YGeshop Open To Foreigners

Update: YGeshop is in the midst moving to a new building. As posted on the notice board at Ygeshop, moving date was supposed to be on May 30th and new address will be posted on June 1st. However, there isnt any as of yet. Beau from BBVIPz will get back to me on that as soon as she hears something. And yes, YGeshop is still updating the site for foreigners, so just hang in there for their sake.


I have heard about the news a few months ago but i was waiting until its certain from YG side.

And now its officially open. So you’re able to purchase any YG merchandise especially Big Bang.

All you need to do is just register. The registration process is the same as how you registered for YG Family’s official website.

Link: http://www.ygeshop.com/

  1. Click Join
  2. Choose button: For Foreigners
  3. Click Foreigners live in overseas/in Korea
  4. Fill in the necessary info.
  5. You may need to upload your scanned ID Card (Social Security/Passport) in order for them to aprrove you as a member.
  6. The registration will take 1 day to process.

Source: YGeshop

P/S: Now am waiting for them to get back to me on whether there’s gonna be an official fanclub for International Fans or not.


~ by Momo on June 1, 2009.

57 Responses to “YGeshop Open To Foreigners”

  1. Ooh it’s open for us now? O:

    ….I’m kinda hesitant about having to scan my ID though.

    I heard things were cheaper with the YGshop? But Idk. :33

  2. Ooh, I hope there’ll be an official intl fanclub~~~

    YGshop has a lot of products other places don’t have eh? o:

  3. i never understand why we must put our ID/Social Security number on it.

    that’s the only thing thats keeping me from registering. it’s too dangerous x_x

  4. @xblackchristmas & Lumi: yes i do understand your predicament about uploading your ID card. but thats how it works. Even if they have official fanclub for IVIPs, you may need to use your ID card to register. any info givem including a scanned of your ID card will be kept P&C by YG Management.

  5. I am gonna use my dirvers license since my license is does not have my ss#.

  6. ID Card can be state ID too right?

  7. @Sandy: can be. u can try and see.

  8. -Momo

    Thankies, definitely going to try.

  9. uh. how about school ID? XD

  10. As long as its a personal ID.:) A photocopy of your passport is also okay, I’ve already emailed/sent them mine about a week ago but still waiting for the confirmation.

  11. i dont have a passport or a license. how am i gonna do it.? idk.. im going to korean town this weekend do you think they will have it there.?

  12. the link doesn’t work!!!

  13. what is ID no and ID card image

  14. So a driver’s license will suffice? I’d much prefer giving that away to my SSIN or my passport. It’s a bit safer (although, in truth, quite a bit of information can also be gleamed for a driver’s).

    If there ever is an iVIP fanclub, you can be sure to know that I’m there. haha

    Thanks for the information, this will take some thinking for me to register

  15. @uranhaiket : ID stands for identification, so a legitimate document that proves you are who you say you are, basically. Also preferably a document that has a picture of you on it, for the ID card image term. The safest bet would be your passport, but that is a lot of information to be given away over the internet.

  16. thank you

  17. i got trouble on register on their ygeshop
    i need help

  18. Ok hold on so the picture we’re talking about, we can just send a picture of our passport?

  19. WOAH COOL 😀 but…i don’t think i apply for this LOL or..it’s too much trouble? ><;

  20. it’s so great!

  21. thx



  22. Oh I really hope they’ll set up an iVIP club. =)

    So a passport is enough?

    Thanks for the info momo. ^^

  23. it wld be so cool if there was an official fanclub for international
    fans. i so wld loin 😀

  24. has anyone tried ordering already? i already joined and now im trying to order stuff but when it gets to the order information page (like delivery and billing address I think) it’s all in korean and i don’t understand anything at all

  25. Just finished applying again..This time using IE instead of Mozilla as my browser.I got in! Wohoo! Will wait for tomorrow before I check the site coz it takes a day for the confirmation or something.

  26. Oh I don’t have a passport 😥 I cant afford one :(:(:(

  27. I saw that when I was using my oppas account but i wouldn’t scan my id or whatever because that’s too much why do they need that much anyways… Plus my passport hmmm lol I’m going to korea this summer anyways… and can use my friends aka korean account…

  28. Does anybody know if you need to have a passport or a driver’s liscence to register cuz I’m only 15. lol I have a school ID and thats all. xD Would a school ID work?

  29. If that won’t work then I guess I’m outta luck. D’:

  30. Is it just me that I can’t click on Search to upload my ID Card Image? Someone help please?

  31. What does it mean for ID no.? Your social security number?

  32. Ouuu; a shop, i want everythingg. Lol.
    && uhhh, can i use a school ID ? 😮
    That’s the only ID i have, lol.
    Wow, social security number too.
    I’ll guess i’ll try it, i REALLY wanna buy Big Bang stuff(;
    hehe .

  33. student ID acceptable? 😀

  34. Why are they asking internationals to upload your scanned ID Card (Social Security/Passport). That’s personal/private info that shouldn’t be sent via internet epecially to somone you don’t. I would use common sense and caution in doing something like that.

  35. i am not too sure if you can use your skool iD but what i know is that they need something official like SS and Passport. Drving license maybe.

    i scanned and uploaded my passport for me to register as a member at YGFanily website.

    @sarah: could be you pic size is too big

  36. hey… when bigbang come to indonesia??

  37. did you guys had already receive any confirmation from them??

    i already apply last tuesday en yet up until now i haven’t receive any confirmation from them >_<

  38. @colliepop: you need to log in the next day after you register. coz they wont be sending any email upon confirmation. Try and log in now. if cant, u need to wait for another 24hrs or less

  39. omigot.. thank you so much momo.. thank god i ask you.. if not probably i will be waiting for the confirmation until the end of time LOL…

  40. Just wanted to drop by and let ya all know that I am now able to access YG Family website. Yes, momo is right htey won’t send email confirmation you just have to try to log in after 24 hours of complete submission of the requirements. XD

  41. wow thats so cool ^^ next step is International Fanclub

  42. SOP : uhm, I tried uploading my scanned ID but the ‘search’ button is not clickable…IDKW? is there anyone here who experiences same problem? 😀

  43. Ok, could someone help me out on this? For anyone that has used their driver’s license, did that work? As for ID No., would that be the ID number that is on whatever ID you are using or would that be SS No.? And is it me, or is the “Search” button not working?

  44. Yes it’s col but France?!

  45. i experience the same problem too.
    the search button cannot be click and the box to fill up the ID CARD IMAGE cannot be filled.
    can’t even type.
    anyone who knows how, can help?

  46. i experience the same problem too.
    the search button cannot be click and the box to fill up the ID CARD IMAGE cannot be filled.
    can’t even type.
    anyone who knows how, can help?

  47. heya
    i tried clicking the search button using firefox and it didn’t work
    so then i tried it on IE and it worked.
    hope that helps! (:

  48. Hey, anway even if we do order the stuffs, do they like deliver to overseas and all?

  49. hey!!!!! i’ve been trying for a month now. both in IE and FF. but i still cannot click on the search button. T_T

  50. okay i’ve figured out the problem! apparently the form only works with the previous version of IE. mine is the most latest version -_-

  51. is the name you entered and the ID no you entered your username and password? waaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh… 😦

  52. Oh thanks this helped a lot . I just got my CD from yesasia and I wanted to confirm my yg family card. However, I don’t have a scanner, so would it be okay if I just take a picture of my ID or passport ?

  53. YGeShop deliver to Europe?

  54. Hey 🙂 If YGeShop doesn’t ship to your country, or you don’t want to give your ID (what is with that?!) I can help you order ^_^ I can order from any Koeran shop, too!

    Send me an e-mail for more details if you’re interested ^^


  55. i cant do my payment. the payment window did not appear.
    is it because I’m not a Microsoft Window user?

  56. why is it so hard to buy something from yg eshop?? I’m waiting for the payment window to come up its already been 15mins now don’t know what i should wait or do it tomorrow??

  57. i cant find the foreigners button?

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