07.22.08 Cyworld Mini Me Promotion: GD & TaeYang’s Messages

ok this is weird. all of a sudden, i miss GD………………’s hair!! lol


[Source: gilbakk7@YouTube; (c)Cyworld]

YB: Hi, everyone, TaeYang here. Today I’d like to introduce Big Bang’s new Cyworld Mini-Me’s. These Mini-Me’s have been created by YG Entertainment based on individual members’ characteristics. I think they did a great job capturing our likable attributes – they look very cute. Hope you like them. Now Big Bang can always be with you on your Mini Hompies!

GD: Hi, everyone – good to meet you, G-Dragon here. Uh, Big Bang Mini-Me’s are now available on Cyworld. They were created and are being marketed by YG Entertainment. Hope many of you buy them to make us Big Bang yours online, dress and accessorize us as you like – it’d be loads of fun! Plus, all of them have many interesting characteristics. They reflect our individual styles. Both their clothes and hair are very realistically accurate – you’ll find them very interesting. Also be on the look out for our new album – it’s coming out soon! Thank you!

Translated by: pgeorgie


~ by Momo on June 4, 2009.

15 Responses to “07.22.08 Cyworld Mini Me Promotion: GD & TaeYang’s Messages”

  1. thanks for the upload of this..
    i definitely miss them..
    esp gD.. >.<
    im sure they are working hard in japan right now..
    BB hwaiting!!

  2. i miss GD’s hair too! haha
    AH! TAE YANG LOOKS SOO GOOD! i love what he is wearing!!!!!!!
    its like preppy cool and punk! OMG! haha

  3. awwww suddenly i miss GD’s hair too U.U
    i miss BB! today i was watching old BB clips *sigh* ♥

  4. could i take your translation out with full credit? thanks 🙂

  5. I want Baebae’s pleaded shirt. and his sunglasses. and him. hehe.

    And miss this look of Bong. huhu. But I like his hair tied up. So japanese.

  6. my gd really cut and taeyang really cut i love big bang and my love g dragon

  7. hwaiting Big Bang!!
    love them so much!!


  9. Aww GD and Bae.

    GD used his hands a lot. ^^

    They both looked so good. ❤

  10. i am actually in love with bong’s hair now.! lol idk i might be the only one. hehe if he leaves the hat on it’s kyute,!

  11. GD is too cute >.<
    i miss hiss hair too..
    but it will be back, i sure 😀
    taeyang was cute too 🙂


  12. Ahaha i know, miss his hair too.
    Awww cute. GDYB!

  13. SQUEAL! omg mini big bang toys sound so cute. wat a shame i dnt hav the net atm nd u cant watch utube vids at school. >.<" grrr

  14. Oh Oh Oh . YEAH Me too i miss heir GD , BUT He so cute and cool
    All Hair styles , viva GD & BiG Bnag ^^* . Always above the Summit Group BIG BANG

    bye bye ^^*

  15. Big bang.!!! Please come to Turkey…!! We love Big Bamg..!!!

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