Excerpts from Japan’s Friday Magazine: June 5th 2009


Q: Professionally, you are the leader of the group. What’s the relationship among the five members like as private individuals?

GD: Sol is like the mother to the other members. He’s very considerate, calm, composed and likes to take care of others. The rest of us are just regular naughty boys. Especially TOP – he’s like a baby the rest of us needs to take care of.

Q: What kind of woman do you like?

YB: Somebody who understands me and who is kind and sweet.

[Source: The Friday Magazine, Japan; mico@vipz]
[Taken from:

~ by Momo on May 24, 2009.

28 Responses to “Excerpts from Japan’s Friday Magazine: June 5th 2009”

  1. when he sed naughty i was like…O_O cool..
    but then.. yea nvm lol

  2. NAUGHTY! he say that wrongly. but I understand what he means. lol.

  3. What do you mean wrongly? it’s true! lol. I wish the others answered the last questions. ^_^

  4. yb soo cute. 🙂 LOL

  5. XD Bongie my love, i expect an answer like that from you. We all know your naughty and trust me thats not going to keep me away from you lol.

    AWWWWWWW Bae Bae!!!!! You are just…all i can do is squee over him lol. There is no one in the world who can be sweet and caring enough for him. He is just so freaking adorable that, god he just makes me smile and squee over his answers.

  6. hmmm?…what do u guys mean wrongly??…@@
    haha..lolzzz…regular naughty boys~XD
    i wonder how naughty they are…hehe~XD

  7. @ayooo

    i think were all wondering how naughty they can be XD

  8. Hehehe. regular naughty boys. and we girls suddenly had *eherm* thoughts…^^
    …especially when Bong pointed out Tabi as the naughtiest. O.O
    Don’t wanna picture it out now…or want to…hihi…

    Of course Baebae is so sweet and caring. awwww… and he needs to be taken care of too. ^^

  9. And I love that group photo. So simple yet so powerful. ^^

  10. XD nice the oldest is the most babiest. XD hahaha

  11. AHAHAA. TOP is the most naughty one ;]
    such a B A D big bang’s [bad] boy.

  12. whoah there GD!!! I read it right? right?.. he said “regular naughty boys” ? …hhmmm…GD don’t blame me if i have “naughty” thoughts too…kkkkkk… 😀

    yay! YB you’re lookin’ for me? XD

  13. oooh, naughty. haha, me like x)
    lol, top. haha always expect of TY ^^

  14. Hahaha..A very normal answer..I love how GD can be so normal inspite of being a star. Ahh YB, I am here. Lols.

  15. i can see that tat they were all naughty , except for YB .
    he IS like a mother , he take cares of his members , tats wat i like bout hym ,(:
    cant imagine TOP is dhe naughtiest ! lol !(:

  16. Lmao ahahahaha what about G-Dragon? he is a naughty kid too!
    i mean especially when he’s around Seungri!
    Awww, ahaha back to the women type of questions =]
    Young Bae is like the mother of the group

  17. ^ I agree! GD is naughty too XD

    “Especially TOP – he’s like a baby the rest of us needs to take care of.” Awwww, LOL

  18. ^^”The rest of us are just regular naughty boys”

    He should’ve given us more concrete examples of what rendered them ‘naughty.’ xD

    Aww, TY, always the sweet, sincere and caring gentleman. Which supposedly translates to ‘mommy.’ xD

    This is OT, but it reminds me of a character designer who described a female character being like a mother to her lover. And due to shipping wars, some haters were using that against their pairing, saying their relationship would not work out–because she is like a ‘mother’ to him. Ahaha. OT is OT.

    Taeyang = mommy
    Top, GD, Daesang, Seungri = naughty boys

    Can I volunteer to be the daddy?


  19. omo bae!
    i am YOUR KINDA GIRL xp

    hahahah ironyyyy top’s like the HYUNG but infact he is the babyyy.
    omma bae takes care of baby top

  20. Awwws. lmao ;]]
    Tabii is the naughtiest. ;]]
    ii kinda figured that.
    yb’s answer was so sweet. he really does seem like the “mommiest” out of all of them 😛
    ii wish the other members. cough cough [dae sung] cough cough would’ve answered the last question too.

  21. LOL!!! awwww Tabi♥ baby♥

  22. Dayum our Big Bang boys are looking so hot. 8D

    Haha, again I hear about Mama Bae. XDDD

    LMAO! …’naughty boys’. xD

    Tabi is the one everyone has to take care of? I can’t imagine that. LOL.

    Aww, Bae. I can be your kind of woman. ;DDD Kekekee

  23. thats a lie TOP s the sweet one the rest are hidind stuff and got issues

  24. thats a lie TOP s the sweet one the rest are hiding stuff and got issues

  25. YB!!!! im kind and sweet lol. everyone knows that YB is the sweetest. i can’t imagine TOP being the one everone has to take care of lol

  26. T.O.P a baby to take care of? I’ll gladly volunteer to do it 🙂 hahahaha i don’t mind … NOT AT ALL xD

  27. LOL T.O.P’s like a really really big baby LOL. OMG YB so cute I totally love him!!!! Naughty boys are hot!!! LOL but motherly ones are even hotter!!!

  28. i have nude pictures of miyuu yamamoto who can i talk to for sale?

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