Project IViPTown’s Deadline: July 30th 2009


Hi People.

sorry haven’t been updating the site as often as before. Busy with some stuff lately. Deadlines and exam.

Anyway, i have decided on the deadline for Project IViPTown.

Deadline will be on July 30th 2009.

So be sure to email me your letters by then.

For newbies, please check IViPTown Post at the side bar for more info.



~ by Momo on May 29, 2009.

11 Responses to “Project IViPTown’s Deadline: July 30th 2009”

  1. Aah thank you for the news! I was sooo curious about it hehe~

  2. oh thank you!
    yay 30th july
    now i can make the letter during this two weeks holiday
    cant wait to send in~

  3. u should use the thumbnail in ur post. just like pmg09.
    too lazy to do it for u haha.
    back to the hw for me!

  4. Ooh okay… still got lots of time to work on this. x]

    Good luck on your exams, Momo! ^^

  5. Momo hwaiting! <333

  6. i just finish with my exam…..momo!!! you go girl!!

  7. can we get momo to post up her email??

  8. Ahh I got a final on Monday. =.=
    So I’ll write it on Tuesday or nơ….
    Saturday or something when nothing at all will be due or working.
    Can momo put up her email again plz? ^ ^

  9. momo.
    hv u receive my email n pic.?

  10. oh..i wanna do this ^-^ okee after exams i’ll be done x] and good luck with your exams x]

  11. yay that means i get to do it during the summer, when i have nothing else to do. hahhaha. good luck on ur exams!

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