06.02.09 PKL Starry Night Radio: 2NE1’s We Belong Together


2NE1’s version of Big Bang’s We Belong Together

Credit: 어미복어@bestiz
Youtube Channel: sujupexonly13cris
Post Taken From: shinhdeplol@soompi


~ by Momo on June 2, 2009.

36 Responses to “06.02.09 PKL Starry Night Radio: 2NE1’s We Belong Together”

  1. That was pretty cool, they did well!

    It was a good version of we belong together ❤

  2. their voices are so sweet!

  3. i eng. is REALLY good
    i was sooo surprised when i heard them sing umbrella…they’re all enjoying singing both of the songs..the girls did great! hope to hear more great songs from them =D

  4. haha “2NE1’s version of Big Bang’s We Belong Together”
    but doesnt Pom was the one OG singing that song? haha

    OMGOSH dara shouldnt sing POM’s part!! AHHH! Dara was my favorite too! EEP Why she do that?! Cl did a goog job on Gd’s part and Mizy was alright on TOP’s part. sighs… dara why… Pom is still awesome at her own thing. Dara should of just dance and look good hahahah

  5. i meant their not I in the 1st sentence

  6. Bom is amaziiing!
    and MinJi.. c’mon! i’m shocked. that girl can rap! and it’s TOP’s part too. maaaan. those 2 are my fave now. hahaha

  7. @Duce: yeah true. but back then she was just a trainee. now she’s part of 2NE1..lol

  8. Awesome, I love this. Sounds so pretty.
    Absoulutely beautifullll :]
    They acheive in anythingggg !

  9. I saw this at All Kpop and these girls are really amazing.

  10. =o omg XDD This is amazing LOL. I love MinJi and CL, both did awesome at TOP and GD’s parts and Bom did great on hers as well. I was pretty surprised with Dara though. She never seemed like a singer to me, but it really surprised me.


  11. minzi’s top is gold

  12. OMFG! u love MINZY!!!!

  13. i was so happy when i saw this!!! We belong together is by far my favorite Big Bang song EVER! So for them to do it just made me happy. They did a great job!

  14. THEY ARE SO TALENTED. but…i know i shouldn’t be pointing this out/saying this..CL and MJ look TOTALLY different without make up xD

  15. OMG.. the way they sang “We belong together” was a BOOM!!
    they’re good^^ i love them!

  16. i love their voices!
    and i love dhe way minji and CL rap and th voices of BOM and DARA is so sweet and graceful !
    2NE1 hwaiting !:D

  17. omg i la la la LOVE BIG BANG & 2NE1 dara is my idol :3
    i love all of the girls theyre voices amaze me. 2NE1 & BIG BANG FTW!

  18. wow!! they are really good!!! HA HA i luv them ^^

  19. wow thats good. i like it. =) sandara sounds really good. she’s getting better and better everytime. good to see she’s finally getting what she deserves. ^^

  20. lets go 2ne1! 🙂 i love how dara could sing super well now 🙂 yg trained them well, kudos to them 😉

  21. WOOOOH!
    GO 2NE1!

  22. love it,
    I think CL looks nicer here than se did on there debut stage and the other preformance of fire

  23. these girls are awesome!

  24. wow! cool! they rap and sing so good!
    love we belong together! ❤

  25. Park Bom. Awww she seems so happy to sing that song again!
    Niceee CL. Lols, sandara is good Lmao i can see Park Bom’s
    arm moving. Minji, damnn. good too. We Belong Together 🙂
    Lols they are all jumping around in there. I’m happy that
    they are on a radio show. I like. Damnnn they ALL got to
    sing from Umbrella. They’re good. Female Big Bang 🙂 Nope,
    i also mean 2NE1(21). They do have different styles, ima
    keep saying it everytime i hear them sing. Thank You YGFamily
    && thank you for posting.

  26. the Umbrella was totally amazing! gosh, someone gotta get a mp3 rip for it xD

  27. danggggggggg 2ne1’s the httest girl group to ever exist
    cl has got real raw super talent there’s just some cool vibe to her

    i just love park bom she’s nuthin short of talent either i gotta love her

    minji too dang 4 sum1 so young she’s darn talented

    err. so so.

  28. i must say i really do love them..but wow Dara Shes pretty talented idc what people saw Bom omg that girl is insane.they all dont fit the mold of K-POP to me but its soo much better that way..

  29. They are amazingg, i saw this earlier and all their voices are good! Though Dara can improve but thats her style and role in the group i guess ^^ Their umbrella cover was soo goodd, Boms voice is the best 😀

  30. Whoaa ;]]
    Minji is such a qood singer.! ;]]
    ii was so surprised. I thought like T.O.P, she mostlyy rapped.
    Umm.I was kinda disappointed at CL’s voicee. It’s not as strong as the other, but I think it’s because she was singing so far away from the mic.
    && Daraa the samee. Although she IS an incrediablyy singer ;]]
    && Bom . Just wow. ;]] Now i understand why she’s the main vocalist in the qroup. ;]
    ii can’t wait until they release their mini album in november

    Lol. ii wonder if anyone has come up with a name for 2NE1 fans.
    Just like Big Bang is V.I.P
    Lol. Maybee the fans will be flame.
    Lol. Lamee ii know 😛

  31. they are inspired by their big brothers!
    pretty cool!

  32. i think they are awesome, they really impress me ^^
    and such a great combination! Bom & Dara sweet voices + MinJi & CL raps ^^v

  33. i love bom, minji and CL english pronounciation.!!
    dara hv such a sweet voice.
    love her!!
    YG’s singer are the best!

  34. i lov u bom..pLzz add me in YM…danielvillaruel65

  35. i like BOM…i love u

    pLzz add me up BOM…yahoo messenger


  36. Hi..BOM

    can u be my GF…mwauhhh

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