Teddy rejects an offer to work with Lady Gaga


The article mentioned about Teddy a member of 1TYM who is also a producer has rejected an offer to work with a renowned pop singer Lady Gaga due his prior commitment with 2NE1’s debut album. The offer came up when YG and Teddy went to see Jimmy Lovine of Interscope Records for a meeting on the previous months. Only after Jimmy listened to a few songs produced by Teddy, he became interested to get him on board to work out a track for Lady Gaga. Not only that, Teddy has also rejected other offers as well.

Apart from Lady Gaga, other notable acts under Interscope Records, one of the biggest record label in America, include Black Eyed Peas, Dr Dre, Eminem, Limp Bizkit to name a few. 

A couple of songs produced by Teddy are from TaeYang’s Look at me only, Uhm Jung Hwa’s Disco, BigBang’s Sunset Glow to Lollipop that has landed to a # 1 spot without any broadcast activities. His most recent work is 2NE1’s debut single Fire, taking the #1 spot in the music charts.

Translated by: Momo
Source: StarNews
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~ by Momo on May 25, 2009.

25 Responses to “Teddy rejects an offer to work with Lady Gaga”

  1. love how he stayed true to YG Family and Teddy is an awesome producer and it was he choice not to produce for Lady Gaga

  2. whoa. he should really work with M.I.A. though. Both of them would work great together.

  3. Yey. I mean I’m proud of teddy to choose YG more than the offers o_O
    though he should have accepted dr. dre’s XD

  4. Good for Teddy:)
    But i wonder what would happen if he had taken the offer…
    YG fam Fighting

  5. oh, so that could also explain part of the whole Interscope connection with 2NE1 (the “beats by dr.dre” headphones from the FIRE promos)

  6. go teddy. sticking loyal to YG ;D

  7. hehehe the great Teddy stay true to YG! 😀

  8. woahhhhhhhhhhh serious??? :0000000 dyam!

  9. Ohhh, the YG Family love. ❤

  10. OMGGG why reject work with lady gaga?? i love her so much!! oh my god that would’ve been awesome! D:

  11. WOAH MAN. that’s awesome ;D he’s so dedicated lol. but personally i’m not a fan of lady gaga really..she’s not all THATTT great :[ but…all the other artists WOW ALL OF THEMM. and he rejected them xDD

  12. wow !
    teddy is so loyal to YG .(:
    he is so dedicated !(:

  13. It’s great that he’s dedicated to YG and all but…it’s Lady Gaga. >.< I hope he gets to work with her some time in the future.

  14. Dang.. that’s cool that Teddy’s gotten a lot of offers in the US, but I’m so glad that he’s working on stuff for 2NE1. ^^

    Thx Momo! n__n

  15. i say he should have taken the offer!!! who knows, alot more doors might have opened up if he did!!! and another opportunity might not come up again, u no?!?!?! ^^

  16. im glad he didnt lady gaga is :S
    teddy + kush are geniuses

  17. Awww. It’s so sweet how he stayed loyal to YG Entertainment && 2NE1, although this would’ve been a great opportunity for his career.
    Work with numerous famous singers here in the U.S.A. I don’t listen to his songs, but i’m guessing he must be incredibly talented for all of the offers he’s received && from who too.

    Although ,ii did ilke Fire && Lollipop.
    loved it ❤

  18. i think its cool and all that he stayed loyal to YG…(YG all day lol) but sometimes its better to think “outside the box.” Like if i were to be with def jam and loved BB before that, i would want them to work with me!!! lol
    his producing is FIRE lol though ^_^

  19. well this is like bitter sweet. im so glad he’s so committed to 2NE1. but at the same time, i really wish he would of worked w/ lady gaga. that really would of gave him a chance to become a hit in the US. i really wanna see a korean hit artist become big in the US. teddy really has the potential to do that, but he chose not to. it would of been great for us US fans. -sigh- we’ll just have to wait for rain’s ninja assassin! korean fighting!

  20. Its good that teddy is staying loyal is the YG family.
    But I am wondering what will happen if teddy did take the offer of Lady Gaga.
    I am also a fan of lady gaga =]

  21. omg…………he rejected geniuses lmfao im like..big fan of Eminem and Lady Gaga…..BOTH ARE AWESOME……………oh well……..his choice

  22. I truly love Lady Gaga and her bizarre costumes although she definitely let herself down now going out in see through undergarments.

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  24. I really love Lady Gaga and wish I could have watched her in the Toyota Center. Her dresses are superb and she truly rocks out.

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