Big Bang at the VMAJ 2009

More VMAJ pictures added.

Thanks to brian7en

Dae was SMOKIN’ on that red carpet, whoo~ boi, when you get so fine? haha LOL at the.. headgear guy with his overly excitedness for BIG-A-BANG! haha

Since I don’t know Japanese, I have no idea if they’re good or not… but it sounds like it haha I like how Bae and Baby are the ones that takes care of the whole Japanese thing ahha while the others just randomly add in words haha Bong gotta throw some English in there too, but the thing I love the most haha the whole hyped up “PLEASE WELCOME!!!!!” then “katty perry”. I love Katty Perry so have the boys introduced her is pretty cool.

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There’s a picture of the boys and w-inds. backstage of VMAJ too

Big Bang & w-inds. – Backstage of VMAJ 2009

Credit: Odette & bigbangpop

Big Bang at the VMAJ

Thanks to 마시멜로


~ by Vicky on May 30, 2009.

95 Responses to “Big Bang at the VMAJ 2009”

  1. theyre sooo cooooooooool! <3333

  2. dayyyyuuummmm Dae
    sexy much?
    Love them
    BB ftw
    I love Katty Perry
    I cant believe she was in Japan!

  3. so you know 3 languages now vicky?
    the boys are so crazzyy!
    funny to..ahah!

  4. so you know 3 languages now vicky?
    the boys are so crazzyy!
    funny too..ahah!

  5. taeyangluvzcathyv

    i said I don’t speak Japanese gurl haha
    I’m vietnamese with a mix of chinese
    so I can speak Vietnamese and English fluently
    and I can hear Chinese okay, but can barely speak it

  6. they all look goregous!! wish they would come out with some english tracks..

  7. OMG i freaking love that video. so cute :]
    their japanese sounds awesome (: YES
    JIYONG threw english in. so cute. (:

  8. AH! im so jealous! Katy saw Big Bang before me….XD
    they’re sOOOOOoOOoOo cute…..i cant speak japanese or korean, but i can speak english, hmong, and french [kind of].

  9. OMG! look @ Dae’s guns. and of course I like their army boots. GD’s hair must change sooner or later. Thank you.

  10. vote big bang people left of the grace@@!!

  11. O:
    kate perry.? s:
    in japan.? lmfaO ;]] ii lovee her.!
    psssh. my dae sung has always been this fine && hot.! :]]
    lol. gd was like “are you readyy?”
    && yeaah. ji yong really needs to like geht a new hairstylee lmaO ;]]
    like the one he had in sunset qlow. ii loved it

  12. @Vicky:
    what i ment was that do you know korean too?
    and i’m full-blooded vietnamese
    but i kind of read viet sometimes but not fluent but great in speaking

  13. Dang, I’m into anime and Jpop too much that i can actualyl say that Taeyang’s Jap sounds really good. From the random comments the other sound alright. Dae sound like he got potential to have a really good Japanese accent.

    I’m loving Bong’s random English. You really don’t hear any accent at all. The boy must really be workign hard on learning the lanuage.

    @Vicky & taeyangluvzcathyv
    Haha. Viet for life! XD
    Why is it that everyone answer when it comes to Viet is they can speak fleuntly, but can’t read/write really at all. XD
    We some sad people? Lol.

  14. kathy

    which one is BB I CANT READ KOREAN<<

  15. taeyangluvzcathyv & Chaos Ly

    no, i don’t speak Korean fluently
    I just know some of it here and there and I can read and write it
    that’s all

    I can speak and write/read Vietnamese
    since I live there for the first 10 years of my life
    5 years of viet school is enough haha

  16. omg!
    that is cool!

  17. dae is definitely freakin hot!

  18. sooohot!
    man Tabi and Dae are looking FINE!!!!
    if the croud was like that when they presented I can’t wait to see what they’ll do once they come out

  19. WOWWEE!? xD
    DAE is smoking HOT. 😀
    Heh, BabyRi’s Japanese is pretty good. He’s gotta little accent, it’s cute though. xD

  20. my hubby daesung :]
    sooo hott mannn~
    i’ve always known he was sexy but he’s killing me :]

  21. I can just say…

  22. OOOOPPS. a mistake.
    I can just say… I LOVE THEM <33333333

  23. wuaaw thats soo cool
    aww my baby gd.. he is so cute. but ehm.. i think i dont like this hair style that much on him. but he is still my boy!!!
    and the other guys look very good too. aww i just love em all. hope i getthe chance to see them once!!!

  24. Dae..Dae..Dae!! lol
    Bong’s random english was awesome, and the way Seungri sounded before Bong welcome Katy was cute and funny XD
    Did anyone notice Tabi’s hairstyle…it’s all swirly like icecream ^ ^

  25. what the hell was katy perry doing there? lol

  26. Dae Dae and Taeyang are HOT!!! Baby is catching up to them both in the looks and body department.

    Yeah I peeped that Baby and Taeyang did most of the Japanese talking and GD stuck with English. They’re some smart guys. They know how to work a crowd.

  27. dang, TOP’s hair ♥
    AHH that sounded so nice!

  28. lol i can understand japanese (; lol….. top and daedae crack me up. and yonggie with his engrish xD but taeyang did raaather good =O and maknae did well too (:

  29. vi
    they just talk about the VMAJ
    nothing special though, but i love our boys random talk. hahaha
    they just have to add random phrase here and there.

    oh yes, since when did Dae become smokin hot???

  30. oh my god look at dae’s arms.
    toner and toner day by day

    bae please take off your sunglasses i missed glaring into
    your small eyes!!

    their japanese is so cute!! I love that GD threw in some english…THEY ARE TOO AWESOME!! >.< *SCREAMS*

  32. That was pretty cool!

    And I like Katy Perry too, not a big fan, but I like her!

    aahhh, I wanna watch the whole thing after, seems like it was nice.

    Loved Jiyong’s coments, HEUAHAHE.

    Their japanese is getting better and better, which is really good!

  33. LOLL. GD’s english is getting reaaaaally good!
    TOP and Dae looking HOT.

    i like how they introduced an American singer.
    i feel like the gap between US and Big Bang got narrower.
    ^HAHAHA idk im so weird.

  34. and daesungie oppa omo!! he’s soooo sexy right there. it’s abt time he became some hot piece of eye candy. he gets to show off his guns!! oh hot damn baby!! haha^^ daesungie saranghae!!!^^ it’s nice to see you catching my eyes first rather than my hubby… sorry bongie, but daesungie looks sexier and sexier each day…!!

    ahaha!!^^ but don’t worry bongie^^ i find your english sexy too!! aisshh..!!! who agrees that bongie’s english makes him sexy!! aigooo… it gives me hope that i can meet him and we’d be able to speak in english and have a good time… ahaha!!^^ but a girl can dream right??

    oh the boys all look exceptionally sexy!! well… maybe i’m not feeling bongie so much… his hair is bugging me!! he needs to layer it up!! i don’t mind that it’s long and the hairband don’t bother me much but he definitely needs to layer it up! it just looks so shaggy like that. aigooo… i still love him though. he’s as hot as evar now that he’s gotten some rest.


  35. oh god i’m such a j-pop anime otaku geek that i can really say, that maknae and youngbae did an awesome job with their japanese despite minor accents here and there. that’s really good. youngbae did an especially awesome job but that’s mostly cuz he’s been learning it for a long time… but baby surprised me!! ahh… but maybe not so much because he’s mentioned that he likes foreign languages right?? he seems like a fast learner so maybe i’m not surprised. hehe^^ go maknae!!!<33

  36. i lol’d at dae’s random “yabbai desu ne!!”
    and then when youngbae asked; “VMA’s atsui desu ne??!!” [translation: VMA JAPAN’s hot right??]
    TOP was so cute answering, “motto motto desu yo..!!” [translation: totally!!]
    ahhh… TABI, i bet he’s really good in japanese when he needs to order food. haha^^ he’d be like the most fluent when it comes to that i think. ekeke^^

    aisshh… ma boys flirting with japanese fangirls…
    aigooo!!! don’t forget us boys!! we know theres so many kawaii and bijin kanojo’s there to look for… but don’t forget us!!^^
    ahhh~~ they’re so cute using basic japanese. thank goodness for that cuz i can at least understand what’s going on… heee~~^^

  37. WTH?? my comments got chopped off and posted in a weird order! ahh… watev. i got to spazz and that’s enough for me. sorry if that was annoying… LOL.

  38. Dayum all of them looked so hot! But Dae and Bae definitely caught my attn. 8DD

    GD’s English is really great. ^^ I wanna hear moar moar~

  39. Dae sexyyy <33 (have his arms always been that muscular…and has he always been that sexy) LOL

    all of them so kyuut

  40. Woo Dae be looking damn hot in that vest ^o^
    keke thats so cool they look close with W-INDS :DDDD

  41. I think i repeated the part when GD speaks english like more than 20 times. It’s so awesome!

  42. yeah yeah yeah,
    TOP’s hair.
    love it.
    and DAE, cool hairdo.!

  43. wooow introducing katy perry 0.0 GD’s english awww lol

  44. lol DaeDae has always been that good lookin to me. haha.
    u guys gotta watch family outing. u fall in love wit dat boy so fast its not funny.
    *squeal* that 1st shot of them all together looks hawt. lovin their outfits to death.
    haha they’ve all become multilinguilist now. cutest random english by GD
    weirrrrrd…Katy Perry in Japan…

    PS woo! viet pride

  45. GD’s english isn’t bad, i was almost swooning at the fact that he spoke it real smoothly. and katy perry looks awesome haha *dances along to 2 seconds of the beginning*



    BB JJANG!!!..and GD’s english good^^ ..

    hope to see them perform too…I love how they all tried to talk..haha..kawaii ne?..

    BB JJANG2!!! <333 😀

  48. this was dhe first time i heard GD speaking in english ! wow !(:
    they all look great , nice hair TOP ,
    Daesung becoming more handsome (:
    haha !
    katy perry looks cute !
    haha !:D

  49. TOP is sooo sooo hot… love his hair.. and his voice..hehe.. I did not notice katy perry at I love bigbang…will they have fan meeting in aug? i have to save up.. so i can fly..

  50. omggggg they look awesome!!! i wish i could see this show, G-Dragon “please welcomeeee and Katty Perry <333 !"

  51. omg I was totally freaked out when i heard they introduced Katy Perry. I tweeted at her to say look out for Big Bang ’cause they’re amazing like DAYS before i found this out. thats so freaky! and totally cool! Imagine big bang doing a song like I kissed a girl or Hot n Cold. hehe!

  52. 😀
    T.O.P soooo hawt ;D

    at first i FREAKED
    when i heard about katy perry,,
    she’s one lucky girl 🙂

  53. Ahh, BIG BANG is so Love! I love them! I love how GD introduced katy perry. Daesung was really hawt that time with that curly hair ang sleevless, that was a wow.

  54. i’d really want to hear all of them speak english! hahaha

    loooove their shoes 🙂

  55. omg they all look so good. hmm perhaps apart from GD. coz of his hair!! ohh GD please change your style soon! and i love their shoes!!

  56. Ooh thanks for the pics Vicky!

    Dang didn’t notice Tabi’s suit was so shiny until now. Hehhee

  57. Hm…. Anyone noticed that.. the 1st picture of TOP is so wrong? :\… is it only me? His hand and his face expression…

  58. love thier shoes.


  59. @iVIP

    HAHAHAHA YEAAAAAH!! it’s so funny now that you’ve mentioned it! 😉

  60. oh and thanks Vicky 🙂

  61. AHAHAHAHAHAHHA. GD doesn’t speak any Japanese whatsoever in this clip!!!! I love how excited he is throughout and then, when it gets to saying ‘Katy Perry’ he’s so matter-of-fact and not excited at all when it comes to saying her name.

    I am so surprised with how hot Daesung looks! GOSH!!! This new look is really working for him. I’m loving the biceps, they’re pretty awesome… now if only Top would reveal his upper body, then life would be great.

  62. Dae Sung was always hot. haha
    I love his smile…
    waahh…Wish I could have been there.
    GD’s hair haha…wonder what he’s thinking…
    ahh He’s still cute.

  63. o___o Dae looks more manly now. LOL. 😛 NOT SAYYYING HEE WASN’T BEFORE xD

  64. DANG!!! you guys r someting perform the best and always looking nice at all time its amazing that i always wish to even meet u guys to be one of u guys but most of all to look like u guys or to even have uyou guys close and always stands out

  65. DANG!!! you guys r someting perform the best and always looking nice at all time its amazing that i always wish to even meet u guys to be one of u guys but most of all to look like u guys or to even have uyou guys close and always stands out.

  66. DAAAAYUM!!! Dae been working out!! he looks so fine! =D … but i’ll remain loyal to Tae X3

  67. wow :O
    Dae is like..Super hot 😀
    I like TOP and GD’s hair. ❤ 😀
    Hippie. ❤
    I have the same boots for snowboarding 😀

  68. I watched this fes on time!! really coooooolXD They spoke Japanese very well, I wanted to see them more,,,I like GD’S hair style♪
    and Katy Perry was also nice:D

  69. WAAAAAAAAAA D LIGHT can’t believe he became so handsome yayyyy

  70. zayyyyyumm!!! Dae is such a beast!!! ❤

  71. hahahaha lolzz!!! u guys r sooo random!! teehee, all about the reading and writing vietnamese/korean/chinese thing!!supposed 2 b talkin bout big bang here!! jk jk but jux 2 add in on it..all of BB lookin DAYYYUUUM FINE!! =]=] bout the whole viet thing, yea, i can read/write viet 2 ^^

  72. omg wow how cool! i love it whne things connect like this. it makes me so happy :] i wonder why gd wasnt speaking japanese at all. taeyang’s suits are always so different :] ahhh theyre all so hot!

  73. Lols i love G-Dragon’s English. Cool, they introduced Katy Perry.
    Awww Seungri’s so cutee! i kinda like Dae’s new look.
    TOP, wow. ahaha i love the hair style. Tae Yang’s hot as always.

  74. AMAZING..

  75. eee… why don’t i like TOP’s hairstyle T_T
    and Dae’s too T_T
    and Bong’s too T_T

    Baby and Bae are looking fine as usual though…

  76. Love GD’s jacket!! Dae Sung is looking very NICE!!
    If I’m honest GD chatting in english was a little weird…. a little too much english ad-lib? Cause the others were talking in japanese it just sounded a bit weird that GD popped in with a word or two in english.

  77. I MISS BIG BANG T___T *cries* … 😦

  78. lol GD’s english is amazing… luv him… i think katy perry wasn’t that good here but it’s just my opinion and what’s with that sushi swimming suit? ohh well gotta luv BB

  79. haha,i don’t mind GD talking in english at all^^
    cuz he speaks confidently /smoothly~
    guess his holidays to europe helps him improve his english too=)

  80. GD’s English ~~ ❤
    They are so Hawt~~ x3
    All of them ❤

  81. Yummmy YB wow Dae is growing up baby aka Victor grown now!!!!

  82. Wow that was so cool that they introduce Katy Perry
    I am also a Katy Perry fan =]
    Ehh GD hair, not loving it so much..
    misses his old hair. =/

  83. […] المصادر: SoompiK BitesBigBangKorean […]

  84. WHOA. daesung’s arms … in his individual picture..

  85. Omg… the new individual pix of them!

    Dae looks so dayum hot with his hair and his tan body. His huge arms. =D

    And Bae looks so good. His hair is perfect. His expression. His jawline. 8D <33

  86. Wat wrong wit SeungRi eyes ?? 😦

  87. YB and his ROYAL hip hop suit. hahaha.

    OMG KATY PERRY sounds hella funny.

    anyways, didn’t they perform? where are those vid clips?

  88. gd is soooo good at english, oh and katy perry, that was random. haha, she looked hott, so did bigbang, gd looks as hott as ever 🙂 haha

  89. My Daesung is always hot, is just that nowadays he’s getting H.O.T.T.E.R!!!! What a georgous human being *drool*

  90. They got to introduce Katy Perry?!
    -HYPERVENTIALTES- omg, I have the BIGGEST girl crush on her. She’s so hot, LOL.

    Yeah, hopefully these awards were better than the MTV Movie Awards. I can’t believe Twilight won for EVERYTHING they were nominated for. Sure, I didn’t think the movie wasn’t that bad but just about every other movie deserved those awards more than Twilight did.

    aaand I’m ranting. I’m sorry. I’ll stop. Um, is it me or does Taeyang look shorter than usual. xD I totally want to touch Daesung’s arms, by the way.

  91. OHMYGYAAA!!! they look so HAWT!! ♥////♥ *drool* my sexai Dae Sung!!!! ♥////♥ AAAAAAHHH!!theyre all sooooo HAWT!! look at Tae YAng in his shades! yummieeee *drool* im gonna die from drooling x] Y-U-M-M-I-E!! and Baby!! ♥///♥ LOVE THEM ALL SO MUCH!!

  92. They all look damn hot, alright? 😀

  93. dae is looking HOT!!!!!
    it is awesome being a fan of such a gr8t dude
    he is my HERO 🙂

  94. oh my…Dae! When did you get THAT HOT?!!


    Who’s the big guy squatting there? W-inds?

  95. daesung looked taller than top there

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