70 Responses to “11.17.08 Fan Encounter: TaeYang @ Life is Just a Cup of Cake”

  1. wow!!!!! i would b so happy if i c bb comin n to my store….
    wow they where lucky…

  2. who was the lady in the stiletto shoes???

  3. I can’t help but wonder who the lady is…

    Lol, maybe amy their dancer!
    I’ve heard many stories from people seeing them hang out together?

  5. I don’t know why I feel so warm while I m reading this….
    happy cupcakes…
    I wonder too, which one are their favorite??????

  6. Wow! That is so cool. I will make you cupcakes TaeYang!
    lol if I had that receipt I would frame it or post it up too:)

  7. lol making Bae pay harsh. maybe its his mum haha

  8. is tae yang dating that dancer he’s with in hie tour?

  9. who is another Girl ??? i wanna know deadly T.T my Baebae and her just 2 of them go out for lunch

  10. OMG, you lucky one! Im so jealous LOL

  11. OMO
    lucky fan…
    ahahah it’s funny how i wanted to type FANGIRL
    but then realised that she’s a married woman hahaa
    married woman loves BB too, who says only teenage girls are addicted? 😀
    omo omo he’s so lucky…and who is that stylish girl?
    haha i had fun imagining the boys eating cupcakes. (:

  12. aah cupcakes 🙂
    i wonder who’s the stylist lady? his mom? his current gf?

  13. WOW
    i feel soo unlucky being all the way ting USA and all
    i am soo jealous….hrmm tae yang has been seen a lot with girls too..
    i hope he isnt seeing anyone…
    i wonder why so many people dont as kfor their auto or a pic are they shy? or is it too rude? because i think i would?..haha

  14. Pleaseeeeeeee someone tel me who that lady was that he was with???
    was she just a stylist noona?
    lol i wanna know..high heels ok she sounds like a celebrity

  15. i think she recognize
    but i guess its a form of polite
    you dont have to be biased when the singer is there
    they are customers too
    yay to her shop
    more customers of VIP after this?

  16. ur soo lucky!!!!!!!!! they wont even come to my dads restauraunt because IM IN CANADA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    plz bigbang come to canada!!!!!!!!!!

  17. OH MY GOD.
    COOL! NO-WAY! And like no fans were chasing them too.
    dammn they must be good. oh my gosh! oh my gosh!

  18. i think im gonna die!!!!!!!!!!i can not handle some girl with him!!!!! grrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!

  19. Awww thats a real cute story I would have went apeshit if it was him or not lol jk I wonder who the girl was?

  20. OMG!!!!She’s so lucky. Something like that would never happen to me because I live in USA, more precise, Fort Worth, TX. A city that more than likely won’t attract celebrities. Just like everyone else who is this girl. Hmm…I think will remain positive….there’s nothing between them…just friends…lol. When I read this for some reason I get the impression that the girl “made” Taeyang paid for the cupcakes. If she did “make” him pay for them, Taeyang is such a sweet guy for doing it without hesitation. 🙂

  21. They are some lucky ducks they are.
    I would have freaked, specially if it was YB.

  22. oh my goodness!!! my bae!!!
    this makes me want to own a cafe more than ever !!!
    the way the lady wrote her description was like a fanfic!
    it sounds too gud to be true!

    imagining tae yang walking inside my cafe,
    tilted cap. short and handsome.
    i could die right then n there lol

  23. lol. that was awkward! reminds me of my own chance encounter with fame lol. i know how it feels like. =)
    i wonder who that lady friend is though… oh well! if YB had a relationship he would at least inform us about her right? =)

  24. i’m always suprised that there are practically no fancams of BB out in the streets, unlike DBSK where fans horde them. the boys must be really good in blending with the crowd or the VIPs are just polite haha.

  25. yeah!
    who the lady is
    i wonder

  26. Aww to cute..it is always nice to see an older lady (in this case way older) be a fan of BB! Whoever that mysterious is I doubt he is dating her. First of her the person us Boy and woman which mean older (unless it is just the way it is translated) and if they are really dating Tae would pay more attention to her. It seem like one of the noone maybe stylish (since she was wearing a fur coat) that he was on the way to YB company. Plus this was last year and Tae would have said something since then. So no worry guys!

  27. omg so lucky!!
    but i wonder who that lady was.
    i hope they both are not dating!
    : ) taeyang ❤

  28. oh my freaking godd!! AS IF! AHHH lol lucky woman! Whats with him and all these fan encounters.. its like a SPOT TAE YANG thing haha XDD ahhh im happy for that woman lol

  29. P.S she should like advertise and say its BBs favourite shop! lolll ok a bit much XD i bet she spreads this around and then shell have like loads of fangirls buying cakes just in case hahaha

  30. OMG! LUCKY LUCKY! i squeal just THINKING about what would have happened if i hada been there xD. i wanna work at the cupcake place! TAEYANG! so lucky!!

  31. geez… girls relax. They should of talked to him atleast. And not show off his recepit or tell the world what he buys because stuff like that should stay private. If I was TaeYang, I would not go back there if people do stuff like that.

  32. AAHHH! wooow i can’t imagine what i’d do if that happened to meeee


  34. lol OMG!!!! KEEP THE RECIEPT!!!!

    it sounds kinda mean for tae yang to buy it lol guess its just me

  35. Awww she sounds adorable for a married woman ^^ She kept the receipt too! I bet her hubbie was jealous 😀

    But who was the “stylish lady with stiletto heels”? D:

  36. ahhh so lucky!
    i swear i would’ve ran and chased him…“wow i’m a stalker.
    no but that’s so cute! i wonder who he was with 0.o
    now its making me jealous 😛

  37. sigh i miss BB so much suddenly. there seem to be minimal news about them! i wonder how they are getting on. glad to hear this fan encounter though. BB sure can make anyone happy!!

  38. awww i miss big bang on stage… :[ anyways she is soo luckyy hehe

  39. waaaah *~* .. she is such lucky woman .. i´m so jealous.. i wanna meet taeyang too ^^

  40. oh my goshhh ! sooo luckyyy !
    i would probably be too excited
    to even look at him…


    “we need your vote!
    on this site http://ipoll.kr/k_click/t.html
    or you can click here

    but vote BIG BANG at the bottom (left of “THEGRACE)
    click UP until it reaches 200 and then click the + and start clicking away again”

  42. Wow. That is a lucky encounter.
    I honestly don’t know, If i would be able to have the courage to ask then if they were the person i thought they were if the walked into my store or somethnig. hahahha. interesting xD its nice to see that they actually go out. ROFL. xP

  43. OMG!! for some reason the story actually sounds cute^^ to me!! lmao!! man she’s sooo lucky to see taeyang all of a sudden on a MONDAY MORNING!now i wish i was living in korea *sigh*

  44. For everyone who wants to know who the girl was, I was thinking that it may be his mom…but it could be his girlfriend.
    In Korean culture guys tend to buy alot of things for thier SOs (shoes/clothes, jewlry,food). SO it could have been his girlfriend, although, for someone to just say “here,pay for it.” may be a bit rude (unless she payed half or he owed her)…but less so if it was his girlfriend…and not rude at all if it’s his mother (elders come first you know!).

    Also, it could have been his mother, too. Who else would wear a fur coat and fancy heels. It seems a bit too dressy for a mom, for a cousin, or for a dancer….but the common thing for a Korean parent (when their kid makes a lot of money, I mean).

    So I could be a bit wrong, each person is different. But I hope that kindof answers your questions.

    his signature is one too unique. easy to recognize ;]
    i want him to buy me cupcakes 😀

    but the thing is, who’d be wearing high heel stilettos and a fur coat? i dont think his mother would o_o he doesnt have a sister. a staff member for big bang wouldnt ORDER him to go pay for it. hm…

  46. That’s so cute haha, it’s hard to imagine any of the Big Bang members doing something as ..NORMAL as buying some cupcakes.

  47. this is oldddddddd o____o.

  48. which dancer?? kim ji hye??

  49. Omg, that’s so cool. What a cute story. ^^

    I’d frame that receipt somewhere too. =D I totally recognized Bae’s sig!

    Aww, this wasn’t even a teenaged girl BB fan, but a married woman. ^^ Her curiosity and comments about which flavors were BB’s faves made me smile.

    This may have happened a long time ago, but I haven’t heard of it. I love reading fan accounts too. Keep them comin’~~ ;D

  50. do you still recognise?? is amy or kim ji hye?? but i dont think kim ji hye will wear like that…

  51. Wow, haha, no wayy.
    That is so cool :]

  52. LOL.
    That’s so cute how she mentioned that she’s a married woman but still loves BB. Oh god, who doesn’t? Lol.
    I wonder who that CHICK was?

  53. wow! that’s so cool. I wish i was there! Imma a HUGE YB fan! Hmmmm….who was that girl tho?? Well, who cares! He was still there. lol

  54. OMG! who is that GIIRRLL! im so jealous…wish i was there to see him! Hes my #1 BAE!

  55. I find it weird that people would wish he wasn’t dating someone WHY? eventually he will have a girlfriend you know

  56. i wonder who was the lady??
    cuz she actually told him to pay LOL haha

  57. OMG!

  58. aww!
    i would keep the receipt and the pen!
    just love him!
    but that lady in the fur betta not be gettin my man!

  59. omg the shop owner is so lucky T_T
    Btw, go vote for big bang here: http://ipoll.kr/k_click/t.html
    They’re losing to SS501, DBSK, and Suju 😦

  60. nice stall out there….!! i wish i could be there to….!
    argh…..!!! couldnt imagine how cute they are while eating the cupcakes…!!!!

  61. i will say that girl was Aimee…they used to eat together b4 like wif other YG staff but they’ll walk back to d company separately wif others?? i guess i read this b4…hehehe
    but maybe it could juz b their stylist/dancer/relative or so coz it’s quite impossible that woman doesn’t recognize Aimee…=)

    anyway,that woman was so lucky!!! & d woman wif TaeYang,she could make TaeYang pay 4 d cake,awesome!!!! what a kind-hearted man!!! but he doesn’t use cash huh? wonder why…=P

  62. I don’t think it’s Aimee.
    She doesn’t seem to be the type of person who would wear fur.
    She has a pet dog! & plus she’s dating Shaun Evaristo.

  63. she asks him to pay. ahahah..so funny..i wonder who she is.

    but i think the woman from the cupcake store should hide the card number. lol. she’s showing TY’s credit card num to the world! 😦

  64. a question….!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    who is the woman??????

  65. i’m clicking like crazy at the poll! what is it about anyway? is it anything important? but even if its trivial, i dun want BB to lose! especially not to SuJu and SS501!!

  66. yeah what ‘top fan’ said.
    Big Bang should come to canada.
    haha. we neeeed them here.
    xD so many fans here…..
    *sighs* maybe one day.

    Awe thats cool though.
    comes to the shop.
    I would be just….act crazy after he left.

  67. lol~~ aww so lucky lady ^^ at least she get to see Tae!!

  68. wow thats great =D hope you’ll share your big bang encounter with us next time too ^^

  69. wath a cute lady aww

    I like the name of the shop, wow, who was the stilleto girl? sounds so cool

    beanie to the side XD

  70. Is the Tae Yang’s girlfriend????

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