Download: Why Did You Come to My House? | BANGS Monopoly | EXTRA!

SeungRi Debut Movie
Why Did You Come to My House?
1036 MB

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I really like how the way Baby’s character in this movie act isn’t really far from his own self. Even though he’s Park Ji Min in this movie, I don’t see it, I just keep seeing Lee Seung Ri, I’m not sure if that’s a compliment or what to his acting skills, or just saying that the director cast a perfect person for it. Seeing Baby kneeling on the floor crying while it’s raining begging for his life is really sad…. I’m really NOT sure what was his ending…. confusing. But this is a pretty good and well edited film, show us the mind and the crazy life of a stalker, who did it out of love, and how love between two person can sparks in a crazy way.

Okay, I am a HUGE fan of monopoly, my cousins and I once go 11 hours playing this thing without stopping, it’s like a family thing for us almost, we sometimes play the Vietnamese version to it too, which called “Millionaire” but Big Bang also have their own version, a BANGS version to monopoly, when I first heard about this game, I was like “AH! NO WAY” but then I found out it’s all in Korean……….. yea… I need to be able to read to play or else I wouldn’t know what it says on my “CHANCE” card. So freaking cute!

BANGS Monopoly Game

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Big Bang’s New Japan Photoshoot

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TOP’s Sexay Pics

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~ by Vicky on May 23, 2009.

72 Responses to “Download: Why Did You Come to My House? | BANGS Monopoly | EXTRA!”

  1. lol at top’s 1st pic :DDDD
    wow wow wow big bang board game now??? haha so adorable! 😉

  2. Oh, I can’t wait to see Why Did You Come To My House! =D
    – and yea, it’s too sad, that the game is on korean ): I don’t understand a word of it.

  3. and btw.. I LOVE Big Bang’s new Japan photoshoot! :O wow they look hot! (they’re always, but yea.. this photo is hot ;D)

  4. WAAA i love d bangs mmonopoly 🙂 so cute

  5. everiting is great about BIG BANG .
    yeah , i cant wait to watch seung ri’s movie . i know he is good at acting , he’s a one confident guy , that is the great thing bout him . i love big bang new photoshoot , they look great in aniting .(:
    as usual , top looks hot in his photo .:D

  6. well my parent don’t let me dowload stuff but is there another place where i can watch it?

  7. TOP is so qute ❤
    But he looks like he have grains some weight-.-

  8. @ devil
    i dont think dhe movie is out yet ..

  9. lol.. top has new shades.. and they’re even more ridiculous than the yellow ones. i fkin love it xD
    style chnage again! yay.. i was starting to get desensitized of the suits xD and when you start being unaffected by hot guys in suits.. there’s a problem

  10. part 9 doesnt work T0T
    the movie i mean….

  11. yay! i waited forever to watch this! my first time seeing seungri act besides the play, im really excited! too bad i dont understand >< THANKS!

  12. oh my..maknae ah~~ …such a good actor for a first timer (?) …

    WAAAHHHHH monopoly..I LOVE to play that game too… where did you get it vicky? yesasia?…my I want I want…hehe

    TOP oppa^^

  13. awww~~ tabi! looking so preppy in that shirt there. i kinda like this look. less angry edgy rapper guy. more softened up hot rapper guy. i like it^^ go tabi!!

    and seungri baby acting… i’m downloading it right now! can’t wait to watch it!^^

    i miss these boys. so much. hope they do their best in japan.


  14. Homg the Bangs Monopoly game! Did you get it, Vicky? Hehehe… I want it, but I don’t understand it at all. ;________;

    There’s a Viet version to Monopoly? LMAO. I only play it the original way just with friends.. not my parents or anything. xD

    Dayummm Tabi’s so hot. 8DD Thank U!

  15. the copy is awesomely you know where i can get English subs for it though?sorry for being a drag but THANKS a lot..really appreciate your blog.

  16. I don’t care if I can’t read or understand Korean! I want that monopoly board game!! Sooo…cute!! I can just place it on display :DD

  17. the game! i wish I understand it so I can buy it.

  18. I like GD’s Jacket. Ma sexy perfect Hubbys. TOP+s HOT HOT!
    Damn, I want that Monopoly! 🙂

  19. OMG the monopoly game board looks so freaking cool!
    ahhhh (: love thee pictures!

  20. How long will it take 2 dowload da movie ??

  21. Aawws. ii would def download the movie if ii culd udnerstandwhat they’re saying lol.
    oh my qod.! ii watnt hat board game soo much lmfaO ;]]
    && at T.O.P’s pics…he is just so incredibly hot.!
    It ii think it makes sense lol

  22. anyone have an idea where I can get some subtitles for the movie?

  23. big bang monopoly!? D:
    where did you get it? ;3;

  24. i want that game! oh my goodnesssssss. i really like GD’s hair in the monopoly picture. i was never really a fan for his new longer hairstyles.

    the movie JUSTTT came out. you usually have to wait 2-4 weeks for a good sub to get done. just wait a little while 😀

    THANKS FOR INFORMING US READERS. i have no idea where i’d get my latest bb news without this site ahaha~~~

    u guys have the best news ever. ty!

  26. whoa i want the monopoly game! :OOO

    TOP.. dang ;D
    but the Japanese photoshoot picture.. DAAANG.


  27. creme // It’s availabe @ YESASIA .. preorder. ^^

  28. XD i already ordered it like two weeks ago. I tried to tell everyone on here but no one took notice. AHH I cant wait to get it in the mail.

  29. @kay-chan
    yeah i heard about a little while too…
    but i didnt see anything about the bang*s story on here.
    im to lazy to order it. hhahaha

  30. if you wanna know the official website to order it, its
    its all in korean though…

  31. @lumi its sooo much more expensive on yesasia than at ygeshop…
    i prefer tosave money on such a good product 😀

  32. Wo Dae is dead serious in that pic yo. heh, but I love it.

  33. @devil
    you can watch the movie on youtube..but right now only three parts have been uploded..

    i love the japan photoshoot!!!

  34. waaah so nice~<3

  35. […] Download: Why Did You Come to My House? | BANGS Monopoly | EXTRA! SeungRi Debut Movie Why Did You Come to My House? 1036 MB […]

  36. Where can I get a Big Bang Monopoly board in America??? ^^ If anyone knows then email me please at

  37. Does the movie has English subs?

  38. the monopoly is so cute!!
    aw~ i want to play it too. kekeke

    hubby sexy pic…. kills me >.<

  39. omona! i want the Big Bang Monopoly!!
    wAhhhhh–> gd is so sexayyyy

  40. WAAA!!! TaeYang and TOP look SOOOOOO HOT (&^@#% in Japan photoshoot!!
    I am super stoked for their activities.
    Haha! BANGS Monopoly, freakn awesome!

  41. ohhh, sr looks buff x)
    aww, bang’s MONOPOLY is soo cute ;]
    i wanna play! but it’s in korean..
    so i wouldn’t understand a word LOL
    Oooh, TOP’s looking seeeexaaaay ;D

  42. Thanks for this! Can’t wait to watch the movie. Does it have subs?

  43. omg i love monopoly too.
    im lovin dat japan photoshoot pic. they all look hawt.
    O.O TOPs 1st picture. lol

  44. adorable. 🙂

  45. oooh thanks for the movie ~ cant wait to see our baby& also tablo’s dear gf :p
    oh man. hubby’s pics are a sexy bonus, i love u xDDD ❤

  46. ah~~im waiting for my holiday to watch seung ri acting
    until then i cant talk about it yet~

    and gosh! the bored
    i faced the same problem as you!
    i found out about it but i cant play it cause i cant understand it~

  47. OMG yes, must watch movie. Thank You so muchh.
    Yeah i know, i’ve seen the teasers and stuff and he
    just acts like Seungri. I mean i see him instead of
    the character he plays. ahaha.
    AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW BANGS is so cute! i want to play…
    ooh yeah can’t read Korean though.
    Ooh TOP. hehehe so dorky…OMFDDDDDDDamnnnnnnn
    Dae looks hot. TOP, love the sunglass. Tae yang, damnnn
    G-Dragon, puahahaha i love you & drools* Seungri.
    i love you too. omg, omg, HOTT! i love it, thank you!
    ahaha i haven’t had a fangirl freak out in a while,
    thank you.

  48. where can you get the bangs monopoly game??

  49. awww~i cant wait for the movie!!!~~~XD
    waaaaa….i wan bang monopoly too…..>.<….
    i love baby in Japanese pic~how cute and cool!!!!~~~XD
    dae look so sexayyyyy~bae look good as usual~TOP i love his glasses and his hair there!!!~~~XD….
    awwww~my bong look HOT as always~~~XD
    haha~top look so sexayyyy with his eyes in the last pic…*drools*

  50. hey um.
    where can i download bigbang songs?
    i’m desperate !

  51. thank you 🙂

  52. that monopoly money reminds me of their dirty cash mv
    yeah….GD is d BB center ❤
    wondering the story n rules to play it ^_^

  53. oooo a bb monopoly how cool and i cant wait to watch this movie with subs and the jap photo the members all look hot

  54. My SeungRi’s Damn cute
    Hes Killin me already

  55. goshhh…
    does anyone know when can i buy that stuff in inodenesia?
    it’s so hard to find big bang’s stuff here..
    i love the4 photoshoot..
    TOP is so cute!

  56. crazy …. i love them all x))

  57. aww i really wanna se ethat movie! seungri looks GOOD!
    do you guys think it will come out with english sub in DVD>>>>????
    and OMG! COOL set of game! i wanna play!

  58. i finished the movie just now & i actually liked it.. very unique and kanghaejung is a good actress (: seungri was being stalked by her for many years since he was 13 and he broke her heart so she seeks him for revenge over the years, watching seungri from the other guy’s house.. and the story goes back annd forth alot.
    basically wat happened to seungri in the end was that he was taken to the police too &then who noes.. yea i wont say specifically cuz thats spoiling but i enjoyed the movie~ i think it has..deep meanings.. imagine how happy tablo was too watching this hehehe

  59. I want that board game.
    But, because it’s a BANGS item, it’s obviously concerns alot of moolah. ;*(

  60. omg the movie is really interesting. i like i like :]
    & seungri in the movie was very very .. hehe ;D
    he just looks beautiful in the movie.

    does anyone think that the younger park ji min looks like daesung?!

  61. bbyuri:) // LOL. Well I would love to save money too, but I can’t read Korean. So I don’t shop @ YG shop… D;

  62. subtitles? 😦

  63. omg i want tht monopoly
    heck if i donno korean i just gotta have it

    and top. sweating like that. he knows tht melts every other hearts xp

    how bout the pics of the others?

  64. omg monopoly!!! i love that game too xD i want the BANGS version :O ♥ but i need to learn korean hehe ^^*

  65. Hello everyone, just read that there are several people who got the Big Bang Monopoly but can´t play because it is in korean.

    I bought it too and because I had to translate it myself I uploaded the translation of the Game Instructions and the Missioncards on my homepage for everyone to download.

    But I have to make clear, that neither korean is my native language nor is it english. So I can´t guarantee that it is 100% correct translated. And I am sure that there are several faults in the english too.. -.- But you can definitely play the game with my translation and as the rules are similiar to normal monopoly it´s not that hard to understand..

    You can find it under
    feel free to share this link but please link to the website not the direkt link ^^

    Hope you have as much fun with the game as I am having XD


  66. Anyone can teach me how to play the BANGS story board game , because i can’t understand the korean instructions..

  67. do you know where i can download the english subs??

  68. here, try this for the instructions :

    do not know who uploaded the file but credits to the owner!

  69. can someone post the traslation? because i has something wrong with ida link…

  70. omg i want tht game soo badly !! D;

  71. i have big bang monopoly too and what most exciting is it have big bang autograph on the box. i never play it cause i don’t read korea. so 4 ppl who wanna buy it pls contact me @

  72. Greetings from Florida! I’m bored at work so I decided to check out your site on my iphone during lunch break. I really like the info you provide here and can’t wait to
    take a look when I get home. I’m surprised at how fast your blog loaded on my mobile .. I’m not even using WIFI, just 3G .
    . Anyways, excellent blog!

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