TOP Doll Look-alikes?! | “My Heaven” Album Covers + Info

BLAST FROM THE PAST! i dug up some old banners members made that i didn’t get to use. if you’re bored & would like to freshen up our site, lend a hand to make some lovely banners!
i usually pick ones that use a current theme ~ ex.: lollipop theme when ‘lollipop’ came out, etc.
this one’s thanks to SlimJin =]

ok, these dolls actually kinda creep me out. as hot as TOP is, this is just scary! lol

source: Daum | reupload: gdluvzmc (credit when taking)
the resemblance is uncanny! the huge eyes… & the nose! ahhh & the eyebrows haha

thanks to: 승리야문자해 @bbvipz | reupload: gdluvzmc (credit when taking)

then here’s this mannequin … coincidence? — I THINK NOT! haha. TOP is a hot model. i miss this crop hair, although his hair right now is looking SEXYYYY xD OH THE LEGS~~~ ^_^

& a sneak peak at the “MY HEAVEN” ALBUM COVERS under the cut ————————–>


★ MY HEAVEN Version A
Track List:
2. Emotion
3. MY HEAVEN (Ajapai Remix)

thanks to: 길밖 @bbvipz | reupload: gdluvzmc (credit when taking)
★ MY HEAVEN Version B
Track List:
2. Emotion
3. Candle~ (Michitomo Remix)

there’s also gonna be a CD+DVD release too.
release date: 6/24/09


~ by gdluvzmc on May 26, 2009.

81 Responses to “TOP Doll Look-alikes?! | “My Heaven” Album Covers + Info”

  1. scary really…
    and yay sweet cover

  2. mannequin kinda looks like Nickhun to me..
    N’WAYS. album cover looks good. (:

  3. aaaaaaaaaaaa♥ I want a doll ^^ ♥♥♥

  4. soo weird
    the mannequin is like his twin
    only shiny and made of metal and plastic

  5. Surely this is the first time Big Bang have ever appeared on their album/single covers?
    Since their first mini-album.
    What a shame, Universal Music Japan call the shots.

  6. I totally want that album!!!!

  7. duudeeee. those are creepy ahhaha

  8. is emotion a new song?

  9. ^ i want to say yes, maybe a new jap/english song, but we’ll never know – could be a completely new name for a remake =X

  10. lol @ mannequin

    i love how on the album cover, everyone is cut off, but you can tell easily who it is, and you can see enough of their face.. but top’s just like.. ‘rawr yall cant see me cuz i’m ROBOCOP’

  11. OH MY GOD!j YEAHHHH they look creepy but they kinda do look
    like TOP. He looks pretty as a doll & mannequin.
    wouldn’t mind seeing that around the stores.
    I love the covers!

  12. @ Big Bang > KPOP

    actually their first two singles had pics of two members on the cover. top wasnt in the single cover though.

    >.< i miss jinny. 😦 😦

  13. OMG it does look like TOP. aaahhh i wanna buy the doll! LOL where can i get it?

  14. they do look alike!
    Gotta buy the album!

  15. omgg where can you get that doll♥?!~

  16. ahaha awww, is Emotion a new song by them..? *confused

    and speaking of release date, does anyone know when the Big Show DVD is coming out?!?? 😀

  17. damn i want them all… gahh why must there be more then one to choose from?! they’re all too hot!

    wait… June 24th?!?!?! TRANSFORMERS IS ALSO COMING OUT JUNE 24TH!!! OMG DESTINY!!!! friggin wickeddd. right after exams! ❤

    and wow… those dolls O_O


  19. haha the mannequin looks like him.. A LOT XD

    dang. TOP has those CL looking sunglasses.

    it looks better on TOP 😀 ❤


    I love the first My Heaven cover, bong and the lollipop is love. and im really starting to LOVE his hair. it’s grown on me, i luvv itt! ❤

    and i might make a graphic banner for you guys :]]

  21. what’s really uncanny is… i’ve had one pic from that series of photo with that doll and thought the exact same thing when i saw it; “TOP!!!!”

    but what i really wanna know is, where is this photo from?? who is the owner of that doll?? he looks like a bjd to me and if it is, i’d like to ask this question to BJD owners out there who share the same obsession for big bang as much as they obsess about BJD’s; what sculpt is he??

  22. demm…ji yong is wearin’ the LV jealous cuz i want the shoes badly..

  23. those are some creepy,scary dolls…..I WANT ONE!
    a little look-alike is just what I need on my lonely days
    just one look would make my day

  24. honestly…that doll really looks like top! i love it..! i wanna have one too!…then my heaven cover…can’t wait for the release!

    i love the album cover. so pretty & colorful!

  26. woot woot YEAH, the cover looks FINE, the dolls kinda creep me out O.O
    lol it’s alrite though

  27. The doll isn’t fierce enough to be like Tabi. The eyes, nose, and even the face is off. Where’s his high cheekbones? I still think the SoulDoll Dollfie TOP outshines the doll that you posted. Just look;

    You should include this dollfie with the post. lol

    And all three dollfies are wearing the same outfits as GD, TOP, and Seungri fyi. XD

  28. omg whats w/ thye doll oh at least their smart and know TOP has long lashes and no makeup

  29. Ahh Daesung makes that cover look so good!

    haha, well no. the cover is good, but GD’s hair is still getting to me.

  30. wow, i seriously thought that mannequin was TOP until I read your “caption”. lol

    HAHA jin what is this? all the couples in BB? hahhahah gri(:

  31. Hahaha…. I normally hate dolls, but this Tabi lookalike is kinda neat. I rather have the real TOP anyday. ;D

    Omg that mannequin DOES really look like him! LOL

    Hmm… those are the covers? They’re okay. They could be wayyy better/cooler.

    Even tho the first cover has their closeups which I like a lot, I like the 2nd one more overall.

    And there’s gonna be a CD/DVD combo, yay. I just don’t know which one to buy. D;

    OMGG, TABI’S DOLL O___________O that is kinda creepy LOL. i don’t like the mannequin although it looks like him hahaha xD the face just..idk TO ME it’s a little weird or something O_o

  33. oh gawd. its one of those manequins lmao
    the covers look awesome ^o^ artsy hehe

  34. nope..
    that doll is too pretty for Tabi.. >.<

    but, their nu cover is ROCK!

  35. i like the cover.. and the song..

  36. me your super-intense eyes, please. They Star Trek glasses are cool but -___-

  37. WOW…THE DOLL really resembles TOP~!! they were both handsome and lovely eyes~!!

  38. i really like the new background…or banner up there…nice..!!!
    love it…! i wanna tabi oppa doll…!!! hu2….

  39. lol it does look lyk TOP. to da comment above. da manequin does look lyk khunnie if u look hard enough. still TOP but khun yes.
    i gotta get my ass to the city and get dat damn cd.

  40. scary……
    the doll is so freaking HOT!!
    where can i get one? LOL

  41. i was like shivering with eeekness when i saw the mannequin =_=
    AND WHAOOO, new cover style XD

  42. omgomg!
    i love the album cover like lots!

    and oh that doll
    i think that might be TOP
    because that kind of doll ive seen a set
    they did super junior too
    but not all of them
    I dont remember which members they did
    but that doll has a lot of artist look

  43. haha, u’re right. The doll look like TOP so much.

  44. lolol the dolls look like top so much @_@
    daayyuumm the album covers ❤
    daesung looks mighty fine in the 2nd one [x

  45. I like Dae Sung’s new hairstyle!

  46. The doll’s eyes are WAYY too big O.O
    I totally thought the mannequin was TOP, when I first looked at it. LOL!
    Anyways, so glad I preordered the ‘My Heaven’ on yesasia.
    The cover looks cool~

  47. Omggg. Love the song and the covers!
    anyways does anyone know if jiyong wrote the lyrics for my heaven??
    im rather curious.cause i loveee the lyrics.

  48. […] these doll may look creepy, but for me it’s cute like Tabi. i hope they’ll also make dolls for the other members of Big Bang. i wonder what skin color they’ll use for the doll if they make Seung Ri. haha! please not pale =]] more info’s click here. […]

  49. Thank youuu so much for the info!!! I’m loving ‘Heaven’ Although i prefer korean vers. one! ^^

  50. *_* I want that album 😀
    Totally love GD’s shoes.

  51. gdluvzmc, can i take doll pics and “Banner Gallery [new]” ???

  52. how can i contact with you?

  53. Ahh not digging the cover. Too crowded, too colorful, it doesn’t even match My Heaven atmosphere. WTH the second cover, it looks too crowded it almost half of the boys appearance -___-. DaeDae looks fierce and hot though love him!

    Wow..Top’s mannequin,I almost thought it’s him!

  54. Finally an album cover which features the whole of Big Bang !

  55. omggg i will steal that mannequin LMAO~~
    GD with the lollipop on the first cover 😉

  56. I think they call’em dollfies I wonder how much are they?

  57. small doll looks white these are in japan or what why they makin them

  58. omgg that mannequin is hot haha. our tabi is way too hot :]

    whoaaa yay!! these album covers have BB’s faces on it!! their first 3 singles had their faces on it, but i dont think any of their albums after that did. so yay this makes me happy : D

  59. slimjin<3 jinny boy lmao

  60. I’ve been loving tabi’s eyes A LOT lately.
    Gosh that doll’s eyes are freaking HUGE.
    But I still love his eyes, especially in the My Heaven MV.
    Damn this TOP fever… XD

  61. hhaha the doll’s expression is blank tho.
    unlike tabi’s passionate eyes

    buttt the manequin!
    god it looks hellalot like tabi.
    where was it taken?

    i am loving their whole new refreshed image
    for this album!!

    it’s still them , but fresher

    tabi looks like cyclops there [x-men fever influenced by bae i guess ?? xp]

    i love my boys can’t for the new albummm

  62. yeah,love that kind f hair,! TOP.!!

  63. OMG.D-lite is freaking hot x
    Tabi’s always in Cool style of a lady killer haha
    Ri and Bae eyes really make me scared >” hahaha

  64. the mannequin’s HOT! hahaha

  65. WTH, there’s only three song in that album..?

  66. WTf, there’s only three song in that album..?

    so these are going to come out in m’sia and singapore?

  68. I love the covers. Although the T.O.P. dolls and mannequin are freaking me out.

  69. The company is Ninodoll! xD; hahaha. Ninodoll tends to make their dolls based on Korean celebrities so the resemblance isn’t surprising to me. xD;

  70. Dolls… anykind of dolls… just creeps me out o__x

    Love love love the covers!

  71. are they selling the doll?

  72. debrabra – Ninodoll takes pre-orders once in a while. xD;

  73. really? how much does it cost?

  74. omg how creepy! its like hot and scary at the same time! and i really thought the mannequin was top himself. ahaha >D

  75. debrabra – Depends on the popularity! xD; But they just sell the head only.

  76. gee how creepy looking is that.
    It doesnt even look like top in any way.
    Well just a little bit not much.
    The cover looks awesome!

  77. Where can I buy a top doll?? Its so cute. Lol.

  78. YAH I WANNA BUY I TOP DOLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. Whaaat two versions? D: Which one do I DL… which… which…

  80. […] TOP dolls (BigBang Korean) […]

  81. when I saw this doll the first thing I thought was, Wow looks like TOP xD I love it

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