BBVIP: Project Kwonsta & Project BBversary!

Hello, everyone, Lucy from BBVIP speaking!
Big thanks to Vicky for giving me the use of her post ^^

Anyway, introducing two fanprojects that BBVIP is running until the end of July: Project Kwonsta & Project BBversary!

Project Kwonsta is GD’s 21st (22nd in Korea) Birthday project. We’re going for simplicity, so we’re collecting messages to bind into a booklet that we’ll be sending to him. There’s a certain theme for all the messages, but you can read more about it after clicking on the banners below.

Also, we’re accepting any donations by PayPal, because we’re planning on buying him a few small gifts to go with the booklet.

Project BBversary (if you couldn’t tell from the project name LOL) is for BB’s 3rd anniversary, which is coming up on August 19th, the day after GD’s birthday. There’s also a fansign booklet for this project, so we hope you all can register and submit your messages!

Both booklets have a deadline of July 1st, 2009. Meaning after that date, we won’t be taking any more messages!

We’ll be taking donations up until the day we send the projects out, because of course we’ll need money for shipping too. Any and all donations are welcome and greatly appreciated – every little bit counts!

We’re also needing great gift ideas that we can order online! You can go to the discussion threads for each project in the BBVIP Projects forum to give us suggestions.

Click the banners for more details on each project:

Project Kwonsta!

Project BBversary!

Thank you all for your support!
Please register and join in on the fun ^^

– Lucy


~ by Vicky on June 4, 2009.

9 Responses to “BBVIP: Project Kwonsta & Project BBversary!”

  1. YESS!! I am also planning on getting him a present ^ ^

  2. Wow, another project! I’m gonna try and do these too!~

  3. so is the deadline the end of july or the beginning of july? you put both…o_0

  4. the deadline for the booklets is July 1st.
    the projects themselves (buying the gifts, suggesting more gifts, getting the books made and ready, etc etc) will be completed around the end of july.

  5. oh ok (:

  6. keke no problem ^^

    feel free to leave more questions here or on the threads at bbvip, i’ll try my best to answer them 🙂

    next time,
    project posts need to get clearance from me.
    don’t abuse the posting powers. i get a lot of emails about projects, but that doesn’t mean everything goes up.

  8. oh YAAY ~ ! can’t wait ~ ! ^^

  9. waaaaa~~~~~~really??~….cant wait for it!!!!~~~XD
    gonna prepare my love letter to my oppa jiyong!!!~~~lolzzz~XD

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