Return to Japan By This Week for Promo Activities

Digital Single means purchasing the single by downloading.

Since Big Bang is under Universal Music Japan, and if i guess it right, Big Bang’s singles will be released or promoted thru Universal Music of each countries mentioned. It will be made available on UM websites either in the form of mp3, caller tone or ring tone. To download, you may need to purchase it online.

Am still checking with Universal Music Malaysia and have yet to receive any feedback from them. Will update once i have some answers to ur question.


Big Bang will return to Japan by this week for their promo activities in Japan.

The promo activities will start concurrently upon the release of “My Heaven” single on June 24th as stated in the press conference held in Tokyo on May 13th.

Besides that, Big Bang will also be attending the MTV Video Music Awards Japan as one of celebrity guest held on May 30th at Japan Saitama Super Arena and will continue their stay in Japan afterwards.

Based on a phone conversation with Osen, a rep from the company stated that “My Heaven” pv had been released in Japan and asking everyone to show interest and support for BigBang’s upcoming performances and activities there.

On June 24th, “My Heaven” will be released as a Digital Single simultaneously in 6 Asia countries like China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia.

Translated by: Momo
Source: Osen
Original Article posted by: 나비… @BigRoom BBVIPz


~ by Momo on May 27, 2009.

37 Responses to “Return to Japan By This Week for Promo Activities”

  1. it will be released digitally in malaysia to??
    how can i buy it??
    bigbang fighting!!

  2. I cant wait to release their digital single here in Philippines..kyaah~
    oh, is it a CD?..
    will it be sold through music stores?

  3. ive been wondering how to buy the digital single
    cause ive never heard of it before in malaysia!
    and i want it~~
    oh big bang hwaiting!

  4. OMFFGD.

  5. Yay!! Big Bang Virus hitting Malaysia this summer!!

  6. Seriously, the digital single for “My Heaven” will be released in the Philippines? OMG!! whoo.. i’ll be waiting =]] BIG BANG hwaiting~!

  7. In the Philippines???? SERIOUSLY?!?!

    How can I avail of the digital single? Super Thanks!

  8. Yehey!

    How can I purchase their digital single?

  9. OMG!! in the Philippines??..WoOw…can’t wait:)))..YaaY!!!..

  10. hey! how can I buy that Digital Single here
    in Philippines? Does anyone know?
    oh! I cant wait!!!!!!! 🙂 Big Bang Fighting! ❤

  11. just digital single? would i be able to buy the packaged single in hong kong?

  12. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh~!! also here in Phil~!! waaaaaaaaaaaahhh…I’ll wait for that…I must know where it will be shown…whether in MTV PHil or in MYX~!!I’ll support it~!!

  13. oh my!!
    i really wanna buy..
    just hope they come to malaysia 1 day…:)
    love big bang!!!

  14. SINGAPORE!!! SINGAPORE!!! finally!!! i can’t wait!!!

  15. oh so its via online buying?..not on music stores?..I mean, the CD itself. no?

  16. i see so everything starts on June 24th 😀 yayy~~just for my vacations >.<

  17. I hope they will achieve great success in Japan.
    When I saw MV “My Heaven” my heart seem to be stopped beating because it is over my expectation. All thing are perfect.
    Now I’m dying to hand that single.
    I’m from Vietnam. Who have it, please share to me.
    Thanks for hundred time.

  18. i saw malaysia (:
    gah wish i could buy it though

  19. i cnt wait! hehee

  20. Mariale // My vaca starts on June 24th too! I’m happy about my break, but I’m gonna be sad not being able to check on BB’s activities while I’m gone. T___T;;

  21. Yayy (: I can’t wait then !

  22. Lumi // awwww why? are you going to some place? T.T

  23. yay!!! PHILIPPINES!!! imma call my sister to get it for me^^

    thanks momo^^


  24. to Singapore!!! wooooooooo………………!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. but the song releasing in Singapore will be in Japanese version? i prefer korean version though…


  27. does any1 knoe where 2 buy big bang album in malaysia? PLEASE tell me 😦
    ive been lookin everywhere but din manage 2 find it

  28. i will take the news with all credit for my site – BBVN. I can?

  29. @TiNee: sure!

  30. thanks fr this

  31. OHMOO!!! :O
    Philippines?! Really? OHMOO~~~~~~

  32. my friend in going to be in Japan next week on the 3rd. im dying here lmao. Im really excited for Big Bang because they finally will be able to showcase their music every where in asia. i want them to become as successful as TVXQ yo.

  33. Can’t wait for them to go to the award show.

  34. MALAYSIANS………..!!! u can buy big bang dvd at plaza sungai wang…..!next to times square…i’ve been there and buy their dvd already….
    did someone know how to watch mtv japan award tomorrow in the internet? i really wanna watch it…!!! please….

  35. any information bout the mtv japan award, can u plez email me to thanks all..>!!!!

  36. Since big bang gonna be at MTV music video award japan on the 30th does anyone knows where we can watch it live? I heard neyo, black eyed peas , green day, Etc performs there too

  37. hurray …. HONG KONG , would they release BB D-singel in HONGKONG??? amazing !!!! I’m waiting for it!
    one day BB will come to HK on a tour music ahahhah .. I’m your big fan BB

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