The Korea Herald: TOP and Seung-ri star in ’19’


Posted May 25th 2009

Members of boy band BIGBANG flexed their acting chops on set last Wednesday.

On the last day of filming for their forthcoming telefilm, “19,” T.O.P and Seung-ri took turns channeling teen angst; smoke swirling, rap pounding through the speakers.

One out of a series of eight feature-length dramas produced by Samhwa Networks under the overarching title, “Telecinema,” “19” charts the growing pains of a trio of 19-year olds. The plot reads like your typical teen flick – a group of kids on the cusp of adulthood get implicated in a murder case and run away.

The writer behind this work, however, defies expectations.

Taking a cue from the Korean Wave, “Telecinema” has enlisted the creative prowess of Japanese scriptwriters, Korean directors and Hallyu stars to spin out, flesh out and act out the eight tales.

High profile directors like Pyo Min-soo of the hit drama “Full House” and Hallyu stars like Kim Ha-neul, Ji Jin-hee and Dong Bang Shin Ki’s Hero Jae-Joong are taking part in this large scale project.

“The writer of ’19’ scripted the original ‘White Tower,'” “19” director Jang Yong-woo referred to scriptwriter Inoue Yumiko during a press conference on the set last Wednesday.

“For this project, I went for a young vibe, for dynamism and movement,” Jang added.

Decked out in black, BIGBANG member-and-fashion maven T.O.P, who is also starring in the blockbuster drama “IRIS,” put the spotlight on his and his co-stars’ roles: “I don’t think that we will be fashionable (in ’19’). Your attention won’t be drawn to our outfits. It will be drawn to our characters.”

Fellow member Seung-ri ruled out a full-blown romance, “Unfortunately, there are no love scenes in our drama.”

“Co-star Heo Yi-jae was unhappy about it,” he quipped.

“He is joking,” actress Heo countered, playfully hitting her male co-star.

For those looking forward to seeing sharp outfits on their K-pop icons, this may come as a bit of a disappointment. But fans of BIGBANG’s music may be in for a pleasant surprise.

According to director Jang, both T.O.P and Seung-ri worked on songs that may be featured in the forthcoming telefilm.

“It is very beautiful,” Jang said of Seung-ri’s ballad.

Following the press conference, Jang and the cast continued to film “19,” which is slated to air, along with seven other “Telecinema” feature-length dramas, on SBS in Korea and TV Asahi in Japan.

Four of the works are slated to hit movie theaters in Japan and Korea this summer.

The telefilms will be 90 to 105 minutes long.

By Jean Oh


~ by Momo on May 24, 2009.

20 Responses to “The Korea Herald: TOP and Seung-ri star in ’19’”

  1. FIRST
    omo, this is so awesome!
    can’t wait for 19 x)

  2. momo you’re on a roll here with the updates. hehe.
    And I’m loving it. thanks!
    Can’t wait to see it! =)

  3. THIRD hehe
    can’t wait to see it (:
    sounds good.

  4. ooooooooh !
    i really really really cant wait to see it !

  5. awesomeness….

    When will I see Jiyong act?? T.T

  6. OH MY GOSH, i CANNOT wait to see this movie.
    I’m so excited for it & especially to see them
    acting together.

  7. Does anyone know where can I find BIGBANG’s official blog?

  8. SUSETH,

    I’m a huge fan of BB but i’m not sure about the movie 19 cause i think is the same as paranoia from the USA, in which participated Shia Labbouf ( i think is like that xD). Well, i just wanted to share, i don’t know what u think but for me is the same history…

  9. can’t wait!

  10. woot!! not only do I get to see TOP and Seungri, but Hero will be part of the project as well!

    this is exciting. thanks for sharing the news. :]]]

  11. wow so many updates lately 😀 i want to see this movie 😀 congratz TOP and SR!

  12. NYAAAAAAAAAA >xD CANT WAIT TO WATCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. cant wait to watch a lot of things loll. i still needa watch why did you come to my house and iris and this LOL

  13. Aww, yay, another Seung Ri ballad. I really loved Da Eum Nal (a lot more than Strong Baby, ahem), so i’m looking forward to hearing that.

  14. SeungRi’s “Unfortunately, there are no love scenes in our drama.” …Heh, he wanted some eh? ;D

    Homg… he and Tabi might have some solo songs featured in the movie?! I really hope so. ^^

    I want to see their movie too! Sounds good. ^^

    I was confused about this ‘Telecinema’ thing at first… but this article helped clear things up.

  15. hahaha i agree wif Lumi up there…now i’m clear about this “Telecinema” thingy…thx so much!!!

    & SeungRi seems like he’s d one who wanted love scene in d drama rite?LOL

    really can’t wait to watch all 8 “Telecinema” feature-length dramas especially 19!!!!!!!!! ^___________^

  16. ahhh really cant wait. and cant wait til the song, too! how exciting 😀

  17. is it a movie or a drama series?

  18. i hate this drama cuz Top kissed a woman.but i love this drama cuz Top actes.Top and Ri.I know u both r good at drama.I dont know but maybe i’ll watch it

  19. Wonderful article on the many questions you answered me really great! Share this article the rest of my friends! Yours!

  20. Super blog, a lot of interesting

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