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My Heaven MV
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Also include MP4 format and audio ripped of ‘MY HEAVEN’

aww.. it’s Bong and his scrawny legs running again, it seems like those legs are the hit makers, just look at ‘Lies’ and ‘Haru Haru’ classic hits, and yet…. they both include Bong running so… maybe YG want MY HEAVEN to be a huge hit badly too haha

One minute he be depress, then the next thing you know, he be cruising down the bridge. DANG! LOOK AT TABI’S SEXY HAIRDO!!!!! SO FREAKING SEXAY! WHOA…. impressed with their Japanese rap, that is tight~~~ and… the main girl is so pretty, she’s so cute, why is it that Bong always get to do the mushy love scenes??? I want to see the others in action too y’know.

Baby totally………..freaking melt me with this damn MV… look at him in here, with his new hairdo and his smile, those sparkling eyes…. ahhhhhhhh! I am in HEAVEN. Everybody look fine.


I really like this MV, it’s really fresh for me, maybe they work with a different director or art advisor but if you noticed how the ‘Lies’ and ‘Haru Haru’ videos was shot and edited, it’s a whole new different feel for MY HEAVEN, we can actually see the ppl’s faces, it’s not so dark, so I really like it.

Making of MY HEAVEN MV

Thanks to ygbigbang.jp & bigbangpop


~ by Vicky on May 25, 2009.

72 Responses to “[DOWNLOAD] Big Bang: MY HEAVEN MV”

  1. omg THANK YOU!! 😀 <33

  2. g-dragon running around is just a classic:) loving big bang!

  3. so HOT! im melting right now….XD

  4. OMG!!!! THANK YOU!!!!

  5. thanks so much for this!
    i love the song heaven and im so happy they made a music video for it. overall, i love the mv. wish there was more of a storyline but at the same time i like the mysteriousness of it haha. the mv feels and looks like a memory.
    GDs hot as usual. just not as much with his hair down but…glad hes the main in the mv haha
    ❤ Big Bang <3<3 GD

  6. thanks so much! *___*

  7. There again Bong running scene. He’s so so skinny
    Hehe YG want it to success that badly

    Aw~ the scene when they’re in the car is so classic but cool!
    Love hubby’s hair, baby cute face, Bong smile, Dae driving, & Bae’s shades.

    Hubby rap is so cool! Rapping in Jpnese, damn, it sound so sexy alright.
    Bong blue jacket attract me so much,
    But I don’t like his hair down like that. also the scene when he smell the flowers, omona~~~ he look so cool there. Bong ah~

    I want to see more of hubby & Dae’s scene though.
    Bea just being Bae. He works that all black cloth hehehe

    Baby become cuter that usual in this. Or is it just me? Haha

    The gurl really cute. Waw~ bong so lucky. haha

  8. ehehee GD’s sooooo cute (L)
    Can’t get enough of him…
    and oh gosh, still very jealous of that girl –
    and BIKED
    and …


    ….. why must life be so cruel 😦

  9. yes, i pretty much like this MV a lot. but he needs to stop running and eat more. he’s too skinny!

  10. jiyong’s hair in the eat/feeding scene (just down, cut in the middle) is realy weird =\ i think its cause he has a really high hair line
    but i think he looks adorable with his hair up, and with the hat on.

  11. OMFG IT’S OUT!
    Lmao i love G-Dragon.
    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhh* G-Dragon sooooo cute!
    Big Bang My Heaven SPAM! GDHEAVEN.
    i don’t care if he’s with another girl in here,
    he’s so cute! OMFG OMFG OMFG OMFG OMFG
    i’d be happy to got to sleep now.
    Aww Seungri, cutee. they all are so hot!
    Aww G-Dragon! sadddd. i don’t like all of his hair down.
    Awwwwwwwwwwwww WHAT?! did they serious kiss?
    G-Dragon’s skinny ass. awwwww 24/7 My Heaven
    Yes i love it. Thank You =]

  12. wow those sketches are great
    i luv this so much!

  13. Hi, thank you for the sharing 🙂
    I really enjoying watching jiyong and TOP (though the kiss scene drives me crazy lol)
    Can I take this out to BBCN、BBF and BBTW?
    I will give credit to bigbang fansite by note 🙂
    Thank you so much

  14. I Almost Cried At The Kiss Scene.
    I’m So Jealous/Sad I Have No Emotion.

    But other than that the MV was damn awesome.
    Love It<3

  15. TOP’S HAIR IS…
    love. pure love.

  16. You said lil sis in law. I love how the MV looked, it’s so bright and clear. It so gives a laid back feel. hihi.
    But how come the size of the videos reached 1GB? whoa. was it really that big and clear?
    I love Tabi’s eyes here and his hairdo. Baebae just had his lasik eye surgery here so we can’t see his eyes…therefore I focused on his lips. too sexy.^^
    Thanks for the link!

  17. jeezzz…when will i ever stop liking ji yongiee….demm..top’s hairdos freakin’ hawtt..lalala

  18. I’m glad they made a MV for Heaven coz I love this song!!!
    the mv is so heavenly…GD is so hot and cute!!!
    every1 looks awesome!!!
    BB is jjang!!!

  19. gahhh
    the girl is so lucky! *jealous*
    thanks you ^^
    i wanna download it
    so… i think than i’m lucky, right? ahaha
    cuz Cielo in english is sky or heaven 😀
    anyways; is my name
    but the girl was so close to my GD
    gahhhh X____X
    aww i’m crying! the mv is so SWEET!!

  20. aaaah i like this!! the effects, scenary, filming– it IS diff & its friggin awesomeee. like, whoever directed this should do it again xDD awww i love it. its so soft & sweett
    ooh look at bong with that LONG HAIR dang haha intensity with that girl much? :p
    his hair is FLIPPIN SEXYYYY its driving me insanee<3333333
    im loving this mv. oh man. everythings hot. XD
    their japanese sounds good to me but i wouldnt noe haha it sounds right tho.. even the raps.. they didnt disappoint

  21. awwww on scene 2 how i wish i was that girl T__T so jealous lol. this MV is really good and it does feel really refreshing and energizing so happy to see them again and hyper… luv BB

  22. This MV is awesome! I love every scenes of GD
    I didn’t like his long hair but in this MV, speechlesss!!!
    Really want a HQ of MV but only 17mb :((

  23. omg!!! thanks for this i love the video is so different from the others but i like it 😀

  24. I’ll be honest, I wish there were more cameo of other BB members. Am I e only one that thinks this seems lyk a GD solo MV?? I mean, they could have “shared the girl” just like in other boy group MV. At least Haru2 was a love triangle between TOP and GD. no offense to GD Fans. I’m sure you guys love it anyway.

    The song is okay. Pronunciation isn’t fantastic but a good start.

  25. CUTE! i agree i like to see more of other members in MVs too but haha very cute and sad

  26. i just love da new appearance of BIG BANG..
    cool style+howt!!
    can’t get enough of them…

  27. omg i just watched it.
    totally trippy cause its jap but still sounds amazing!
    they all look great too. cute nd yet hawt.
    lol GDs always the protagonist in these stories.
    gotta say i love TOPs hair is just gettin hawter.
    of course DaeDae’s always is.
    is it just me but Tae doesnt sing as much in dis…?
    oh i lyk seungri’s jap nd the guys rapping too
    ovrall awesome MV

  28. LOL. Tks 4 share

  29. Definitely hawt.

  30. awwww~~~~i love it!!!!!!!~~~~XD
    bong was being so cool~cute~HOT in mv~~~~HOT HOT HOT!!!!~~~*melt*
    got people said why bong always lead in mv…hmmm…actually i don’t have any problem with it…haha~sorry…maybe im too biased…XD
    for me that’s a chance to give me see more bong acting skill~since bong still don’t have any drama or movie yet~only short drama in their concert~it’s not enough for me~XD

    anyway~i just love it!!!~~~XD
    plus plus……
    i love TOP’s hair~awwww~it’s freaking HOT~
    bae look COOL~
    baby so cute~aww~sweet baby~XD
    i also love bong’s hair tied up~HOT!!!!~~~

  31. i love jiyong oppa new hair..
    so cute….

  32. I love it!

  33. GAHHH bong be looking so hot just running
    and he looked really really scrawny in that outfits
    bong ah~i wished he gain more weight though
    again, i changed my mind and feel like he’s hot getting his hair tied up
    the gurl is really cute
    and yeah its a kissing scene but obviously they didn’t kiss
    hahaha or else, i’d probably gone mad now
    tabi is sexy, baby looked hella hella good =)
    and they finally raps in japanese!!
    ARGH~it’s not easy..and really TIGHT!
    i love this mv too, different than the previous mvs that the boys got

  34. Young Bae in the hall with the sunglass indoors is hot hot oppa is so cool dancing his feet are so happy which makes me happy which mean the world is at peace!!! LOL Seung-Ri is still holding I’m a man look down hot boy!!! DaeSung awww cute. G-Dragon needs to slow down with that too fast to live thing cause he runs more than any rapper I’ve ever seen. T.O.P hair cut is hot hot the rap is too much. Everyone Japanese is too good love the boys in Japan!!!

  35. OHMGD !
    there really HEAVEN !!!
    so happy their back !


  37. Awww i love the Album covers!
    it’s cutee!

  38. sorry vicky, had to edit your post.
    i put up track list info.

  39. i want to ride a bike with jiyong!

  40. wow… man that was too… wow. SO HOT! i swear TOP is seriously growing on me. his hair is just too die for. sooo unbearably sexy!!!!!!

    wicked MV… and lmaoo what a tank GD, you’re right, he does get all the girls in their MVs xDD

  41. love big bang…

  42. All I can say is thank you and that I igree with you, it’s time to let the other members get the girls too, haha. XD

    But still, Jiyong looks really good!

  43. Ji Jong always kute and serious work. That…like most Jong Ji

  44. Big Bang is also my heaven.
    I love this MV so much.
    This song is great wonderful.
    People who sing this song have excellent voice.
    All of BB members are absolutely handsome.
    Big Bang, I cannot love any other but you.

  45. thank you so much!- katrina

  46. My comment isn’t showing up in this post for some reason… -tries again-

    Yay, their MV is out~ O: Had no idea it was released.

    Dayum all the boys are looking hot. 8D

    I like GD with his messy lil bun [ not his hair down tho ]. Dang, he was just staring back at me with his intense eyes.

    Damn that girl broke his heart. D:

    Love the MV. I see what you mean, Vicky. I can see everyone’s faces so well. ^^ And how the MV scenes were put together was cool.

    Thanks Vicky! ^__^

  47. biting his nails again during the making of the mv 😛 stop that gd!
    thanks vicky!!

  48. i love ji yong’s hair bunned up like that.
    he owns it!

    about ji yong getting to do all the love scenes with the main girl.
    honestly , i don’t mind and i have strong respects 4 all team gd.
    u gys r stronggggg

    as much as i want t c bae as the main guy, i don’t know how i’d handle it huhu xp seeing him and the main girl loveydovey… aghhh what a pain! lol

    but for professional reason..i think i’ll b okay. ehehehe

  49. oh btw, the number on top
    the making layout.

    whose is it?
    yg jp? fo real?

  50. My only love



  51. Nice!

  52. I LOVE Kwonleadahh’s hair!

  53. the video is awesome.. taeyang looks and sounds so amazing in this, they all look great but i dont like gd’s style lately lol i want old jiyong back

  54. Is loving the video!
    But not loving GD new style >.<
    I want the old GD back =]

  55. thanks so much i luv this site

  56. Thanx a lot

    Love Big Bang 4ever!!!!

  57. thnks for shared *————*~

  58. anyone know where g dragons pink beanie with the eyes on it are from? what brand? i know alife has something similar but alife eyes are too big

  59. the song is great.is the best song.i love the BIG BANG forever.

  60. i love thim so much i dont now how i will live with out thim

  61. i love there all songs so they are so coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

  62. Thanks a lot ^_^

  63. big bang my dream

  64. luv u T.O.P

    9reat son9

  65. hey guys goodluck.i like all songs

  66. AHHH i love G-Dragon!! thanks girls

  67. This is like one of the best songs from BIG BANG! I love this so much! I really LOVE the story too! It is like so ROMANTIC! Romance is like so my style! All the boys in Big Bang is like so HAWT!OMG!!!I am so obsessed with Big Bang! I hope there will be more great songs in the future!

  68. like like like i love big bang

  69. Live long frevr BB . Tanx fr mkng da mv.I gt 2 knw nw cauz i waz nt usd bfre ur wbsits 24~7 mke mre heaven lke dis.

  70. beautiful song!!!!!i like it 🙂

  71. nu coments

  72. hai ………..

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