Noraebang with GTOP | LA Meet? | Quick Project

i came across this & i had to shout out my GTOP sandwich (COPYRIGHTED) love haha (inside joke – don’t ask why lol)

this was back in last farewell days <333 they’re so awesome back then, drooling with hotness. DRIP DRIP! haha

credit: taeisbebe@youtube for upload

this one is TOP being a goofball singing his OWN SONG! lol SR helps w/ backup vocals, DAE provides the dancing. SAD i don’t see GDYB in it lol

anyways, they’re being dorks as usual, enjoying some karaoke in between takes during their MV shoot.

i just LOVE how badass jiyong is, he’s so comfortable w/ a camera in his face; he plays it off so well, & then TOP chiming in. haha. that’s love right there. but the best part was when jiyong just stops in the middle of the song – drops the mic – & walks away. ROFL. THE END! x]

aww… the video doesn’t work anymore. sorry guys, you missed out on some classic GTOP moments. too bad. but here’s another cute one that makes you smile anyways:

credit: bigbangfic@youtube

it’ll make you go AWW nonstop. makes you take for granted all the cute things they do, & all the lil moments they have together. AWW FOR GTOP LOVE <3333333


speaking of noraebang, i defs think a LA MEET for the summer is a MUST! (after all these meets piling up one after another)

so for any VIPZ in California, especially in the LOS ANGELES AREA during the summer time, gimme some ideas on what to do so another meet can be planned! i’m thinking either a FRIDAY or SATURDAY. possibly in JULY. so, LET ME KNOW ASAP so i can get the word out!

i’m thinking:

  • food
  • noraebang
  • a place to hang out
  • movie?
  • snacks/picnic/dessert party
  • concert dvd showing

etc, etc! whatever works! leave a comment & let me know what you guys are up to doing πŸ™‚



A quick project led by some vipz visiting korea this summer!
don’t be bummed if you don’t have enough time to do this;
just a quick lil gift to drop off @ YG while they’re passing by πŸ™‚
more opportunities will come!

Dear ALL I-VIPs,

I’m going to visit YG ent in seoul early july. Me and my bestfriend MEYO plan to make a book for our wonderful boys BIG BANG. Actually, we want to make a video for them, but we’re lack in time and a book is simple and great though as long as our love delivered to BIG BANG. We invite you to join our project.

A. Write a message/lyric/poem/rap/fanfic, etc to BIG BANG in english (general for BIG BANG and not for specific member).
B. send me your answer to question “WHAT IS BIG BANG FOR YOU”. make it as simple as you can

-format: word, A4

2. You can also send your draw/arts for BIG BANG -format: jpg (21cmx21cm)

3. Don’t forget to put your name, picture, email and country

4. Email to: /
(with subject: join bigbang project)

DEADLINE CLOSE : JUNE 16 2009 (24:00 Indonesia Time)

We will print out and design the layout background for you. This is a rush project so please remember the deadline time.
We’re going to update the list of who already sent their message.
Invite your friends to our project (:


THANK YOU so much for your participation

Linda and Meyo
Indonesia VIP

** please direct all questions to the project leaders via email (listed above).


~ by gdluvzmc on June 3, 2009.

44 Responses to “Noraebang with GTOP | LA Meet? | Quick Project”

  1. Haha that was so cute xD

  2. haha noraebang sounds so fun for the Meet & Greet…I can imagine singing all the BB songs with an encore of Lies or Last Farewell lol

    are there any VIPZ in HAWAII??!!


  4. hey! im going to cali this summer! july!
    i wonder what happens at these meets
    get some numbas! haha jk jk

  5. hahah its nice to see that they are having fun.

  6. Reading a post on GTOP right after I watch this GTOP video:

    It’s full of CUTE! And GD’s smiles. GD seems to be close to everyone, so it must have sucked during that long period where he was stressed out and slightly depressed.

    I have a sort of request – I was in Seoul recently, but couldn’t find my way to the YG building… If you guys could draw a crude map from the nearest subway station, it’d be much appreciated! (:

  7. omg hahaha they were so cute
    i totally laughed out loud when tabi came in LOLOL
    and bong was like ‘ok i’m done with this song’ put down the mic and walk away xDDD
    the project..i’ll see if i can join.
    am busy for finals lately

  8. ohmygoodness. LOOOOOOL.
    esp TOP’s voice singing. AHHH i love you tabi ;D

    ahh LA MEET! but i have summer school. and im an antisocial person :[

    i must go visit someday :]

  9. LOL. But TOP still wants to sing!! Haha!
    He is so frustrated… love it… so glad he did the chorus for Lollipop with Bommie.

    BTW I love the new banner…so this highlights the “sexy” from each member in the Arena photoshoot? hihi.

  10. can’t see the vid anymore 😦

    wow so many meets!


  11. the vid’s not working for me! πŸ˜₯
    anyone give me the link?
    oh, what noraebang?
    Yay! Another project!
    Aww, wish i could join Meet&Greet >.<"

  12. the vid’s not working for me! πŸ˜₯
    anyone give me the link?
    oh, whats noraebang?
    Yay! Another project!
    Aww, wish i could join Meet&Greet >.<"

  13. awww, I wanted to see G-Dragon and TOP karaoke 😦 Did anyone save the vid??

  14. @Lena

    noraebang is i think karaoke, ya? πŸ™‚

  15. awwww~~~~~CUTE!!!!!!!~~~~XD
    lovely~~~sweet~~~i just love it!!!!!!~~~~XD

  16. Hmm, I still had it loaded… Used my camera to record it, but since the user took it down, is it ok to share it?

  17. aww~ the vid of GD and TOP cute shots is so…. CUTE !:D
    miss GD old short hairstyle , he looks more cute tat way (:
    top looks funny with his ‘popcorn’ hairstyle (:

  18. i luv it.
    but those scene are the best;

  19. hola!

    um i was just wondering..
    what happened to the video mssges to Big Bang project?
    Is that the video project that you can’t do because of the lack of time?


  20. Oh the karaoke thing is private now thats why we can’t watch it… i have the video in my computer… but only in mp4 format…

  21. oo is it possible to email me the file devja =p ? thank you! i really wanna see the clip!

  22. GTOP is love!
    all the little things they do
    all those little things that put together can make us fangirl scream for 5:37 seconds straight lawrd
    I don’t think I can pick you just adorkable moment between those two

    so another LA Meet eh?
    I like the idea of noraebang ;P
    and fangirling through the streets showin some BB love
    heheh but oh well let’s see what other people say ^.^

  23. victoryismine

    i wish but i don’t know your email^^’

  24. hey devja it is if you don’t mind! thank you πŸ™‚

  25. ouuu, a LAmeet
    I live in oakland, lol.
    i think i’ll be going to vegas on july 4th :O
    && idk my way around LA either .

  26. Once again, AWWWWWWWWWW!
    Teehee i loved the video.

  27. a LA meet (: i missed the last one D:
    I live in Koreatown in Los Angeles πŸ˜€
    I probably would be able to make it!

  28. aww i missed out D:

  29. omona
    i wish top was me.
    so gd could kiss me
    and hug me.

  30. yay for checking bb fansite religiously! otherwise i would’ve missed out on the noraebang vid ^^
    OMG the GTOP kiss!!!! whoever made that video must have wild imagination, LOL XD

  31. hye there..
    i wanna ask about the quick project..
    should i type
    1)my message on the email or
    2)i type it at microsoft word 1st & then attach it then send it..
    how to do it actually..
    im not so sure about me pls..
    cuz i luv to join it~

  32. would anyone mind emailing the video to me too?

    thankssomuch πŸ™‚ must have TOP-Gdragon Karaoke!

  33. can you please send me the vid too?
    i really wanna see it!! what song were they singing anyway?

  34. LOL! i forgot about that video awwwww those were times

  35. Wow I already left Cali :[
    But those clips were cute!
    I read Seung Ri’s lips and saw him sing Haru Haru :]


    SHoulD i TypE the BB PROJECT on EMAIL? i NEED help…XD

  37. OMG! I MISS BIG BANG SO MUCH!!! it’s been WAY too long!! 5 MONTHS!

    It’s getting so weird now cuz when ever i hear about the music shows on SBS, KBS and MBC, it’s like “oh that’s cool, Super Junior, SHINee, 2pm, SNSD, etc. but i wonder… what would it be like if Big Bang was there??”

    it’s been way too long. COMEBACK ALREADY! and WG is gonna be in America til late this year as well… (I’m also worried about the MKMF’s at this point)

    ahh, these videos make me miss them all the more… i think im gonna go and watch them rule the 2007 MKMFs now… i hate to say this but i must admit, i want the old Big Bang back ❀

  38. Melly, thanks for posting up those YT vids. I love them. ^^

    I’ll try to do the quick BB project. o: ❀

  39. Omgomg i am def doing this XD.
    i drew big bang before and its in my lil file :]].
    should i take a pic of it and email it to u? O-o

  40. oh my prices. i cant image how much i love you haha

  41. LMFAO are they drunk. Ahahaha i mean TOP…ahaha just kidding.
    i love it when they are being goofballs. it’s cute! and funny!
    AWWWW G-Dragon is fricken close to everyone of them and plays
    around with them. AWWWWWW GTOP is pretty cute. ahaha never
    thought the 2 rappers would be so goofing around each other.
    What video were you talking about & that it doesn’t work anymore.
    why is the words yellow?just wondering.
    I’ll try to finish the things in time for the project.

  42. heyy for the quick project: is this basically in letter format? andd..if we want to send in a drawing of some sort, is it separate from the “letter/msg” thing? xD

  43. i think that is the same gtop vid u guys had up before

  44. wheres the list.? of the ppl that already done it?

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