My Heaven MV

credit: YGEntertainment@youtube

man. this mv is… distracting me.

i’m in study mode & kim distracts me by telling me it’s out.

i can’t think straight now.

ok your turn to be distracted lol

explains why jiyong’s running all over the place; the story line revolves around him & the relationship w/ his girl. (-___-)
i actually like him w/ his long hair tied up. it looks funky w/ it down. esp. that one scene when he’s eating w/ the girl. had me giggling.

idk. i’m kinda sad i had to see this right now when i want to have a clear conscience. that “mock kiss” was killing me. even though it was fake as hell, seeing him pull her in by the waist — that killed me. i’m jealous.

BUT GOOD JOB KEEPING IT PG! i’m proud of you babe – that was as close as you can get w/o making girls wanna kill her. straight up pro right there haha.



~ by gdluvzmc on May 25, 2009.

76 Responses to “My Heaven MV”

  1. what can i say? TaeYang looks extremely cool in the mv

  2. I dont know what to say,,,really…


  3. that was hot! lol. Bong looks really good with his hair back and not down… this video was nice, wish there was more of the other members though.

  4. yes!!! i like this japanese version, + daesung drives!!! i remember a while back he was taking the test to get his driver’s license, man… thanx for uploading, can’t wait til the mini-album comes out

  5. all kim could say after i was kinda sad to see jiyong be the lead dude: “hey at least YB looks hot lol”
    that jerk lol

  6. LMFAO HE DID!!! ❀

  7. P.S. daisy showed me the video first hahah

  8. well i’m not constantly looking for updates kimbo.
    i’m trying to do some work here! & there you go distracting me again lol

  9. yah! Can’t believe GD wrapped his arms around her… and fed her –
    and the part where the girl was feeding him and he reached out to bite!
    awww, whatta cutie.
    It’s nice to see them again. πŸ˜€
    thanks for sharing!

  10. LOVE IT. TOP’s raps sound weird at parts, but that’s probably because i have to get used to the Japanese. the chorus is sexy, just like YB! xD

  11. Wow, the MV is so cool.
    Are the boys’ Japanese good?
    I can’t tell since I’m not Japanese, LOL.

  12. oohh. i THINK that gd was trying to get back his girl ? and he was remembering their fun times.? idunos. im just guessing from what i gained from this video.

  13. OMGG i love it!! Gd<33333333333333333333333!! soo jealous of that chick ughh!! he pulled her by the waist!! hahas

  14. what an awesome MV!!!!

  15. awwww, i really enjoyed the
    music video! and daesungs
    drivingg ! πŸ˜› that was cool…
    ahaha, but they all look
    veryy veryy hott ! πŸ˜›

  16. I love everything about this MV apart from the language. Someone cut the Korean version of the song and sync it to the MV.

  17. I LOVE THIS MV. I was like OMG Yay~!. I went to check and make sure that I pre-ordered the album. ^^

  18. GAH!!!! I LOOOOOOVEDD ITTT :DDD KEKEK now, on repeat πŸ™‚ HEHEHE

  19. YB definitely looks the coolest here.. the rest of em looked like they juz got out of the shower lol

  20. I don’t get why YB’s wearing shades though~
    that just got my mood like… confused haha

    & when that chick passed by Yongie, I swear the dude holding onto her looks like Seungri haha

  21. GD reminds me of that guy that spoke japanese in coffee prince.

  22. “happiness, sadness.. tears” <–those three words have never made me cringe so hard. but.. the mv is beautiful.

  23. seungri is look freakkinn finnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnne πŸ˜‰

  24. I love the MV! its so sexy&sassy! (:

    But damn, GD as much as i love you, your hair has to go hun.
    I love you& your funky hair style but this one personal dont match you!I’m not hating GD fans but i personal dont think it matches him.

  25. @loan yea i thought it was sr too, but sr ain’t manly enough to sport a goatee lol

    & i guess yb’s wearing glasses b/c of his eye surgery from a while back. that’s why he’s been wearing em more.
    plus i think this was filmed during his recovery time.

  26. @ Loan
    yb was wearin shades cuz before the time of the filming for the mv, he got a lasik eye surgery, so he had to wear shades to protect his eyes, but still, yb was good in the mv, + i like his harmony along with the melody when they sang the last chorus part (after the bridge part)

  27. Bong has changed SO much from their debut days. He looks so much older and I think that hair on him is really cute! And the whole group looks mothereffin FINE. *nosebleed*

  28. cool mv
    GD saranghae ❀

    Big Bang rocks!!

  29. wat the name of the beach they filmed on?

  30. I love how the mv looked…it got this “this is totally a japanese mv” feel, not from their usual MVs, even after the with u and number 1 mvs.
    Yeah Baebae is totally killing me here…damn…he looked so sexy. Because he’s wearing his sunglasses I’m completely focusing on his lips…and boy oh boy it was sexy.
    Aside from Bong’s hair, I love Tabi’s too. It’s so long now too. hehehe. It also emphasized his eyes, which is a total fangirl kill. ^^
    And Dae is driving!!! So cool. =)
    Love the laid-back look during their roadtrip scenes. ^^
    I really love this mv…except for the part where I see Bong wearing his tattered pants again. He should have kept it simple and cool. hehe.
    The song is great too, just a bit too digitalized I guess…I’m gonna repeat this now. hehe.

  31. OMG! i almost die when i saw that suppose to be kiss…. but hehe good thing it’s not realy ( well i hope it’s not real or else ) i think i like GD’s hair in this mv. cause all this time i dislike it but i guess it’s okay i love him hehe

  32. Gosh, every BB MV is always about GD huh? and of course he’s always running.., i find it kinda annoying. This just remind of LIES MV. But I really like the Scenery. PG13 is good.

  33. ahh
    i luv this so much
    so sad.
    but gahh, gd’s legs
    are so smexyy
    gosh i am so glad this is not for real cuz if it was i would hate that girl for makn gd so depressed

  34. I love TOP
    I love G-Dragon
    I love Big Bang
    Big Bang forever.
    THis MV is great great great
    My heart is yours, Big Bang

  35. MV rocks. Each of the boys look SODAMNFINE in their scenes!
    And then Dae driving while YB is chillin then the three
    havn fun in the wind lol hehe so awesome!!

    not only do I love the storyline..the settings just
    fit the song perfectly! BB fighting!
    they did extremely good w/ their 1st Japanese MV w/ Japanese song

  36. hot! hot! hot!!!! GD!!!!!!
    love this mv with GD looks sooooo dang HOT!!!
    i bet the fans in Japan go crazy over this single over there^*^.

  37. Am I the only one who WANTED to see GD kiss that girl? I actually wouldnt mind seeing GD get closer with that girl. Like a drama for me and you can imagine yourself in that position. ^_^

  38. aaaaaaaaaaaaaah omgomgomg I’m in HEAVEN! this in amazing! one thing: the “harmonies” at the beginning were WAY out, or just totally the wrong ones. the MV though…HOTHOTHOT Top ❀ and JiYong seriously needs to do something with that mane of his. Hes starting to remind me of those hippy nerds who glue themselves to computer screens and forget to cut their hair. Luff you long time though. Big Bang Fighting!

  39. @chrissy LOL HECK NO I DONT haha.
    that waist thing was more than enough.
    so was that feeding scene
    & the bike ride.

    @emmamarie2 LOL luff u long time
    he is like a hippy, i'm scaredddd =\

  40. omfg, that was freaking awesome. Tabis’ hair *drools*. LOL @ Dae driving! So cuute! And Taeyang was just damn sexy ❀ Aha, i thought SR was the guy holding her shoulder. x)

  41. This is definitely a MV for GD fans like me!! I nearly screamed my lungs off when I see this, hehe. Gd’s hair is just nice when he ties it up, whereas when he didn’t, eeee. πŸ˜›

  42. sigh…. no words… it was just so amazing… feel sad that the girl left him…i like his hair when he has a pony tail lol he looks charming… thanks for posting…

  43. awwww i know what u feel Melly that scene was killing me too xD ah so romantic <33 ahhhhh~~ love this video

  44. waaaaaaaaaa.
    freaking HOTTTTTT TOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    love ur hair.

  45. GD appearance really fits Japanese market imho

  46. OPMFG! i agree i am SUPER jealous of that girl! GRRR…hahah
    i also agree i love his hair tie up like that but when its down its funny but i lovd it with his pink hat though! SUPER CUTE AND SASD! tae yang looked so good!

  47. i just love BIG BANG..
    cool vid by da way..
    wish to hear more japanese song from them…
    hwaiting BIG BANG!!

  48. Is it just me or this video made GDs lips extra red! Wanna give him a smooch!!!

    And he is even prettier than his girl!
    Jiyong, you’re my heaven!!!

  49. aahh! i love the song…i love the vid? haha! i have doubt because i;m kinda jealous..haha! i prefer gd’s hair up..^^ he;s freakin hot and handsome in this vid!!! i’m loving him more!!!!!!!!^^

  50. tae yang looks really nice!!! πŸ˜€

  51. Taeyang looked so WOW. just so WOOOOOOOOOOOW. he ALWAYS does but OMG, he’s is so damn HOTT.
    I’m having a major spazzz moment *exhales*. LOL.
    And his jawline was just so sexy.
    Koreans rock!

  52. Sorry, i like the video, but G-Dragon looks so ugly with his hair.

  53. really love it
    fall in love w BB forever xoxoxo :”)

  54. BB’s MY HEAVEN

  55. OMG I LOVE IT! The video is so beautiful. My dream came true, MV to Heaven. And omg, I love Seungri’s japanese singing O_O
    and they all look so damn fine<33333
    they did it again.

  56. OMG, My heaven
    How wonderful our princes are Japanese singsing!
    It really seems i’d touched the Heaven 😑

  57. I watched this in Chemistry class and I seriously started tearing up.
    IDK why though, I didn’t “cry” when I say Seungri all up on that girl in his MV, but..
    I don’t know, I guess since it’s Jiyong.
    I seriously felt heart-broken even though I knew it was fake, but the way he pulled her in.. I was sad.
    I’d love to see TOP in a love scene though, but not Jiyong.

  58. heck yeahh! that last scene of him pulling her in into
    a fake kiss made me almost want to kill somebody.
    But good thing he didn’t really do it because mannn. ahahaha.
    I was jealous everytime i saw the scenes like if i replay it!
    but i liked it b/c HE looked soo cute! awwwww.
    Aww of them looks cute & hot. i loved the MV.
    i kinda get the story line. Yes once again he revolves
    around him & a girl. And Hell yeah, i was spamming/freaking out
    & my friends was just like ‘uhhhhh alrighty nina. i’ll talk to you
    tomorrow. And she called me lame/weird.’ But wow talk about heaven.
    Mannn my guy ‘friend’ said that heaven didn’t exist. i was so
    mad at him. he crushed my dreams!

  59. Unlike some of their other music videos like haru haru and lies, this mv has a more fresh feel to it and you can see their faces clearly, like how the author sad ( im sorry, i dont know your name) Doesnt it get irrtating when you cant see your hubbys face when you waited for like one month.

    I really hope this song gets into the oricon charts cause it really is beautiful. It really does have the Japanese feel to it.
    Big bang you are so AWESOME to be able to do one thing after another without having a proper break. I admire that. The rap was better than i expected, and it was fun to much them enjoy themselves.

    Suengri really looks fine and cute here. Top and YB always look sexy so this is no exception. I love TOPs hairstyle. Daesung is always smiling which is his charm. G dragon can be a actor if he felt like it cause he was too good. I like his hair when he puts it up. makes him look cool. but when he puts it down it looks weird cause he separates them from the middle.

    BIG BANG , you guys are the ones that make me want to come back home after school. Please be healthy for the VIPS sake. lots of love, kooperz001.

  60. […] “My Heaven” Japanese Single check out the FULL MV HERE: […]

  61. holy mother effer. THAT WAS SO AMAZING!!!! WHY MUST THEY BE SO HOT?!?!?!?!?

    damn. i was supposed to do my physics hmwk… BUT HOW CAN I NOW?!?!

    and wow GD, what a tease xP

  62. LOL i love the comment you made about “keeping it PG” ahaha.

  63. edit on my comment:

    AHH TOP ❀
    omgee Daesung is really driving that car :DDD
    seungri is looking like maknae again πŸ˜€
    GD.. that hair doesnt work for you when its down. x__x
    but wow, when he pulled her in closer. alsdfjaljsdf!

    I’m so happy teehee!!!!!

  65. hahah i love reading all these comments
    “bb’s my heaven” – ROFL

    @ninalee LOL that made me laugh, as sad as it was! don’t worry! heaven is what you make of it haha

  66. okay…*prays not to be killed* okay, the clip of GD at 2:18 if you pause…who else thought “omg, he should definitely get a lipring”? cuz another girl mentioned on youtube (but of course the vid got taken down cuz YG/Universal Japan put the vid up on their respective channels), and just wanted to see what y’all think. thanks.

  67. I love this video.. too bad they won’t come here in the philippines..huhu.. I guess I have to save up to fly to seoul..

  68. i totally love dhe song ,(:
    top looks so hot in dhe mv ,
    the others look great too ,
    bt as for GD ,
    his hair doesnt suit him , i prefer him with short hair , he looks more cuter . i wonder why he wants to grow long hair .. -.-
    but anw , all of them sing great in dhe mv !:D

  69. Yaaaa………
    I like Bong’s hair when it’s tied. He looked like Japanese guy. It’s not about ‘tidy’ anymore. It’s all about style. ^_^ Ah I like him.

  70. AHHH jiyong dont get too close to that girl! xD
    omg seungri looks so cute singing in this mv! and taeyang looks smokin =]
    “seeing him pull her in by the waist β€” that killed me” GAH i knoww

  71. holy crap! top looks so freaking HOT! his new hair= OMG! lol
    baby is such a cutie with his nice vocals and of course daedae with his voice x) gd looks better with the hair up, he looks like a hobo when its down… lmao

  72. bae looks mighty fine.
    they all look mighty fine!
    i am loving ji yong’s hair.
    tabi’s hair.
    dae’s smile.
    magnae’s hair.
    bae’s everything.

  73. I really enjoyed this a lot too! Omg, everyone was hot especially Taeyang. I don’t think he can NEVER be hot in any music video hehehehehehehe. Hot damn! Anyway, Jiyong’s hair is….i don’t know anymore hahaha. But it really matches the video.

  74. the mv was AWESOMENESS!!! I totally melted when i saw YB though, he looks smexy in is shades :D. I think its true, he has never ben unhot in a video lol. I like when bong has his hair in an “updo”lol. when its down and parted…not so much…lol

  75. i love how they actually showed gd do that “bbbbbbig bang!” at 00:27. and no way. if i am right, i think i just saw seungri rap for like a couple words starting at like 1:02 0_o. someone confirm me. i didnt know seungri rapped… and i dont like gd’s hair like this. it reminds me of the geico caveman commercials -___-

  76. btw, when TOP paused at like 00:38, my heartbeat totally like stopped. i love it ❀

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