05.15.09 Big Bang Press Conference @ Kyoto News

i just had to share the translation. nervous much i’d say! And happy to see that Malaysia is in YG’s radar

[A theory from momo]:

  • This is just my theory. If i guess it right, BigBang’s singles will be released or promoted thru Universal Music of each countries mentioned in the interview. Release as digital singles that will be made available on UM websites either in the form of mp3, caller tone or ringtone. To download, you may need to purchase it online.
  • But please dont get your hopes up as this is just the first step for BigBang to promote their music to other Asian countries besides Japan. Big promotion thru UM worldwide. This could be a stepping stone for BB to do a promo tour within the regions.
  • Again, my speculation of such. I have no concrete information on this yet, not until its release. Therefore, be sure to check out for updates.


Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_r46wwgIaEk 


Q: It’s been three years since your debut in Korea in 2006 and you’re finally about to make a “major debut” in Japan. How do you feel?

YB: はじめまして。お会いできて嬉しいです。僕はSOLです (Hi, pleased to meet you. I am SOL). When we did our first showcase in Japan a year ago, I remember we were very nervous. We’re even more nervous about our “major debut.” (But) we are happy about it. 

GD: はじめまして、僕はG-DRAGONです (Hi, I am G-Dragon). I think we’ve never spoken in front of this many cameras before since our debut in Japan. I can’t see very well because of the camera flashes and it makes me a bit nervous. I hope to take this (major debut) as an opportunity to work harder and bring you great music and performance.

TOP: I’m TOP. I’d like to thank the press for coming here to see us today. If you have any questions for us, I hope this will be a good opportunity for us to share quality information.

DS: はじめまして、僕はD-LITEです(Hi, I’m D-LITE). This “major debut” offers us a great opportunity. We’ll work hard to make great music.

SR: はじめまして、僕はV.Iです(Hi, I’m V.I.). It’s such an honor for us to stand in front of so many people and I’m glad to have a chance to show our music we’ve worked hard on to our Japanese fans. We’ll try to make as many fans happy through our music as we can. Look forward to our music! 

Q: You look nervous. Are you alright?

SR: 緊張しています. 暑いです(We are nervous. It’s hot in here).

Q: Following the release of your first major debut single, “My Heaven” on June 24, your second single will be released on July 8. I understand that both your first and second single ablums will be released simultaneously in 6 countries – Hong Kong, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, China and Malaysia in the digital format.

GD: It’s a large-scale promotion and we are a bit nervous but very much look forward to it. We also look forward to showing you what we have prepared for you on stage.

Q: I understand you have a plan to hold a special event to celebrate your major debut at the Outdoor Stage of the Yoyogi Park on July 8?

YB: We’ve had a couple of fan meetings in Japan. We’re so excited to think about meeting our fans after our major debut. We are here today all because of our fans. We will continue to work hard to bring them great music and performance. 

Q: You just got here. Aren’t you tired?

YB: We came here for this press conference as soon as we arrived in Japan. We don’t feel tired at all because so many people turned out to see us. 

Q: What do you like about Japan?

YB: We like Japan and always look forward to coming here. We’re very interested in the food and culture of Japan. We’d love to find and experience more about Japan. 

Q: Could you be a bit more specific?

DS: I recently read in a book that there are many beautiful hot springs in Japan. I am interested in hot springs.

TOP: I love sushi. And we all love shopping. Aoyama is our favorite place. 

YB: 日本には大きなスキー場があると聞きました。行ったことがないので、いつか絶対に行ってみたいです (I hear that Japan has many big ski resorts. I’ve never had a chance to visit one. I’d love to visit one sometime).

GD: We shot our My Heaven music video in Odaiba. It was so beautiful. I loved it.

SR: We toured Osaka, Nagoya and Tokyo last year. I was deeply impressed by the peaceful atmosphere of Osaka and Nagoya. And people were so nice. 

Q: Do you have specific goals you intend to accomplish through your activities in Japan?

GD: We don’t have a specific road map or agenda we have followed. We’ve just worked hard to be where we are today. We don’t have fixed goals. We just do our music hoping that people around us will understand and love our music – I guess that’s our goal. We are foreign artists doing music in Japan. We hope our listeners understand and like our music.

Q: We have a show called Kouhaku Uta Gassen in Japan. DBSK (a.k.a. TVXQ) has been on the show. Have you heard of it? 

YB: Yes, we know that DBSK has been on the show. We’ve watched the show a few times. We will work hard and hopefully be invited to that prestigious show. 

Q: Bae YongJun’s smile is hugely popular among Japanese fans. Could you show us a “Big Bang smile”?

Q: You have many hit singles. Tell us the reason why you chose “My Heaven” as your major debut single.

YB: We have previously released an album in Japan with a few songs selected from our albums released in Korea. We chose “My Heaven” as our major debut single because it was the one that was best received here.

[Translations by pgeorgie]
[Source: EUL, Japan; monemone@vipz; BB Flow in TaeYoung]


~ by Momo on May 24, 2009.

38 Responses to “05.15.09 Big Bang Press Conference @ Kyoto News”

  1. Good luck to their debut xD
    And I can’t wait!

  2. I loved their awkward “Big Bang” smiles [:
    Big Bang hwaiting in Japan! ❤

  3. Thank you for the translation!

  4. This interview is weird and funny at the same time. Seeing the video clip is even funnier. It’s almost as if their just on a reality show instead of a press conference. NERVOUS makes it cute to listen and watch. Thank you.

  5. “both your first and second single ablums will be released simultaneously in 6 countries – Hong Kong, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, China and Malaysia in the digital format. ”

    what does this mean??? is it true that universal music will release their single albums in this country??? please explain it to me!T_T

    cause if it is…then no need to buy online cause i can now able to buy it here in our country(philippines)…cause i have no paypal nor have a creit card.!

    if not..if still online…so sad for meT_T…

    aahh!!! i’m getting crazy!(X_X)

  6. wow they are really expanding this time arent they? 6 countries this is going to be released in simultaneously? Go guys go! Big Bang spread all over the world!!

    Kouhaku Uta Gassen you had better invite my men on your show! Or else I’ll come over there and it wont be pretty!!!

  7. thnx for trans. big bang fighting!

  8. @smargott : its being release as digital single. maybe need to purchase online thru each Universal Music websites. Maybe in the form of mp3/ringtone/caller id. either way i have no further information about that yet until its official release.

  9. AAAAAAAAAH They’re holding a special concert for their fans ON MY BIRTHDAY!!! *happy* tuff luck for me tho. i’ll be stuck in Brussels… 😥 I’ll think of them. oh AND they’re releasing their second single then too. 18th birthday present? i will pretend it is ^^

  10. “I love sushi” AHAHAHAA TOP<3

  11. @smargott: I’m freakin’ out too when I read it. OMG.

    Damn I can’t wait!!! Don’t care if I’m busy with school, I’m gonna buy their album! ^^

  12. i think i almost died when i heard malaysia XD i’m totally getting the caller ringtone XD even if it’ll cost my whole reload of the month let it be although im sure it’ll just be like 3 bucks XD

  13. LOL “1..2..1..2..3” *Big Bang smiles awkwardly* haha then all these cameras start massively flashing

    this was funny to watch..so cute lol

  14. first of all,thanks 4 everything…!!! malaysia in yg radar? what does that means? anyway i’m just glad….!big bang have a lot of fans from malaysia…we’ll keep on supporting them…!!! bb hwaiting…v.i.p hwaiting…!

  15. OMG!! When I saw Philippines I just died. I don’t care how much it their album will cost, will definitely buy both. Wohoo!! XDD.

    i have to agree wit hanymirza..
    big bang please come to malaysia!!

  17. ah~~
    i cant wait for the major thing to happen
    and omg they going to release it in malaysia?!
    that is like heaven!

  18. Big Bang Fighting!^ ^
    can’t wait for the debut

    are they going to Hong Kong?
    ARE THEY!?!?!?
    aigoo if they are please go when i go,
    i arrive on GD’s birthday 😥
    unless i get internet i won’t be able to say Happy Birthday to him….
    anyway i’m expecting Big Bang to be there to greet me when i come off the airplane…..

    anyway i will buy the albums or get someone to buy for me.


  19. haha i used ‘anyway’ twice…..sounds wrong

  20. waaaa~im so exited that Malaysia also included!!!!~~~XD
    awwww~hope they come promote at Malaysia too…XD

  21. yeah. PHILIPPINES.!!! oohh gosh. its pity though. we’ll have so many rivals now. in the phil. hoho :DD
    imma buy it no matter what!!! fufu.
    hwaiting. Philippines. haha. what’s that for??
    T.T I miss riri’s flat stomach.

  22. wow ! i felt very that SINGAPORE is included too !
    cant wait for it !(:
    if i hav dhe money , im going to buy their album:D

  23. woohooo.. it means they r gonna sell album in malaysia? NICE 😀
    hope they will be comin 2 malaysia too 🙂

  24. wow how cool would it be if they toured in hk? (including the other 5) they’ll like dominate the whole of asia lol 😀
    Big Bang fighting! Our boys are doing well!!

  25. now only if they would put their music in the us lol


  27. ya!!!!!!!!!

    Malaysia’s included too!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Finally…. I can have their cds…

  28. OH my gosh! thank you for the translation!
    Yeahh! i cannot wait. Good Luck, FIGHTING!

  29. OMG! PHILIPPINES is also included for thier album reLease
    I cant wait. I really can’t. Please Realease it s0on..hehe
    Looking forward to it.

  30. knowing gd heard the name MALAYSIA is enuff
    to make me gasps!
    they gotta giv us sumthing
    we love em to death xp

  31. AWHH! xDD

    thats so kyuut! i read it and watched it. DS looked like he spit his water out at one point LOL. GD’s hair is growing on me, i now find it insanely kyuut. All of them looked so good!

    but i do have one question

    Since When is YB, SOL?? I don’t mind it, his name is sun in spanish LOL. but is it not TaeYang anymore (and yes i know TaeYang means sun) but is he officially that now? Same with Daesung being D-Lite and SeungRi being V.I (Where did those names come from o.O IM LOST)??? Can someone clear this up for mee??

    Preety pwease with BigBang on Top?? (<– no pun intended XD)

  32. I know they’ll do well. I wish they would debut here in the U.S. I guess when they do it will be worth the wait.

  33. @rainbowtongues: Taeyang, Daesung, and Seungri use those names for Japan and most likely if they promote Big Bang internationally. I guess it’s because they are easier to remember and it can be romanized (using the roman alphabet). Top and GDragon are already romanized. Those three are still using Taeyang, Daesung and Seungri and of course us IVIPs know their korean stage names. ^^

    @momo: you think they won’t release a CD, instead an online digital release? Hmmm…that would be hard here in the philippines though…

  34. ohhh wow thanks for the translation o.o in this moment i feel Big Bang will be awesome in Japan 😀 and i hope the same for the other countries they say 😀 feel very proud of they ♥

  35. SINGAPORE?! did i see singapore???!! coz nothing exciting ever happens here. I would go mad crazy if BB releases their stuff here. why isn’t there any Singaporeans in this with me?? LOL

  36. Darn, I wish I read this article before, while the YT video was still available. x3

    O:!!! They’re releasing in so many countries. Awesome~ ^^

    Thanks for sharing the info~~ ^^


  38. OMO!!!! i’m soooo super duper happy 🙂 their album maybe will be available in our country..im so gonna buy it! im gonna start saving now! gaaaah! xDDD

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