more important””

  1. aww GD is such a real GREAT leader!

  2. and this is why we love our GD

  3. “Big Bang always come first”
    Aww, GD your too sweet ^_^
    This is why i love you ;D
    Kwon Leadah Forever!
    He’s such an AWESOME LEADER!

  4. Awwhh~ Ji Yong is just too irresistible!
    When I read this…I remember why Mr.YG chose the right person to play lead. (:

  5. awwwwwww….^^
    yeah no matter how crazy he looks sometimes..he’ll always be the lovable leader of Big Bang.
    Don’t worry Bong, we’ll wait for your album. Just surprise us. ^^

  6. he is the best leader that i’ve ever seen
    idk about other groups..but bong is the perfect leader of bb
    gotta love him for putting his priority on bigbang 🙂
    i don’t mind the waiting
    i really want this boy to rest well first
    happy that he rejuvenated himself during his vacation to europe
    i’ll be waiting for his solo..patiently 🙂

  7. yeahzzzz!!!~~~the true kwon leadah!!!!~~~^-^
    that’s why we love about you GD!!!!….love it~
    signnn…kindly sad GD have to pros pone his solo album…t.t
    but nvm~…we will patiently waiting for it!!!!~~~
    fighting GD!!!!!~~~

  8. GD is dhe best leader tat can ever be , he even postpone his solo album for big bang . he is the kwon leader !(: i hope he wont be too stressed out and i hope he will always be well & healthy !(: no matter how he looks or dresses , he will always remain to be a great leader for BB . BIG BANG HWAITING !:D

  9. GD is truly a leader. I’m really looking forward to his solo album but I respect his decision. As long as he’s happy and healthy and satisfy with his album, I can wait. GD FIGHTING!!!

  10. he really knows what his priorities…a RESPONSIBLE one!

    don’t worry oppa..we can wait as long as you’re okay mentally and physically^_^…

    Big Bang..FIGHTING!^_^

  11. wah… my love and respect for him grows everytime i hear him speak. he’s so perfect in a lot of ways and yet he still strives for more perfection. and that’s why i love him.

    yongie saranghaeyo! ❤

    Does this mean Big Bang will be at japan IN JUNE? I am pretty excited as I am going to japan this june for holiday. Thanks so much (:

  13. Ji Yong ah 😦 you know we will wait. dont worry. dont be stressed anymore, can you? 😦

  14. so relieved… don’t be stressed anymore… he is such a great and amazing leader… so in luv with him…

  15. @sarah
    hey sarah , if you have any questions , go to dhe FAQ page , that’s the place for asking questions about Big Bang . your questions will be anwsered there .(:

  16. true kwon leadah! i love you gddddd <3333

  17. I’m glad to know he is now fully recharged and working hard as big bang’a leader, I believe that they will achieve greater heights in Japan, I have faith in you Jiyongiee! GoGoGo Big Bang!!

  18. leader I LOVE YOU !!! Thanks for all ❤

  19. awww….this is why i love him more n more..=]
    truly a great leader n a role model for me^^
    I definitely LOVE YOU GD a.k.a Kwon Leadah!!!
    thanx for sharing this =)

  20. He so dedicated to the people around him. As long as hes doing what he feels is right, i will wait a hundred years if i have to for his solo album. keeping it a secret huh bongie? oh you really know how to drive us crazy lol. Have fun and mainstream japan huh? Big bang will take over the world lol, at least i want them to.

  21. aww sweet
    i hope his stress does get better in the future though im sure hes alright now =D
    but i wonder where he went in london … wanted to stalk him ;P jks

  22. Feels good to know that Kwon Leadah put BIG BANG first.
    Even better that he’s healthier now!

  23. Such a committed true Man we’ve got on our side =DDDDDD…
    This is why he deserves success…..
    Always keeping us a very spoil *.*

  24. i love him even more now. I will accept anything you do GD

  25. Come to canada Jiyoooong (:
    Hyper + GD = LOVE
    G D r a g o n Until Whenever ❤

  26. awww…
    our little Bong
    such an awesome leader
    I’m soo happy to know that he’s doin much better is ready
    for his solo
    I prefer waiting than having him be tired
    when he finally gets his chance to shine(even more)
    hopefully he gets another chance to enjpy Europe
    Bong fightin!!!!

  27. KWON LEADAH is a true leader (:
    i love him, hes so cute
    ‘compared to my solo album, Big Bang is more important’

    Bong ah~
    u been to London w/o telling me?
    if u did, i’d be in sadness right now.
    TT_TT I can’t believe i missed u in London.
    you are a bright, shining star! How could i have missed you ne?
    DAMN school. I missed GD.
    i still do.

    d/w Bong.
    i’ll be there……waiting…….
    ‘just don’t forget that promise of ours,
    i’ll take care of you until whenever.’


  28. the perfect leader ❤

  29. Word. I mean yeah, i can’t wait for his Solo but i don’t want
    him to be depressed again. or any stress. So yeah i can wait to.
    I just want him to be healthy and hyper, that’ll make me happy.
    Awwww, yeah he is a true leader.
    What? i’m worried about his depression. i mean we all are.
    Secret…I’ll wait. Because it’ll be more worth it! ahahaha
    i’m so excited for the songs and his style/fashion.
    Aww i’m so sad but i’m also very just…amazed. i mean how he
    puts Big Bang first. I know he wants his Solo but Big Bang is
    always first. Awwwwww. We love you! FIGHTING!

  30. so sweet!!!!
    Thank you so much for that Kwon Leader
    sure that we will wait for you….
    so proud of you and love you so much….
    G-Dragon Fighting!!!!
    Big Bang Fighting!!!!
    V.I.P Fighting!!!!

  31. Great Job!! A leader at heart. His group before himself. I am happy that he’s taking his solo album in stride and I am sure that we all don’t want him to stressed too much.

  32. aww. it’s so sweet of him to put Big Bang before himself. & i just hope he’s not working himself overtime.

  33. We all know that G-Dragon works very hard for Big Bang. And no matter what to him Big Bang always comes first. We all love you G-Dragon and it’s ok if your solo album is delayed!!! We still love you! G-Dragon Fighting! Big Bang Fighting! VIP Fighting! ^^

  34. GD! your health > your solo.

    and awwww, such a leader :]
    big bang always comes first. 😀

    i wish you best of luck with everything! 😀

  35. i ❤ him

  36. aw. thats cool. i bet he had fun being comfortable at london where there arent crazy fan girls for once . i wanna go to europe too~ hehe
    i dont care ,as long as they all stay healthy&
    come back to us in their best condition (:

  37. ahhh bongie ;D it’s okay. we’re happy you’re fine now xD TAKE YOUR TIME LOL

  38. gosh i cant wait!!
    ahh~ just jiyongie!!

  39. awwww this melt my heart away. his so sweet!! caring for big bang over him self! he is a true leadah!!! its so sweet! ❤ KWON LEADAH!! <3333

  40. i’m bit worried, for the mtv japan award….they’ll be goin to japan,but da prob is,case of h1n1 is getting serious there… hope they’ll be fine…!wish them all da best…

  41. GD HWAITING! ❤

  42. ily Gdragon. his such a good leader. i totally agree. he can take as long as he likes to release his solo album. nobody wuld/shuld b rushing him. especially any of us iVIPs

  43. i agree with mary . noone is gonna rush gdragon . we all love gd rite ? so we dont want to put pressure on him and stress him . and as a fan , i dont want him to get sick or anything .(: just hope he do well in big bang and as a leader . we will always be waiting for his solo album , even if it takes a long time .

  44. big bang always comes first. He deserve the best.

  45. GD i love <33333333333333

  46. opps i didnt know it would show the video i thought just the link sorry

  47. He’s so Nice
    But i hope that his new solo album will b update soon

  48. just see u in picz at Hancook University,so sad when seeing u, Ji yong, U is too skinny,anyone love u can see any bone in ur chest, u know ? …ViPz can wait even though ur solo album will be postpone till next year.. I wanna see the real smile of u with chubby cheeks as before debut. After some year in showbiz,facing too much pressure, u ‘ve changed so much,u know,ur body,ur smile, ur eyes,ur thought,all of them wasnt same before, it was dropping TT____TT
    Please resting when u feel tired, okie
    Hope see u and BB soon
    Always besides you
    I promise !

  49. awww gd.
    such a leader.thinking about the group before him.
    awww.so touched.

    we love u bigbang.! vip forever.
    and yah we vips will wait for their solo albums UNTIL WHENEVER right??
    go vips =D

  50. Looove The Leader ~

  51. AWWWWWW! He’s such a great leader. AWESOMENESS.
    “BIGBANG is always first for me too (:”
    JIYONG is AWESOME ;D thaa best.

  52. Oh gosh, Kwon Jiyong.
    Is it possible to fall for him even more?
    True leader right there.

  53. KWONN JI YONG! ❤
    i love you more, more *with the actions*
    best leader ever!

  54. Aw, Kwon Leader. First time I’m calling him that, but this is the right moment.

    I’m curious about the album concept, but I don’t mind GD keeping it a surprise. ;] And I’ll keep on waiting no matter what.

    I want GD to be at his best for his solo album and its promotions. Plenty of rest and preparation for it.

  55. awww he’s such a great leader ^^ i’m very proud of him and i’ll wait the time it takes. always supporting BIG BANG <3333

  56. I LUV U !!!!!!!!!

    GD YOU R THE BEST LEADER!!!!!!!!!!!



  57. kwon jiyong go kwon jiyong!

  58. Kwon Jiyong,you’re so awsome!
    It’s real that you’re the greatest leader!!
    Keep on going<3

  59. Kwon Jiyong yhu will always be the best leadthur everr…..big bang will always be there wen yhu need themm

  60. i think i can totally wait.
    i love the kwon leader-ness 😀
    kwon jiyong fighting! 😀

  61. i<3kwonjiyongFOREVER! x)

  62. awwww~GD!!!!!~~~~~XD

  63. OMGOMGOMG!!! He loved London!! COME BACK JIYONGEE COME BACK!!!! 😀

  64. oppa G-Dragon ahhh~oppa Kwon ahhh~
    I love you a lot when I was known you in the past,love your style,your thoughts,your actions and your words.But now,I love you more and more then.It’s really hard to decribe my love to you…Pls be fine and healthy,ok??..IF not,my heart will be broken for serious.
    Promise I will officially go to meet YOU in Korea.Waiting for me ok??
    Go G-D,Go Bigbang~~!^-^

  65. GD is such a good leader!!!
    I can’t wait until his solo ablum comes out!
    awwws gd has some depression problems =[

  66. AWWWWW!!! G-DRAGON!!! MY G-DRAGON, awww, i miss him, lol, WTF?!?!?!?!
    lol,r but, awwww

  67. ❤ ma GD! =)
    He's such a good leader! ^ ^

  68. Gd is such a good leader!
    Aw… Gd has some depression problems =(

  69. GD?! Aw… He suchs a great leader!
    He’s ma #1 fan and will always be!
    He’s the best leader ever!


  70. jiyong’s such a great leader!! i hope he really enjoyed himself during his much-deserved vacation! good job to yg for seeing that he really did deserve a break, after all that nonstop work and sacrifice for big bang!!

  71. oppa G-Dragon ahhh~oppa Kwon ahhh~
    I love you a lot when I was known you in the past,love your style,your thoughts,your actions and your words.But now,I love you more and more then.It’s really hard to decribe my love to you…Pls be fine and healthy,ok??..IF not,my heart will be broken for serious.
    Promise I will officially go to meet YOU in Korea.Waiting for me ok??
    Go G-D,Go Bigbang~~!^-^


  72. <33333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333<33333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333

  73. AW GD IS SOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!! haha i want to be wid gd forever okay ladies one thing aiite!!! GD is married with meeee!!!!!!!

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